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How I Fuck My Khala

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I am raju again on desi stories, my first story is my sexy neighbour now i am very thankful to my friends which read my story on net and mail me aap logon ki waga se mein apni dosri story likh rahan hoon thank you for read my story, now i am telling you my next story, jaise ke aap ko mein ne pehle hi bataya tha kay mein apni nani ke ghar karachi jata tha .

Ek din jab mein apni nani ke ghar gaya to meri maan ki choti behan akeli thi jis ki umar 22 sal hai , jab mein un ke ghar gaya to meri khala ne bataya ke sab log bahir gai hain or mein nahane jarahi hoon , i said ok , and she go for bath , aur mein bathroom mein jhankne ka rasta talash karne laga, after any efforts i had an idea to see her naked, i take a table from store room and stood on it, bathroom is open from upper side, is tarha ke bathroom karachi mein common hain , ok when i see her naked my heart is beating hardly, and my dick in erection now , and dick still like a rood of metal, now i am rubbing my dick with my own hand and going to cum to see naked my khala , imedietly my khala see me and note i am starring on her.

I went in next room as soon as possible, after she finish her shower , she do not say any thing to me , now i am afraid that she will tell this all things to my mom, after some she tell me i am going to sleep and i said ok, she go in her room after half an hour she call me for water in her room and i take a glass of water and went to her room , she drink water and said to me put glass on table and come here , and story get start, she is wearing a pink shalwar kamiz, and black bra , bra is appear from her kamiz, and i am able to see her big boobs, she said to me , you naughty boy what are you doing those time when i an taking shower, i said nothing , she ask me again and give me a warning ” Give me answer imediatly” .

I tell her i want to see you naked so i do this she give me a wonder ful smile and said to me i am your own khala if you want to see me naked you can tell me and i show my own body for you. this time i am in wonder, now she was in my arms and i am giving her kisses on check and lips, what a pair of big boobs she had, now she ask me if i want to see her naked order me so i said her i want to fuck you , she said really , i am very horny girl from my college time i am searching for a man who give me all shocks of sex, i said i am here my darling , now i am taking off her clothes when her kamiz and bra be off i saw a wonder of world in my life she had very big boobs , more then big i think, now i am going to off her shalwar, she had a sexy body, i an not able to explain her sexy and beautiful body in my words, now she took off my clothes she saw my dick and imediatly said this is my ideal dick ohhhhhhhh, now she is sucking my dick like a ice cream, now we are in 69 position and i am licking her hairy cunt and she is sucking my dick , after ten minutes i tell her i am going to cum she said cum in my mouth i want to taste it first time in my life, i said ok.

She is sucking my dick hardly i cum in her mouth and she said very nice , now i am going to fuck her, i kept my dick in her cunt and give a hard shart she is moaning ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuukmmmmmmmmmmmmm, please fuck me , please……….., i am very hungry for sex pleaseeeeeeeee fuckkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasee. after 15 minutes we both have finish , after some time my dick is geting erection again , i tell her to fuck her ass, she said no , fuck my big boobs please please , and i be agree to fuck her boobs, she put my dick between her big boobs and close them and i am feeling like my dich his in a cunt , now i start to fuck her boobs, and she is crying fuck them pleaseeeeeeeee, they are abbsoultely , new in sex, fuck them after some time i cum on her boobs and she is rubbing my cum on her boobs on face and said this is well for beauty of my body, i said now i want to fuck your ass hole , and she become agree i apply some oil on my dick and some on her ass hole and started to fuck in her ass hole , and she is crying aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , chhhhooooooooood dooooooooo naaaaaaaaaaaa plleeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee, pleaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee, mujhe dard hota hai,,,,,,,,,but i did not live her and continue to fuck her.

After ten minutes i cum in her ass hole and i have finish again , ok desi sites friends i tell you my next story ass soon as possible, now we live in rawalpindi, any hot girl or aunty from rawalpindi and Islamabad can contact me on my e.mail. I am waiting for your,s comments.

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