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How My Ass Was Destroyed Because Of My Revenge

  • desipapa
  • January 6, 2016

My name is Shikha.I am a sexy,slim,fair and hot girl of 25.Have got a slim figure but have a nice pair of boobs and round ass.I have this bad habit that I am more interested in having sex with boyfriends of my friends.This makes me feel more sexy and hot.

The story started when I was in Delhi.It had been about 6 months in my new job and about the same time for my breakup with my boyfriend.My bf broke up with me due to friend kritika(girl) who told my bf about my past affairs.And from that moment I wanted to have revenge over her.

One day in a mall I accidentally met kritika with a handsome boy.She recognized me and I could see she was uncomfortable ro see me.Still I smiled at her and went and hugged her.She then also got bit comfortable with me.I started a conversation with her and asked her about what she is doing here and who was this handsome guy with her.

She said she just shifted to delhi for her job at some call centre and he(rohit) was her friend.When I poked her then she revealed ki rohit just proposed her last week.I was all smiling and laughing as if there was no differences between us.After some time she also got easy with me and started to gell in completely.Then we planned to have lunch together.

She looked towards rohit for approval and he was fine with it.

Let me tell u about rohit.He was around 6 ft tall handsome fair and well built guy.It just struck my mind that how an avg looking girl like kritika was with someone so good looking and handsome.And till then he had spoken very little.

Then we went for lunch in kfc.There I told kritika that she was lucky to have such a handsome guy like rohit.Then rohit suddenly startled by saying ki he was lucky to have kritika in his life.For a moment I thought ki wow this guy really loves kritika.Then suddenly the thought of revenge came to my mind.I thought if the guy really loved her it will really be the revenge of my life to fuck the guy.But this guy seemed to be totally into her.

Later in the evening we left after exchanging our numbers and promising to meet again.While departing kritika hugged me and wishpered sorry in ears.I understood for what and said she was like my sister then and also now,let bygones be bygones and sisters again.She was really happy to hear that.But deep inside I was burning in the desire for my revenge.

After reaching my flat I was totally disturbed with the thought of my revenge.I had few shots of vodka and was lying nude in my bed and thinking about how to seduce the guy.After thinking for some time I picked my phone and texted him on watsapp that “thanx” to rohit.

Reply came “for what?”

“for making my day so wonderful, was feeling so lonely in this city”

He said “say thanx to your friend”..I thought this guy is not giving me anything to move ahead, and on the other hand I was rubbing my pussy hard in thought of fucking him.But I too was not backing off.

I said she is like sis no need to thank her but thank u for ur patience.He replied “how he would loose the chance to be with two beautiful girls with a smiley of wink”..And that moment I got my chance to bang him.I said chutiye tu to gaya ab.

I said am I really beautiful??Or u just joking??With a sad smiley!!

He said no no dont b sad,u r really beautiful and I have never been anyone like you.

Then I jokingly said ki “itni taarif mat karo nahi to I will jump on you and kritika ko bura lag jayega”.

He became more serious and said he really mean it.I said I believe it with a smiley of kiss.

At that moment I was rubbing my pussy really hard and was about to cum….

Then I gave another shot by saying ki wish I was that lucky to have someone like him in my life..

He had by now started showing more interest which were being reflected in his text which was coming more frequently..I was at my extreme and came shouting aloud fucckk me rohiittt … Fuccckkk mee haaard …Fuck u bitch kritikaa…

Then when I was again at my senses I saw his text…

“what would u do if u had some1 like me in ur life”

I said “a lot of things”

He texted “like what?”

I said “they are personal”

He said “by now I thought we are friends”

I asked “really”

He replied “yes of course”

I said “thanx.But still I can b very raunchy and if kritika comes to know ki I talked all these with u she will b angry”

He said “if u consider me friend then you can trust me,she will never know anything”..And then I said chutiye ab tere laude ki dekh mai kya haalat karti hoon.

I said “fir bhi,i cant b sure ki I can share my raunchy thots with someone whom I had just met today”

He again started to make me understand ki I could trust him with anything.And then I knew ki ab to isko mera choot chahiye.Ye mujhe jarur chodega.And I felt some heat again in my hole..I started to rub my choot again..I was totally turning horny thinking about my victory and his cock in my choot.

I replied ki if I had some1 like him he would be there in my bed and I would be all over him.

The phone went silent for few minutes.And then I texted him again ki kya hua bura laga kya??

He then replied ki nahi to bilkul nahi..I was just thinking how lucky the guy would be to be with someone like you..

I said to myself tu bhi lucky honewala hai chutiye..Abhi tu bas apna lund hila ke kaam chala, bhot jald tujhe chut chodne ko bhi milega.I knew ki uski haalat kharaab ho rahi thi.

Then our chat converted into sex chat..And I made him aware ki hw horny I can be..

I told him “i like big dicks and guy with muscles and who are rough…I like sucking their dick and getting my pussy licked and lot more..””suddenly I stopped the chat saying its getting late and need to sleep.But I knew ki uski neend udd chuki hai.

Next morning itself he was the first to text me.But according to my game plan I dint text me till evening..

In the night again the chat continued more like sex chat…And then suddenly I told him how desperately I needed to b fucked by a long hard organ deep in my pussy..He said catch some1…And I knew what he really meant!!

This way a week passed and we again met at kfc.This time rohit was a changed guy..He tried to get close to me whenever he got a chance..Sometimes I even rubbed my boobs in his arm and let him touch my ass..I could even feel his hard dick in his jeans..But at the same moment I acted completely innocent infront of kritika..

After returning back again our sex chat started..I told him ki within 2-3 days if my choot is not fucked hard I will become a whore…He said he was there for me…I joked and ended the conversation..

Next day I thought today is the day..I asked hi could he meet me at some place to plan a surprise treat for kritika..He said okay..We again met and after some time we went to a mall to buy things..After shopping he asked me if he could drop me some to my home.I said yes(but in my mind I was thinking haan chutiye ye bol naa ki aaj kya mujhe choot milega chodne ko)..He dropped me and I invited him into my 1bhk flat for a drink..He first said he had work but when I insisted he agreed instantly.

I brought 2 glasses ice and vodka and started to drink..The guy was drinking really fast and there was no effect showing..When the vodka was finished I could see some effect on him..I told him I needed more to drink and eat chicken from kfc..He was on a run as if he knew it was his lucky day…He came back with 2 bottles of vodka and lots of chicken..After finishing one more bottle together I could see him staring at my boobs..I said kya dekh rahe ho..He said thinking about the lucky guy..He was totally in mood..There was no inhibition any more..I said kritika bhi to mast maal hai to tum bhi to lucky ho…

He said kaha yaar abhi tak to sirf kiss karne deti hai and kabhi kabhi jabrdasti karta hu to boobs aur gaand dabane deti hai..Agar mauka deti to saali ka choot faad deta..He was all out of control..To provoke hi I said ki agar uske sath mauka mila to kya karoge??Now he was totally hard..I could see the bulge in his jeans..

He said agar abhi mauka mil gaya to kritika ko itna chodunga ki saali ko randi bana k chorunga..Fir saali roj mera land apne choot me maangegi..I provoked him more..The alcohol had made him slave of sex…I asked ki kaise chodna pasand karoge kritika ko??

He sai chodunga nahi jitna wo tadpayi hai na kamini use to ragad dunga chod chod ke..Nanga kar k farsh pe lita k chodunga jab tak ki chilla k na bole ki bas karo..Fir use doggy style me kutiya bana k peeche se aisa chodunga ki pura choot faad dunga..

Suddenly I stood up and went to him and sat over his lap and said ki kamine soch kya raha hai mai yaha hu aur tu us randi ko chodne ki soch raha hai..Meri choot chodne ka dam nahi hai kya harami??

Itna kehna tha ki the guy hold me tight and said raand kahi ki mujhe pehle din hi pata chal gaya tha ki tu mujhse chudegi jarur..Aaj mai tujhe dikhata hu ki chodna kisse kehte hai..Aaj tujhe aisa ragadunga ki teri choot ki saari garmi nikal jayegi..Uska aggression dekh k I was at my extreme..I said fir ruka kya hai haraamzaade chod mujhe..

He took me and started smooching me hard and biting my lips..He was really strong..Fir wo zor zor se mera boobs dabane laga..Aisa lag raha tha ki aaj boobs ko barbaad kar dega daba ke..Fir mujhe mere gaand se pakad k uthaya aur chodne ki baat karte hue mujhe wahi zameen pe lita diya..

Fir usne muje minute me hi nanga kar diya bas panty rehne diya,jo puri tarah se gilli ho chuki thi..Fir wo khud bhi nanga hu..Jaise hi usne apna underwear nikaala meri to haalat kharab ho gayi..Kya land tha uska bilkul hard and lagbhag 7 inch ka hoga..Usne kaha kya kaha tha tune ki tujhe long hard organ pasand hai na..To provoke him I said land dikha k kya mujhe chod lega tu??He said saali raand kahin ki ab kaun rokega mujhe teri choot ko faadne se..Ye keh ke wo sidha mere legs k beech aaya aur panty nikalne laga..

Maine rokne ki kosis ki to usne mera pany faad diya and he slapped me on my ass..Fir usne bina time liye mere legs ko faila diya and apna land mere choot pe tika diya and coot pe ragdne laga..Ab mujhse aur bardaast nhi ho raha tha..Maine kaha kamine ab ruka kya hai..To usne kaha ki pehle bol ki mujhe chod ke mera choot faad do..

Maine waisa hi bola..Fir usne dhaka maara and uska mota land half ander ghus gaya..Mai virgin to nhi thi par mujhe kaafi dard hua..Usne kaha maza aaya…Fir usne zor se mere shoulders pakda aur smooch karne laga and fir ek aur zor ka dhakka maara..Sach me bhot mota and bada land tha..Aaj tak kabhi aisa land mere choot me nhi gaya tha..Mujhe laga jaise aaj sach me meri choot fatne wali hai…

Fir wo mujhe chodna suru kiya..Zordaar dhake laga raha tha aur har dhakke k sath mujhe dhmki deta ki teri choot ko faad k hi rahunga and kehta ki raand ab tuhe roz chodung…Daaru k nashe me wo mujhe jam k chod raha tha and mai bhi khub maze le rahi thi…Ab lag raha tha ki he wasnearing his climax and started to fuck me harder and harder..Mai bhi climax pe thi maine kaha chod kamine aur zor se..Faad daal meri choot ko..

Wo raand kritika tuje kabhi aisa maza nahi degi…Chod mujhe…He was like raand saali aaj tujhe itna chodunga ki tere choot faadunga and use humesa k liye apni raand bana lunga…Maadarchod saali kya choot hai teri maza aa gaya…Maine bhi kaha aur zor se and I climaxed shouting aaaa marr gyiii…He fucked me for few more minutes and came inside me shouting loudly maadarchod teri choot ki..

We lay there like that for half and hour…After that he got up and started having more of vodka and came to me and said..Ki kaisa laga ??Kabhi choda hai kisi ne aisa teri choot ko and was roughly pressing my boobs??…I said aisa to mai pehli baar hi choodi hu..He said abhi to aur ragadunga tujhe..I said baad me aaj nahi..I thot my revenge is over and ab bas kritika to ye batana hai..And ye bol k I tried to get up..

But he pushed me down again and said abhi nahi..I said nahi aur nahi aaj choot ki haalat kharaab kar di hai tumne..The he said ki abhi to gaand bhi maarna hai…Mai darr gyi thoda and tried to b angry and said..Kya??..He laughed and said mazak kar raha hu..Then I said okay and got up..I was trying to feel my choot and it felt sore..I said kamine tune aaj sach me coot ki maar li hai acche se..I turned to dress up..

Suddenly usne mujhe peeche se pakda and mai nahi bol rahi thi ki usne mujhe utha liya..He was really very strong..I knew I cudnot fight him..But fir bhi naatak ka gussa karte hue I said chorro mujhe..He said raand kahi ki aaj haanth aayi hai aise kaise chorr du bina ragade hue tuje and he took me to my bedroom..He threw me on the bed and mere uper chad gaya..I said no to usne mera baal pakad k uthaya aur mujhe 2-3 thappad maara and kaha ki chup chap chudwa le nahi to jabardasti me bhot pain hoga..I was silent and knew ki ye apna kaam kar k hi mujhe chorrega..

Fir usne mere muh me vodka ki bottle daali and kaafi vodka pilaya..N mujhe kutte ki tarah kiss karne laga and chatne laga..Kaafi der smooch karne k baad mujhe bhi thoda maza aane laga and maine bhi saath dene laga..Fir uska land khada hone laga..Usne mujhe har jagah kiss kiya mer neck pe boobs pe chest pe mere pet pe back pe..Kiss karne k saath wo mujhe kaat bhi raha tha..Mujhpe vodka daal k chaat bhi raha tha..Mujhe itna maza aa raha tha ki mai bata nahi sakti..I never thot ki ye sab mere sath hoga..

Uske baad wo mere boobs suck karne laga..Bhot chusa usne and kata bhi..For wo mere boobs dabane laga..Itni jor se daba raha tha ki laga raha tha ki ukhaad dega…

Fir wo meri choot ki taraf gaya..Pehle to vodka daal ke choot chusa..For aise bhi choot khol ke kaafi chusa..Mai paagal ho rahi thi and use gaali de rahi thi..Haraamzaade ab to chod mujhe..Bas chatega ki chodega bhi…Kamine daal de apna land meri choot me…Wo kaha sunne wala tha…Uske baad usne do ungli daal ke meri choot chodna suru ki aur aisa ragada ki mera fir se paani nikaal diya..Par mujhe aur chahiye tha..Maine kaha ab to apna land daal de..Usne kaha raand kahi ki abhi tuje aur tadpaunga…

Fir usne mujhe ulta lita diya aur mere gaand se khelne laga…Maine kaha harami kya kar raha hai…Wo mere gaand ko faila k use kiss karta,lick karta..Fir bhot kaata…Usne kaha kya gaand hai re teri…Tujhe kitna chodunga ye mujhe bhi nahi pata..Ab tak uska land poora khada and pehle se bhi bada lag raha tha..Usne mujhe baal se pakda and mujhe mere ghutne pe baithaya..Kaha ki muh khol and mera land choos…Maine mana kiya to he slapped me..Maine muh khola to usne apna aadhe se jyada land mere muh me ghusa diya…

Wo bhot maze me tha..N I was also enjoying it alot…Karib 10 min maine uska lund choosa…Uske baad wo mere muh ko chodna suru kiya..Bhot der tak mere muh me chodta raha…Mujhe dard hone laga…Fir usne mujhe doggy style me aane ko kaha..Usne mere gaand pe khub thappad maare..Fir usne peeche se apna land mere choot pe ragadna suru kiya…Mai paagal ho gyi thi..Maine chillaya ki ab chod na haraamjaade…

Usne kaha le raand aur ek jhatke me pura land ghusa diya..Mujhe bhot dard hua..Mai usse alag hona chahti thi but wo mujhe zor se kamar se pakade hue tha..Fir wo jaanwar ki tarah mujhe chodne laga..Aisa lag raha tha ki mai sach me kuttiya hu but kisi gadhe ke land se chudwa rahi hu…

Wo itne zor se ragad raha tha mujhe ki mujhe meri naani yaad aa gayi…Bhot gaaliyan de raha tha…Mujhe beech beech me baal pakad k kheechta and pura land bahar nikaal k ek baar me ghusa deta..Meri to haalat kharaab ho gyi but wo to rukne ka naam hi nahi le raha tha..

Fir maine chillate hue aur chodo mujhe zor se uuuiiii aaaa nahiiii apna paani chor diya..N bed pe muh k bal giri but wo mere gaand ko pakade hue tha and apna land meri choot me ghusaaye hue tha…

Maine kaha meri choot aur nahi le sakti hai..

To usne nase me dhoot jaanwar ki tarah kaha ki choot to nhi but gaand to le sakti hai…Maine kaha nahiii and chillayi ki nahi…Usne mera sir bed pe hi daba diya..Aur mere back pe thappad maarne laga..Kaha ki agar naatk ki to bhot dard hoga…Shaanti se kara le raand to dard nahi hoga…Pehle din hi teri gaand dekh ke socha tha ki mauka mila to teri gaan jarur maarunga..Waah re kritika tune to kabhi choot k darshan bhi nahi karwaye aur mujhe choot aur gaand ka khazana de diya…

Usne mere baal pakad ke mujhe uthaya..Ab mai ladne k haalat me nahi thi..Mujhe khada kar k meri choot pe bhi tappad mara..Mai sisak uthi…

Fir mujhe baal pakad k dressing table k paas gaya and puch vaseline ha… Maine kaha haan aur dikhaya kaha hai..Wo vaseline liya aur wapas baal pakade hue mujhe bed pe le aaya..Mujhe fir kutiya banne ko kaha..Maine waisa hi kiya…

Ab mai kuch bhi karne ke haalat me nahi thi…Mai jaan chuki thi ki choot to isne faad hi daala hai..Ab gaand bhi chod k faadega..Maine aaj tak kabhi anal sex nahi kiya tha..

Maine socha araam se karwane me hi faayeda hai kynki nashe me wo jaanwar ban chuka tha tha…Usne mere gaand k hole pe dher saara vaselline lagaya aue apni do ungliya gaand me daal k vaseline lagane laga…Ungli ghusaate hi mai cheek padi and mere aansu nikal aaye and mai request karne lagi ki nahi…

But wo meri gaand k hole ko aur failaata gaya..,kuch der baad usne ungli nikaali and apne land ko mujhe choosne ko kaha…Maine choosa and fir request ki..Usne kaha tu darr mat aaram se karunga and tujhe bhi bhot maza aayaega…Fir usne apne land pe bhi vaseline lgaya…Mujhe kutiya banaya aur mere asshole pe apna land lgaya..Maine aankhen band kar li..Usne jor se bhot jor se mera kamar pakda..

Fir wo jor se apna land ghusana suru kiya..Land thoda sa ghusa and mujhe itna dard hua ki mai rone aur chillane lagi but wo apna land ghusata gaya…Land kaafi der baad bhi aadha hi ghusa tha..Usne aaj meri gaand bhi faad di thi…Mujhe kitna dard hua mai hi jaanti hu bas..Fir wo mere gaand ko chodne laga..Kuch der chodne ke baad kuch rahat hui…

Wo mast ho ke chod raha tha and keh raha tha ki kya mast gaand hai teri and ise chodne and faadne ka mauka jo mila hai na raand mai tuje aise hi roz chodunga…Kya tight gaand hai..Tere gaand ne to mere land ki haalat hi kharaab kar di hai..Gaand thoda dheela pada to land thoda easiliy andar baher hone laga…Wo fir zor zor se meri gaand maarne laga…Fir usne ek zor ka dhakka maara and pura land meri gaand me ghus diya..Meri to aankhe fat k baahir aa gyi..Wo land ko ghusa k waise hi ruka raha and mai chillati rahi…

Fir kuch minute baad wo fir se mujhe chodne laga and koi 10 min tak chodta raha…Jab wo climax pe aaya to mujhe bhot zor se dhakke maarne laga…N saali raand maadarchod teri gaand bolta hua mere gaand me cum kar diya…N mujhe lete hue bet pe gir gaya..

Fir hum waise hi so gaye…Lagbhag 2 ghante baad hamari aankh khuli..Mujhe bhot dard hua..Bed pe thoda khoon tha..Mai waise hi leti rahi…

Wo ready ho kar jaane laga and bola fir aaunga..

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