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How I Met Kala Aunty And Her Daughter Bang Bang

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi to all readers, am Arjun from Bangalore before starting my story I would like to thank for story writers the inspired me to write a story but it’s not a story it’s a wonderful true incident which turns my life full of fun and enjoyment with my sex world, i’m sex addict I love sex. If you ask me what is sex in one word its art. Now let’s get back to the story here I am going to tell you how I met kala aunty end up with sex, damn I never had any idea before that this will going to happen in my life. Please send me the feedback on my mail id

Myself arjun, 24m from bangalore current location this incident took place in tn, chennai. In the yr of 2012, my aunty sex bomb her name was kala, she was in the age of 44, with an asset value of 36 34 34 her boobs damn man that was thunder coconut ahhhh the beauty of women which was there in her boobs.

Here starts how I met & everything after completing of graduation in the yr of 2011, I started my own business for that I rented a commercial place there I set up my office area & everything, I have an habit of smoking so daily I use to smoke in a tea shop there I met this women damn man at the first site my cock got erected cause of here boobs somehow one day I need here milk along with here pussy milk.

From that day on-wards I gradually increased to keep touch with her in a general talk, to my bad luck she only available at 3pm to 4pm tat boobs of that her husband lunch time so they both switch the duty & she’ll be all alone at the shop so daily tats my time for her to put a goal, at first I started with social topic small issues which viral on society on that time like that our conversation will be, our conversation grows you all know that max time for smoke is 10 min in that I use to have a conversation with here at begging 2 min that was increased to 45 min this was the milestone which I confirmed surely one i’m going to have a feast so during the conversation, I come to know that she has a daughter she was 20(virgin :p ). We both are getting close one day she sportily asked what are u looking at, which I seen some girls on roadside I said, I was wondering the beauty of nature. She laughed for it & asked have u seen my daughter?

Me: I raised a question was she looks beautiful like you?

She: she’ll look like an rathi & she asked am I that much beauty?

Me: yes! Aunty u r so beautiful to b frank on u aunty your structure was to damn good hot aunty

She: don’t say lie am to old lady.

Me: in middle I interrupt and said no u r so hot aunty if u allow me I would describe your beauty part by part

She was blushed & said

I’ll allow u da but not now y don’t u call me once I reached home.

God sake what I heard did she mention that she’ll allow me & asked me to call ahhhh this was the 2nd stage of success, immediately aunty i’ll call u once u reach home give me a miscall then i’ll call u and tell the secret about your beauty. Feedback on my mail id itsarjun@outlook.Com

That’s it I got a call at 5’o clock up to that 1 hr time I was in cloud nine which i’m going to achieve the 1st stage, she called me at first I started the conversation normal talk I was waiting that she has to ask for it and it happened she itself asked reminded that on shop u said i’m looking hot is that true, there u go this is an jackpot I started from her hair to toe, while praising my cock(6 inch) got cooked up and started precum am sure that she’ll get wet in the conversation I described her boobs a lot like she never get complement like that ,

Then after daily I was getting a call from her we use to talk a lot slowly I started phone sex with her only phone sex is possible on that days it’s because of her daughter presence I was not able to fuck at her home in real in that mean time I use to ask her to show her boobs & pussy in the open shop she did that for me, sweet god what a boobs she own I control all my feeling in wait for the right time, this act will continued for almost 3 month in shop some time I use to play with her boobs some time pussy fingering with full of fear cause it a tea shop anytime customer may come for a smoke we can easily caught but we managed to do this fun play.

One fine day we got chance to fuck in here home she told me that her daughter is going out with her friends for a shopping & she’ll back in 3 hrs so we can use this time like that she told I was in cloud 69 immediately I rushed to her shop there her husband was on duty I got one cigarette and smoked there and had a conversation with him to get some info like when he’ll change the duty to go home like that I asked there got clear info tat today I got a heavenly time of 3 hrs from there I started my bike went to the kala aunty home my dear kala darling was at the door waiting for me to fucked up hu huuu

Once I entered the home she closed the main door & checked the windows everything was perfect she seems bit tensed I went behind her hug here very tightly that my cock is hitting here ass she was wearing a saree with blouse no bra & no panties damn what a soft touch it was & I was in full mood for love bite her neck and I licked here neck to ear for 2 min she started moaning ahhh hmm arjunnn shall v go for bed arjunnn like that she was….

I turned her front place a french kiss I tasted here sweet thirsty lips then I opened here mouth insert my tough for a sexy tough fight there I drank here saliva ahh its hot drink with a busting kick in my head ahhhhh this went almost 15 min in that time I removed her pallu and saree during kiss now she was only with her skirt and blouse, I started play with here boobs with blouse on without removing I started to suck the boobs in middle I gave her a love bite in that her mood got cooked to high she forced me to remove her blouse all this play was near the door in standing position she moaning like hell ahhhhh nallaaaa sapppudaa mmmm ahhhhh inumm nallaaa ahhhh arjunnn drink the milk, empty me come on bite me ahhh arjun shhh.

I grab her to the bed room push here down on bed lifted her hands and tied it in bed slowly I kissed her forehead cheeks neck booobs bite little harder than my favorite part I smelled her armpit mhhhh ahhhh damn ahhhhh that was fabulous smell I was about reach high that much pleasure ahhhhh I gave a armpit kiss and started to touch her armpit with tough slowly started licking her armpit she was closed her eyes and shouting ahhhh plzz do it more arjunnn ahhhhh mhhhhhm ahhhh did this armpit fuck play for more than 10 min she was crying in pleasure, I licked her eye drops and she opened her eyes asked me what u did to me was awesome she said that she never enjoyed this play in her life she tried to kiss me and she bite my neck ahhhhh got one love bite mark there

After her underarm play I untied her arms immediately she hugged me very tightly she become very wild on bed, she pushed me on bed kissed my full face removed my t-shirt and kissed my chest sucked it she smelled my armpit mhhhh ahhh and she was going down slowly removed my pant belt opened the pant zip released the dragon now she was holding my tool and she looked my eyes what a sight it is I was shocked and in sec kissed the tip of the penis and she give me a tremendous blowjob ahhh mhhhh uffff ahhh I was started begging her to give her pussy I need a something to eat now I was begging please switch the position we switched to 69 ahhh what a position man was licking here pussy with ease along with a bud hole ahhhhhh here precum was oozing like pump licking her more than 15 min I was about reach high I cummed in her mouth she too reached her high we both or collapsed there for few sec she drank all the cum in sec and cleaned it.

She turns to me we were on french kiss I hugged for few sec and in that I crawl bit down to drink a milk but was in her armpit again ahhhh tat smell drive me crazy that’s the switch for me I was ready for the second round now… Started lick armpit and pressing here booobs and drinking here milk now i’m doing this all in very slowly cause this love she never gonna forget in her life time… Slowly I crawl in between the legs again I started lick here heaven valley this time I started with a kiss french kiss on the heaven hole that was sweet…. She sounded ufff shh arjunnn mm fuck me “feedback on my mail id itsarjun@outlook.Com”

Please beg u fuck me stop licking come inside me ahhhh sounded like a bitch begging me to fuck her… Please stop I can’t ahh arjun please i’m cumming again ahhhh she reach here second high I was drinking her juice like a dog drinking a milk ahhhh this is real sex… She can’t able to wait anymore she grabbed my shoulder pulled me up and hugged me and my big boy was in right position she know that immediately she spread here legs wide and give a way to home I was try to insert suddenly she hold my dick guide into here ahhhh what a warmth…

This was my first fuck in world of sex I was feeling the real warmth of pussy ahhhh uffff its a painful pleasure ahhhhhh … With here pussy lips she was locking my tool there I started to hum here slowly gradually I increased the speed…. She was shouting ahh damn sure if someone near to the house should hear her voice like that she’s shouting I was hitting here with full speed in middle she shouted ahhhhhhh damn I feared that something wrong happened I stopped asked what happened she please don’t stop I reach again I hit her again with same speed and I was about reach high I cummed inside her ahhhhh… What a pleasure it was I collapsed with her and fell on her boobs and was pressing my head while hugging, I lied next to her v both are nude cuddle for there for 10 more min we both are floating in our sweats after that got up and prepared a cup of coffee for me,.

While drinking coffee she was commenting that she never enjoyed a sex like this she kissed my forehead and thanked me and gave a lip lock & the sad part now the time to move cause in any time her daughter may come so I put my cloth on and about to move out near door I gave a lip lock that was hard one she’ll feel the pain and we opened the her daughter damn she was there I was looking her eyes what a structure she has seriously my big bro start grow but controlled and say bye to her mom and bye to her daughter, she said that i’m her friend came here to give a magazine so she was ok with it and I moved from there… When I say her daughter on that moment I planed next fuck is with her daughter with help of mom I succeed I’ll that in next story….

That’s all folks hope you enjoyed

If u feel that it’s much interesting to read my story I need your comments and suggestion to continue……. Mail me to itsarjun@outlook.Com I request any aunties, widows, girls who interested in having onetime stand of affair, discreet relation in bangalore & chennai can mail me, ur feedback is most welcome.

How I Met Kala Aunty And Her Daughter Bang Bang

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