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  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Friends, I hope you would have read my other stories. Here is another one for you. While working in my internship, I was very free especially with females. And I used to tease nurses. One of them was very cute. I used to tease her much. Slowly she became very close to me and one day we decided to have FUN at late night.

Her name was SHAZIA, she was 16 years old with brownish hair and a wonderful body. I used to tease her very much. But slowly she became my friend and we used to talk about every topic. I noticed that she used to take keen interest when we talk about sex. One night she came into my room at late night and told me that she is having pain. When I asked WHERE she placed her hand on her breast.

I understood what she meant. I caught her and brought her so close that her breasts were touching my chest. I asked in her ears ‘Do you want sex with with me?’ she whispered YES. I grabbed her and we both started kissing passionately. I started removing her clothes and within seconds she was only in blouse and underwear.

Then I kissed her breasts over her blouse and with a jerk, I broke the string of her blouse. Now she was all naked. What a body she had. She was looking like a goddess. Her breasts were firm and having pink nipple. Around the nipples, there was a pink circle. I asked her ‘Your breasts are like roses and the nipples look like candy”. She asaid ‘you can have them’. Saying this she brought her breast close to my mouth and I immediately started kissing and sucking like a baby. She also started moaning. In the mean time, I removed her underwear. Then I sat on a sofa and she sat on the floor. She asked me to unzip. I asked her to do it herself. She smiled and opened the buckle of my pant and then unzipped. I was wearing underwear which she requested to take off and I took it off.

My 7 inch cock was in full swing, saluting her virgin beauty. She looked at it and said ‘It’s quite thick’. I said ‘It’s for you my baby’. She held my cock in her hands and started making to and fro movements. She then placed a kiss on the head of my cock. She opened her mouth and was about to take my cock in her mouth when suddenly the door opened. And in the door was standing her senior MARIA (she was also a cute girl). For a moment she could not understand what is going on. But after a moment seeing my cock in Shania’s hand, she uttered, ‘What….FUCKING!’

Shania lost the grip on my cock and was about to stand. I held her shoulders and forced her to keep sitting. Then I said to Maria, ‘You can join us” listening this Shania held my cock and pointed it to Maria saying ‘Look Maria, it’s enough for both of us’. I saw a light in the eyed of Maria. She turned back, closed the door and walked slowly towards us. Shania was playing with my cock greedily. And was moaning. Maria sat close to me and we started kissing eachother. The I asked ‘Maria show me what you have got’

Shazia said ‘She gets fucked at every weekend’ when I turned my face to Maria, she was all naked. She was wearing no blouse and underwear.

What a BODY SHE HAD. FIRM, LARGE PAIR OF BRESATS looking like full APPLES , wide chest, slim waist and broad hips and a well shaven pussy- which was brownish indicating she is fond of being fucked.

She also sat on the floor and held my cock taking from Shazia. I asked ‘Maria, teach your junior how to take in the mouth?’

She smiled and with no hesitation she took whole of my cock in her mouth. What a sensation that was. She started brushing her tongue around my cock. She was giving me a BLOWJOB…..really , a great one. In a couple of minute, I was about to come. Suddenly Shazia took my cock from her mouth and engulfed it. I started pressing her head. And was choking. I held her head and Maria also pushed her head firmly. And I exploded in Shazia’s mouth. I pumped all of my cum in her mouth. Suddenly, Maria pulled her head back and gave Shazia a deep French kiss. And when they separated, they both were making bubbles of my cum. They looked so great that I grabbed them both and brought them close to my cock. They spitted the reaming cum on the head and started liking again like a lolly pop. After a minute, they stood up and sat along with me. Both of them were kissing me. Maria said ‘ Your cum was very sweet, I have never tasted such cum in my life. Will you give me more to drink.’ I said “After fucking Shazia”.

She smiled and helped Shazia to lie on the bed. She sat on her abdomen holding her legs and separates them apart so that I was able to see the HOLE of Shazia…a very tight. Maria spitted on my cock and Shazia pussy and said ‘Ready”. I was holding my cock, pointing towards Shazia’s hole. I placed my head over Shazia hole.

Marai said in my ears ‘Put your cock in one jerk” I was also eager to enter Shazia. And with a single thrust, I entered whole of my 7 inches inside Shazia. She was not ready for it and she screamed. Maria closed her mouth with her hand asked me too fuck her hard. I continued to pump my cock in and out of Shazia who was trying to get free her mouth but she could not. I was ready to tear this girl apart. I fucked her hardly for 15 minute when I came inside her.when I came out of Shazia I saw some blood on my cock. Shazia was really torn apart. Maria immediately placed her mouth on Shazia pussy and both the girls were in 69 position. I came to the back side of Maria and opened her pussy and put my hard cock inside. She was quite wide but very wet. Shazia started liking Maria clitoris from beneath.

When I picked up the pace, Maria lifted her head and turned her face to me….I could see my cum mixed with Shazia blood on her mouth and lips. She must have drank it. And said “Shazia your juices are also very tasty” wiping the blood from her lips.

I was fucking Maria in doggy style and shazia was teasing her with her tongue. This time I exploded inside Maria. Some of the drops also fell over the face of Shazia which she licked away.

I we were finished, I sat on the sofa. Both the bitches came along side me . both were having my cum on their faces. They licked away all the cum from each other‘s faces. Then we passionately kissed each other. All of us were tired now. They put on their clothes and while going out, asked me to have such fun on every weekend. Which I readily accepted.

All of us enjoyed in such a way for about six months. On my last night in that hospital, I fucked each of them thrice and at the end these bitches drank my urine and washed their faces with my urine.

It’s been a year I have not contacted anyone.

If any young girl who needs some treatment can contact me at The girls living in Pakistan are welcome. Those contacting with their photo will be obliged more. Be sure of confidentiality

Waiting for you gals Until next time….BYE BYE.

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