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How I Fucked Hard To A Sexy Teacher

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  • December 18, 2015

Directly coming, to the story I had a friend named Sujith(name changed)…Sujith dad owns school as his dad was the principal…I and Sujith used to his school every day in the evening…
There I saw Durga..she was sex goddess …wow .she has a perfect figure 32 24 36 .any man can attract towards her …she was so cute..height about 5.3..with stiff boobs .her age was 25 and married with a son of 5 years old..

While coming to me I and Sujith used to go his fathers school there he used to stay for one hour. ..that one hour I used to utilize it by flirting with durga as she used to teach LKG students .so I will sit beside her and start normal conservation…. Like that 2 months passed ..she became very close to me and gave me her what’s app number…so I used to chat with her in the midnight ..and morning….I used to praise her about her hair and dress and tease her about her height …she became very close and friendly I used to keep my hands on her shoulders ..thighs while talking …she also likes it….

One day she texted me to come to her house for lunch ..I said OK and went …there I went to her house in the afternoon .and ranged the bell she greeted me and I entered ….I causally asked her about school she said she kept leave …I asked why .??!! She replied casually …feeling bore at school …after that we started our lunch …and asked about her husband she said he went to office I asked her to show their family album ..she said OK and brought…as I saw her marriage photos ..I was in shock ..her husband was so ugly he was black with bold head and stomach…..but she was a princess ..however I completed my lunch and went to home

Our friendship was continuing… As the days were passing One day Sujith said that there is a fest in school so I should attended that fest I agreed and called to durga …and said to wear green color Saree on that day she said OK..

I planned to propose durga on the day of fest after two day the fest day came..I got my best dress and readied perfectly and went to that fest….in sujith’s school…there I saw durga she was wearing a sexy green dress ….I said she is looking like a goddesses in that Saree she smiled .. And replied your looking so handsome rohan I thanked her…as the fest was going on the dance performance and skit’s all were going on the stage all were busy in there works I got a naughty thought i called durga and said to come and meet me …she came in hurry!! She asked what happened ..without talking I caught her hand and started going upstairs and I took her on the top floor of the school there no one was there….she asked why you brought me here rohan ..I said you will know wait…I took her and sat in a empty class room ..

Now took a rose flower and proposed her she was in shock and after one man minute she said she is a married women she can’t accept the proposal ..I replied see durga does married women don’t have hearts..are they are banned to love others ..this is your life .you have to enjoy in this age ..or else you can’t enjoy at your late 50s or 60s…married means not that you have to always treat your husband washing clothes and washing plates ..and taking care of your children ..this is your life durga are a bird you can fly anywhere hearing my words she was smiling by watching me…..

Without thinking anything I hugged her and gave her French kiss…she was cooperating with me….after my kiss she said she also loves me..!!..I was so happy ..then I started kissing her on her lips…and biting her lips she stopped me this is not the correct place she will call me tomorrow and said to get ready for tomorrow… I said OK..

After the fest I went to home and started thinking about her as I was not getting sleep..suddenly in night around 2pm I got a message that I should come in the morning at 10pm….

“In morning hurriedly I dressed up and went to durga’s home .knocked the door she opened the door was wearing her marriage saree with full of gold necklace’s she got readied like a bride….she welcomed me and said to come and sit …I came in and sat in sofa .she brought some coffee for both of us and chatted for about 10 min…..

Now I kept my coffee cup aside and stood up and walked towards durga and sat beside her and started giving kisses for about 2min later she became a wild cat caught my hair and started giving French kisses ,she sucked my tongue. And bit my lips…after kissing session for about 10 min I lifted her and took her to bedroom and threw her on the bed and I jumped on the bed…started kissing on her neck..

Then slowly went down and started removing her blouse her big boobs were coming out from her bra…I remove her bra .wow ..her boobs were so big as each boobs was not fitting in my hand .. I started pressing those soft melons,wow they were so soft …as I sucked her both boobs ,she moaning loudly, ahh ahh..umm …….. uffff ….. ahhhhh you ra pandu , na bangaram love you ahhh…..ummm

I went down and licked her navel about 5min and went down and removed her panty ..she already wet her shaved pussy was smelling nice I started licking her pussy she caught my hair ..I was licking her pussy and kept my finger in her pussy she was shouting loudly….ah hhhhh …… ahhhhh ……. ahhhh … ummm ….. ahhh rohan…..tear my pusyy… Ahhh…

She cummed … she removed my pants and kept hand in my jockey and started hitting my tool and she took it out and started sucking it wow ….I was in heaven she sucked like whore as never sucked a ice cream ..before Cummings I stopped her said I want to fuck her so..I spread her legs and kept it on my shoulders and kept my dick in her pussy and started pumping…slowly …she was moaning heavily ahhhh ahhh god fuck me you ….bastard ….. ahhhhh …. ahhhh. Lanjodkahh. Ahhhh ……… fuck me hard…I started pumping hard …..she moaning so heavily tears were coming from her eyes ..later about 5 min I cummed in her pussy….and slept beside her

For about 3-4min later I gained my power and forced her for other session and took her to hall ..and faced her the wall and started fucking her in doggy style…and pumped hard and hard …..and after doggy style I lifted her and fucked her ……her boobs were bouncing like tennis balls…later I tried 69 position…..

Then after she tried cow girl position…..after all at last I made her to sit on sofa reversely and kept my dick in her pussy and started giving strokes…..slowly then at the end gave heavy strokes about 4 min later I cummed …this time she said to cum on her boobs …so I cummed on her boobs… The after she washed her self and slept naked till 3 pm then at 3pm I woke up saw her sleeping naked on me ….

Then I waked her and took her to bathroom and we both bathed together and fucked her in bathroom ..and after bathing I dressed and went to home… night she texted me she is so happy and never forget this day…and said that she is feeling so tired …..days like this will come more and more which make you so memorable…….. And texted goodnight….

I continued my relation….with her till now…when ever she get time she calls me …..

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