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How I Fuck My Hot Indian Maid

  • desipapa
  • October 30, 2015

Hi all. I am sanjay 24years old from Chennai. I am regularly reading stories in ISS from last 2 year. This is my first story I am writing. Please adjust any mistakes in my stories.

Coming to story I don like to waste you are time. This incident happen before 2 years ago. I am undergo training in Bangalore for my project I have to stay in Bangalore for 6month so I take one apartment individual and stay there.

One day I call my security and tell that I need a maid who are wash my cloth clean my home and make food for lunch and dinner. He tell ok sir I will arrange it soon. Then next day at evening he come with maid. At first I see her and shock because she look very sexy and her figure is perfect in size. He intro me a maid and tell she is Uma name change. She come from tomorrow to work I agree and tell ok.

Next day she come early at 7 and make me woke up by ringing bell. She come inside and start doing her all sweeping jobs. I get ready and started to my training. I give 1 set of key to my maid and 1 more set with me. I tell her you finish work and you start home by lock door. Same process repeat by 5 days. Week end start I was in home she come and start doing her job first she come and talk with me.

Maid: sir, I need money to buy household thing so give me.

Me: how much you need to buy ..?

M: I need 500 rupees

Me: ok I will give.

As we start talking slowly I ask about her.

Me: what doing you are husband.

Maid: he passed away 2years back in train accident.

Me: you have children.

M: yes, 1 daughter. Working in company.

As such we talking day pass after a month we are more close. I ask her problem and solve. One day while talking I ask her what u do if you feel for sex I was shock she smile and tell I have my finger are I use banana to fulfill and went. Next day I was watching porn in my laptop interestingly she come and stand back of me and watching without me. I was shock to see her. Asked what are you doing her. She replied what u doing same thing I too doing I was shocked about her answer. We both in same feeling and soo mood. She tell suddenly why u wasting you are mood by blowjob come to me I Will fulfill you are dream come on. I was so happy and feel like cloud nine. I smile and tell okie.

I stand and go near her lips she breadth increasing speed I place my lips in her lips we kiss each other hardly I sucking her lips from 10 min we exchange both saliva and make wet in both place in place also and her pussy also. She tell this is long kiss you naughty you make me wet so soon. I hear that and feel happy. I hug her and remove her saree and she remove my shirt and kiss in my chest and make my cheat fully wet by her saliva.

Then she heal down and remove my pant I was standing only in my underwear with bulge of my hard tool inside. She touch it and tell woow it so big I need to see it right now. Insert her hand take it out she see and tel omg my husband to have only 6inch but you are 8inch and soo broad. I am going to enjoy my sex today a lot. She take it in mouth and sucking like lollipop and play with my penis. She suck very hard and give full speed blowjob I was in heaven. I was shouting like mad she not care and doing her job I was shouting coming coming she take all my come in her mouth. She split in 1 glass all my come and keep in fridge.

After that I start to kiss her we kiss hardly exchange both saliva for 15min again I become hard and hot she ask are u ok baby for next round I smile and tell with pleasure sweety. We came 69 position for 20 min she tell I can’t wait still let fuck me and make you are bitch I tel u come up and start fuck me. She come up place her pussy hole in my dick. She slowly inserting her pussy in my dick it insert fully in that pleasure she shouting a lot aaaaa ahhhh ssahhh your dick touch my end soo hot baby first time this much big dick getting in my pussy so pleasure baby. While she fucking me her boobs start jumping up and down. I hold in hand pressing hardly. While she fucking she give me lot of kiss in lips. She fuck for 20min in that position.

After that she stand and keep her one leg in bed and told to fuck her by standing position. I stand up and keep my dick in her hole and press with in 1 push all my dick insert fully she shout a lot.

While I fuck her she kiss in my lips I suck her boobs, suck her neck bite her nipple very hard and make her nipple red we stand and fuck for 15min I feel like coming I tell she take it out put kneel down suck my dick take my all come in her mouth and split in glass again keep in fridge. She clean my duck by her mouth and we both lay in bed for 30min.

She woke up get ready and started to home while she go come close kiss my lips and tell in ears that I wanna fuck her daily 1 hour and make her full satisfied I am very happy to hear that. I accept her proposal and give 1 kiss and send her to home.

In my next story I will tel you how I fuck her in different style and tel you how I fuck her daughter also.

Please tell your suggestions to update in my next stories guys. Auntie, widow ladies are girls feel free to contact me to have a great sex are sex chat I am always her for you. My mail id

How I Fuck My Maid In My Apartment

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