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I Fucked Mona

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi, I’m Rahul and hails from a good family of Tamil Nadu and this is a true story between me and my sister which happened as an accident in our life and now it’s going so much fun and now coming to the point myself and my sis are too close and she love me a lot as like me we even share things as bro sis share since both our parents r working this happened when I’m in my BE year my sis in final year MBBS.

We both had leave on that day and my sis is a traditional girl and I’m as like the young guys, my parents are nice pair my parents went to office and I was chatting with my friend in Fb and my sis went to take bath wrapping a towel around her and asked me to attend the call if any one called her, suddenly her towel fall down and I saw her naked, she hide her nakedness, this was the 1 incident in my life after that she took bath.

I wore a black saree in which she look like an angel and went to meet her friend but the scene (towel falling, hiding herself and running)made me horny and I masturbated then in night she wore a nighty in which she opened her top button even before she opened it and I did not feel anything but now I can’t control myself and I started seeing her as a young lady more than my sis but she is normal to me, in night and I lost my sleep next day was Sunday all of us were in home and it went ordinarily Monday as usual.

My parents went for job I peeped my sis taking bath wow what a structure she had she may be 36 30 38 she had dark black dense hair on her pussy she completed her bath and came with a towel wrapped around I ran away and came to hall before she opened the door (bathroom) she wore a black nighty her black bra was visible I was watching her she didn’t had any doubts on me and there is a sexual scene running in computer from terminator-1 she saw that and asked me change the movie but I told her it will b over now.

So never mind and asked her to watch it with me she sat near me and asked me to play Tamil movies but I told her movie will complete in 15 minutes and reminded the sex scene in which the hero squeezed the heroines boobs my sis stood up but I can’t control and asked her a kiss.

Me: sis may I kiss you

Sis: what?

Me: kiss me please

Sis: but why?

Me: do what I say (she was confused and kissed and my head)

Me: not there on the lips

Sis: what I’m your sister that too elder than you how can you ask me such a thing do you think I’m your girl friend?

Me: please sis I like to feel a lip kiss from you.

Sis: ask your girl friend (she shouted at me)

Me: sis please only once (after sometime I somehow convinced her)

Me: kiss me as lover

Sis: no, only 1 or 2 sec (I went near and hugged her and she pushed me away) Sis: what are you doing just kiss and get lost

Me: Ok sis I went near her rosy lips and kissed her then hugged her tightly, she pushed me away

Me: Sis it was super do u feel it

Sis: no

Me: tell me the truth

Sis: shut your mouth She started moving I caught her hand and hugged her then kissed her again, she slapped me again I kiss her but this time I was squeezed her ass and boobs she was trying to escape but can’t I took her to the bed and took her nighty and my dress now I was in my inner and she in a summi, a black bra with small holes, petticoat(pavadai), then panty I kissed all over her body she was shouting to leave her but I did not listen her and removed her summi and petticoat she looks damn sexy in black bra and panty.

She asked me to stop my act now I became naked and jumped over her and squeezed and sucked her boobs over bra removed it then I started fingering her pussy but that I found her panty is wet she is moaning aaa leave me ammaaaa haaaaaa like that then slowly I removed her panty both were virgin so her pussy is too tights and also full of dense hair some how.

I inserted my dick she shouted ammaaaa I started pumping her she moaned aaaa aaaa it tempted me to fuck her more as it was my first time I cum in her pussy itself but it was 15 day after her period after the first shot I am tired and laid on her she asked me to do it again it feel good bro go ahead I can’t believe this such a traditional girl ask to fuck her more we had sex for 2 times that and in night also one time and we both were tired for 2 days. My sister is a doctor she took anti pregnant pills. We went for our colleges and came in semester leave I had sex in my college too with my girl friends and seniors and trying for a mam but my sis did not have sex.

She completed her course and came home and I became a day scholar she took care of me and I took care of her we both take bath together nude and have sex periodically and the longest time we had sex is the day before her marriage I’ve fucked her nearly 15 times before marriage now she have a male child (6 months) her hubby is in Russia as an engineer and I’m in her house searching for job and daily we have sex and she have sex only with me other than her hubby and I hope you enjoy this story of mine.

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