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Hyderbad Mai Chudai – 2

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

OK, there is a girl in our office called Ayesha. Well in HSBC Hyderabad, we have quite a few Ayeshas, but this one is in Academy with me, is dusky in complexion and almost 5 feet 8 inches tall. She is quite well built and infact, if she had been 5 feet 3inches tall, she would be considered very fat. Her face is attractive and lips have the sexiness of a teen. Nothing much else really.

The reason I wanted to fuck this tall, stocky, dusky babe is because every experienced fucker knows that fat girls have tighter cunts. Frankly, not too many guys would waste their time chasing a girl like fatty Ayesha. She always giggles throughout the day with me and frankly, would never have imagined in her wildest dreams that a handsome guylike me would even want to fuck a plain, stocky girl like her.

But I was getting desperate to squeeze her ample buttocks in my palms, suck her breasts and bite those teeny lips and then give her a royal fuck. So one day I decided to throw my charms in her direction. I invited her for a coffee in our office pantry in the 5th floor of our office. As we were on the stairs between our 4th floor academy and 5th floor pantry, she was couple of stairs ahead of me and as I saw her swaying hips, I decided now was the time for a kill. I cupped her right butt in my right palm and gave it a tight sqeeze. The startled dusky whore jumped a bit and couldn’t believe her good luck. The most handsome boy in HSBC Hyderabad had just squeezed her huge, dusky butt. A bit startled, she giggled foolishly,”Hehehehe, Ye kya hai Zubair?” I gave her a seductive smile, bit my wet, lower lip with my upper teeth and did a small fucking motion with my tongue. That was enough to drive her nuts and thereafter she was a toy in my hands.

Within the next few days she was at my special fucking place and after offering her softdrinks, I started fondling her palms between my hands. It seems no one had ever fondled her one bit as she started uncontrollably moaning. I took her face in my hands and planted a long kidd on her lips and started scking her upper and lower lips alternately.”Ohhhh…aaahhhh….Zubbbb…aaaahhh…Choddo..mmmmm”. The dusky bitch was shivering in my arms. Hgging her was an experience like hugging Sunny Deol or Sanjay Dutt though. Solid, all the way.I slowly undressed her and undressed myself too. All the time she kept protesting. “Naheen, yeh galat hai…..please Zubair.” I felt like slapping the stupid bitch. I hate these fakes. I mean, come on! Did she not come to laid here?

Soon she was nude and I was not at all surprised to see long pubic hair forming a dense bush in a dusky cunt that was dripping. I had no intention of sucking such a hairy, reddish looking cunt and so settled for her breasts. I don’t know what was wrong with Ayesha but she was seemingly in pain every time I sucked her boobs a bit harder. She was enjoying the licks and gentle sqeezes but everytime I sucked harder or sqeezed with pressure, she would cry as if some one had entered a he dick up her gaand. I got tired of it, and in one swift motion, parked myself on her boobs and offered my lnd inside her mouth. “Chheee……Noooo.” The bitch said. Ayesha is obviously not from a liberated family and I should have known better that she wasn’t expected to know what a blow job was! So I still encouraged her to touch it and gently kiss it. After many minutes, I had managed to pressurize my dick just between her lips. I was really getting irritated becase the whore had squeezed her teeth tight and was not letting me inside her mouth. All I was doing, was a bit of brushing of her teeth.

When I couldn’t take it any more, I took her left boob in my hand and gave it a violent squeeze. “Aaaaaaaaaaahmmmmmmmmmmmm”, she screamed as my dick immediately entered her mouth and then as her lips squeezed around my dick. I had entered deep inside her mouth and didn’t give her a chance to push my mouth. When I realized she had resigned herself to her fate, I started gently fucking her in the mouth. To make her feel better, I started fondling her left boob and extended my right arm to finger her cunt. Slowly she became very excited and started lovingly sucking my thick lund.

After 10-12 minutes I pulled out of her mouth and inserted my lund in a condom. I parted her huge legs and slowly entered her choot. Bloody bitch. As soon as I entered her, I knew she was hardly a virgin. Maybe, she never gave a blow job to anyone but certainly she had been fucked well. She obviously comes from a lower class family background so I suspected that her Mamoo, Chachoo and maybe even her own brothers and dad did it to her. Fuck, she was awfully lose and I was really losing my erection.

I started groping her ass and then inserted a finger in her asshole. Then the second finger. And then I asked her to turn herself around. With some reluctance she did and I put the tip of my dick at the entrance of her chocolate brown hole. As I pushed it further the screams of an animal in pain came,”Ohhhhhhhh! Zubairrrrrrr. Nikkkaaalooooo” I showed no mercy and probed and pushed further.

“Nikkkkaaallooo, nikkaallooo….mujhe tatti aayi hai……I want to shit the darkish whore cried. I felt so digusted that I pulled myself out. The bitch ran to the toilet and all my erection vanished as soon as I heard the he sounds of her lodly shitting. Uncultured, dirty whore. It seemed my lund had cleared her constipation. I felt so dirty and disgsted with myself for having decided to fuck this dirty girl.

After a few minutes there was a flushing sound and a minute later she came out. By this time I too had a strong urge to piss and I went into the loo. Would you believe it, even after the flushing, the bitch’s dark shit pieces were still there in the toilet bowl. I puked and threw three buckets of water to flush the ugly pieces down. My toilet was smelling so bad that I ended up pouring half the bottle of my after shave lotion too into the loo.

By the time I came out, I simply wanted to kick the girl out. And gess what? There she was trying to strike a sexy pose on my bed and somehow imagining herself to be Bipasha Basu. As she extended her arms towards her, I curtly said,”Ayesha, I just remembered I have something very important to do in office and have to reach there in 30 minutes.Ayesha, the dusky mountain would have none of it. “Comeon Zubair, come. I want you.” I said,” No Ayesha, it is serious. That ugly son of a bitch Manager Vinay Kumar had asked me to do something and give him the report today morning and it had completely skipped my mind.” Now Vinay Kumar is a typical Maa ki bad-dua guy who seems to be a cross between a street dog and an ugly female and even fat Ayesha knew that if Vinay said so, then Zubair must go. Even then, the bitch attempted a foolish attempt to prove her ‘love’ for me and kissed me tightly. All I could think of, as she kissed my shut tight lips were the three shit pieces in my toilet.

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