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  • September 18, 2015

Hi all Im Ali.this is a true story.and it happened six months before. (

I lived in Islamabad, in I-10 sector.As all people knows that Islamabad is the most modern city in Pakistan ,here we got new neighbours in 1998.A family consisting of husband and wife.Mr Shahnawaz , the husband is really a very nice person specially a good friend of mine(still now)and her wife aged 27 at that time was also a wonderfull lady.she was very naughty and just like college student, much like picnics and games and singing but unfortunately her husband is a decent and sober man. He didnt refrain her to stop these childish things but never take part in these activities, thats why she become closer to me as i was just like her.At that time I was 24 and doing my Mcs from Preston University, the most modern private University in Islamabad.

Normally at evening after dinner we both went for long walk and sit in the park in I-10 sector or she called me in her home and we cut jokes and chat .Her husband sometimes join our laughters but normally left us by saying that Huma when u give tea to ur friend just one cup for me.he never refrain me or her for these meetings .actually he was very happy that his wife is happy after finding me coz she was very alone and unhappy when they lived in G-8/2.I called her Huma baji and nothing wrong in my mind.I never think bad about her .This was the reason that my family never said any thing to be so close with her.she was also a good friend of all .

in January 2000, she purchased computer .now this was my duty to teach her all about the computer.i spent hours in teaching her computer and even i came after spent whole night by playing games with her on her computer.

this was Feburary 12,2000, when this lovely incident take place.

she came in my home at 6.00 that they are going to thier relatives in AsgharMaal, and will be back after 2 hours .She said to install cricket game on her computer and said as it is a weekend, so we will play and chat whole night. she gave me the keys of her home and went with her husband.

At that time i was waiting for my elder brother to left home.My friend gave me a CD of movie BASIC INSTINCT, and indian movie KAMA SUTRA,

i was in a mood to see that movies but could not get chance coz he was in the home, so I hurrily went to her home with these cds and a floppy consisting of nude and xxx pics of indian actresses downloaded from the famous web site www.DESIMAMA.COM

ist of all i copy these pics in her computer (but hide the folder so that she could not reach there)i masterbate 4 times during watching both films.I was busy in watching these films that Shahnawaaz bhai came .I heard the sound of his car and hurrily tie the knot of my trouser and place these cds under the sofas.and open the door.

They came home and i returned my home by saying that I will be there at 11:00.I did some of my works and at 11:45 I reached her home.She said that her husband has been slept so be quite and dont make any noise.

I open the computer but she said we will play later, come on the sofas and tell me about ur University.

I was telling her as routine but I observed that she is continuosly trying to turn the topic on girls, friendship with boyz, and i was shocked when she asked about Faiza (my class fellow)that I only have a friendship or I did something with her? what u wanna asked?I said. She said do you have a mental attachment with her or physical? I astonished but I said I kissed her, she asked only kiss? I said no we spent 2 hours in a bed, she came closer to me and said how and when? I also came in a mood and tell her in detail how I fucked her, she asked each and every detail of that and I also told her. Suddenly I remembered that the cds and a floppy was under the sofa .I said Huma baji chai nahi pilao gee?she said tea is ready in thermoss .she went to kitchen to arrange the tea and I quickly bent down in search of cds but didnt find both cds there.I was much ashamed that might be shahnawaz bhai got these. what he will think about me? suddenly I heard the laughter of Huma baji, what ur searching is in the droz of computer table.I said woh Huma..b…she came closer to me and put his hands on my mouth and whisper bas..only Huma.I smiled ok.

now I realized that she has seen these cds thats why she is so hot and asking about my sex experience.I ist time watch her body and sexual parts with new look, during drinking tea .she asked what are you watching?I said I am comparing you with that of Sherron Stone.she smiled and asked what is ur opinion.I said Sherron is more sexy,she turn off her duppatta and said any change in your opinion? I said Sherron is more sexy.she slightly open buttons of her shirt and said any change? I again replied Sherron is more sexy.she suddenly stand up and said follow me.

we came on ist floor she locked the door and came closer to me and said. Man…touh me and measure my figure and tell any change in your opinion?I ist time feel ashamed what I am going to do? secondly her husband was in home.I said Huma what are you doing she said shut up and do what I am saying.

now I came from the dream and realized what thing is going to be done is not well.after all she is my friend and I never think such about her self.but she put my hand and place at her right boob.and said just measure the softness and tell me that who is more sexy,me,Sherron Stone or I decide to do some thing coz my tool was making some movement inside my pant.I gently press her right boob and said ,”baray sexy mammay hain yaar Huma, konsee cream lagati ho”she smiled zyada batain na karo aur Micheal Doughlous ki tarah meray mammy pay kiss karo?now I open her shirt and bring both her 36c sized boobs from the shirt and start kissing.

she didnt make any noise like faiza make she was telling me what to do next.I close to her and hug her.I put my one hand on her ass and rub her , I feel the softness of her ass specially when my fonger was travelling on the separation line of her ass I feel some moisture coming out from my toy.I push her ass towards me there my 8 inch hard rock cock was trying to destroy my underwear and was waiting to touch her body.Her pussy touched my cock and she shivered at a glance.she slightly touch my cock over my sleeping trouser and rub there, as it is a cat and she is rubbing on her nack.huh” yeh tum aaj kal kay larkay say kisi kay mammay dekhay aur lun khara ho gya.’I said lagta hay shahnawaz bhai ka fuck kartay huay bhe nahi khara hota?she smiled.are unka to 4 inch ka baby hay khara bhe ho to lagta hay betha hay.waisay tumhara kitna bara hay dikhao to sahi.I don’t want to go further , below her boobs but she open the rope of my trouser and put it down I said huma what r u doing that’s bad.She smiled and said itna shandar lun 2 saal tak underwear main chupa kay rakha.ab to main asay nahi chooron gee.she then start pumping my tool, I was just to discharge I said please be stop otherwise ur carpet will be damage.she start laughing ooh is that ur “manpower”? ok choor dya.

But my lund was bara harami, he discharged at the last moment in her hands.She start laughing and said tum bhee meray mian ki tarah khassi ho? zara see muth mari aur choot gai tumhari? by saying this she start eating her wet fingers with my cum.she then buttened her shirt and said ab nechay aa jao aur computer pay game kheltay hain.I was very ashamed at that time because my tool make me fool in front of a gal.but I realized that her muth was excellent.

It was 1:30 night I decide to go back to my home. I came down and returned to my home.

All night I think about Huma how she start sex talks with me and call me in the room and trying to do sex without fearing that her husband is there in other room.I masterbate twice or thrice at that night .and slept at unknown time.

In morning when I awake I heard the voice of Huma was coming from the kitchen.I came down and saw her.she smiled me and said uth gaeye hazrat? chaloo chal kar mera computer theek karo.She complaint my mother that last night some error came in her computer and I came home without resolving that problem.I said I am going somewhere.but she said to my mother no aunty, he should ist repair my computer then he will go.My mother ordered me go and solve her problem ist.

I came in her home. she locked the door and said chaloo mera problem theek karo.I also smiled what problem do u have? she said merey mammay bara tung kar rahay hain.kehtay hain tum say kiss karana hai.she was alone at that time.shahnawaz bhai was in her showroom.

Now I decide to show her my “manpower”.I said ok come in ur badroom.She followed me and asked kya fuck karogay mujhay? I replied fuck to kardoon tumhay lekan tum mera bardasht nahi kar sakti.cheekhay maro gi.she laughed mera mian chaar saal mujhay choodta raha aik cheekh nahi nickleee? chaloo baten na banao chappoo chalao.

I locked the door and huged her .my one hand was playing with her one boob and second was playing with her lips were eating her tongue.and no doubt that was unforgettable kiss of my life.she was perfect in french kissing.I took a long kiss of her lips ,face ,neck and then on her boobs.all this work was going over her dress.She was very coperative and didn’t shy .She open the rope of my trousers and bring out my tool which was already in a jogging position.She placed her both hands on my ass and press me as my cock’s top press her pussy over her shalwar.that was great feeling.I insert my both hands in her shalwar and press her ass .I was pressing her ass towards my cock and she was doing same on her side. I observed the feelings of my cock .he just wants to tore the shalwaar of Huma and wants to go at his full lenth in her pussy.

So I push her on the bad.and along with her I also fell on her.and but that was not good for both of us.because my straight cock powerly hit her delicate pussy, shy shout oyee harami kya kartay ho, and for me also it was a bad jerk coz …….guys u can make an experiment like that and u could feel is that a good experience for u or a bad?

I rub my hand on my cock and she was pressing her pussy, I smiled tum to abhi say cheekhay marnay lagi abhi to kapray bhe nahi utaray.she said gando itne deer say mere bund pakri hai, kapray nahi utar sakta.sala naamard……..

Ufff…what she said .a pure gali for any I decide to fuck her so hard that she never said like that to any body.

I came in anger , I quickly open the nara of her shalwar and grab her from the nack of her shirt.and torn her shirt into two pieces.Now she was lying naked in front of me.her eyes were half close as she was ready for a wild fuck.I hurrily turn my dress off and ride on her.I now recognized her class .she belongs to that class of women who like rough and tough fuck.I roughly press both her boobs aur marornay laga, like women squeeze the clothes after washing.she shout oyee harami, insaan ban, I start kissing on her boobs and insert a whole nipple in my mouth like red blood cheery I am eating, her nipple was moving in my mouth like the seed of that cherry.I take a bite of her nipple with my teeth, and she scream oyeee jangli bhenchod kya kar raha hay.main koi rubber doll nahi.

I said shut up and hit a zoordar thappar on her chootar.and said jub koi chhood raha ho to shoor nahi kartay.aur chup chap chud watay hain.

She start crying and said abhi choda nahi hai aur itna dard day rahay ho chodo gay to kya hoga? I start sing a song

Yeh waqt nahi hay ronay ka

Yeh waqt hay bacha honay ka

Pehlay kyon na rooti thee

Jab poora lay kay sooti thee

And she start laughing.tum pakkay harami ho.acha jaissay marzi chhoodo magar jaldi choodo meree 2 dafa nickle chuki hay.I replied huh?is that ur power, saw a cock and u become discharged?she said badlay na lay gando aur chappoo chala.

I said ho ja tayyar ho ho ja,

dolha dulhan say bolay,

ho ja tayyar ho ja.

I said open ur legs,I went there on her pussy to kiss there, but I feel bad smell there, I said oyee itni boo aarahi hay tere phuddi say ja main nahi chhodta, she said u cant fuck me coz you have no power, I said wait a minute , I ran to the table and bring a body spray, I sprayed on all over her pussy , ass and all that area.Now when I kiss there I feel that I am kissing lady diana’s pussy.she start producing sounds like other gals uummm , hhaa, aah.

I said shut up making noise,khamoshi say chudwao,yeh koi xxx movie ki shooting nahi ho rahi kay loog khush hoon saying this I again hit a powerfull thappar on her choottar. She said u bastered.

I now decide to play final round with her.I open her both legs in opposite direction.take my cock in my hand and said to my iron rod “chal boss,zara himmat kar”.and by saying this I insert the tip of my cock in her pussee.and press went like a car went in a tunnel.I was afraid where my half cock is? she told me kahin nahi guma hay, mere phuuddi ki sair karnay gya hay aajjaaayy zoor lagao jano.

I start pumping my cock in her pussy, just like a man pumping in the well to bring out water from the well.on my every movement she shout uucchh thhaaa ,uuucccc thhaaaaa.

I start singing a song

Chaappa chaaappa charkha chalay

Chaappa chaaappa charkha chalay

She smiled in this situation, yaar tum say chudwa kay bari hansi aati hai.when I feel im near to cum.I bring out my cock and ride on her stomach she press both her boobs and I insert my cock under the gap of her I was fucking her I feel more comfort and after few minutes my cock womit on her boobs and on her face a white fluid.she hurrily paste that fluid on her boobs and face and said yaar muddat ho gai itna garha chemical dekhay.I said what are you doing.lagta hai tum xxx english movies bahut dekhtee ho.she laugh.aab dono milkar dekhain gay.

I was free so lay down near to cock was also doing rest after a rough ride of a wild bitch.

I insert my finger in her pussy and start fingering her.She start playing with my cock.I said Huma maza aayya?itna maza kay chaar saal main na aayaya ho ga.speciaaly I like ur wild finger was finding any moti in her phuddii feel that she has been discharged coz my fingers were wet.I dress up my self and said achhaa chlta hoon.She hold my hand and asked phir kub karo gay.I replied 2maro.same time same place.

Its been more than six months and we enjoyed uncountable times .I still said Huma baji in front of all.but she is my Huma in a sexbed.normally when her husband left home for business I went her home and we start fucking.Shahnawaz bhai is still a good friend of mine and im much thank full to him for sharing his wife with me.

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