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How I Joyed With Sister-In-Law In Own Manner

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  • November 5, 2015

Vaibhav (changed) here. I love this site because reading stories here help me keep my sexual intentions up always.

About me, I am 20 years old. I am a student in a college and live in Rajasthan. I am handsome, 6 feet tall with muscular body and I am fit as I play sports and visit gym regularly.

Let us get into the story. This a story about how I made love to my cousin sister. So coming to the story, we live in the same building she lives in the opposite apartment to me. Her name is Pratibha (changed) here, she has a long face big and beautiful eyes her assets are what a average girl has, her figure is 32-28-32 and she is 22 years of age. She is fair, attractive and beautiful. She never had a boyfriend as she always studied in girl’s school and college. That is the reason I guess she was so desperate and got seduced by me.

As we live in the same building and because of the fact that we are relative we used to go in each other apartments frequently and anytime we want. So whenever I felt lonely I used to go and talk to her about her life and what’s going on…….. Etc. So one day it happened that in the night I was reading Indian sex stories and after jerking off I slept forgetting that iss is open in my phone’s browser.

In the morning she came to my room tried to wake me up I didn’t , so she took the phone I watched this with my eyes half open half closed, forgetting that I left it open after fifteen seconds I doubted “did I close the browser at night”. I got up suddenly and snatched the phone from her she was smiling in a mysterious way. I laughed and said what?

She: what? What?

What were you reading?

Me: a story

She: what kind?

Me: shush…… You know you are older than me………. I had an urge and was reading because of that….

She: urge??

Me: c’mon don’t act so innocent ………. You know it perfectly …… Don’t you get them….

She: ok! Yeah I get them …..

Me: then what you do

She: I watch some stuff…

Me: exactly I was reading some..

She: you were reading the story on incest that too that included cousin…..

Were you portraying me in that….

Me (hesitatingly): I would be lying if I say no……..

She whispered in my ear smiling and what were you exactly doing…. Wait I said then went to see if mom was around, turned out she has gone to her apartment. So I came back and got closer to her I told her that I was imagining kissing her then I got closer to her and planted a kiss on her cheeks, then I came close to her lips and I kissed her over her lips, they were so soft we started smooching intensely though we were both rookie and were doing it for the first time still it felt good it was like heaven. I was in a heaven her lips were so juicy I wanted to suck them till eternity. So we were wildly smooching turning over one side or the other and we were both heavily breathing I started pressing her breasts and they were so soft like cushions.

After sometime of fondling she said someone might come so I think we should stop. I was not ready to leave her she said probably her mom will go to market with my mom in the evening so then we can continue.

I waited impatiently till evening and went and bought condoms in the afternoon. So evening arrived she was all ready she was wearing red top and black jeans. She came over to my room and said that I have some soft core porn videos so I think we should watch them and continue. So while watching I couldn’t control myself stopped the video pulled her to myself lifted her and I took her to the bedroom. She said don’t you want to watch that video, I said I have had enough……. All I want is to fuck you now…. She giggled and said you have become so naughty. I said I will show you how naughty I am.

I jumped on her while she was on bed and started kissing her, I sucked her lips as much hard as I can and started pressing her boobs then I turned her around and grabbed her from her waist and kissed her on the nape of her neck and she puffed lightly and released her waist from my arms instantly. I said what happened she said it’s too much tickling there, I forcibly turned her around and started too kiss her back even by lowering her top she started giggling.

Then she again turned facing me I once again kissed tenderly over her cheek and then rubbed my lips close to her ear and pratibha shivered a bit. “i love you…” I somewhat whispered in her ear and next instant she hugged me tight. I lifted her face up by uplifting her chin and once again placed my lips over her lips and sucked them tenderly.

Slowly my both the hands moved up from her waist and reached close to her breasts and breaking the kiss I started rubbing my wet lips over her face and gradually reached to her neck and close to her ears she puffed and moaned while grabbing me tight in excitement. “i couldn’t have wanted you more” I whispered in her ear.

Then I took my lips to her necks and showered her with kisses she started moaning gently. Then I started to lift her top gently felling her soft skin with my hands. Her skin was very fair and I was feeling it to the fullest. Then I removed her top. Her boobs were not that big as shown in the porn videos but they were very nicely forming the cleavage. I gulped her cleavage for sometime kissing them as there is no tomorrow.

We just wanted to feel each other and don’t know when like me pratibha also started fondling my body, I realized when while being under me she cuddled my back with both the hands and tried to embrace me.

Certainly we both knew that whatever we are doing is pure sin but still I would say it was purest form of love. She took my t shirt off too and began kissing it she was exploring my back with her hands at the same time kissing my bare chest licking it as much as she could. So I removed her top she was in a black bra I removed it and then I looked at them. I couldn’t wait and started holding and squeezing them into my mouth I sucked her breasts and pratibha started moaning in very low voice.

I sucked her breast and adore them one by one for really long and eventually brought my hand between her thighs and touched her love opening from above her jeans and she moaned bit higher and held me tighter, her jeans was amazingly wet.

So I removed her jeans she was wearing a purple panty, I started rubbing her pussy over her panty it was so wet already flooding with her love juices. I removed her panty and there it was she had a hairy pussy, I liked it, juices were dripping from her pussy and it was no less then any costly wine at that time in no time I kept my mouth on her pussy and started sucking all the juice.

She immediately got up and started pushing me to move my mouth from there. She said it is dirty and I should not put my mouth in it but who cares. After a minute she could not resist the touch of my tongue on her pussy.

She started flooding juices and I kept on drinking. She was then strongly holding my hair and pressing my mouth in her pussy. This time she made me to drink and lick her pussy and she was moaning load. After flooding into my mouth she got up and made me sit on the bed and started sucking my mouth.

While kissing us she was rubbing her hand all over my cock and me squeezing her boob. We then broke our kiss and she took my penis out from my shorts and started sucking its head alone. Oh my god what a pleasure while getting a blowjob from a female rather than from one’s own hand. I have seen giving blowjobs and other sort of things only from the porn and now experiencing it for the first time in my life time was heavenly. She stopped sucking my cock and leaned against me and stated french lip kissing. I also kissed and licking her and I kissed her in her neck and ears.

I then started putting condom on my penis she got up and helped me with it. Then I put her on bed got over her and tried to insert it in her cunt she screamed a bit I removed it I asked her what happened she said as she is still a virgin her cunt is tight.

I told her that initially it will pain a lot then pleasure will follow. She nodded in a yes than I without telling her pushed it hard it one blow she screamed but I kept my hand on her mouth. Then after sometime she started feeling pleasure and started enjoying it, then we changed the position and she started riding me I took her breasts and started sucking them and pressing them hard she moaned a lot . After about 10 min we both cummed she laid on me.

After sometime we got up went to bathroom to clean ourselves and made out there ……. I will tell you about that later sometime…. Don’t forget to tell me how do you like it. And any Indian girl or bhabhi feeling lonely want to have sex chat casual sex or can anytime contact me through gmail

How I Joyed With Sister-In-Law In Own Manner

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