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How I Fucked Seema

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

It was a rainy September afternoon in Pune. I had just finished a rather cold lunch comprising of a cold omelets and a couple of dry rotis. I rushed of to the tea shop opposite my office to get a steamy cup of tea and a much needed cigarette break. This was that part of town which comprised of many posh looking offices that housed software companies. Well don’t ask me about computers or software development-I am a jerk as far as comps are concerned. All I do know is that a hell of a lot of pretty cunts work in these offices and I would never mind plugging some of these cunt holes with my wanton cock.

Turning a sharp curve down the corridor I banged into a woman. I had not seen her coming up and apparently she was struggling to get up with a pile of books and a shopping bag. Fortunately I held her before she tumbled down the stairs and in the process i brushed against her soft tits across my chest. I held her still while she was trying to apologise. I had a good look at her. She was dusky skinned, fairly good tits, curvaceous hips and thick succulent lips. I helped her with her books and stuff that had fallen and dher only managed a thanks and soon disappeared.

Smoking my cigarette I thought about the brief encounter. I could still feel her body warmth her perfume and her soft titties. I had held her across her hips to prevent her from falling. I blamed myself for not getting a quick feel of her butt, maybe I should have rubbed my chest harder against her boobs, well lost opportunity-LOST OPPORTUNITY!

I never thought I would see her again, but two days later I saw her again on the stairs at 10 AM. She was wearing a green saree and a matching blouse and high heeled sandals. I looked at her and smiled she returned a shy kind of a smile and passed me. I soon discovered that she worked in the same building and after a few meetings on the stairs, I mustered enough courage to say hello she replied in the affirmative. I was finally talking to her. It was an evening and I had met her on the stairs going down and I said hello how are you today. She said I am fine. I said My name is Jeet she said mine is Seema Kataria. She works for a geometrix software company (whatever that means) I asked her if she would like to have some coffee nearby she first hesitated I said hey I need to make ammends to bump into you the other day. She laughed and said that it was her mistake, so I asked her to pay for the coffee instead. She finally agreed and we went off to a nearby coffee shop.

I discovered that she was married no kids yet. She had been working for 6 months-general stuff like that. This way we soon became friends. We used to meet up regularly and sometimes even for Lunch. By and by I found out that her husband was a jerk and she was lonely even with him around. I soon started flirting with her. Telling her how pretty she looked and that guys in the building stare at her and stiff like that. She just laughed and said I was kidding that she was just a plain girl but i could see that she was impressed.

One day she tlod me that she had an assignment in Mumbai for 2 days and that she was supposed to leave the next day. She was to stay in a hotel in Bandra and she was going alone. I asked her if I could accompany her. She was happy and asked me where I will stay I said with you in the same room. She almost shrieked she said No way. I said think about it :I wont do anything I promise. I dont trust you she said ur a naughty guy. I said I am sure u like a naughty guy like me. She was smiling but said No way. I said I will wait in the morning at a certain hotel at 6 Am if she wanted me to come she had to pick me up if she wont come I will understand that she dosent want to see me. She said I wont come. But I knew better.

At 6 AM I was at the hotel where I was supposed to be picked up. At 6.10 she drove up I smiled and sat inside. She said it is getting quite filmi. I said nothing I just kept smiling she said to get rid off the stupid smile on my face and that I should get another room and I am supposed to keep control of myself. We reached bombay and as she parked i went and got a room booked as Mr and Mrs Kataria and she looked shocked but couldnot say anthing in front of the clerk/receptionist.

When we were alone in the room she said what the hell do u think of yourself by doing something like that. She looked so cute in anger. Before she could continue I kissed her deeply and started pressing her boobs and back. She tried to push away, but I forced her on the bed and started kissing her deeply all over her lips, neck chest and back to lips again. Soon she was responding she had her hands entwined in my hair and was stroking my neck and cheeks. I was madly kissing every inch of her face, her eyes nose lips ears. My hands were fondling her boobs. I was sucking her boobs over her blouse biting and pressing .

Slowly I started to press her cunt mound. I felt the hair on her venus mound over the clothes I was shaping it feeling the curve of her pussy. I soon removed her salwar and saw that she was wearing a light pink panties I was soon kissing her pussy over her panties. I put my forefinger and felt the hole in her pussy she was breathing hard. I stripped her of all her clothing and finally had her nude. Man she was a bomb. Great tits not a trace of sag in them her nipples curved up and were hard as marbles. They were black in color and very hard. Her breasts were shaped like ripe mangoes. She had a very slight tummy that curved inwards where a tuft of jet black hair covered her precious pink pussy. I started stroking her body more like giving her a massage. I squeezed those ripe mangoes pinched her nipples hard. I inserted 3 fingers inside her cunt and roughly pushed them in and out. I fell upon her pussy and started sucking her juiced hard. I bit her clit gently first and hard after sometime. She was wriggling like fish out of water, begging that I go slow. I turned her over and squeezed her ass cheeks hard. So hard that I could see my fingers leave marks there I slapped her ass a few times She was almost weping and begged me to stop. I said I will stop if you tell me to fuck you hard now. She was hesitant then she said fuck me hard Jeet. Fuck me badly. I said say I am a randi and that you need my cocks and cocks of a lot of men. She said no i am not like that. But I forced her to say it anyways. I said you must promise that you will let strangers in buses and crowded places touch and feel your pussy. She said I promise I will not say anthing if strangers touch my pussy and tits.

I was so hard I turned her over I lifted her legs to my shoulder and shoved my dick inside her cunt hard. It was wet and warm. Her juiced entered my opening in the dick and i almost felt dizzy. It was like a wet glove around my dick. My cock head was making sounds like plup plup as I thrust into her in and out. She was moaning ahhhhhhhhh, ummmmmm,cheeeeeeeeeeeee,offffooo she was biting my ear and asked me to fuck her very hard. I was ramming very hard. I turned her over took her to a table and made her bend down as far as she could go. Her pussy peeked up and I thrust into it hard and took her doggie style. Obviously the penetration was deeper. She was moaning aaaahhhhhh aahhhhhhhhh nah nah deere se slowly I will die its hurting But I fucked her hard anyway I was squeezing her breasts hard. Looking at a beautiful in such a position I could not control anymore she suddenly climaxed hard and i came at the same time too. I deposited a large amount of baby giving sperm into her woumb and slippery cunt . As she stood up I could see that the sperm and her cunt juices were dripping from her cunt and flowing down her smooth thighs.

She went into the bathroom and washed and came out I went to wash too. After i came out I could see she was sleeping on the bed. She had a dazed look in her face. I went up to her she did not want me to touch her. She actually slapped me and had tears in her eyes. She said almost in a whisper, bastard you raped me. I said well no, she wanted it too. She was quiet for an hour. I let her remain that way, I was sacred in a way but did not show it. She soon said ok Jeet I also enjoyed but please dont tell anybody about this. I said I cared about her and hugged her. She fell asleep. I was stroking her naked butt and was making plans as to how to coax her to let me fuck her gaand hole at night… Appreciate your comments please write to

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