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I Fuck My Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi all, i am 22yr old male from Bangalore, let me describe myself, am 5″7 slim and people say am very cute. We had given a portion of our house to 2 girls from calcutta, one was 27yrs called madhu and another was 17yrs Preeti, since they were our tenants i had a good rapport with them, madhu was about 5’6 with luscious curves and used to wear saree with her belly button visible, usually sleeveless and thin transparent blouse. Once she was going to office and her 2 wheeler was not getting started and she was kicking it desparately and here was my chance to interact with her, i asked if she needs help initially she was bit hesitant and was trying to kick by herself and i could see her fully grown boobs juggling which seemed as if she was doing a milkshake from her awesome titties, finally she gave up and asked me to start n i found there was some blockage in air pipe n i got it repaired from nearby mechanic. Since it became late she didnt go to work that day and i took this chance and planned something naughty in my mind.

As my parents left for work i was alone since i had study holidays and she also stayed back that day n she thought of cleaning house and washing clothes, i usually study in penthouse in our terrace and i saw madhu with buckets and clothes , soon she started washing them and i could see her lovely boobs as she was bending, soon her light blue nighty was wet with water and i could see her ass as well, i shagged and she was not aware that i was seein her from penthouse window. She put clothes for drying and then left i saw her bra and panty hooked n i took them as she left smelled it and rubbed it around my penis and hung it back.

Since i was struggling with my studies my parents were discussing about this with her and she offered to take tutions for me, i was jumping with joy, i used to stare at her cleavage since she wears salwars without dupatta and i was caught a couple of times but she didnt tell anything, one day she gave me assignment and we were in living room and she asked me to complete it and told she’l get ready for wedding n left for bedroom, i was curious and was peeping through keyhole and saw her boobs and got erection, she came back after sometime.i went home n shagged again.

Few days later i was in PVR and was watching a movie at night show, i saw lot of people kissing and caressing their gf’s boobs and at interval i got up to go for restroom n i saw madhu being kissed and her boobs were being pressed hard by some guy, she was shocked to see me n so was i, she got up and went, i watched full movie and reached home, i saw her room light was still on n i parked my bike n went to my room to sleep, she sent a sms saying to come home after 1 hr i replied with ok and was waiting. Preeti had gone to calcutta past 2 weeks to visit her parents, i went to madhu’s room and it was 1:15 in the night and she opened the door and went to her bedroom,she didnt speak anything, i was waiting for her in dining hall but she didnt turn up i was scared n i heard her sobbing so i went in and asked what happened. She hugged me and said not to tell what i saw to preethi or anybody else, i said ok but she was still crying, she was wearing pink satin gown and her bell visible and was wearing pink slip too.

I went up to get her some water and came back and made her feel good, she later asked if i have any gf i said no and she said she has seen me staring at her body many times i bent my head, she took my hands and placed on her boobs, GOD tat was the moment i was dying for my dick got erected to fullest and she started laughing, she then touched my dick and i felt i was in heaven,and she said COME ON MY TIGER , i pounced on her threw her gown and tore her panty she was scared seeing me so wild i bit her boobs so hard she cried of pain and asked to slow down i was crazy i bit her nipples she enjoyed it and she was naked in front of me i was licking every part o her, she moaned like a bitch and she got up i got scared and she said WAIT TIGER WE NEED TO PLAY SAFE and got pack of condoms from her bag, i asked her were u pre planned and she said yes , i had never seen condom before and she wore it to my dick i was so excited tat i almost cummed, she agin said TIGER START NOW i tried inserting my dick into her pussy initially she felt pain n tried pushing in n with a jerk i sent it inside she was in tears i stood still after few mins she guided me to start slowly and pick up the pace, i fucked her like a mad psycho, she enjoyed it to the core i could see her boobs juggling up n down when i was stroking her, i cummed pretty soon since it was first time n was very very very exxcited.

soon i was up again she put me another condom which was studded and i fucked her again n pressed her boobs so hard and she got orgasm and cummed i drank her juice and continued fucking her, i cummed again and we were both tired and exhausted, she got up to take shower i again became horny and asked for condom again she said I AM A FUCKING MACHINE and happily put a condom and i fucked her under shower , we cleaned ourselves and i said will sleep at her place since my parents think i may have stayed at frens place she said ok, i asked for a condom again and she burst out laughing saying TIGER U R REALLY strong and she kissed my dick and put a condom and i inserted my dick in her pussy n was fondling with her boobs and we slept with my dick in her pussy.

Morning i woke up and i got hard seeing her naked again n started fucking while she was still sleeping she started enjoying and i fucked her n took bath and she said nobody can fuck 4 times in a night and said SHE LOVED MY TIGER completely i said can i fuck her again tonight she said she has menstrual cycle and after tat she’l allow me to fuck without condom for 5 days, i was in heaven, after her periods got over i fucked her day n night like crazy n she started putting offs to her office to get fucked we enjoyed so much.

Shez now married and we still continue since she quit her job and stays at home. I wear her panties and go to college sometimes, i have never known that women would give such pleasure.She has promised that she wants go get fucked by me all her life.

I will narrate my next story with preethi its more wilder than this… Hope u liked it If any aunty’s from Bangalore wants to get fucked wildly please mail WARNING AM VERY WILD I WILL RIP APART YOUR PUSSY….

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