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I Fuck My Girl Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

My name is Tabish .I want to share my 2nd story with you. I have girlfriend her name is Najia. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. She is very beautiful lady with 34 25 34 figures. Her height is 5’’7.she has a D shape BOOBS .Her skin is like a silk.We have sexual relationship from last two years.

Her father works in air force while her mother is doctor her elder brother Danish also enjoyed air force recently. Her father and elder brother come home only on holidays. Her mother works in hospital she returns from hospital after 5 O clock. Najia return from college at 2 O Clock. I live in two beds flat alone I come home from my office at 7 O clock so there is plenty of opportunities and time to have sex. From last two weeks I was feeling that she is not taking interest in sexual relationships .I asked her what’s problem is she did not tell me any thing decided to investigate the matter. One day I saw on boy age of 20-22 come out of her house.after that day I saw that boy five or six times came to know his name is Shahzad and he lives in next building to my building investigate the matter and found that boy has sex relationship with my girlfriend. It was shocking for me.

After that I meet her five or six time but she did not show that she has relations with any other guy. Now she was not taking interest in sex relations with me.i decided to take revenge and give her lesson for cheating.she told me on Friday that her mother have a day and night duty idea came to my mind I told her that I will visit tomorrow and have a surprise for her. She shows interest and said she will wait. On Saturday I knock at her door she opened the door she was wearing t shirt and a jeans I know she never wear underwear and bra at home .Her beautiful boobs were giving sexual appeal closed the door and give her a long kiss on her lips I feel her boobs on my chest it was already very hot.she took me to her bed room where we do exporeeach other Now I give her french kiss I feel her tongue inside me I also do the same it arose our sexual desire.i start to press her tits she screame I incease the preasure .her nipple become hard .she start kissing me very fersouly .i start to open button of shirt and with he help I put heer t shirt of.Her tits was exposed .her pinck nipple were very haard. She put off my shirt . now I start sucking her beauity full big D shape tits she screiming OHHHHHHHH ITS FEEL FANTASTIC. I suck her very fesouly . My cock become fully erected in my jeans and pushing to come out to exploed the Najia pussy.I start to unbutton the Najia jeans while my mouth sucking her beauity full tits.

Najia moaning “SUCK ME HARD RAJ ‘.i putt of her jeans now she was fully hand now exporing he lower part.she put off my jeans cock fully esposed to her and fully erected . I sit on the edge of the chair and expand my legs my cock was fully esposed and erected and waiting for thusty mouth of Najia. Najia bend downon her knees and my cock in her mouth . I feel very pleasnt ohhhhhhh.she was stocking in and out of her mouth my cock touching her throut. After 10 minutes of her stocking I feel I am goooing to cum. I push her head towards me now my cock was touching her throut with in a second my cock fill her full of cum .she screame with OMMMMMM OMMMM Tabish IT IS VERY TASTY. She start sucking every bed cum on my cock.she clean my cock with her tonge. I pick her to the bed and kiss her on her lips she also resppond .i start kissing on her kneck she start Screming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I come down to her tits and kiss on her nipples and suck them hard she moaning loaduly ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I go down to her belly and kissing very hands was rubing very hard her theies and hips then i start kissing her crotch and taking big bits which make her orgasm at hight.Tabish SUCK MY CUNT.i put my tounge in her cunt which was very hot and wet .i start sucking her cunt and sucking her sweet cum.she moaning OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH .

My orgasm was on height and my cock was fully erected.i suck her cunt ten minutes Najia was fully in ebriated. She said in full lust ‘FUCK ME Tabish FUCK ME Tabish FUCK ME Tabish PUT YOUR COCK DEEP IN ME FEEL ME FUCKED’ . My cock was hard like a rock and waiting for ______ her pussy. I wide her thies and put a pallow under her hips now her wet and hot cunt was ready for fucking I bend on my knees between her thies and put my cock shuoft in her beauity ful cunt she moan ahhhhhhhhhhh I start shoving in her it went three inchs in her Najia was screming ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Najia cunt was wet and on fire and screming FUCKE ME HARD HARD MY LOUD. Najia moaning make me furious .i start shoving fastly it went 5 inches in her .her count become tight and hot , cock was feeling her cunt which make me mad.i was now shoving my cock in her furiously .it gone in her 7 inches Najia moaning AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHHH PL DON’T HURT ME SHOVE IT SLOWLY. Najia cunt clutch my cock it was totally jamed in her cunt I put out 1 inch and shove it with full power it go in her 2 iches .Najia crying loudly AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Stop it stopit stop it .i saw tears from her eyes it was painfull. I prepare myself for final roound .i put 1 inch out of her and shove my cock with all power I have .my cock went in her by rubing against count walls. cock shouft het the cervix and in same time my balls heat cunt lips.

Sakeeta crying ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh YOU HURT ME Tabish YOU HURT ME Tabish YOU HURT ME Tabish. I think in my heart ” I still not hurt you sweet hard I will give you lesson later on.” I drop my self on her .i feel her fast and hot breeathing .she was moaning loudly with pain I enjoy it.After five minutes I was agiant on me kneews its time for stoking .i start slowly in and out of her by two inches for five minutes.she moan loudly ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhh. I find rythem I start in and out by 4 inches and fastly .she also find rythem with moaning more dick come out of her by 4 inches and then shove in her fastly and heating the cervix and cunt lips simultaenously .ITS INCREASE MY LUST AND MADE ME MAD. I start in and out of her as fast I can and by 6 inches. I was totally mad.Whole room was to roar with Najia crying and moaning “AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH STOP IT Tabish STOP IT Tabish I BEG YOU I WILL DEAY WITH PAIN I WILL DEAY.I carry on for 5 minutes approxmately one stock per 5 second.60 stock in five minutes with full power.My cock was rubing very hard against her count wet walls.

Atlast I fall on her I was wet with 10 inch cock was in her realize the cum in cunt.Najia was still crying with pain and moaning looudly.i start kissing one kneck and cheeks she was wet with sweat .i rreamin in same position for 30 minutes then i stand and go the wash room to talk the bath .After taking the shower I came out and see that she was siting on the chair .i told her that I will give the surprise on monday which I promise.i will visit on Monday at 11 O clock.She said “she will engtiously wait foor the surprise. Any girl from Karachi want to conatact me plz e-mail me,my e-mail address is no guys plz only karachi girls contact me.good and sexy one.

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