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I Fucked Dolly My Love

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  • August 22, 2015

Well friends this is Anil a decent and handsome gentleman of 37yrs presently staying in Hyderabad working in a world class Organization in a senior cadre.I am a fan of Desi Papa erotic stories and after going through hell a lot of erotic I thought it would be better to share my true experiences with all Desi Papa fans who are like me love all good things in life including sex.This is a true incident and I would appreciate the comments from my well wishers.

I will try to describe in a lucid manner.Hope u will like it.The incident is like this. I had taken the took the lease house in Hyderbad and staying in the 1st floor.The house owner Mr Shanker with his wife and 2 daughters are staying downstairs.Mr Shanker is a good man.But always busy in his businees work.He has to travell and go out a lot in Business work. The House was at the dead end and situated in a lonely area and the door facing towards the wall.Not many houses are around and very few people use to be around even in the Day.Sice this was a new residential area the social activity is limited and few people know each other and even the near one hardly mix to other.We are on the 1st floor and Dolly at the down with her family. His wife Dolly found to be sexy,saucy and volpotous.She is very much attractive and can turn a man for sex.She is fair and goodlooking of 31yrs age.She looks really sexy and volpotous. After having 2kids, she could maintain her figure. Dolly is a typical classy lady.She got married earlier and had children.Still she had good figures.Her back and front is luxirous and can turn a man to lust.I was attracted towards her when I saw her first time. I came to enquire about the House.I talked with her as Mr Shanker was away and I just gave a impression to her that I want her.I think she also could able to know this. Me and my wife shifted to their house.

We could able to be friendly with the House owner.Particularly I was more keen to be in touch with Dolly and her family.Whenever Mr Shanker is not there I used to help them.I also visit their house to pick up the phone whenever a call is received from my Home town as I didnot have a phone.Slowly the relation turn to friendship and I use to flirt in the absence of Shanker.I use to visit her house in some purpose and meet her.She of course treats me well. This relation turns to lust and I used to see her as a sexy woman and finding the way and means to seduce Dolly.Sometimes we will be meeting alone in the early morning or while I go for my office work in the day.I also found she is bit shy to me.Slowly I started to look her and the desire for her became intense.I used to masterbate by thinking her.She occupied in my mind and I lust for her.The more I think,the more I lust for her. I was thinking how to fuck her. I used to peep and want to see her through the windows when ever she is in Kitchen.One day she caught me as I was looking at her and she just felt shy.That day she could able to know about my interest on her. Her look towards me and her body language also changed towards me.One day she was bending down and rinsing her clothes and from the top floor I was looking down her back.Her buttock are well mounded and she was in thin clothes and since her house is having boundry wall she may be in tranparent clothes.To my luck I was observing her in lust and rubbing my cock.I was tempted to fuck her in doggy.Later I could able to know that she knew that I was looking at her.I must have materbated 4times imagining that scence.

But I was not getting oppurtunity to approach her as I donot want any bad situation as I am a responsible man. Dolly used to be at home and her daughters and Shanker used to go around 8.30am.My wife also leaves at 8am and my office time is 10am. So I am the last one top leave.One day so happens,she was alone a phone from my home came for me.Since no one was their Dolly called me.I went to her home and picked the phone.While coming I found Dolly was not there as I want to say thanks for the call.Dolly was in the Kitchen and busy in Kitchen work.Finding the lady alone and in close proximity I became tempted and want to give a try.I went inside and touched her back and gave a soft kiss.Dolly turned back before she resist,I firmly pulled her near to me and kissed her and my hands are on her buttocks. Dolly was little hesitant and was shy.But I forced her to submitt and while my hands were busy in her body squeezing her Boobs.The more she was resisting I was determined to hold her near me. Her resitsnce was also not fierce and I could guess that she also want this to happen though she was reluctant and shy to invite me openly.My Hands are busy in all over her tresure.She was wearing a loose Maxie in house and not much inside.I could feel her tresure nall these inside.Both are breathing heavily and I was keen to fuck her at any cost and I found she is also willing. I bolted the Door and pulled her to the Bed room.My hands started squezing and kissing her.My dreams and fantasies are going to become reality and I was enjoying to have Dolly near me.I was getting really crazy to be naked and want to see her tresure beneath the maxie.

Than I lifted her house coat and to my good luck she was in Bra and nothing much.I put her hand in my genital over my trouser.My cock was hard and I told her to hold and squeeze.I asked her to remove all and let me see.She was shy and told me to be naked first.I pulled my things away and become naked like a child and my cock erect.I came near her,pulled her to the Bed and started removing her rest of the clothes.Oh what a fantastic scence.Her Boobs are 38 size milky white and the nipples are pinkish.I put my mouth and suck the same as a hungry child and gave her more pleasure. We are facing each other and naked and I was really getting hot to put my cock in her pussy.Her pussy was covered with thick curly hair.My hands travelled to her black velvet tresure.I put my finger in her pussy and fingered her to make her more wet and swollen.By this time it was wet and soapping wet.I told her to squeeze my cock for a better erection before I penetrate her.I put my my face in her belly and slowly moved towards her pussy to kiss her there.She didnot agree for this, I simply kiss there lovingly to appreciate her tresure. I was getting impatient and want to fuck her as the time was running out. I entered her in missionary position and began fucking her.When I enter her I found her pussy is wet and swollen and my cock went deep inside her pussy without any problem.I was fucking her hard and I was thinking this is the end I will not have any sex after that.She was in her back laying on the Bed, her thighs are wide open and I am on the top fucking her like a Bull. She was also co operating and the pleasure was immense.Since this was our 1st union I was getting impatient I came early and ejaculated in her greedy pussy. We were tired and I withdraw from her and dried myself in a towel.

I thanked her and praised her for the same.We went to Bath room and dried ourselves. when I came out again I am hot and erect.Mu cock is again hard.I grabbed Dolly and kissed her. My hands are in her pussy and my body was not keen to leave her.She was requesting me to go away as somebody may come.I knew that no one will be around and again I can fuck her.Further I am not sure when the next chance will come. I did not listen her.I again took her in my arms and I kissed her and my hands are again all over her body feeling the tresure.I sucked her boobs and my hand is busy in her bushy pussy and again I made her wet.This time I put her at the edge of bed.I put a pillow below her buttocks and raised her.I rubbed my cock in her pussy in the standing pose.Dolly guided my cock in her pussy when she could no longer wait for me.I was in standing pose and she is sitting at the edge of the Bed and my hands were in her breasts and I were ramming her pussy like a Bull.In between I stoped and kiss her deeply my tounge deep in her mouth and I sucked her while my cock deep in her pussy.Dolly also rubbibg my buttocks and while fucking her she pushed my buttock to give a deep thrust.That day I was in a hurry and I ejaculated soon.Before leaving her house I kissed her and told her to meet soon.She shyly nodded. After the 1st incident It has become a regular affair for us to meet and co-opulate.Dolly was really sexy and a for a man she was extremely fuckable. I tried all poses with her.I showed her many sex albums.She was ignorant on various pose as her hubby fuck her only on normal pose.By seeing the albums she got hot and keen to try new pose with me.We actually fucked in different sex pose and we enjoyed. My cock feel good in her pussy and whenever I enter her. She is also hot and horny for me.When her hubby and children will leave in the morning, I will enter her house from the back Door and grabbed her.At times we will have terrific sex if both are horny and hot.If I am fucking her after along gap,it always found to be terrific and seems she is waitting for a good fuck. I love woman on top pose While she was riding me, my hands were busy in her boobs,fondling her kising her and to make her more and more turn.

After sometime both would come simultaneously.We used precautions in sex as both donot want any complications.Both are mature and our body and mind seems to enjoy this union. I am really getting hot and erect while writting this. I am hard and erect I want a pussy now to realese.Who is ready to give me her pussy? Dolly told me that her sex life with Shanker is not good as he cannot fuck her for a long time.His sex drive is low. Shanker has very low sex drive where as she is very sexy and want a long and regular sex.When ever Shanker wants sex he will suck her boobs and enter her and within seconds he will come,as a result Dolly becomes high and dry. She told me that she needs sex for a long time and variety in sex. With her hubby the same is quite impossible.She has been sex starved for a long time.When I came to stay in their house and my friendship with them has given her a new hope.Thats why she submitted when I approached her and she is enjoying this affair.Dolly told me this after some time when we were making love. This made me determined to fuck to Dolly as long as I stay in her house as a tenant and also to fuck the owners wife is very much erotic.The lady was really horny and crazy for sex due to supression for a long time.After the 1st sex ,We would have sex atleast 3times in a week, particularly in the morning as it was suitable time as no one will know. Further the house was in dead end and hardly any one come to that place. I have fucked her in all poses.But She likes the doggy pose very much and she will insist the same when I fuck her.We also have oral sex.She likes to suck my cock and make me come.I also go down on her and give her pleasure.Compair to my wife she is good in sex as she is ever agreeable with me for sex. Dolly is good in both normal and oral sex.Our matting also gave new dimensions to our sex lives.Her her pussy is loose than my wife,because of child birth.Now she has put on weight, but all in proper places.Her buttocks are wide and thighs are also shapely.

I tried anal sex with her, but she didnot agree for anal sex as the same is dirty.While fucking her in doggy pose I used to finger her anus with some vaseline on my finger tip to give my love additional pleasure.In doggy her pussy seems to be tight and wrap my cock in her vagina muscles.While my hands will be kneading her milky ass,I also squeeze her dangling breasts in that pose. I can plough Dollys pussy for 30minutes without coming.Friends do u know stop and wipe technique.In this technique, I fuck her in normal pose , I on top and by fucking her pussy will be loose than I will put pillow in her buttocks to raise her pussy and I enter her in that pose.After fucking her for some time I will withdraw and wipe my cock in a soft towel.I will also wipe her lovely pussy.This is called stop- wipe- technique.In this way I can plough her for more time and can prolong my ejaculation.Readers can try this with their spouse. Another pose I will mention, that is same as missionary, But her buttocks are raised by pushing one or more pillows down and I will enter her pussy. My hands will be on bed, means both sides of her shoulders and my body will not touch any other part of her and I fuck her in that pose like doing a exercise.She gets seviour sensation.I fuck her in that pose for some time.Than I take her in doggy after withdrawing my cock from her pussy. Lastly we go for woman on top.She will ride me and take my cock and guided to her as all the woman do where to put, the right thing in right place. She will be moving up and down and my hands will in her ass and sometimes in her boobs squezing the same and making her more hot.I also suck the nearest dangling breast and chew the nipple.In this pose my cock feel good in her pussy.She will ride me and I used to tell her sit in her feet and move up and down and I could see my thick and long cock going in and out…in and out…….of her lovely, flushy pussy.

Oh I really get a sensation in this pose as the friction is more intense and I die in pleasure and I come early. In Bed Room we put the mirror in such a place so that I can see my cock moving in and out…….. in and out…… of her jolly,flushy,love channel.It gives us intense pleasure to see the fucking in real life action.The Sex with dolly is always good and I alwayd die to meet her. I fucked her when she is in Kitchen,Bed room, Guest room ,Bath room and in stair case where ever we find place.Hence Dolly is my love and I am doing her a great service fucking her in her house and staying as a tenant. Readers hope you will like my real life experience and if any lady or male have any erotic experience or true experience pl email me at

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