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Housewife Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

This is Manu back with the third experience of life. I had earlier written my experience with Bhanu Chechi and her sis. This narration is about my experience just 2 weeks back. I now stay in Ernakulam and working with the same telecom company I had worked in Trivandrum. By the time I got transferred to Ekm, I had already made many friends in my organization across Kerala.

I moved to Ekm in last December and I stayed in the company guest house for a month as I could not manage to get an accommodation here because I had little time to search after my busy schedule. Later I was told that I would not be allowed to stay there over a month’s time. A friend of mine his name is JK who told me there is a place you can stay on paying guest basis. I said, lets see the place.

I was taken to a house in Vytilla where I was led to a first floor home where his cousin brother, his wife and son lived. His bro, rajeev was working with the SBI and his wife Girija did not work. Their son was in the 11th standard. All of them were there and I was introduced to them by JK. While leaving, he told me the rent would be 1250 monthly and also advice me not to give any excess money (if bro asks) and also warned me if

I gave extra money, there are little chances I would get it back. I agreed. I was given a room adjacent to the bedroom of their son with a balcony and a small toilet. The first day was over and the second day was a Saturday. After job, I went back to Kollam where my native place is and came back to office directly on Monday, that evening back home. When I came, the cousin bro (I called him uncle) was there and his wife.

He was around 45 and aunt, I thought would be around 38-40. They asked everything about me and I too enquired about them..Their son was in an Eng college in Kottayam. Let me tell about the aunty. She has a fat body with huge boobs and her bosom was excellent anybody would first look to her flat stomach which is her biggest attraction…her eyes are darker in color comparing other females even if her complexion was pale.

I was observing aunt while she was walking and always had thought she was a Maal. I was becoming close to them and my commitment was increasing. In between, one day, uncle asked me 500 rupees and with a bit of hesitation, I gave him the money. That day when I returned, I saw that aunt was alone home….uncle came home around 2 fully drunk and I had to take him to bed and he was fully out.

Aunty was totally like insulted by me seeing him this way….days passed by and I came to know that uncle was a drunkard….One day in between, somebody called home and told aunt that uncle was lying on the main road footpath totally drunk. Aunty came to me crying and asked me to bring him…I went to the place where I was told he was and brought him home…aunt helped me in taking him to bed….taking the opportunity,

I asked aunt what makes him drink so much….She told me he has another setup with a lady across the road whose hubby is in the gulf and he goes there and gets drunk…She also told me it was a sexual relationship between them…I consoled her and told her things will be right….she told me nothing is going to be right anymore

Their boy doesn’t know this and she took promise from me that I will not tell him….From that day, she was like becoming frank with me…and I started avoiding thinking about her as a sex machine. She told me they got married when she was 19 and the boy was born when she was 21. Now she was 36…I used to be given food by her and my cloths used to be washed by a lady who used to come for washing their cloth.

I pay her 500/ month for that…The days I had to go to office early on shift, aunty used to wake me up..Since it was heavy temperature and humidity in Feb, I used to avoid wearing my shirt while I sleep….after about a week, aunty in between our talk asked me whether I used to go to the Gym. I said yes…I understood she had started observing me…I liked that

I started masturbating while in bed in the nights thinking of her….One day when there was a target achievement party at office, I got drunk and came home…aunt was alone and when she saw me drunk, she started crying…
She came to me and started advising me not to drink and that I will lose the figure and structure and all…I was in no mind to hear all those

I went to my bed and slept….later in the night, I could feel that somebody was trying to remove my shirt, pant and all…I somehow got up to see it was aunty removing my shoes…seeing her, I had my sex ghost getting up, in the kick of the booz, I asked her why she was wasting life with that mud fool…she told me I was drunk and need rest

I asked her to come and sit near me…she came..Involuntarily, I touched her shoulder and her big boobs she did not seem to resist but told me I was doing that in intoxication of the drink. I removed her pallu and asked her to show me her boobs she sat there silent…seeing no response from her, I removed the hooks of her blouse and kissed her cleavage

She told me no. 2-3 more times by the time which I had removed her bra clip also….her boobs were hanging in front of me and I held one in my hand….she was now hissing and moaning….I kissed her right boob and took her nipple in my mouth….I asked her to remove her saree and she was doing what I was asking her to do….in about 3 minutes she was stark naked on my cot.

I took her right hand and guided to my then hard cock…she was first not responding but when my act started to be aggressive, she took out my cock and started stroking…I licked and kissed her all over and she was responding well…her tongue started roaming around across my body and finally she reached my crotch…she took my dick in her mouth and started pumping in and out of her mouth….she was taking me so high that

I was coming in her mouth in no time…after that she rested and after about 10 minutes she again went for my tool and sucked it, licked it and stoked it…it came up again with an effort of 15 minutes…I understood she was getting on top of me now…she slowly inserted my dick into her flesh and started pumping me….she was as if getting the pleasure after a long time….she was going all fours and

I was lying there still because of the doze….after about 10 minutes I came again but this time in her cunt….I don’t know how many times she fucked me that night…In the morning when I got up, I was like totally disturbed but aunt seemed to be much more close to me….she gave me food of my interest and now she doesn’t complain of uncle much…she was getting from me what she wanted since then….

I have started loving this female who is 10 years elder to me…I don’t know what she does for not getting conceived but I had filled her 7 times by this time in 2 weeks……if any female in Kerala happens to read this and likes, please respond to me at….only to know what females feel about the relationship

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