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How We Celebrate Sexy Independence Day

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  • October 6, 2015

Lots of Helloz & Heyz to all the sexy girls and naughty boys, who regularly read desipapa. Today am shearing a true story with all of you which happened to me on the last independence day. But am not good in story writing as this is my first experience so please do not mind my mistakes.

But before moving towards the story, first of all I would like to describe about myself. My name is Fahd Khan n am from Lahore. My height is 5-11 and I have got fair complexion, body structure is slim. Now moving towards the story of the last Independence Day about year ago. One of my friends called me and said that he had to leave for Islamabad and he will be coming back home tomorrow. So his wife is alone with their two-year-old child, so if you could come over to his house for some time during any time of the day, as her wife has never stayed alone & it’s the first time that he had to leave her on holiday all alone. So I told him that I have no problem with that and don’t you worry about any thing and I also told him that give my home number and mobile number to Bahbhi so that if any thing comes up she can call me with out any hesitation.

Round about 7 in the evening I called Bahbhi Naima that if every thing is all right. She said yes, & told me that staying alone is not so easy. So I told her that I’ll visit her with in half an hour to give her little company and if you need some thing please lets me know. She said bring some ice cream with you as she and her two year old son like it a lot. So round at 6:45 I left from home and on way, I collected two liters of ice cream and some chocolates for the young one. She opened that door when I got there and I was shocked to see her outfit. She was wearing skintight jeans and skin tight short which was sleeve less top and her boobs were big one so the line which was between her boobs, was very much prominent.

She called me in and showed me the way to sitting room where her child was playing. We started to chat during the chat it was very heard for me to keep my eyes of from her sexy Boobs. After some time she placed a dinner. On the dining table she sat next to my chair and it became very heard for me to stop myself look at her & my dick stared to get heard. Suddenly she said why are you acting like a shy guy, be bold and say that you want to see my figure. That made me jump from the chair & I stared to stir her in shock but there I forgot that she was my best friends wife & I slowly moved towards her to kiss her on her lips. When I kissed her on her lips she responded in passionate way that made me wild and she responded the same way. While we were kissing each other we both started to take each other cloths off. After some time Naima Bahbhi, and me were all-nude. On seeing her nude I once again went into the state of shock. Wow wow man she was defiantly a beautiful & sexy lady with excellent figure.

Right there in the dining room she went down on her knees and started to suck my 8 inch dick, she was sucking it like any thing n I was enjoying hell of it that I started to moan. Aaaaasssssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Naima you are killing me with pleasurrrrrrrrr aaaaasssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh and in just minutes or two I had my first load in her mouth, her whole mouth was filled with my cum n she drank the whole of it. After that she went to the kitchen to wash her mouth on coming back she sat on my laps. Feeling the heat of her pussy and ass I begin to get heard again. Which she realized it n said man you are some hot guy. So I said bring some ice cream for desert I lied her down on the dining table n put some ice cream on her boobs which made her moan oooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaasssssss that feels so good fido then I started to eat ice cream from her body which made her so crazy and wild and she was moan with pleasure uuuuuuuuffffff fido plz don’t stop plz, at the same time I was sucking her pussy n there I putt some ice cream n licked the whole of it from her pussy which made her cum, her juices and ice cream made certainly a great flavor. Just after her cum I inserted my 8 inch iron rod in her pussy on which she started to get scream oooooooo fido fuck me plz plz me sssssssssssssssss am feeling you deep, deep inside me which I never felt b4 oooooooo aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh yes yes fuck me heard that made me to increase my seep, suddenly while fuck her with all my speed I took my dick out of her pussy n waited for three four seconds n then again entered her with all my force she started to scream ooooooo nooooooo noooooooo noooooo you are killing me with xxxxxxxxx treammmmmmmm pleasure fido I repeated this for several time, that process went for atleast 7 mins after which I had my load in her pussy and she came for twice during that, first in the middle but I never stopped there just kept on fuck her which made her so wild which I can’t explain. She said to me that I have thought that I would me such hot n horny person, her pussy was dripping down, with her juices n my sperms. She was tired so I lifted to her and went straight to her bedroom.

After waiting for half an hour my dick again begins to get heard on that She said come on now it’s my ass turn. I said I’d fuck you with no lubricant so that you can enjoy max pain n pleasure, which she agreed. Slowly I penetrated my dick in her ass on which she was screaming fido that is hearting me AAAAAAAAA PLZ BE SLOW AAAAAAAAAA but I never stop just went on inserting my dick till the whole of my dick was in. there I started to move in n out on that she started my moan with pain and pleasure oooooooo aaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssss AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSSSSS now plz don’t stop fuck me fuck me that statement was encouraging for me so I increased my speed and repeated the same process which I used my in her pussy. While moving fast jerks I suddenly took my dick out of her ass and than entered in her ass with all my force that made her whiled during that she had her cum from her pussy and drops of her juices was dripping down on the bed. After some time I was about to cum there she said plz cum in my ass plzzzzzzz oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuffffffffff fidooooooooooooo your killer mannnnnnnn oooohhhhhhhhhh than I came inside her pussy.

That day I fucked her like ten times during the whole night. And we both were so much tired that it was heard for us to move away from each other. In the morning she gave me a shower and there I fucked her again. Now my friend if posted to Islamabad, my friend and naima are living there my friend’s parents. But she reserves a room in hotel and invites me to have sex. So I just go to Islamabad to fuck her for few hours and come back the very same day.

My Message to every one on this Independence Day. Don’t be shy in having sex, coz we all have got just one life to live, to enjoy. Sex is the natures gift, that why there is so much pleasure in it. No matter how old u are, how many children’s you have, how young you are or how ugly you are, you are reading it coz you like sex or you are unsatisfied with your married sex life so it’s your right to enjoy sex. So enjoy the life of sex filled with extreme pleasure and fun. Plz comment on my story & message & plz contact me on and get the best pleasures of your life.

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