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Hyderabadi Sonya

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi every one i m Sonya 21 f Hyderabad this happened when i was 18. i was in my 1st yr of grads in photography in New york. i was very happy living with my friends Joan and Julia. we were having fun and enjoying life. i dont want to waste any of your time so i m going rite away into the story. my story goes like this: one day i was in my class and i was talking to Joan about lenses used in a mode of photography, one of my class mate came to me, i knew him, his name was Charles about 20 yrs of age. he wanted to talk to me in personal. i had to say yes as he never spoke to me before. we went out to the garden and he started telling about me, how i looked and i how i used to attract me towards him. i liked the way he talked and was listening to him. he slowly caught my hand in his and kissed it and said he wanted to date with me once. he was so nice to talk so i had to say yes. as it was my first date in my life, both my friends were instructing me all the way what to do and what not to,soon we were before  the restaurant where he was waiting for me. he received me with a smile and both my friends left from there with a naughty smile on their face. i was little shy and never interfered when he was talking to me. just stared the floor while we were having some drinks and dinner. then he asked me to dance with him. i accompanied him to the dance floor. danced a while with him. he was so close to me while we were dancing touching all the back from neck to thighs.

I was Little aroused by that. he came much close to kiss me but i took aback. he didn’t mind that just smiled and took me back to the parking where his car was parked. he slowly drove to my place. we were talking about everything by now. he stopped on the way near fourth street (my flat was in 6th street.) i asked him why he stopped the car. he smiled and said “sonya this is not rite to ask u but plz can i kiss u once plz. only once not more than that just a kiss”. i said i never did before and don’t want to do that. he changed his __expression over his face and got down from the car and stood facing the trees beside the pavement. i got down too and went up to him and said “plz come on lets go i cant do. don’t mind that i don’t want to do. as i still don’t love you i just like u are a nice guy”. he turned to me and hugged me tight to him hard i could not move and. i tried to throw him off but he never gave me a chance. it was first time i m feeling someone so close and hard to me. i slowly got little aroused and a responded to him hugging him to me. then he slowly loosened his grip and tried to look in to my eyes. they were closed because of shyness. he slowly kissed me firmly for sometime. his tongue was fighting against my teeth. i couldn’t hold any more and left his tongue in my mouth. he kissed me for a long time. i responded him well. then when i go in to senses i pushed him away and ran a few steps from there. and stood there motionless. he got into the car and drove it beside me and asked me to get in. nothing i could do more i got in to the car. he never spoke after that nor me. he just drove the car to Amsterdam avenue where he lived. he parked the car in his garage and looked at me. i was motionless. he closed the door and came to my door. opened it got me by my waist and pulled me to him. and closed the door. pushed me to the bonnet of the car and started kissing me every where. first fore head , cheeks, lips, neck shoulders, then down over my chest. then slowly started removing my dress.

It was a one piece black suit. he got it off my shoulders and down it fell over the floor. he now started kissing over my body. every where i mean every where.i was very shy but kept calm and closed my eyes. he slowly removed my bra and threw it away. now my tits fell out, he took them in his hands and pressed them slowly. a slight moan escaped from my mouth. i started moaning now as he was kissing and sucking my tits and nipples. pressing them hard now he pushed my pantie down. started to rub my pussy. it was real wet down there. he pushed his index finger and started moving it in and out of my pussy. now i started moaning loud. he closed my mouth with his hand. i opened my eyes and stared at him, he said his friends may wake up of my moans. i tried to keep calm. he was making me much more hotter. now i am burning like fire ball. he now got up from me and asked me if i can do something for him. i just left a questioning look to him. he smiled and asked me to undress him. i started removing his clothes first his shirt then pants and at last his undies. his cock flung out and hit me on my chin. i looked at his face seeing it. he said nothing just guided my head to his cock. his cock was trying to enter my closed lips. i opened my lips unwantedly and started sucking his cock. i was a rookie in sucking so i was hurting his cock with my teeth. he was moaning very loud. he blew a huge load of cum in my mouth deep in my throat with a wild grunt. i could hold my breath so had to swallow all his cum. but some of it escaped from me and was dripping down my lips and chin. i got up and looked at him he smiled and thanked me for that and kissed me hard and tasted his own cum. he made me sit on the car and started licking my pussy like a dog. oh my god that was out of this world. i was in heaven. he was doing it like an expert in it. i was screaming with pleasure. “oh my god Charles , yes… plz  thats killing me haaan Karo mujhe aaj main tumhaari hoon.”. i was out of senses and shouting like anything which he never understood. he cared abt everything .never left my tits alone. was pressing hard and pinching my nipples all the way. i never felt that good in my life. he continued that till i had a earth shattering orgasm. he got up with is all wet face and smiled, i replied him with a satisfied smile and licked his face like he did to my pussy.  now my pussy was throbbing and he came close to me and kissed me on my lips. his cock was trusting over my pussy trying to pierce deep in me. he asked me whether he should stop there or should forward more and fuck me. i said what ever he feels better. he kissed me madly in happiness. he placed his cock on the entrance of the pussy and pushed it in slowly. it was in all vain. he tried agn but this time hard enough to break the hymen of my pussy and shoved deep in entering half the length of his cock. it almost killed me. a sharp pain started and i was screaming on him. “oh my god , plz take it out i m dieing plz take it out. o god plz Charles spare me i cant hold the pain.” he stopped pushing his cock and kissed me n my lips. now i couldn’t scream but moan as loud as i could. then after a while he broke the kiss and looked in my eyes. i was crying with pain. he kissed my eyes. and said”bad time is over honey now u will enjoy u r sex life for ever. there will be no pain from now” i paused from crying. he slowly started trusting his cock in my pussy. he had a huge cock of 9inches it was still half way to go in.

I started responding him and enjoy at the moment. he then pushed his whole cock in me at a time. i left a gasp and kept still. he was paused for a bit to make me comfortable with his huge monster. he then started trusting his cock in my pussy slow. i was now enjoying. the pain was overtaken by the pleasure NOW. i started moaning with pleasure. i was becoming more and more louder as he was becoming much faster now. he banged in my pussy like a machine. both of us were sweating like we were having some hard time in a fire place. it was low ventilation and we were fucking like no tomorrow. he became crazy by now and started ramming in my pussy. i was screaming and shouting at him. i became filthy and vulgar now.”come on u bastard fuck me .. Hun .. u want my cherry take it… mathur chod .. chod mujhe.. jor se. aur jor se.. aaja mujhe aur chod”. he became much faster as if he understood my language. i came with a great intense. and shouted in pleasure. he was feeling his cum at the same time he said he was cuming and took it out and ejaculated over my stomach and navel. i left there motion less and he went in to his house to bring some water and make room for me to get inside.and came back after a while with some cold water. i drank some and gave the bottle back to him. he poured all the water over my naked body. i tried to get away but it was late i was wet every where. i asked him why he did so. he said i was so hot now and i need to be cooled down and we laughed for some time. then i got into my clothes and said need to go home and sleep. he asked me sleep over his place. i refused first but he insisted and called Joan and asked her for permission. after a long insist she said yes. i reluctantly went in but was happy a bit t sleep with him that nite. he guided me to his room. all of his friends were sleeping in other rooms. he said he lived with four other friends of him. he asked me change my dress gave his shirt and shorts to change up. i went in the toilet to change and found him already in the bed waiting for me. i jumped in to the bed and had a kissing session for sometime and was fast asleep as we both were very tired after that fucking stuff. in the sleep i felt some one touching me all over.

I got awake and but left closed my eyes thinking he was doing it. then slowly two hands turned to four then six then eight then ten. god i opened my eyes and found all his friends naked over the bed and pressing my body. i was shocked seeing that. he was laughing at me. i couldn’t believe whats happening to me. he said to his friends to enjoy me and left the room. i was still in the confusion and one tore the shirt i was wearing and the other busy in removing my shorts. one guy forced his cock in my mouth and i was speechless. he was trusting his cock forcefully. and one guy was sucking my breast and other was busy licking my pussy. one guy got a tube of KY jelly and poked my ass with it a forced a good amount of it in my ass. and started fingering my ass. the guy who was sucking my tits shifted to my pussy and placed his cock over my pussy and pushed all his six inches deep inside it. i tried to scream and run from there but all in vain. he started fucking me hard and fast. at the same time the guy who was forcing his 7 inc-her in my mouth shifted to my tits and other pushed his 7 inches in my mouth this time i got time to get my breath back. one guy was all the way busy fingering my butt hole. now he was having his 2 fingers in my ass. now the guy fucking my pussy was abt to cum and he came all over my face and mouth. and he got up and watched other three fuck me. the guy who was fucking my mouth came to my pussy now and started banging my tight little pussy like he was doing a whore. it was paining but i had a little excitement abt what was happening. he did that for some time and did the same as his partner did. came all over my face. now the 3rd guy rolled me over to my fours. i was in doggie now and doing what ever they wanted as i could do nothing else. he was under me and fucking me from beneath me. he was bigger of them . he had a 9 incher as Charles had. but much more fatter than him. he never let me take my breath. other guy who was fingering my ass came behind us and started applying some gel over his cock and pushed his cock to my ass hole. it was so tight so he did with a great force i shouted at this move. but he never cared for my screams and forced all his hardness deep in my ass. i was crying by that time. the other guy under me never waited for my to get comfortable with both the cocks. after a few moments both were ramming their cocks deep in my both fucking holes. i never imagined i would be treated to bad like i was a whore. one was spitting in my mouth when the other was spanking me red.

I cried for help but all in vain as no one was there to help me. this was end now i was bleeding from both the holes. my ass was dieing with pain. at last the guy came in my ass leaving a huge load of semen deep inside. the guy in my pussy was not still up he was still fucking me the same he did first. then the guy who first fucked me was hard agn and came t my ass. he started to fuck my ass now. he was a bit smaller compared to others but very rough and hard. i had a little problem to take him but easy than others. he did for a while and came deep in me as his friend still fucking my pussy. and then cam the other guy he too came soon but the guy in my pussy never felt like he was going to cum. then three of them made me res over a cushion the same way i was and the guy under me got up. cleaned his cock in my mouth and got behind me. then he slowly pushed his cock in my ass. oh my god it was killing me when he got his head of the cock in me. then slowly half of his cock was in my ass. then slowly started trusting his cock in my butt hole. it was real paining stuff. i was at the edge of death when he was doing it. when he got most of his cock in my ass he started fucking my ass little fast. i was screaming with pain. he soon banging my sweet little butt hole with his monster. it was so fat and big that it was breaking my ass hole in to pieces. one guy pushed me to the cushion so that i couldn’t scream any more. he did like that for abt 10 more minutes and came inside my ass.and four of them took me to the toilet and washed me in the tub. soaped me and gave me different style of bath i ever had. the guys got me back to the room and gave me some good clothes and applied ointment over my sore ass and pussy. and the bites and scratches they made over my body. then they asked me what my name was i said it. then i was in shock again for their hospitality. they got me some food and drinks. they said sorry for what they did and asked how i knew the guy who got me there. i said them how i knew him. they looked like they were a bit surprised but tried to hide their expressions. they got me out of their house and asked me where i lived. i gave them my address. they took me near my flats and said not to go with him again.

I just gave them a stare asking why. they said that they took her for the nite for $2000. they paid him for that. and he regularly brings some girls for them. that made me shock again. they said sorry again and said that they never knew that i wasn’t a hooker till they started to fuck me. and could not control after starting the game. and never asked me abt my phone or flat no. they just left from there. i felt like i was been cheated when i was in the lift. when Joan opened the door i started crying loud and hugged her to feel good. i told her what happened she felt bad and we both complained abt him to the higher officials of the school. he was removed from the school getting banned to join any other school. that was the thing happened to me when i was in NY doing my photography in a school there. from then i talk to the guys, tease guys but never went out with them alone i dont promise to return as i never had sex after that. and not trying to get some one later, thanq for helping me thank u Sonya

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