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How My Aunty Seduced Me And Fucked Me

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello to all girls and aunties.This is rahul from bangalore.I am 21 years old with with an athletic body because I workout regularly.Any feedback and any of the interested ladies can mail me atrahulgta995@gmail.Com.I am sorry for the grammatical mistakes if any.This story is a bit long but m sure it”ll make u cum really hard

Anyways enough of the intro(its time to get your hands on your dicks and pussies).My aunts name is sandhya(name changed)who stays in mangalore and she is really hot.(she looks like tisca chopra).Her age is 34 and and its been 10 years since her marriage to my uncle.She has a son(abhi) who is 7 years old.The best part I liked about sandhya was her boobs.Any man would love to suck those pair of tits.I dont remember her size but I am sure u would have got the idea after looking at tisca chopra.My uncle is a businessman who is most of the times busy with his foriegn trips leaving sandhya alone.

My vacations were going on when this incident took place.Sandhya with her son had come over to bangalore to meet her parents(she used to stay in bangalore before marraige).After staying at her parents place for 3 days she had plans to stay at my place for 2 days.During her visit to my place I had no bad intentions about her.I dint know that she’d turn out to be such a horny lady.I saw sandhya after a very long time(close to 2 years).My mom was really happy to see her and my mom told me to show her the guest room.I showed her all the necessary things required in the room.Then we started talking about abhi’s school and my college and all the casual talk.

She told me that i’ve grown tall compared to last time and she stood and compared her height with mine.When she stood next to me,her side of the boobs touched my arms and I could feel current passing through my body.I immediately adjusted my arms thinking that it was bad and I changed the topic and then my mom called me from the kitchen.

Sandhya freshned up and my mom told me to take some snacks and coffee for her and abhi.I was trying to forget the boobs incident which took place but that thought kept popping every now and then.She was wearing a red color saree with matching blouse when I went in the room(after she got freshened up)and my eyes directly went to her boobs.My dick started forming a tent inside my track pants and I couldnt do anything as she was my aunty.I gave her and abhi the snacks and went to jerk off thinking about her and I came really hard.

After the evening I dint talk much to her and my mom and sandhya went to shopping leaving me and abhi alone at home.Abhi was playing in sandhya phone(sandhya had not taken her phone with her)and I was watching tv.Abhi couldnt cross the level so he gave me the phone and I completed the level for him and I started playing.

After 10-15 min abhi told that he was sleepy and went off to sleep.Even I was bored after some time and I started to see her gallery.I was shocked to see the images captured.She had photos of different bloused designs on her(her hobby was stitching which I came to know later),photos of her only in bikini with diffferent poses,really low cut dresses which almost popped her boobs out .She had some porn videos too.This was totally unexpected.I took her phone to bathroom and masturbated looking at her photos.My thoughts towards her were changing.I started to see her in a different way.I wanted to sleepy with sandhya very badly after looking at those photos.

Next day I couldnt talk much to sandhya because my mom and sandhya went shopping again.They left at 11 in the morning and came back at 6:30.She had to leave to mangalore at 9(night).When we all were having dinner,sandhya told my mom “anyways rahul’s holidays are going, why dont u send rahul to mangalore for some days.He has never been there”.My mom dint have any problem with me going to mangalore.I was really happy(i thought I would get a chance to fuck sandhya) and even sandhya was really happy.I took my luggages and we headed towards the station.

Sandhya’s tickets were not confirmed.We went and begged the tt for 15 min after which he agreed to give us 1 berth.Sandhya was like “3 of us sleeping in one birth,how is it even possible”.I told her not to worry and we’ll manage.Its close to 11 hour journey and we had to spend the whole night in 1 berth.Sandhya was sitting near the window.I was sitting next to her and abhi had the rest of the seat.I was really close to sandhya because abhi was lying flat leaving very less place for both of us.

Sandhya took out a blanket from her bag and while taking out the blanet her panty fell down.All the other passengers were sleeping luckily except me.I saw the panty and we both looked at each other.”did a lot of shopping from bangalore and there’s very less place in my bag”she told with a blushing face.She had only 2 blankets.The one which abhi had was very small so she told me to share the blanket with her.She was very tired and her bag was too much stuffed for her to go and change to nightie so she slept in the saree itself.

We were sitting really close and she was fast asleep(later she told she was acting).Her face was towards me and my face towards her.My arms were brushing her side boobs and because of train movements her boobs were moving towards my arms and my arms towards her boob.I was enjoying all the action and I was really horny that time.She started to press more of her boobs to my arms and eventually her face fell on my shoulders with her nose touching my neck.She was breathing really heavy and she adjusted herself a bit by facing her body towards me.More than 3/4th of her boobs were touching my arms and my dick was getting really hard.

I was taken aback by her move but I was enjoying the boob touch.I was thinking that even she wants me very badly.Just when I thought this she adjusted herself again but this time she took her face and boobs towards the window.I dint like that move but I regain my senses back thinking that she’s doing all this becasue she’s sleepy.Later even I slept and I dont know what happened later.But she later told me that my hand were on her curves and later she rubbed my dick with my pants on.Because I was not responding she thought I was sleeping and she stopped it later

After we woke in the morning we took an auto home from the station.Thier house had 2 rooms.One for sandhya and uncle and other one for abhi.She told me to keep my luggage in abhi’s room and told me to freshen up and even she went to the washroom to take bath.I quickly got freshned up and searched for sandhya but she was still in the washroom.When she came out of washroom I was shocked.She was wearing a short yellow t shirt from which her nipples were popping out(with a little cleavage)and tight blue jeans.She was looking very hot

Me:do u wear these types of clothes even when uncle is around?

Sandhya:nooooo,he never lets me wear anything except saree,besides I used to wear these clothes before marriage.In fact I got these clothes from yesterday’s shopping.

Me:do u like to wear these clothes?

Sandhya:yes I love to wear these,i love jeans and skirts especially.I’ve got some skirts from yesterdays shopping too!!

Me:so when do wear these?

Sandhya:when I go hangout with my friends!!

During this conversation she caught me many times with her eyes starring at her boobs and since I was wearing tracks even I caught her many times starring at my bulge,but neither of us told anything

Later she went to kitchen and started preparing food.Even I was helping her out in the kitchen.Whenever she used to bend or lift her hand to take anything,her t shirt used to go up and her perfect coke bottle figure was visible.When she used to bend I could see her butt and her panties.

After all the cooking was done we went to the dining table and had food.I could see her boobs through the cleavage from where I was sitting and I was becoming restless by looking at it,but I was too scared to do anything.That night she arranged all the necessary things for my sleep in abhi’s room.Later she went and changed her clothes.She wore grey camisole and black shots.She was looking stunning in that.(she wore all these to seduce me which I came to know later,).I complemented her.Before sleeping I jacked of thinking about sandhya.

She came in the morning to wake us.The first thing which I saw was her boobs which were falling out of the camisole.The next 2 days were nothing different.She used to wear different kinds of hot clothes and seduce me and even I was purposefully showing my bulge to her but both of them were too scared to do anything.But we did become very close since my visit to bangalore

Then came that days night when I finally fucked her.Abhi’s school had started and so sandhya went to drop her to school.When I was going to take bath I saw sandhya’s phone lying on the sofa and I straight away went to gallery and I saw many new photos,and the best part was all were completely naked and she had given different poses.(she was in doggy style pose,legs wide apart pose her finger in her mouth and many more).I had to get fuck sandhya somehow today

I got freshned and when I came out sandhya was already back and she was in the kitchen busy preparing foo.I started at her ass for sometime and I thought I had to get my dick in that pussy somehow.

After she finished breakfast and bath(she was wearing t shirt and jeans) she took her tab and started findings some blouse designs.She selected a blue color blouse which had nothing behind except 2 strings.She started taking her upper body measurements but she was finding it difficult.I asked her if I can help.

She gave me the inch tape a pen and paper and told me to write down whatever she told.First I measured her shoulders and wrote it down and then she told “take my boobs measurement”.I put the tape around her boobs and I wrote down the measurement.”check the length of my boobs now”.

I put the tape there and I gave a slight push to her boobs.She closed her eyes and moaned slowly.I told her the measurement reading.She told “do u like the size”(with a wink).I threw the tape and started pressing her boobs and we started kissing each other like there was no tomorrow.

We were biting each others lips and tongue and whenever my tongue was in her mouth she used to suck the shit out of my tongue and she used to not leaving my tongue at all.She had my tongue for close to 10 min and after she took out my tongue she told “do the same thing for my tongue”and I was sucking her tongue .After we broke the kiss I removed her t shirt and bra and fuck the boobs popped out.

After 7 days of seduction in bangalore and mangalore I saw her boobs and I couldnt resist and started sucking her boobs and she started moaning “mmm aaahhh fuckkk”.

I kept my face between her boobs and both were becoming horny after every move.I sucked her boobs for a very long time and she held my face and we started kissing and sucking each other tongue again.Suddenly the door bell rang and sandhya told “who the fuck is it at this time”.She wiped her lips and boobs and wore her t shirt and went to the door.It was abhi

Sandhya:why did u come so early from school today?And with whom did u come?

Sandhya had forgotten that abhi has half days on monday’s

After that sandhya came to me and told “sleep properly now,we are not sleeping at night”she winked

Later she became busy with abhi’s homework and kitchen work and I slept till 7 in the evening.When I woke up and went to sandhya’s room she too was sleeping and I dint want to disturb her.After she woke up she prepared dinner and all of us had dinner.

I was constantly starring at her boobs and she was showing more and more of her cleavage to me.

After dinner sandhya told abhi that you’ll have to sleep alone and I’ll sleep with rahul today.I went to sandhya’s room and removed all my clothes except boxer and I put blanket on.

After 10 min sandhya entered and she was only in her bra and thongs.There are 3 locks for the room’s door and she locked all of them.Fuck!!What a view of her ass that was.

She slowly removed her bra and threw it as if she dint care.She came towards me and took out my blanket and she saw my bulge.She sat on the bulge and kept her boobs on my mouth.I was sucking them and sandhya was moaning.Baby fuccckkkk mmmm aahaahahaa.I sucked her boobs for 15 min and she shut my mouth with my fingers

She took my lower lip and started sucking them.We both were sucking the hell out of each other.She later stood up and took out her thongs and there was my babe completely naked with clean shaved pussy.She was biting her lips and fuck she looked gorgeous.She later came and took out my boxer too.

We were both completely naked and she kept my dick between her boobs and started boob fucking.She put some oil on her boobs and my dick she started moving her boobs up and down.I cannot explain the feeling of boob fuck in words(its out of the world).She was looking even more hot because of the oil on her.

She later took my dick and started giving blowjob and her pussy was facing towards me.She was deep throating my dick at the same time I was licking and fingering her pussy.She came twice on my face and she later licked my face completely clean.She came on top of me positioned herself and my dick was in her pussy.She was even more wet inside and she was moaning baby yaaaaa ffuuckk yessss yesss and I covered her lips with mine because her moaning was getting louder and louder.We were kissing each other and I was sucking her boobs.

We tried many positions.I came thrice and I dont know how many times did she come.She drank my cum all the time(she loved the taste of my cum).I saw the time and it was 3:16.We started at 11:30 and fucked for 4 hours,we were too tired and we slept naked.I stayed in mangalore for 14 days and it was the best time of my life.We also had a threesome which I’ll narrate based on the feedback of this story.Sorry for such a long story,i hope u guys came really hard.Feedbacks and interested ladies from bangalore at,thank you

How My Aunty Seduced Me And Fucked Me

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