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Husband Friend Seduced Me

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi, I am Sweetie, 25, from Ahmedabad. I read ur story and was really excited thinking about all that. Real life experiences are quite rare on internet based stories.

I have never expressed this incident to anybody. However, I would like to narrate my story to you. I am married and working in an MNC here. About me, I have 36-sized breasts with a 28-sized navel and 38-sized ass cheeks. Once my husband was supposed to pick me up from my office for home, but he called me saying that his bike is not getting started and his friend, Pankaj, would pick me up. We both then would pick up my husband and then would go home together. That day, I was wearing a Pink kurti and white leggings, a kind of stockings.

As I left my office, Pankaj picked me up and we had a casual talk while driving. After driving for 15 minutes, we reached where my hubby was. My hubby humped over the bike and sat behind me, which means Pankaj was driving the bike, I was behind him and my hubby was behind me. The moment he sat behind me, I was pushed too close to Pankaj and in the mean while, my breasts brushed a bit to Pankaj’s back. I tried to move back but when the bike started, I was not able to move in any direction. Then a speed breaker came and Pankaj applied brakes which led me slip close to him and both my breasts were crushed on his back for a while. I felt ashamed as my hubby was sitting behind me and he could see all this.

I was pretty tense in that situation. Later I realized that my hubby placed his hands on my both thighs and started talking to me in my ear. I was getting excited by my husband’s talks and my body being crushed by his friend. Then suddenly, another speed breaker came in and I was totally thrown on Pankaj. I had to put my hands once on his thighs so that I don’t fall on him. I could feel the heat of my body rising which was transferred to Pankaj as well. Even his back was so hot that I could feel it on my breasts.i was losing control. It took nearly 40 minutes to reach our home. And during these 40 minutes, Pankaj enjoyed my breasts fully.

Once we reached home, Pankaj and my hubby were sitting on our sofa and as I came in to offer them water, both of them could see my protruding nipples easily on my kurti. I felt ashamed and went quickly inside my bedroom to change. As I had removed my kurti and leggings, I was just in pink bra and panties inside our bedroom removing other accessories. I realized a knock on my bedroom door and as I moved to see, I could see Pankaj entering the door. I had forgotten in a hurry to close the door as daily I don’t need to close it as its just the two of us in our home. Pankaj kept staring at my semi nude body as I tried to hide my treasures. I had to interrupt saying, Aap yahaan kaise? Pankaj said, Wo mujhe ek CD chahiye thi Kunal ke drawer se. I suddenly went inside washroom n could feel that he was still staring at my bra-straps and my ass. He kept searching for the CD until I changed my clothes and came out in a night gown. In a hurry to change as Pankaj was inside, I went to the washroom and there was just a night gown that I generally wear while sleeping. Before coming out, I saw myself in the mirror and I could see that the night gown was easily showing the curves of my body as well as my bra and panties. He was still searching for the CD and I moved out to the drawing room.

I could not find my husband anywhere so I called for him and realized that he was inside the general washroom close to our drawing room, as his stomach was upset. Pankaj came back to the drawing room and asked for a glass of water. I was feeling shy as my gown was quite thin and waited for a while so that my hubby comes out. But Pankaj asked for water again, so I went to him with a glass of water. He kept staring from top to bottom and I was feeling ashamed. He was drinking the water also quite slowly. A strange desire was invoked in my body although I never thought of such things. Pankaj could see my erect nipples from my gown. As I bent to take the glass, he even poked his eyes on my cleavage. I had to close the neckline with my hand.

Then my husband came out and I felt relief. My hubby was not feeling well as his stomach was upset so he told me to prepare khichdi and subzi and went to the bedroom for sleeping. He told me to wake him up when the dinner is ready. I started feeling uneasy. Pankaj was still sitting on the sofa looking at my ass while I was in the kitchen.

After 5-10 minutes, Pankaj told me whether I needed some help in kitchen. I said, No. He again asked me and before I could say anything, he came inside the kitchen and stood close to me. My heartbeats started rising and i was feeling nervous. He took the potatoes that I was cutting and started cutting them. I resisted but he dint allow me to. Then as I tried to take the knife from his hand, he raised his hand such that it was totally on my left breast. Before I could say anything, he pressed it hard. I pulled him away saying, Ye bhabhi nahi hai. Pankaj said, ye bhabhi hi to hai. I had to reiterate, Ye meri bhabhi nahi hai, ye aapki bhabhi hai..

Pankaj started cutting the potatoes again and while doing so, he cut his finger. I was afraid after all this, I hold his finger and put it inside my mouth to suck the blood. He put his another hand on my back and pulled me close. As I tried to resist and get away, he held me in total control and started moving his hand on my back from my bra-straps to panty lines, while he started rubbing his rough hairy chin on my shoulders. I was losing control as his hands went close to my breasts. I suddenly gathered courage and pulled him away. I told him strictly to stay away. He controlled himself and went back to the sofa. I could see that he was still bleeding. I took out some bandages and went close to him to apply it on his finger. As I was apply the bandages, he again pulled me close and made me sit on his lap forcibly. I could feel his thick long penis poking on my ass cheeks. I thrashed him again while I applied bandages. I told him strictly to stay away. Then he sat there while I prepared dinner.

Once the dinner was ready, I went to wake up my ailing husband. All three of us gathered for dinner. My husband and Pankaj were sitting on the opposite side of me on the dining table. After some time, I felt somebody’s leg crawling over inside my gown. I could realize that this was Pankaj and not my husband. I tried to resist but he forcibly started caressing my leg till knees. I stood up and said I am finished with dinner. Once the dinner was over, my husband asked Pankaj to stay over night as it was Saturday and the next day was office leave due to Sunday. Without hesitation, he agreed and I felt nervous again.

I went inside to prepare our bedroom and asked him to sleep in the drawing room. We have a 1 BHK flat. I laid a mattress on the ground for him. As my husband was not feeling well, we wished him good night and went in our bed room. My hubby fell asleep soon as he had taken few medicines. I was still thinking of all that happened. I was quite nervous and strangely excited. I inserted my finger inside my panty and could feel that it was all wet there.

After an hour, my cell buzzed with an sms sent by Pankaj. I got irritated. In the sms, Pankaj said, he wanted water as he was thirsty. I understood what thirst he was talking of. Then I put my cell on silent mode, so that my hubby doesn’t wake up and I don’t get bothered by his sms again. But Pankaj then called on my cell, which started blinking in the night. I had to go down. As I went down, he had removed his shirt and was sitting on the mattress in just vest (banian) and pants. I went to the kitchen to give him some water and came to him. He drank the water and hold my hand and pulled my on him. In a second, I was totally on him, my breasts crushed on his hairy chest, his penis could be felt on my stomach and he held me close. I tried to get lose but he rolled me over and he came over me. I was afraid. He started caressing my cheeks and neck. Then he started kissing me on my neck and earlobes. He had spread his legs such that I had no escape. He put one hand on my lips so that I don’t shout. He kept kissing me on my shoulders, neck and ears. I was trying to escape but he was quite powerful.

He pulled my gown such that all the three buttons tore off and he could see my pink bra cups easily. While kissing, he lowered the shoulder straps of my gown and started kissing on my breast area and armpits. He removed my gown such that the bra was totally visible and raised my hands upwards. He then started sucking my armpits with his tongue. I went crazy as my husband had never sucked my armpits and I never knew it could make me so much crazy. He kept on sucking for 10 minutes and then removed my bra straps from shoulders so that he could hold my breasts. The moment he released the straps down, my breasts sprung up and I closed my eyes. My husband’s friend was so close to my nude breasts. He started sucking them so wildly that I was feeling the pain. I kept begging him to suck them slowly but he started chewing them wildly. He must have chewed them for 30 minutes, one after another, which made my nipples swollen.

Then he stood up from me and removed his pants and underwear. I felt so much ashamed to look at him. His penis must be nearly 6-6.5 inches long and quite thick. Then he came on the mattress and inserted his hands inside my gown. His hands travelled to my thighs which were now open in front of him. He slept in 69 position and started sucking my thighs while his one hand kept shagging his penis. He even tried to insert his penis in my mouth but I resisted. Then he started throwing his penis on my face like a drum-stick on a drum. I don’t know when I opened my mouth and he inserted it inside. I was totally out of control now.

After 15-20 minutes when I opened my eyes, I could see that my gown was raised till my stomach, panty was removed and his hands had parted my vagina lips and he was sucking them wildly. I was so much wet that all the juices were flowing on the mattress, although he tried to suck the juice fully. Then he inserted two fingers inside my vagina, which made me shout at him. But then I realized that my husband may wake up and I was totally nude, enjoying with his close friend. He then removed his penis from my mouth and spread my legs wide. Within seconds, he positioned himself and tried to insert it inside. He was rubbing the tip of his penis on my vagina lips and then he inserted it in a single thrust. I left a big moan. He came over me and started thumping me wildly. He fucked me for nearly 15 minutes and released all his juices on my body and gown. He treated me so badly that he even took his sperm in his palm and opened my mouth and put it inside. Although I do swallow my husband’s sperm, I had no thoughts to swallow his sperm. He then went to the washroom to clean himself.

As he was in the washroom, I could hear my husband’s coughing noise, so I quickly went to my room, cleaned myself, changed clothes and slept. Pankaj kept on calling on my cell that night as he wanted to enjoy full night. I switched off my cell and went to sleep.

Next day, he stayed till breakfast and tried ways to touch me but I avoided his moves. My husband was still not well so we preferred to stay at home and have rest. I kept on thinking all that happened the previous night while my husband was sleeping.

That’s it. I am quite tired now. Bye.

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