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  • desipapa
  • January 8, 2016

hello friends i am harshraj from mumbai like others i don’t want to make u bore by saying about me

so comeing right to the story it happen 2 years back it was a month of November i went to stay at my aunties place in my natives

she is staying there with her 2 daughter both married.but they also come to give me company there.the elder is 36 years & other is 33years with good boobs

and ass.

when i reach there every thing was going right until that day i cant say it was a good or bad day of my life. that day morning suddenly the phone rang it was for the younger sister

her name is veenita the news was her fil was sick and so she be being called & she had to go to mumbai.i was told to arrange ticket. but because of some prob. i was able to get only

2 tickets on which my aunty and veenita she went & we divide to stay back and come after ward.

i left them 2 station and came back home it was around 7.30in the morning when i cam back i saw the elder sis veena was taking bath in the bathroom, suddenly she called me she said she had forget her towel

and sari in the cupboard and told me to give.i gave her the things but while giving i had the glimpse of her necked body

fire went acroses my body. she also saw me watching me .but did tell me any thing. full day i was not able to make a eye contact with her.

in night after dinner we went to bed .@ around 11.30 in night i wake up to go for toilet suddenly i saw her hand between her legs and her sari @around her knee level, and she was taking her hubby’s name.

i saw that and went near her and touch her bare legs she got a little shivering in her body then i called her veena’veena but she did not wake up so i decide to go forward .

i put my hand on her knees then slowly i proceed toward her thigh then then i slowly make her sari little bit up and touch her pussy. suddenly she wake up & i got afraid she started shouting @me

and threatening me to tell my name to my mom and dad. but gathering my courage i told her that i saw her masturbating .

she got little shy i told her i want to fuck u veena . but she in anger told me that it is a sin but i was not in a mood to listen any thing from her so told her if u will not allow me i will tell this to everyone

then i press her boobs. mean while she was also in a mood of sex so she started cooperating me .i remove her sari but she protest a bit but after some time i was successfully i remove her full cloth and mine also .

mean while my dick was in full flow in 90 d . i started licking her pussy which was already wet. then we went to 69 pos. after that i was not in control and same thing with her she insert my tool in her pussy which was not so tight

i ride her for more than 15 min n various pos.& then comes the time to eject she told not to eject in her pussy as she is not in her safe period and her hubby use condom to prevent child meanwhile she too had her orgam so I decided to make her drink my cum. so i put my dick in her mouth. She angrily drank the full and slept faceing the wall. So I decide to

make her forget her all the things . but she cried for some time . after some she wake up

and started her way to bathroom but she was naked . so I called veena pls. wear the cloth

in return she trun back and told atta sagla bagun zala zavun zala atta kai baki rahela(means now u have seen me naked and even fucked me what is remaining to do) .and went to bath room .mean while while walking I saw her ass bouncing all the way . and I decide to fuck her ass .so I went behind her and open the bathroom door which is not locked from in side she was urinating .when she saw me she shout at me and told me let me urine me in peace then do what ever u want I said OK .and went inside searching for coconut oil on the stand I got it and I went . mean while she also came in .i told her that veena urs ass is mind blowing so I want 2 fuck in urs ass she shouted at me and told me if u want to fuck u can fuck in my pussy but not in my as urs bil not even fuck in my ass & I only allow u to fuck me 2nd time because u are abetter fucker then my hubby .i told her let me try if it pains I will not do .after some time she allow me .at first I pull her ass from both side after that I put lot of oil in her hole and my dick .

then slowly I push my tool in her ass she began to shout pls. / pls. stop harsh it pains but I am not in a mood to get back .so I gave a long jerk and my full lent went in .she was shouting but I was enjoying. After some time she too enjoy the game . this time also I ask

her what should I do cum in her ass or she will take my tool in her mouth . she angrily ans me atta kai mala goo pan suck karaya la lavenar .(means now u want me to eat my own goo which is stick on urs tool).

So I decide to cum in her ass and with a long jerk I cum in her ass .in that night I fuck he 3 time .both side she too started enjoying me . and from then till date we are enjoying sex whenever we get chance. if u like this pls. forward urs comment at or u can also call me at 9869809714 . any women of age no bar can contact me . bye waiting for you……

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