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I Always Want Her

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello there, Thank you for your heartwarming response to my previous story “Beautiful Lady I Met In A Flight”. I have been away from for quite a while now and some things have happened in between. I’d share one of the experiences with you guys again here. Just to refresh, I am a 30 years old, healthy and reasonably good looking man from Mumbai. And I do keep travelling to Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Kolkata on work.

This incident of mine refers to the wife of one of my “hanging out with often” friend’s. I have not been in touch with many friends from college, but this particular friend of mine (lets call him Ajay) surprisingly kept in touch with me till now. I never thought too much of him during our college, as he was neither too good with studies nor was a generally smart. But to my surprise he did really well in life and is now on a pretty good post in one of the leading MNC banks. We used to hang out with each other and some common friends in parties and also kept visiting each other’s places as well. I was pretty much well known in his family and vice a versa.

The difference remained though is that he got married to a beautiful woman, while I chose to remain a bachelor. His wife’s name is, well, lets call her Sangita for the obvious reasons. How do I describe her? She is not your drop dead gorgeous looking girl, but she has 3 things going for her, at least according to me. Her amazingly naughty eyes, gigantic boobs and very healthy pair of thighs. She is about my chest height, so that would be about 5’ 4”, not bad for an Indian woman. A little plump, but I like women to be that way too. She was and MBA and heading an HR department in one of the private limited companies, doing quite well in her career.

Now both Ajay and Sangita was a happily married couple and I did not think too much about them initially.
However, due to my frequent visits to their place and their visits to my place, we grew a little closer after their wedding. Ajay didn’t share too much earlier with me, but suddenly, he started sharing quite a few of his daily life and problems with me, to my surprise. Sangita was also very friendly with me and we talked on various topics whenever we spent time together. I liked to hear her out about the kind of people and situations she had to deal with, in her job. She liked to listen to my experiences on my travels, about different places, people there and business problems. Overall, the 3 of us usually had a good time with each other. I liked Sangita and was growing fond of her, and I guess it was the case with her too.

Till now there was no sexual attraction between us. I was in a way content with how things were, us meeting often and hugging, or pecking on cheeks once in a while or teasing each other I on how she landed with a guy like Ajay, and she about my bachelorhood and what I had been missing in life. Days went by and things got busy for all of us. Ajay had his share of stress that comes with a bank job and he started remaining away from home for more time than necessary. That started playing on Sangita’s mind and she would often talk to me about it. I too asked Ajay a few times to pay heed to Sangita’s advise and needs and he always said it was just temporary and he would be back to his earlier life style soon enough. I didn’t push the matter.

However, this phase of his lasted too long and once Sangita called me and asked me if I could meet her in one of our favorite hang out. I agreed and we met up for a coffee. She explained to me that Ajay’s absence at home has started creating a havoc in their life and their sex life had taken a beating too. We had always been that open about things in life and it was not at all surprising to me that Sangita was talking about such private matters of her life to me. I understood and offered to help as best as I could. Back home, I kept thinking about what Ajay up to was ignoring a wife like Sangita I mean and she came very close to being a perfect wife – beautiful, voluptuous, dedicated, educated and very smart and open – what else does one need?

The more I thought about it more I started thinking about Sangita and her loneliness. Once or twice, I really thought of helping her with her sex life by filling Ajay’s shoes, but then I liked Sangita too much to be doing that. One day, I had invited a few friends over dinner at my place and I invited Ajay-Sangita too. But Ajay excused himself saying he has some important meeting to attend and could not make it. I said, fine and ask Sangita if she would like to come alone, but she also did not want to come without Ajay. I was ok with that. However, on the same day while going back home in the evening I spotted Ajay with a girl in a café and the way he was talking to her, I realized there was something fishy about it. He was supposed to be in a meeting at that time and this was definitely not the official meeting happening.

I got suspicious. I had a couple of other friends working in the same bank and I called one of them to ask if he knew anything about Ajay. That guy being a good friend, I could ask him directly if he thought Ajay was going around with someone. He immediately said, almost the entire bank thought he was going around with a colleague of his and they had been going out after office since many days. I immediately figured out what the problem was and I was really furious with Ajay for doing what he was doing to Sangita I wanted to slap him the next day when I met him, but I didn’t say anything and kept quiet. I didn’t inform Sangita about it as well, thinking it may hurt her too much to know the truth. I somehow felt even warmer towards Sangita and wished I could do something to ease her pain somehow.

I kind of started staying a little away from both of them for the fear of erupting someday and spoiling their relation forever. A few weeks passed and one day Ajay called me. He told me he was promoted and the hike in the salary deserved a celebration. So, he was throwing a party for his office colleagues and friends and that I had to come. I reluctantly said ok, but did not feel like going. Anyhow, I did land up in the party that night. It was in a farm house kind of a bunglow and I must say Ajay’s tastes had changed quite dramatically and ofcourse, for the better the ambience was too good, music nice and comfy and food was excellent too. I greeted Sangita, who surprisingly looked happier and hugged me a wee bit too tightly. I thought it was because we had met after a long time.

I also saw Ajay’s girlfriend in the party, but did not do anything, as I knew Sangita did not know about it. Party went on and alcohol and music started doing its job on the people. From 50 odd guests, we were now reduced to some 15 – 20 friends only as most of them had left. It was quite late and most of us were getting high by now. Sangita came and asked if we could dance together and it was then that I noticed how beautiful she looked. She had worn a silk shirt and a short skirt, about 4 inches above the knees which accentuated her figure her boobs, her thighs and her really silky, strong legs. Her naughty eyes seemed naughtier today with mascara and that little dose of happiness. Hairs were left open and a dark maroon lipstick, which made her pout look even more desirable.

I seemed to get lost in that and just then she asked me again if I’d like to have a dance with her. I immediately looked at Ajay, who looked busy with his girlfriend. But he did look at me, smiled and waved at me as if saying “go on mate, what are you waiting for? I thought, Okay, why not ? Sangita held both my hands and we started dancing. She maintained a safe distance from me initially, but I guess the alcohol and the smell of my huge boss made her to come a little closer, just enough for her boobs and thighs to touch mine. Just when I thought I was feeling them, she turned around and kind of pressed herself on me as if leaning against me. My dick touched her buttocks and the first time, really, for the first time, I felt I wanted her. I wanted her right there and then.

She leaned against me, lifted her face, took both my arms and put them around her waist and started swaying. I did what she ordered me to. I smelled her shampoo and cologne and was getting into the mood. Hey guys, please excuse me” Ajay startled me with these words. I saw his girl alongside and he said “Guys, Preeti (his girlfriend) is not feeling well, I will have to go and drop her home. Hope you don’t mind – I will be back soon – you guys carry on please”. I looked at Sangita thinking she is not gonna like it. But she was all too happy to let them go “sure honey, take your time.” I was flabbergasted.

Here is the woman who thought her husband was not giving her enough time and she happily lets him go with another girl who half the world knows to be his girlfriend. Thanks honey, I’ll be back soon. See you guys! Ajay said, and left with Preeti. I looked at Sangita, who nonchalantly closed her eyes, wrapped my arms around her waist and started swaying with eyes closed, as if to take back the atmosphere again in her mind. I shrugged and did so too in half an hour’s time, all the people left. I was the only one in the house with Sangita and I realized she was now a bit too high for her own good. She wished everyone a good night and after the last guest left, just slammed the main door shut.

I was sitting in the sofa and I could see her struggling to make it to even sofa. I stood up and just when she was about to fall, grabbed her and helped her regain her balance. Rahul, I am not feeling too well, can you please help me till our room? Before I could say “yes”, she closed her eyes and collapsed in my arms. She was breathing a little heavy I thought but I held on to her. I tried to wake her up a bit, but she seemed asleep of alcohol and there was no way she was going to walk up to her room. If Ajay was definitely going to drop Preeti home and come back, it was still 2 hours before he would be back, I thought and I could not leave Sangita on the sofa for that long.

I decided to lift her and take her to the bedroom. I somehow managed to bend till her knees while keeping her standing and with a bit of a struggle, lifted her in my arms. I looked at her face in my arms and felt like kissing her, but no, she was my friend’s wife, a very respectable woman and not in her senses. Not the time, I said to myself and walked towards her bedroom with her in my arms. While lifting her, her skirt has gone up a few notches and my hands were touching the bare skin of her silky legs and I was finding myself really struggling to keep myself from kissing her. Slowly, I walked to her bedroom, and slowly put her on the bed, legs first and then her head.

While keeping her head on the bed, my lips were pretty close to hers and I could smell her breath. I was losing my control looking at this angel but thought I could not do it to her. I put her head and was just about to get up, when she suddenly grabbed me from my collars and said “so, you lied to me? I was shocked, scared to an extent with this sudden reaction of hers and her question what did I lie to you about? I asked. She held my face close to hers and looked into my eyes and said “about Ajay and Preeti”. I didn’t know what to say. You knew it all along, and chose to remain silent? Why? She asked hey, I didn’t want to hurt you” I replied. “Do you think I am less hurt now, by your not telling me?

I don’t know Sangita, I just could not see you unhappy, and that’s it” I said. “Then, can you make me happy, since my husband can’t? Sangita asked how? Come closer, to begin with” she said. I bent down a bit more, and now our breaths were meshed up. We could smell each other’s breaths. I waited for a couple of seconds, waiting for me to take the lead and on realizing that I wouldn’t, just pressed her lips on mine. I was taken aback, but obviously liked it. I parted my lips just a little bit and felt her tongue immediately invading my mouth as she pressed my face from her both hands. I tried to withdraw, but it was too good a feeling for me to let go of. I remained there and started doing likewise.

She moaned gently “ummm come closer, Rahul, I moved her a little bit more on the center of the bed, and adjusted myself next to her. I looked at her full body, the silk shirt, the skirt looked even more shorter now. Do you like what you are seeing? She asked hey Sangi, you are beautiful I said. “Why don’t you see more of me? And before I could say something, she opened the first button of her shirt and I could see the beginning of a nice, deep crevice there giving me an outline of how big the boobs would be. I kept staring there, when she helps my hand and put it on one of her boobs gently and started playing with her own boob, with my hand. I really could not believe this. I knew I wanted her, but I never knew she too wanted me.

How does it feel? Amazing Sangi so, will you proceed further, or am I to do everything? She winked. I slowly opened the next button, then third and then the fourth. I could see her black bra, covering about 2/3rd of her assets and her stomach and navel. My hand started slowly roaming around on her flat tummy and her bra covered boobs and she responded with a lifting her body a little bit. We kissed again, this time a moment too long. I finally could not take it more, inserted my hand in the crevice of her boobs, and slid the bra below both the boobs. She had dark brown areola and her nipples were already erect. The boobs were also popping out but held firm against the base of the bra. I went down and started sucking on one of the nipples, which drew out a few “aaaaahhs

I took off the bra and the boobs fell a bit sideways, and with only a skirt below to obstruct my view of this beautiful body. I took my time playing with her upper body, kissing her on both the boobs turn by turn, kissing on her navel and generally kissing all over her upper body including her arms, neck, cheeks and lips. She was shivering with excitement and pleasure. It was something she had not had for a while I guess and I was cursing Ajay for what she was not paying attention to. She held my head when I was kissing her just a centimeter below her navel, signaling she wanted me to spend some time there. I obliged. I moved a little sideways to have a look at her body again, with the skirt, one last time and then, lifted her skirt and inserted my hand between her thighs.

Oooohhh Rahul, what took you so long to come here? I don’t know, and I regret it too I said I started playing with her inner thighs with my hands, and with her right boob with my tongue and teeth. She was now getting really, really hot. She ordered me to remove my shirt and trousers, which I gladly did. She said come over me, I want to feel your broad chest, I climbed over her and hugged her and started kissing her neck my chest on her boobs and I could feel the softness of her boobs as well as heat emanating from her. Slowly I went down, and fumbled while finding her skirt buttons. She helped with it and off it went. She was there with just a black thong panty on. It was the first time I saw her shying a little bit, trying to close her legs to hide her private most area.

I held both her legs in the air, and started kissing the back of her thighs to which she responded with some louder moans aaaaaaah, Rahul, you are naughty. You’d be surprised at how much” I said this made her horny as well as relaxed and she gradually opened her legs. I started kissing her inner thighs, moving gently towards her pussy. I could feel her excitement as she her grip on my head got tighter with my every ascent to the pussy. I touched her pussy over the panty and rubbed my hand there a bit. She let out the loudest moan so far “ooooh, fuck Rahul, what are you doing keep watching I said rubbing there a bit heated up so much that she herself spread her legs wide open. I got the signal, and gently removed her panty too. To my surprise, the pussy was clean shaven, just as I like it. It also gave me a thought that may be she planned all this. I looked at her, but she wouldn’t. Her eyes were closed and she was gyrating by now. I kissed her inner thighs again and took a dip. She pleasantly surprised me with one more thing. So far, all the Indian pussies that I have seen did not have the gland type of wall. They all are smooth skin diving inwards. This girl, had her pussy with the butterfly wings, something I have wished to see and enjoy. I went mad. I touched her wings, spread them apart and saw a small pink clit coming out at the top of the meeting point. I just pressed my lip to it and she let out a scream yeaaahhh baby, right there I held both her thighs in my hand and slowly took the entire clit inbetwen my lips and started sucking.

She went so mad, she started gyrating crazily. She pressed my head not only with her hands, but also with her thighs. I kept sucking until with one sharp jerk, she just stopped and let out a wild scream “fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop yes, she came. I played there a few more minutes, before she just took my head in her hands, pulled her body back and sat up. She looked at me and said, I want you Rahul, I want you badly. Before finishing the sentence, she had started unbuttoning my trousers and within seconds, pulled out my throbbing dick. Looked at it, held it for a second, and slurp oooh fuck, I was in heaven. Her lips and tongue started working their magic on that long and I could not believe what was happening. She sucked on to it, all the while playing with my balls with her nails and most importantly, kept looking at me as if to ensure I was having a good time.

Five more minutes and I was about to explode. But that would not happen. As my balls grew tighter and dick heavier, she realized what would happen if she kept sucking. She pulled out, collapsed in the bed, spread her legs and said, Come on Rahul, give it to me. Do what you have always wanted to do to me. I was surprised at her sentence “How do you know? You didn’t get it when I said, you don’t know what you are missing” She winked, sat up a little bit, held my schlong and almost pulled it to her pussy. I could not believe this was happening. I played with her pussy and clit with the tip of my dick there, all the while enjoying her sexcitement and finally asked “are you ready for this? What if Ajay comes to know? Do you think he cares? She shot back. I said “No” and before her smile could end, with one smooth move, I was in her smile turned into a moan “oooohhh” and I matched her moan with my own groan “yeaahhhhh I love the warmth the dick feels when it enters the pussy for the first time. It is as if it is engulfed by warm lava and the sensation is unbelievable. With a few strokes in her in her gradually bent down and started kissing her nipples, stroking all the while. She held my head and kept saying “do it Rahul, do it yeah, do it, oh I want you, I always have. I kept stroking and as the pressure built, I started biting her nipples, instead of kissing her. She was also getting hornier and her moans got louder. Just when I could not take it anymore, I said, Sangi, I am cumming. She kept saying “harder, harder Rahul, harder aaaaaah, oooooh, yes baby cum inside, cum inside me” and I didn’t care whether she wanted me to come inside her.

I just let go of all my bachelor juice inside that beautiful little heaven and with one loud groan, collapsed on her. She engulfed me with her arms and kept kissing my neck all the time. We remained in that position, me on top of her, for a few minutes, before I withdrew and dressed up again. She did so too. I said “hey, what now? I was fearing she might regret this but she was much bolder than I thought. She said, nothing, we will keep meeting and doing this as and when we want. And before I could say anything, she said, knowing me, “of course Rahul, no strings attached. You are free to call this off, whenever you want and I won’t pester you. I hugged her, drank some and left. After this, we have met many a times; have slept together a few times too. I guess even Ajay knows this, but he is Ok with it as long as he gets to do his own girlfriend. Do write in to me at about your feedback or if you want to have a “no strings attached stands” Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?
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