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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Dear Friends, This is a story that I would love to share with all of you . I know most of the readers of this site are real sex hungry people . You are all waiting and watching for a day when you will become lucky like the people who claim that they already have . Let me try to satisfy your hunger in atleast a small way by telling you about my beautiful neighbour aunty . I wouldn’t like to describe her myself i am 16 years old badest is my nick name from karachi but let me get to the heart of the story . This family have been living in our next house for the past few years now . There are a joint family and there are 4 women in the family .

They have their respective husbands and live quite happily . I keep watching them sometimes and keep thinking about their unity and understanding among themselves . There is one aunty whom i would like describe . She is not extremely beautiful but she has a beautiful body. She is an active member in the family and she is the one who gets up early and does the house work and washes clothes , fills the water etc..My interest in her during the early days wasn’t much . but one day when i was coming out of my house i happened to look up over their balcony which is just adjoining our house . She was there washing clothes . I didnt give much of a glance to her previously but that day I was spellbound . I just stood there and started to watch her . She was busy washing the clothes and she was wearing a saree just like ordinary indian women do . The view from which I watched her was amazing . I was able to see her tits . She has a pair of beautiful breasts . They were wholesome and brown in color . They had a beautiful cleavage between them and they were looking so beautiful in the angle in which I saw them . They were simply astonishing .She suddenly heard the gate open and saw me staring at her and she immediately straightened and gave me a smile . I also smiled innocently and moved away .

That whole day i kept thinking about that incident which was breathtaking . I imagined her boobs over and over again and imagined myself standing very near to her as an invisible man and looking down at her boobs . I in my fantasy would kneel down before her while she bent down to rinse the clothes and lick her boobs with my toungue and as she went up and down in the process of rinsing the clothes , I would take in her nipple and suck it and leave it and again as it comes towards me i would suck it and bite it . This incident never happened to me and instantly I wanted to watch more closely .The next day i stood quite close to her behind a wall where she wouldnt notice me and watched her intently . She wore a saree again and was careless in winding her saree around her as she never imagined that there is a sex crazy teenager watching her intently . She started to wash her clothes again and as she started to rinse her clothes i noticed her saree fold becoming looser and looser and soon she started to show her beauties again . I became more intent and started rubbing my dick . She was going up and down rinsing the clothes and I was rubbing furiously . I would see her boobs which were beautifully shaped . They were medium size , light brownish in color and were in the shape of a full sized mango . In the process her blouse got wet and the part where her nipple was, was wet due to the water .

This made her nipple a little clearer to see. The boobs were shaking like jelly . She was furiously pulling her arms wildely in order to finish the work and as she lifted up her right arm she pulled her right tit a little out of the blouse . I was astounded and famished . My dick was hard and throbbing . It was too much for me . This lady had a enormous effect on me from that distance only , I wondered what would be my plight when she would be very close . I continued to watch her and in the process her pallu became very loose and she didnt care to tighten it . She continued to wash . This showed me a beautiful scence of the best tits anyone could ever wish for in their life .I felt like going before her and opening my zip and stroking my dick just before her so that she could see it in full view . I became mad and started stroking and hissing like never before . This lady had a indelible effect on me . The pallu fell off and she was so engrossed that she didnt care to tuck it in again . Wow jsut imagine guys what a scene . The beautiful boobs the beautiful cleavage . The wet part near the nipple and her fair neck and waistline . Then suddenly she turned and faced the other side . I was faced now with her ass . Her ass i had never seen so vividly before . There was the ass crack in which her saree had got logged . The ass crack could be seen very clearly.Her ass cheeks were huge and very tempting .

I started to imagine my dick in between her ass cheeks and started to massage furiously . She turned back and showed me her boobs again now more out of the blouse . They were so big and beautiful and i was able to see her armpits and the place from where the boobs starts to emerge from her armpits. It was such a wonderful site to see . I immediately ran up to the terrace and making sure that no one was there around . I made my way towards her house and now saw her down below in the balcony . I started to reach climax and started to spurt towards her . Huge loads of cum started to fall on her and by the time she realised that something is falling on her and looked up , I pulled myself back and watched secretly .She was looking up and then looked at what fell on her blouse her ass her waist her neck and it also started to flow on her boobs . Sh thought that it was rain at first and started to wipe it away . Then as she wiped it away she felt it’s stickiness and then thought that it could be the crow droppings . Later after some time she again examined that and smelt it . My heart was pumping hard and i wasnt ready to be found out now ..My fantasy had just begun .she smelt it intently and then i dont know what happened but she started to just rub it over her boobs . I was just amazed . I immediately ran down and started to watch her again . After some time she steadied herself moved her pallu to the side and started to adjust her blouse pins . I was able to see her cleavage so clearly . it was so beautiful . The next day I stood in my balcony and watched her frontyard . She came out suddenly and started to look around for something .

Then suddenly our eyes met and i didnt know where else to look but her beautiful boobs . Igave her my innocent smile and enquired how she was . She replied ok and started to look around again . As she moved I could see her ass cheeks moving left and right and her boobs were jumping . She doesnt wear bra at home .Our eyes met again and we looked at each other for some time and then went inside . My heart was racing and was thumping hard . I wanted to see her again and went out often to see her . Her kitchen is just beside my window and I used to open it and watch her do the house work and watched her movements and enjoyed myself .One day I watched her and the rest of her family in the front yard . This aunty stayed back and the remaining left for some work .I went inside my house and started to think about her and started to shag . My window which was towards her kitchen was opne . I closed my eyes and started to shag . My dick started to grow in size and i was enjoying the intense feeling . I then reached climax and started to spurt out cum . Huge loads of cum . I had almost wetted my whole dick and my legs. I stayed in the chair for some time and then opened my eyes . I saw her watching me intently thru the window . I was terribly ashamed and ran away into the other room . Later I came in and saw her door was closed . I wondered what to do next . I was caught shagging in broad daylight and that too in front of her . a part of my dream fantasy had come true . My fantasy was to stand in front of her and shag and that was what came true . I wanted to go to her house and ask her why she was peeking into my room and depending upon the situation i wanted to either scold her or ask forgiveness and was prepared for both the situations.

I got dressed and left to her house . I entered thru the front door and entered the room . The room was quite dark and I wasnt able to see pretty well since I had just come in from the sunlight . I somehow gropped my way towards the other room and peeked in. There was no one in that room . I somehow went to the other room and looked in . There was no one there too. I went to the kitchen and looked there too . She wasnt there. Suddenly two hands came from behind and caught me from behind . I turned and there she was clutching me tightly and lovingly . I said ” Aunty what is this ? Leave me ? Why are you holding me like this !! Some one may see” . I said that knowing pretty well that there was no soul in that area . She clutched me more tightly and buried her face in my chest . I didnt hold her but wanted to see how long I could remain without holding her in my arms and letting the demon in me loose. She clutched me more tightly and started to rub her hands on my back and on my chest . She started to pinch my nipples and my chest . Her eyes were closed and she was kissing me on my neck and chest and face . She then took her hands and put them on my ass and started to fondle them . All this was becoming unbearable for me. I still tried my best to keep my hands off her and try to put her off. But she wouldnt give up. She started to push me backward and we fell on the sofa . She started to fondle everypart of my body like a hungry lion. She was licking me , kissing me and pinching me . She felt my muscles on my chest hands and stomach and started to touch and massage them . She took my lips in to her mouth and started to suck them . I didnt cooperate because I really wanted to hold myself to the maximum limit of human tolerance . She took my upper lip and bit it and started to suck it . Then she started to French Kiss me . She started to kiss my eyes my nose and started to suck my ear lobes. All this showed her enormous passion she had for me all these years. She then started to massage and touch every part of my body.She then started her movement towards my throbbing and already hot and fuming dick in my pants.

She opened my pants and started to suck the rod . She sucked like she was crazy . She put her luscious lips over my tip and started to pull air thru hrr mouth .This was a beautiful sensation .She then started to just lick the dick and later started to suck it vigourously.She started to bob her head up and down . Till this time no words were spoken . I started to enjoy the blow job which is being given to me . She also started to run down her hands over my bosy again . She removed my whole pant and shirt and made me stand up .She squatted on the floor before me and started to suck it dearly. She took her right hand and started to fondle my ass hole . This was the ultimate for me . She started to literally fuck me in my ass hole . This never happened to me before . I was supposed to fuck her ass hole whereas she was so hungry for dirty sex that she started to fuck my ass hole . My anal hole tensed up because of her fingers but later relaxed and i started to relish the blow and the anal fingering at the same time. She was still in her clothes till now. I slowly started to fondle her cheeks , her forehead and her lips which were wet and furiously working on my dick .I madeher stand up and kissed her with all my might on her lips . We kissed each other for about 10 min . I was working magic in her body. She was writhing and moving and was very restless . She was sucking my toungue and I was engaged in heavenly warfare with her sweet and luscious toungue. I started to suck her brown pinkish lips and started to suck her cheeks and her face . I started to kiss her all over . She continued to foindle my dick with her right hand , while her left moved all overmy body again . I felt her bra thru her blouse as I put my hands round her . This was another fantasy . To feel her blouse and also her bare skin beneath it . I always found women real seducing in a bra theu which their boobs could be partly seen . I started to pinch her lips and started to kiss her more and more furiously. I started to put my hands on her ass and started to press her buttocks . Her buttocks were so soft like butter. They would slip out of my hand and I would have to take a larger chunk of her ass cheeks and press them more.The ass which made me a mad man where now in my hands.I then asked her to stop and said that I was going to undress her now . She gave me a beautiful smile and said yes take me and hold me. I am yours completely.

I started to remove her saree pallu . As i removed it i came across a orange blouse which housed her huge assets . They were pointed and her nipples were very prominent thry the blouse . Her cut started 4 inches above the blouse and went down into the huge valley inbetween her breasts.. I didnt touch her breasts but jsut looked at them and went near and smelt them . They smelt heavenly. I then started to remove her saree furthurmore and saw her belly . It was smooth and white in color . Her lower hips sagged a little . Her side hips were fully grown and awesome .She looked like a ripe fruit who was just about to be but and eaten . Her back part of the waist looked blossomed. It was fair and light brown in color . The mid rib went down to her ass and dissapeared into her panty . I continued to remove her saree and then removed her inside garments .She stood before me , an idol of beauty whom i had desired for a long time. I removed her bra and her boobs were so soft then they started to shake like jelly when i removed her bra completely . They were soft and her nipples were brown and her areolar tissue was light brown in color. I laid her down on the bed and started toexplore her body . It was such a wonderful sensation. Her body was warm and very soft .Her boobs were my long lasting fantasy .They were so soft and huge . I pressed them harder and harder . She closed her eyes . I laid down on top of her and started to kiss her cheeks and her face and started to kiss her madly .My chest was hitting her breasts.I started to lick her neck and her lips . I started to lick her nipples and her breasts . I had a fantasy for her armpits and loved the sweaty and musky odour of her armpits .I started to put my saliva on her armpits and swallow it up and likc the whole armpit clean . I started to then bite her breasts all over and press them hard . She was moaning like anything. She couldnt control herself and was pressing my back and pulling my hair like a mad woman . I had never seen such a sex crazy aunty like her before .She had a beautiful belly on which I started to press hard and massage. I later went down to her pussy and started to press it . I finger fucked her for some time and then started to lick her pussy . Her pussy was pink in color . She was unshaved and I was able to see her whole love triangle . I spread her lips and started to poke my finger into her pussydeeper and deeper .

She lost control and started to writhe and moan in pleasure and extasy . She started to move about because the sensation was too much for her . I started to put my hands into her pussy and try to discover her clit . I started to enjoy and press her G-Spot . It was so tremendous for her .I then turned her around and started to lick her ass hole . Her ass hole smelled so good . She had cleaned it and kept it ready expecting me to come there . I licked it and the sensation was too much for her . She begged me to bang her hard and real hard . By that time i was erected and my dick was vey hard . I made her stand up and we fucked in the standing postion for some time . I then took her to the wall and pushed her against it. I then lifted her legs into my arms and started to insert . I held her buttocks while her legs where interlocked in my arms . She leaned against the wall and i was pumping into her . I was pumping very hard . SHe was shouting and voices like aaaahhhhh .fuck me…yes…more harder …lift me up and fuck me…come on darling…Then I laid her down on the bed and folded her legs and spread them and started to fuck her in the usual position . She enjoyed that too. After some time we went to the bathroom and there i laid her and started to pour water on her pussy using a hose.She told me that the feelings were very great . I the started to fuck her literally in the bath tub . We had another round of fucking and sucking . She was tasting great . I then took her up to the terrace and made her sit on thewater tank which was upto my waist level . I started to fuck her there with my rod. I later asked her to get into the tank and we fucked there too . She later sat on the edge of the water tank and I was inside and I started pussy licking . We even went to the extreme of me fucking her mouth with the same intensity with which I fucked her pussy . Her mouth was taking in my whole dick . My dick was hitting her throat and we were fuking like mad . I tit fucked her and we also got into 69 position adn licked her clean . I also fulfilled my fantasy by lying on the bed and asked her to bend her boobs over my head and move up and down .

I started licking and pressing and biting and the feeling was immense and wholesome.We fucked like craxy that day and many other days in all different position and we satisfied our different and varied fantasies . Just yesterday we were talking over the wall just like innocent neoighbours and I told her that she was very young and beautiful though she was 10 years married . She looked at me and blushed and I was in my house and she was in her house andin broad daylight our sexual temperatures started rising again .I told her that she looks beautiful and her ass is the best . She suddenly raised her saree and turned around and she started to press her ass in full view of me. It was daytime and we could be seen by anyone . I climbed up the wall and carelessly pulled my dick and started to push it at the creak of her asss . She was already moaning . I pulled her into my house we went to the store room and I started to fuck her ass like anyting . We went to the extent of her finger fucking me and I started to insert a comb into her pussy . Her boobs were dangling and I was pressing them very hard . I also started to slap her ass and her back and started to fuck her hard . After a few days there was a function in the neighborhood. She came there and saw me and tried to control her emotions .I was watching her every moves . I was dead crazy for her now . I was looking for any oppurtunity to fuck her .She suddenly stood up and left outside the hall. It was night time and so I followed her and I couldnt find her anywhere . I suddenly heard a whisper and looked to see her standing some way off. She started to beckon me and started running .I ran after her and we entered the lonely lawns .

A few meteres away there was the marriagegoing on . There were people standing there but I didnt care neither did she .I pushed her onto the grass and tore open her blouse and started to suck her boobs . I lifted her silk saree and started to fuck her on the grass. We were afraid to stand in case someone sees us. The she started to give me a bloe job and we enjoyed ourselves that night in the marriage without anyone knowing . One one instance I pushed an entire 300 ml pepsi bottle into her pussy and started to fuck her like a dildo . In this way we still fuck her in different positions and different time and in different places . We enjoy each other well and she enjoys my fucking and hard banging and innovative ways of fucking . I would surely appreciate is my email and u can contact me but mostly women from karachi and tell me about more hardcore fantasies and innovative fucking techniques and hard banging positions . Enjoy yourselves and keep in touch.

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