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How I Got The Contract

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi! I am Gujjujolly from Silk city Surat. You are all familiar with me now as you have already read my stories in this site. Now first of all let me tell you one thing that I have changed my email ID My new Email ID is : so please do all your correspondence on this mail address only. I will appreciate your response of my previous stories. Thanks for that. Due to this story I have many mails in my mail box every day. and once again thanks for your mails.

Now I will start my story. As you are all aware that I am a Computer Programmer. For this reason there was a big Government Contract for Software development of some department of Gujarat Government. I want this contract and I was working hard to get this contract. As usual lots of meeting and stuff like this and that. For some reason I found out that the main person involved in this contract is Mr. R. M. Patel. And to be very frank enough he is very sexy kind of person. I also come to know that he is very fond of girls and XXX Movies. But the problem is that how to arrange these things for him without knowing him. Other problem is that where to find such girl who will be ready to sleep with Mr. R.M. Patel. I was all confused and very frustrated. Even my working is all mess and I could not concentrate on my business and development also. Even I have lots of fights with my co-workers and even my secretary also. One evening my secretary told me that I am in some problem and what is the matter ? Just discuss the matter with me if I can help you out sir. Generally I never discuss such things with any one in the office. I just give you all some brief details of my secretary. Her name is Veena. She is a south indian lady around 26 years of age and married since last three years and not having any kid. She is not much good looking but having good figure. You can call that she is having sexy figure. Her height is 5 feet 2 Inch not very much fair but good attractive figure of 32 – 28 – 30. Till now I have only one sex encounter with Veena. In that I have seen her naked and nothing else no real thing. But I know that Veena is not happy with her husband.

On that day I was very much depressed and sitting in the office. She came to me and told me “Sir, What is the matter ? I have seen you since last two weeks you are not in a mood. Same time you are also not talking with me or other co-workers properly . just tell me what is the problem ? Then I told her “look this is not a normal problem and I am dealing with this problem lets hope for the best that some thing good will come up. you don’t have to worry about it. please thanks for caring and sharing !!!” Then she insisted me please sir please tell me if I can help you in this matter it will be a great thing for me. I want to help this company and specially, I want to help you. I cannot see you in this type of mood. Its very difficult for me to tell such stupid thing to a lady and specially she is married. So I told her the entire thing about that officer in-charge Mr. R. M. Patel. She was totally shocked after hearing all these things from me. And I also told her that you don’t worry I will manage everything.

Next day I went to Mr. R.M.Patel’s Office and meet his PA (personal assistant). He was very talkative and very fond of food. So I took him for a lunch in a good hotel and I asked him all about Mr. Patel. The information that he was giving was very useful for me and I told him that if i can arrange for a lady for one night for Mr. Patel and some good XXX Movie CD then he will be ready to give me that contract. Then the pa told me that he will ask Mr. Patel and let me know by tomorrow. After two days pa called me in my office. He told me that if I will arrange for a good lady for one night and a CD then Mr. Patel will be ready to give you the contract. I was happy that at-least half of my work is done. The only problem is the lady. How will I find such lady who will do sex for one night with Mr. Patel.

I called my secretary Veena and told her about the things. She told me that let us meet Mr. Patel once and then we will decide the rest. So I phoned him and he had given me the appointment for the next day morning. I have decided that I will take Veena along with me just for a company and she know people very well so she can understand Mr. Patel’s choice. As per the schedule me and Veena were at Mr. Patel’s office. It was a good office. Mr. Patel – a middle aged widower of around 51 years, whose only daughter has married and settled abroad. Mr. Patel lives all alone in Surat in his rather huge bungalow. He is an out door type of a person and despite his 51 years age, is very muscular and athletic in build. We were just talking. then all of a sudden he told that “as a toast to your success with the Tender and contract, I wish to invite yourself and your beautiful secretary Mrs. Veena to a dinner at 7.30 p.m. at my place tomorrow, as it is Friday night and the weekend. I do hope you will accept it ! ‘

I replied, ‘ Of Course, we would be glad to come to your house for dinner Sir ! ‘

He replied, ‘ Excellent, 7.30 p.m. tomorrow night then ‘

In the evening, I remind Veena about Mr. Patel’s invitation for the next day and asked her to make arrangements to get our good clothes ironed etc. Next day after work, I went home early in the evening showered and started dressing. Veena also left early form the office to get dressed. I have to picked her up from her house as her house is in between so I told her that get ready I will be there in 10 minutes. When I went to her she was not ready she was preparing food for her husband. She told me that just wait for 15 minutes more I will be ready. Veena also showered, and started dressing up. As I was observing her dressing, I got hot looking at her semi-nude luscious body wrapped in a towel. Veena saw me looking at her with lust and said, ‘ Sir, if you think of being naughty – Please Sir, Think again ! ‘ I told her that “Veena you are looking beautiful” then She told me “Sir, It is 6.30 p.m. already and Mr. Patel wants us to be at his place at 7.30 p.m. !!! ” Then I told her that “Veena !! I want to see you naked once if you don’t mind !!!” To my utter surprise she had removed her towel and showed me her all assets. I was shocked. she was dam sexy. I was just going towards her she told me “Sir please I will give you your treat some other day as we are getting late today, please sir !!!” So without attempting to touch her, I observed Veena dressing. She wore a nice black bra and a black panty. Over that she wore a red petticoat and a red sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline and a very deep and open kind of back. Then she wore a thin, red, semi-transparent chiffon saree. She was going to wear it normally when I said, ‘ Veena, lets give the old man a small thrill, just for god sake, wear your saree much below your navel as low as possible, just above your lovely cunt ! ‘

She laughed in horror and said, ‘ Oh No ! Sir, your old man may die of a heart attack ! ‘

We drove to Mr. Patel’s lovely bungalow and reached there sharp at 7.30 p.m. We were welcomed by Mr. Patel himself. It was the first time, I like Veena she was looking beautiful and sexy. I could see that he was awestruck by her beauty and her raw sensuality. He recovered and extended his hand to greet her. She shook his hands. He escorted us to his living room and made us sit down on very plush sofas.

He said, ‘ Mr. Jolly and Mrs. Veena, I am extremely embarrassed. You know that I stay all alone in this house with my old cook cum housekeeper. My arrangements for today’s dinner are all messed up, as my old cook had to leave due to some emergency in his son’s house. So, we can either order dinner from outside, or go out for dinner, as you wish ! ‘

I said, ‘ Sir, whatever suits you, would be fine ‘

He replied, ‘ OK. Then lets have drinks here and order food to be brought here itself. We can relax and conformably eat without any haste or hurry ! ‘

So, Veena and myself helped Mr. Patel to order food and to bring the liquor and serve it to all of us. I could see that the normally very confident Mr. Patel, was very shy, hesitant and speechless due to the presence of Veena. He was actually very nervous and I could see his eyes darting over Veena’s breasts and body whenever her eyes were turned away. I could see that he was getting excited just by looking at her. We made small talk, while drinking. Mr. Patel started drinking large pegs of whisky. After some time he excused himself to get a packet of cigarettes from his room. As he left, Veena told me that she wanted to go to the wash room and got up to leave. But within 5 minutes she hurried back – all flustered !

I asked her. ‘ What happened Veena, why did you rush back ? ‘

She replied, ‘ Sir, I don’t know where the wash room was so by mistake I almost barged into a room where I saw Mr. Patel. It was embracing. Lucky he did not see me ! ‘

I said, ‘ Why, what was he doing ? ‘

She said, ‘ You go quietly down that room and see for yourself ! ‘

I said, ‘ You come and show me which room ! ‘

When both of us went to the room where he was and quietly opened the door slightly, we could see Mr. Patel sitting on an easy chair and masturbating. He had a huge cock. It was massive – almost 8 inches long and almost 3 inches thick ! It was black and stood like a huge cricket bat ! It was covered with white hair. He was on the verge of his orgasm, he was furiously pushing his palm up and down over his massive cock.

Finally as he started ejaculating huge globs of semen, he cried out, ‘ Oh ! Veena . . . aaaaaahhhhhhhh ! ‘

Both of us were shocked ! That was my secretary’s name. And he had obviously fantasized about my secretary while he masturbated. But we quietly came back to where we were and sat down. After a few minutes Mr. Patel too returned.

He said, ‘ Sorry, I was searching for my cigarettes ! ‘

He simply did not know that we had seen him masturbating. We continued drinking. Despite having masturbated, he still seemed to be excited. More importantly, I could see Veena quite excited and was wondering the reason, when it struck me, that the sight of Mr. Patel’s massive eight inch cock had turned her on, as it was the first time that she has seen such a massive organ. It actually excited me to know that Veena was aroused at the sight of another man’s penis !

By the time we finished dinner, it was almost 12.00 midnight. Mr. Patel said, ‘ Mr. Jolly, it is midnight now. It is unsafe to travel all alone with your secretary now. Why don’t both of you stay over in our guest bedroom ? There is absolutely no one in the house ! ‘

I said, ‘ No Sir ! We don’t wish to give you trouble ! ‘

He replied, ‘ No ! Don’t be silly. I insist. In fact you can use a set of spare night clothes that I have and your secretary can use a set of night clothes, that my daughter keeps in spare for use, when she comes to India ! ‘

I looked at Veena, she was still excited and nodded. I agreed. Mr.Patel led us first to his daughter’s room. he opened the cupboard and asked my secretary to pick up a night dress. Unfortunately, there was only one set. Veena took that, we proceeded to the guest room. Mr. Patel left us there and went to his room. Veena started undressing . . . she removed her saree and was about to remove her petticoat, when the door opened and Mr. Patel walked in with a set of night clothes for me. He was astounded to see my lovely veena just in her petticoat and her sleeveless blouse. Her firm round breasts were almost overflowing from the plunging necklines ! He forgot our presence as he was a bit tipsy and stood staring at her body and breasts. After some moments, Veena tried to hide her charms when he came to his senses. Being a gentleman, he immediately apologized for staring at her, kept my clothes and left the room wishing us good night. Veena was gazing almost longingly.

After he left, I looked at Veena. She was sweating and was obviously very turned on by the thought of Mr. Patel’s organ, that she had seen earlier. Obviously she was unable to get the sight of the huge cock out of her mind. It was also very evident that Mr. Patel was lusting for her. It excited me to no limits, thinking that Veena and Mr. Patel were lusting for one another. I was surprised at my own excitement. In fact my cock was standing erect at the thought of Veena becoming so horny at the sight of Mr. Patel’s cock ! I decided to take a final step to sort out all our excitements.

I said, ‘ Veena, will you tell me something very honestly, without hiding anything ? ‘

She said, ‘ Yes Sir ! ‘

I asked her, ‘ Have you ever thought of taking a bigger cock than your husband ? ‘

She said, ‘ Yes Sir ! ‘

I asked her, ‘ Are you not very excited and very turned on by the sight of Mr. Patel’s big cock that you had seen earlier ? Please tell me openly ! ‘

She lowered her eyes and said ‘ Yes ! ‘

I said, ‘ OK. Veena – wear the nightie, and go to Mr. Patel’s bedroom – I want you to have your pleasure and also give the poor old man his pleasure ! ‘

I said ‘ Veena, come on ! Don’t be a hypocrite. The fact is – mentally you are lusting for his big cock and the poor man is lusting to get his big cock in your tight cunt ! Both of you want each other. I am excited by this fact. So why should we avoid what all of us want ? Mr. Patel is a good gentleman. There is nothing wrong if you give him his pleasure and take your pleasure from his body ! Don’t be nervous. Come . . . . Wear the nighty and go to him . . . . ! ‘

She quietly wore the nighty. Being Mr. Patel’s daughter’s dress, it was extremely short and totally semi transparent. I could see Veena’s black bra and petticoat very clearly through her dress. I reached out and put my hand into her panty. Her juicy cunt was boiling and very wet ! I put an arm over her shoulder and escorted her through the darkened passage towards Mr. Patel’s bedroom. We finally reached the bed room and stood outside the closed door. I gave her a light pat on her sexy round buttocks and said, ‘ Veena, go and have your pleasure ! Enjoy yourself ! ‘

She said, ‘ What about you ? ‘

I said, ‘ I will wait outside this door to listen to both of you enjoying yourselves. You have your pleasure, give him his pleasure completely and then come back to our room and take care of me. I want to put my cock into your cunt after he has fucked it thoroughly with his gigantic organ ! OK ? Now open the door and go in ! ‘

She opened the door and went in. I put my ear to the door and could see hear the distinct shock of Mr. Patel, as he spoke something to her, which I could not make out. I could hear her reply. Afterwards things became very quiet, as I could only hear the rustling of clothes / bedsheets, which meant that he was obviously too excited and was not going to ask her to leave.

Slowly I could hear kisses. The old man of 51 years was kissing my 26 year old secretary. Within a few moments I could hear Veena’s cries, ‘ Oh Sir, No ! . . . . . ‘ Ohhhh . . . Ahhhhh . . . . Sir no ! ‘ I could make out now that the old man had obviously removed the nighty and was now obviously fondling her lovely breasts and was probably sucking or biting her large brown nipples.

I knew then that Mr. Patel was sucking her hot, juicy, wet cunt and had brought her to an orgasm ! Then I heard the bed creak a bit and then silence. Moments later I could hear the sounds of slurping and then Mr. Patel’s, rough voice . . ‘ Yeah Veena . . . yes . . suck it . . oh Darling . . . take it more inside your throat . . . faster dear . . . yes . . yeah . . . zhorse . . aur zhorse . . . yes . . yes . . aaahh . . . kitna maza aaraha hai . . . yes . . . ! I knew that Veena had taken his huge organ into her tender lovely mouth and was sucking and pleasuring Mr. Patel. His oohs and aaaahs went on for 3 – 4 minutes and then he started screaming . . . aaaaahh . . . Veena . . . I am going to cum darling . . . please . . I want to come into your mouth and I want you to swallow my cum . . . .yes . . yes . . .yes . . . oooooohhhhhhhhh . . . .aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh . . . Oh heavens . . .aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! I knew that Veena had sucked Mr. Patel to his orgasm and more shockingly . . . he had actually cum into her sweet mouth and she had swallowed all his cum . . . . !!!! My cock was bursting with excitement at the knowledge that Veena had completely swallowed Mr. Patel’s cum ! The room became very silent as both of them had probably collapsed into each other’s arms after sucking each other off !

After almost half an hour, I could hear the sound of kisses once again. Then the rustling of bedsheets. Slowly I could hear the bed creaking as if they were trying to adjust themselves on it. In a moment I could hear Veena cry out, ‘ Ahhhh . . . . Slowly Sir . . . AAAHHHHH . . . .No Sir . . . . No . . . . AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH . . . . it is paining . . . AAAAAHHHHHHHH . . . . ! ‘ I knew then that he had finally got what he was doing . . . he was thrusting his massive cock into her tight cunt . . .! ‘

In a few moments again she moaned, ‘ Sir ! Please Sir . . . it is too big . . . you are tearing me open . . . Oh Heavens . . . It is paining . . . Aaaah . . . Aaaaaahh . . . ‘

Then his voice, ‘ No Darling ! Veena, just bear a little dear . . . it has only gone half . . . I shall push it slowly OK Love ? ‘

Then her voice sobbing, ‘ No ! Sir ! AAAAAHHHHHHH . . . NOOOOOOOO . . . AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH . . . . I will die with pain now . . . . ! ‘

To which his reply was . . . Veena . . Darling give me more room . . .spread your thighs still wide apart . . . wait . . . life your legs more . . there I shall put them over my shoulders . . .now I can thrust more better . . . . Hold on love ! ‘

Within a few seconds I heard a very loud scream from Veena, ‘ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ‘ Oh Heavens . . .AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! I will die now ! ‘

His response, ‘ There Darling, Its fully in now ! Look how tight your vagina is lovingly holding my cock ! ‘ I realized with amazement that Veena’s tiny little cunt, which was used to taking her hubby’s cock had amazingly taken all of his eight inches thick cock.

Within a few moments, the bed started creaking loudly, obviously, Mr. Patel was now slamming his rigid cock into Veena’s tender cunt. I could hear the noise of their bodies ‘ putch . . putch . . putch . . ! ‘ I could also make out that Veena’s pain had gone and she had begun to enjoy, as she was now whimpering, ‘ Yes, Yes, Sir . . . faster . . faster . . deeper . . deeper . . faster . . . ! ‘

He was telling her, ‘ Oh Darling lift your buttocks and thrust back into me upwards. Yes ! ‘

Veena now was getting desperate . . I was surprised to see her talking crudely ‘ Sir, slam it in . . faster . . deeper . . more . . I want more . . . ! Take your pleasure from me ! This is what you wanted is it not ? To tear me up ? Now you have torn me. So take your pleasure from me ! ‘

She again started with her, ‘ Ohhhhh . . .ahhhhh . . . faster . . . aaaaahhhhhhh . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . ! ‘


I knew she had got an orgasm. Within a few moments, Mr. Patel too shouted, ‘ Veena, I am going to cccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . and after a few moments the room was totally silent. The lovers seem to have emptied their secretions into one another and seemed to have collapsed onto the bed to sleep !

My cock was raging to fuck now. But Veena was in his arms and probably asleep ! I slowly and dejectedly walked to our guest room and laid down on the bed still horny, still excited. Suddenly I heard the door of Mr. Patel’s bedroom slam shut ! I realized that Veena was coming back to satisfy me exactly like I had asked her to ! I was extremely excited now, as I wanted to see how she looked and behaved after having taken in such a large organ into her cunt . . . .

Our bedroom door opened, in the dim light, I saw Veena entering the room . . . she was completely naked . . I got up and went to her . . she was shivering and shaking ! She had marks of dried semen on her cheeks and mouth. She had bite marks and reddish welts all over on her neck, breasts, navel, thighs where Mr. Patel seemed to have bit her and scratched her in the heat of his passion. Her full body was glistening as she was drenched in sweat. She had a pungent smell of semen on her. Her long hair was completely disheveled. In fact her hair was matted to her face with the sweat. I could also see semen trickling from her cunt on both sides of her thighs ! Though I supported her, yet she was half shivering and shaking. She seemed to be totally so tired, that she was unable to stand properly. But despite her tiredness, the poor thing had come only because I had told her that I wished to fuck her immediately after she was fucked and she wanted me to have my pleasure !

I put my arm over her shoulder and supported her. I carried her to the bed and made her lie down without saying a word. She was looking at me silently. In the dim light of the room, I separated her thighs and looked at her cunt. It was in a mess. Her thighs seem to have been bitten hard. Her thick pubic hair was almost full of Mr. Patel’s dried semen. I slightly opened her cunt lips with my fingers. I could see her inner cunt was still full with semen. I inserted one finger into her cunt and felt the slushy semen all over. We still did not talk. Slowly I climbed on to the bed, got between her legs, and positioned my penis on her freshly fucked vagina and pushed it into her. I got a shock ! It was loose. I could virtually not feel anything except the messy, warm, slushy, gooey, semen of Mr. Patel, mixed up with Veena’s own juices. The feeling of the slushy warm semen in her cunt against my cock was so exciting and out of this world, that in just three to four thrusts, I ejaculated into her cunt. As I was ejaculating Veena pulled me deep into her. I collapsed on her.

She asked me, ‘ Sir, did you enjoy ? Have I changed now ? ‘

I said, ‘ Yes, Veena ! Unfortunately, Mr. Patel’s gigantic cock has completely torn and opened up your cunt love. It has become too big and loose. But still, I love it ! ‘

She said, ‘ I know Sir ! I could feel the difference when you penetrated me ! ‘

I asked, ‘ Why ? What did you feel ? ‘

She simply said, ‘ Nothing ! ‘

That day I realized that Veena the simple looking secretary can do such a thing for me. She is still working with me and we have good relation with each other. After that encounter I got that Government Contract through Mr. Patel. And I thanked Mrs. Veena my Secretary for making this happened. She was also happy and we have a new relation starting form this point onwards.
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