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I Fucked Her Whole Day And Night

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Readers, Rahul here this is my first submission at, I personally a well settled guy and always looking for enjoyment and Sexual fun from different relations, I am always looking Casual relationship and should have a great fun on both ends. This is one my experience which was recently last month; I hope I would also share more here from my past experience. I myself 28, Athletic body with good shape (since I do daily workouts) and from Karnataka. I generally busy with my business relations, recently I am finding the time to write this. Myself and Lavitha have been chatting on internet for quite some time (I met from a Community site on the internet) We have shared lot of personal things at chat and shared the photos each other, I am really horny to meet and have the enjoyment; one day we decided (she initially reluctant to meet person since she has her own family) we should meet I made arrangement to travel Goa, and reserved the Majestic, Porvorim Village, Goa for 2 days. I send my travel details to Lavitha. Lavitha ‘s husband is a business man and keeps traveling to all over country, so on those two days he was out. Early in the evening I landed on Bus stop and she met me on the Bus stop since I already informed her, I booked the Hotel Room for couple as a wife and husband to avoid the problems she was wearing hot pink see thru saree and matching blouse etc. She is really amazing on saree with a white color body previously I saw her photos on modern dresses, and then I called taxi and get into that. In the Car Lavitha said, well what your plan is for now on? I said nothing in particular, hoping for fun for rest of the day and whole night, Lavitha said sounds so Exciting! I asked her she wants to have drink? She said yes. We went to motel’s bar and both of us had wine to bring up The romantic mood. I generally don’t drink, drink occasionally whenever it requires that day I took the wine for her.After drink I said it is too early for the dinner, should we go up in room we will come back for the dinner later? She said yes. We both went upper 5th floor to my room. In the lift she kept her head on shoulder, I really feel good at that time. As soon as we entered the room, I kissed Lavitha so passionately she started responding back putting her tongue in mouth and sucking my lips so passionately. Then I knew she is ready I took her in my arm and she locked me by her both hands in neck. We kissed for about 5 to 7 minutes and her extreme boobs were touching my chest and screaming to relieve from bra, and mine started making a big tent in my pant. I carried Lavitha in my hands and made her seat on bed. She looked at my pant and smiled and said let me release him from prison, so I said it is a good idea, she started opening my belt and fly and dropped my pant on floor then she pulled down my underwear, mean while I was helping opening her blouse buttons and release bra hooks, then she remove blouse and bra together and massive boobs I kissed her boobs and she kissed my Dick’s knob, and my lund grew to full size 8 inch long and 2.5 inch thick, she said “Wow your penis is so big, at least twice the size of my husband and thick too.I said I am a big fan of your legs from when I first saw your pic since you have amazing thighs and long legs .I would like to sleep between your legs for some time, Can I? She laughed, you also have great pair of boobs this night will be the fantastic night I ever had. Lavitha took my dick in her hand and started caressing and lift the testicles bag and said “oh Man is full of jism I guess you going pour everything in my pussy?” I said, yes that’s true. And she started sucking my lund she could not take all so she took about 1/3 and sucking it then she started leaking by tongue all over my lund. Then she took my testicles in her mouth and said oh so sweet. Then I said Lavitha I like to eat your pussy and taste the juice, I can smell it up here. She

Said first you suck my boobs and make me arose to highest level then you suck my pussy after that you fuck me like a crazy. With that I made her lay on bed and started sucking her nipple and with other hand I started squeezing other boob, Lavitha started moaning, deeper and deeper. After 10 minutes she said please now eat my cunt so I moved down to her pussy (in 69 position) I opened her shaved pussy lips and sucked her clitoris then my wet tongue I started circling around her pussy hole and she was in heaven, she became more erotic and said “Oh Rahul, oh my god you are the best pussy eater in the whole world, you should teach my husband”.Within 10 minutes of eating her pussy, she came she grabbed my lund in her mouth and started jerking and kept on sucking her clitoris. Within couple minutes she calm down, and enjoying back again, then she said oh man now my pussy wants your great Dick Rahul please fuck me fuck me like a bitch. It is paining but enjoying With that I got up and made her lie on her back and spread her legs wide open, (I wear the condom before that which I was carried )I opened her pussy lips and pointed my lund to her pussy hole and I started moving my lund circling around soft pussy lips and Lavitha was out of control she said “man you are giving the best pleasure in my life, please now fuck me”, so with my hand I entered my lund know in her pussy and with great force I shank my entire lund in her pussy, my lund was touching her womb entrance and she came again, she hold me tight and started shaking all her body. After 2 minutes of climax she calm down and said “your cock has fill up my whole cunt, tonight I am sure I am going to get dozens organisms I am completely under your control, Rahul do what ever you want to do, but make me satisfied, my old man husband has never fucked me like this before.” With that I kissed her on lips and said “Are you ready for the roller coaster ride honey?” and she said you bet. With that I started fucking Lavitha’s pussy by moving my cock in and out about half length in pussy. I fucked and fucked she was just relaxed and enjoying my big lund. Then again after 12 minute she came same thing again she held me so tight I kept on fucking and she started getting jerk all over her body. After 2 minutes she calm down again and I kept fucking. She was in heaven, she came with me too, and we both held each other and I collapsed on her. I was breathing heavy and sweating too. She started moving her hand on my hair and said oh dear that was the best fuck. After two minutes we got up went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves I washed my lund in sink and she sat on toilet bowl and jism started oozing from her cunt, Lavitha said “Rocky, you fuck like a horse and you cum like a horse. We were fucking for more than an hour and after cleaning I sat on sofa and Lavitha was pissing in toilet and sound of her pissing made me more exited. She came from bathroom and sat on my lap and kissed me and said, darling I am tired, I said dear dress up we can go for dinner, but she just sat on my lap naked for 15 minutes. I said Lavitha you have a great ass bend over. I want to see your ass hole, and she bend down and I fingered her ass hole and said ” Oh it looks great I am sure ass will love my cock in her” and Lavitha jerk her self and turned around and said “No, baba don’t even think about it, you will rip off my ass” I laughed and said that’s what every woman says then they love it”.After that we put on our clothes and went for dinner. I told waiter to give us nice and quiet table and he gave nice corner table Lavitha sat right beside to me we ordered drinks. I told her feel free to order any thing you like and she said thank you. We both ordered food, mean while food was getting ready we drank wine. I was rubbing her butts. At the end of dinner we danced for a while and slow romantic music was turned on I asked her do you know the dancing I personally a good dancer. After dinner went to our room where in balcony. I pulled up a chair and said I am going to bring another one. She said, “why dear, I am Going to sit on your lap and enjoy the scenery,” I sat on chair and she turned around facing opposite to my face and she lifted her skirt and she was not wearing panty and she sat on my lap butt naked. Oh I was enjoying every bit of it. She said “How do you like Lavitha’s Pussy touch? I said, “it is the best fantastic, and tonight I am going to fuck her too. She smiled and said she is yours and fills her up with your creamy jism. We watched the city moving people ocean for hour and we talked romantic thing and she was again aroused and said “Rocky, do you think you can fuck me again?” I said my lund is always ready for good pussy and ass. She said lets go inside the bedroom and fuck. We went to bedroom and took off our clothes and both naked climbed on bed. “Dear, this time you sleep on your back and I will suck your cock and make you cum, she said. I said you will get tired she said you haven’t taken joy of my mouth and she made me lie down and she started sucking my cock. After a while she Saw my pre-cum and she leaked it and said it is so sweet, she likes jism. She sucked my lund she sucked my testicles and again she started sucking my cock. This time she was taking 1/2 of my Lund’s length and sucking so deep I loved every second of it.After a while I said honey turn around and let me eat your cunt so she turned around. I started sucking her cunt and she started sucking my lund, for 15 minutes we sucked each other and she came, she started jerking and holding my lund in her mouth tight. I kept eating her cunt. After two minutes she calm down, took out my lund from her mouth and said ”

Man when you going to cum my mouth and jaws are getting tired “, I laughed and said I told you so, if you suck me like that it takes one hour me to cum. So far no woman has sucked me and makes me cum. I always have to cum by fucking pussy or ass. Finally she gave up and said you are right your lund has lots of stamina I don’t think I can make you cum by sucking. So I said I am laying and you come over me and fuck me. She climbed over and spread her legs and by one hand she held my lund and guided in her cunt. In one stroke she buried my entire lund in her cunt, and she sat on it for a minute. Then she started moving up and down and started fucking me. I was enjoying every bit of it. She fucked for twelve minutes and she came, same way all the time. After 2 minutes she pulled out my cock from her cunt and said, “I am dam tired of fucking you now you finish it”.So I said lay down your head on pillow and keep your ass up in air I will fuck you doggy style. She lay in the doggy position and I went behind her and penetrate my lund in her cunt. It was wet all ready so I started fucking her wild. She was going wild. She said, “come on Rocky, aaaahh, ohhh fuck me More. My husband has never fucked me like this before; you are the best fucker I ever had”. Then I started putting a finger in her wet asshole, suddenly whole finger went in. I said Lavitha looks like your ass so wet and ready to take my cock in. Suddenly she jumped and Took out my lund from her cunt and looked at me and said “Oh no you are not going to fuck my ass look at the size of your cock you will rip me off. I said, if you don’t want it is up to you but my finger felt it is Ready, and I resumed fucking her again in cunt. About 20 minutes fuck I came in her cunt unloaded my jism 10 squirts all warm guiee jism was hitting her womb and she got another organism. After that we cleaned up, she came back from bathroom and sat on my lap and asked me? Do you think

My ass can take your huge lund? I said only way to prove is to try, if you hurting then I won’t pursue any further. Then She said promise make sure you do not rip of my ass my husband never have fucked me in ass.So again she started sucking my cock, since I was going to fuck the ass. I got so excited and immediately my cock 7 inch became so hard, then I told her to turn around and she did I started massaging her butts and She said oh jay I like it. Then I took some Vaseline and lubricated her asshole and plugged in two fingers then rubbed more added more Vaseline and then entered three fingers in. I asked Lavitha do you feel any pain she said no but I feel pleasure all the way, then I said you are ready for my lund and she said go ahead and jam it up in my ass. I applied lots of Vaseline on my lund and I held her by my one hand from her tummy then with one hand I held my cock and pointed to her asshole and applied lots of pressure. Suddenly my Lund’s knob went in, she screamed oh fuck it pains so I said I am going to take it out, then she said, don’t move, and let it get adjusted, so I just held my Lund’s knob in her ass for few minutes till she said. Now I am comfortable go ahead and penetrate some more. I gave good push and her ass took another 2 inches of my Lund’s length. Then she said “oh Rocky, you are right. Now I like it.” So slowly I started moving my lund from her ass in and out, pushing more in within 5 to 7 strokes she took my entire length 7″ and 2.5″ thick lund in her asshole and she was going crazy. She said, “I love it fuck me like a horse, fuck more, more in, more hard Rocky, Ohh, Huuunnn.”I started fucking her so good, my balls were hitting her. Within 10 minutes Lavitha came. This time her organism was much longer and tensed then all before she had. She held my cock in her ass for more than 2 minutes and caressing my balls. After her organism I resumed fucking her again and in 15 minutes I said I am cuming and she said go ahead spray it all in my ass, with that I squirted 8 times hot guie jism in her asshole and filled up her ass completely, my organism was far better than I had fucked her in her cunt. Finally we both got exhausted and I collapsed on her. After 5 minutes I pulled out my limp cock out of her ass and went to bathroom to cleanup. We both cleaned up went to bed. Early morning about 8:00 am we took breakfast then Lavitha left for home. I went to my room slept for a while and at noon I took my lunch. I prepared to leave for the airport, since I had another 4 hours to kill I really feel bored that time. About 4:00 pm Lavitha came back. I was surprised and asked her did she leave here some thing? Lavitha said “No” then she came close my ear and said, my ass is itching can you lubricate with your jism, I loved the way you fucked me last night. So we went up to my room, and I fucked her again in cunt, tits, mouth and ass. She loved every moment of it. At last she said “Rahul, When can we meet again”. I said that sounds good I promise you I will fuck you every time I come to Goa. And we both kissed each other and left. Of course I have given her a surprise gift (A Gold Pearl Set which I was carried from Hyderbad) when I left from Goa on that day. I hope you enjoyed my experience, I am not sure again that kind of experience may come with Lavitha, since we both should be secure. Please write the comments, Mail back to me if any body interested for a real fun Right to

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