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Hyderabad Mai Chudai – 1

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi friends. My name is Zubair. I have been a reader of sexy stories here for a long time. I have really enjoyed reading experiences of others and have finally decided to share my true experiences with you. And there is a reason for this. I work for a popular Call Centre in Hyderabad, India and I have so many experiences to share that I am sure you will find reading them very enjoyable. Above all because whatever I am sharing here are true experiences.

As you will see, in some instances I had sex with girls here and in some other instances I did not have sex. The idea is to share everything without hiding everything. Ok to cut the crap, I work for call centre of an English Bank called HSBC and I work in their Call Centre Hyderabad. It is a lovely office with nearly 1000 employees, almost 7-800 of being girls. Now we have with us girls of all shapes, sizes, age and mentality. Some are ugly, some average and many quite attractive too. To be honest quite a few of them are stunningly charming too. I am just 21 and because I am very fair and extremely handsome, girls, actually chase me. I would have requested very few girls to go out with me. Usually, if I pay some attention to any girl in my office, 90% chances are that thereafter she will chase me.

The added advantage that I have is that I am a mentor in the training section of our Call Centre. We call it Academy. Almost every week, a new batch comes to us and it is so easy for me to choose a girl that I like, pay her some attention, make her chase me and then; well-Fuck Her!

I start with my experience with a very fast girl in our office. Her name is Preethi. She is a telugu girl and her full name is quite funny. Preethi J Marasm Pall or something like that. Well, that’s hardly important. She is about 5 ft 5 inches, with a sexy figure and actually considered very attractive and desirable by my friends in the office. She has an oval face, sparkling eyes and hair cut to shoulder length. Frankly, I was never really attracted to her, although as I flirt with all girls, the bitch thought that I am really after her rounded ass. And once she realized that she started chasing me. As I said, she is a fast girl and has reputation of an easily available whore in our office so she never really had problem chasing me. As it is she calls any one in office a ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Darling’, holds hands and hugs anyone and everyone. So she can chase any guy without attracting attention.

To cut it shorter, one fine day Preethy told me, “Zubair sweet heart, I really love you.”  Now this would have been enough for me to go ahead and sqeeze her mango like breasts and fuck her well rounded ass atleast 2-3 times but there was a slight problem. It was well known in our office that Preethi was going around with a primitive looking Assistant Manager in our office called Manish Mehta. This guy Mehta resembles an apeman and looks after resource planning in our call centre. And I wanted to make sure that everything is clear and this whore wouldn’t ditch Manish thinking she could net me for a long term one.

So when I hesitatingly said, “But you  are going steady with Manish Mehta. Isn’t it Preethy?” She laughed it away and said,”I am not asking you for marriage Zubair sweetheart. A little fun never harmed anyone, did it?”

Within the next few days we found an opportunity and on a Saturday, which happens to be an off day for us, she was at my special place which I use only to fuck! But with Preethi, got fucked would be the more appropriate description because……well, let me describe it!

She came dressed in a blueish saree wearing a matching low cut blouse that revealed her cleavage and a back that was almost bare. The bitch had certainly paid attention to me saying in office that sexy sarees are a turn on as far as I am concerned. I was wearing my designer Kurta and Pyjama and all girls in my office swoon over me when I wear such a dress. I welcomed her,”Hi Preethi! What would you like to have?” and even as I was indicating the fridge to her, the bitch was staring at me and smiling! A bit puzzled, I asked,”What Preethi?” The whore simply pulled me, held the backside of my head in her hands and smooched me powerfully. Oh God, she was sucking and chewing my lips as if I was a Vietnam war hero and met my wife after 8 months.

She was sucking my lips, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, kissing my cheeks and I had no choice but to gently keep edging her towards the bed. Inch by inch we reached the bed, all the time she kissing and sucking me and finally we fell on the bed. Like a hungry lioness she took off my kurta, and slid open my pyjama. I tried to make her remove her saree, but she wouldn’t let me. Within no time I was only in my jockeys and this sexy bitch was on top of me still with her saree on her. With me lying on my back, Preethi sat up, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Then she undid her bra and removed it too. Sexy thing was she was still wearing the blue saree on her and as it was transparent, her beautiful, shapely boobs were driving me nuts.

I pulled her towards me, took her lips in mine and maneuvered my hands to enter her blouse less chest. Within a few seconds I caught hold of her both breasts and started the caressing-fondling-milking routine even as she offered me her tongue and made me suck it. She was wearing a nice perfume and it, together with sexy music of Kenny Rogers was giving my pappu a raging hard on.

Slowly I pushed her a bit upward and took her left breast in my mouth. I took her breast as much as I possibly could deep inside my mouth but very gently and taking care that my touch would not touch her erect nipple at all. Once her breast was inside my mouth, I started sucking her breast gently first and then harder and even now taking care not to suck or even touch her nipple at all. I could sense that anticipation of me sucking her nipple was driving her mad.

I released her left boob and took the right one in. Again the same thing. Sucked and sucked the boob but never tickled her nipple with my tongue or sucked it. The whore got excited beyond belief and started thrusting her breast with roughness. I slid my hand as low as I could and inch by inch pulled her saree upwards. After some time, her saree had lifted high enough for me to be able to fondle her ass. What a whore she was! She was not wearing panties at all. As I sucked her breasts and fondled her ass and scratched it with my nails, my left hand index finger got inserted into her cunt and I was not surprised at all to discover that it was moist and dripping. It was at this point that I suddenly started tickling her left nipple with my tongue and started rubbing her right nipple between the thumb and index finger of my right hand. And together with this sudden electric experience, Preethi’s cunt started experiencing the in and out motion of my left hand index finger! All this with her saree very much in place, right over her ass and she completely visible to me in this sexy pose on the huge mirror on adjacent wall! The moment I took her right nipple between my teeth, my index finger touched her clit which was throbbing with anticipation and with a shriek the bitch had a massive orgasm. She lay on top of me, panting but I was hungry now.

I slid away from below her, turned her upside down and now she was on my bed, legs apart, saree raised and casually covering her tummy, but her fair thighs and finely cropped hair cunt open for my assault. I make most girls suck my dick and lick my balls for a good 10 minutes before I ease my dick inside a dripping cunt but today was an exceptional day. This whore looked so stunning wearing a blue saree that was upraised over her naval region now and her boobs visibly had my saliva over them and with eyes closed she was softly moaning. For one brief moment I imagined her fucking Manish Mehta the ape man Assistant Manager, and I decided to use condom. As I opened the drawer and she noticed that I was ripping a condom pack and struggling to put one on, she murmured,”Zubi rehne do naa! I am safe!” She was inviting me to fuck her with my raw lund but I didn’t want to take a chance and so laughed loudly and said,”May be I am not??!!?” hahahahahaha. After that she could not protest and I turned towards her, and I am sure it would have been a funny sight with my dick wrapped inside a condom and pointed towards her. She took one look at it, smiled and closed her eyes again. I am sure most girls on seeing an erect dick get aroused, but clearly this bitch had seen bigger ones before.

I lay on top of her, fingered her still wet cunt for some time and then entered inside her. Just as I had feared, I entered her pretty lose cunt almost fully without encountering any resistance although the bitch let out a false cry as if she was a virgin and someone had just entered a huge cucumber inside her. As I started pumping her, the bitch started doing her practiced Ooohs-Aaahs-Ouchs and it irritated me. I decided to teach her a lesson and as I humped her, I also inserted my finger inside the hole between her well rounded ass cheeks. Very slight resistance and then my finger was inside her asshole. Now I could push up the wall between her hunt and her asshole towards my dick and her cunt as a result of this maneuver became a bit tighter. Slowly I entered one more finger inside her ass and kept fucking her cunt at the same time. Now I took her breast in my mouth and started sucking it too. This started exciting her immensely. I kissed and sucked the other boob and she was on cloud nine.

And just when she got madly excited, I slid a pillow under her ass, took out my erect dick, spat on my palm and applied loads of spit on her already worked upon asshole. Before she could realize what was happening, I had placed the tip of my lund on her wet asshole and slid it a bit inside. Just a small,”Whatttt?? Zubiii….” And the dick was inside a slithering wet asshole. To kill all possibilities of resistance from her, I stopped moving my well entrenched dick in her asshole and started fondling her clitoris.

Well, different people have different choices and I did not like Preethi’s loose cunt as well as a pretty big clitoris that she had. Girls with such big clits are very horny, but I do not find their cunts attractive enough to suck as bigger clit looks like a dick to me. Well, within no time my fingers worked magic on her clit which was lubricated and now her asshole had accepted my intrusive lund completely. Now, I started pulling my dick out a bit and inserting it back. Slowly, her asshole adjusted to my frequency and now there was not even a pretence of any resistance.

“Ohh yeah. Zubi, yeah! Fuck me…harder sweetheart.” , were the bitch moans and again the thought of Apeman Manish made me grow even arder and get rougher with her. I kept ramming her and her ass draped in a blue saree kept responding. The cunt was fondled all the time and boobs and lips received generous kisses. Preethi was approaching her climaxand I quickened my pace. In-out-In-Out-In-Out……I kept pumping her ass, started scratching her thighs with my finger nails and pinched her ass cheeks. Then I took out my tongue and made her left cheek very wet. This startled her…but added to her excitement. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm.” Was a scream from her throat and I felt a sticky discharge over my fingers inside her choot. I rammed my dick fully inside her, caught her right butt in my right hand, sqeezed it hard and came inside her asshole. I kept ramming her and as I sqeezed out my last drop inside the condom wedged between her asshole and my dick, I felt my dick was shortening and her hole was becoming tighter by the minute. Slowly, I pulled my dick outside of her hole and was amazed to see so much of semen inside the condom. I gently placed the condom by the side of the bed!

I went up to the fridge, took out a few things and asked her to close her eyes and open her mouth. She was reluctant at first but when I assured her she would love the game, the bitch was game for it. I put a poured a bit of coke in her open mouth and asked her to tell what it was. She said Coke. I said excellent and then put a Cadbury éclair in her mouth. The bitch said,”Toffee!” I said, OK, I’ll accept that. Then I put a small piece of tomato and she said it’s a tomato. I said you are doing wonderful. Slowly, I lifted the carefully placed condom by the side of the bed and straightened it to pour every drop inside her mouth. The bitch was expecting ice cream I think as she was opening her mouth wide open and saying,”Zubi, jaldi daalo naa!” I suddenly poured the full contents of condom inside her mouth and it took her a split second to realize what it was! She coughed and tried to spit my semen out but I closed her mouth with my right hand and the nostrils with my left hand. She was unable to breathe for some 40 seconds and then I removed my right hand still her nostrils firmly clasped between my hands. The bitch sputtered and sucked air with her mouth and ended up swallowing my cum hard! She tried to get up, but I didn’t let her and made her take a bite of a chocolate! Those made her recover quickly.

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