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I Got Chance To Fuck

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Dear All readers, what a wonderful site this is ! this is going to be my second story on this site and it gave me a reward in the form a great fuck. As usual it was satuday afternoon ( I normally go to this site on saturdays since whole week i am very busy) and i was reading stories on this site from my Laptop.

I was in my office at that time. I was so engroced in an experience of a ladies tailor, that i did not came to know somebody was in my cabin , i saw she was my office receptionist who had come to give my some official fax papers. Let me tell you , she is Nisha , 31-32 years , married and having a damm basics as 36-26-36. She was wearing a beautiful light blue saree with revealing blouse (as always). I was like caught red handed while on this site but to my utter surprise she was smiling mischieviously. First i got nervous and then tried to behave like a bold man. But that smile made me mad and i started thinking about Nisha in an another way now.

That time she did not say any word and went off. In the evening when i was about to leave my office, i saw her also about to leave, I asked her if i could drop her and to my surprise again she agreed, now my heart was bouncing like anything. She got seated in the front besides me and we started off, Our conversation started with routin matters and soon we became very friendly. Probably these were the green signals that i was wanting desparatly. Nisha too was sitting in such a manner that her boobs were protruding out which i could not say that they were intentional OR unintentionally made. Now i on pretext of moving steering and change of gear , dared to touch her, which she remained unmoved. This encouraged me further and now i started talking about relationships , romance and even sex. She was also taking part in the conversation and her boobs were continueously a good feast for me. We were passing through a darker road on our way, suddenly i stopped my car by the side of road and i do not know from where i got courage and i said : Nisha ! you look very good in Saree and in fact not good but “tempting” , to my this remark, she looked confused but with smile, then i said while putting my shivering hand on her hand (which she never moved) i am sorry if i have hurted you.

But she said , why are you feeling sorry , in fact , Thanks for the compliments !!!. My gopd i was like in air and just as a spontaneous response to her words , i held her by her arms and placed my lips on hers. She also responded adequately and we were in french kiss for 10 minutes. Suddenly we realized that we are open on road and we got separated. I dropped her at her residence , she thanked me for the lift and i thanked her for the beautiful kiss , i told her that she had got an excellent and well shaped curves on her body and if i could explore them. To which she said, some other day but i did not agreed and proposed her for earlier. She said O.K. come to my place tommorow at 1.00 p.m. since her husband is going on tour and kids were already gone to her inlaws place. Next day i reached out there and my sexy mate noe in black Saree. She was like in full mood of seducing me with her sexy smile and gestures and postures that i got a complete errection in my pants which she noticed. We had lunch first and then we came to her sofa, while offering apples to me , her pallu fell down and had a full view of her beautiful pair of tits in black blouse and white Bra.

As she tried to put her pull back on her shoulder, i suddenly caught her saree and said : Nisha please do not cover your self as your are the most beautiful pair of boobs i have ever seen ! to this she blushed and i grabbed her and draged her in my lap. Now we were kissing again each other madly. My tongue was inher mout and she sucking it with her eyes closed , my hand now moved down to her boobs. I was pressing very hard her both boobs with my hand and then started unbuttoning her blouse. Muy god ! she had a damm size that almost antched her BRA and got free her tits. Now i was sucking her nipples one by one and she was moaning like anything. After some time we both werenow nude to each other and she was laying on her bed with her legs wide open looking at me. Suddenly she took my 7″ inches prick in her hand and placed it on her cunt to which i could not control my self and slided it off in her wet and thirsty pussy. I was now pumping very hard and she was like moaning and we both were in like heaven.

Dear Desi Papa , i want to thank you that you gave me a chance to fuck a beautiful lady in our office. Dear all readers i wish that you all get adequate chances in your life to fuck GOD’s most beautiful creature on this earth i.e. WOMAN, Any Girl, Lady, Bhabhi, Aunt or Even any office goer who want to have any type of relations, OR want to taste this great thing i.e. LOVE OR want to share her experiences , meet this Punjabi putter aged 30 fro Delhi at

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