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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

I am pavanraj. I am 19 yrs old. I am not married. living in warangal after my uncle Ashok (33yrs) shifted with hie family near to my house which is 100ft to my house. there is no house in between so we came see ourselves a bit from our houses. I got a bike for my travel my office is just 5 mins from home. Ashok is doing some business in Chennai north a long way he goes by his scooter daily. If he goes in the morning he comes late night so I use to help them in the evening and we phones so its another way easy for us to do help.

Mostly I cook myself sometimes I eat in Ashok’s house mostly in Sundays because we will be free. Vanitha 31, Ashok’s beautiful and damm sexy housewife, she is very fair, slim but busty and really white big tits and nice fold on the hip, and beautifully lined lips, even some of our friends told in the party about Vanitha is so fuckable none notice except me they were all drunk. nobody will say she is 31 even I judge her as 25hardly, easy words super body. I secretly fancy her body and masturbate. she looks after their 8 yrs old son, morning Ashok has to drop by 9 o clock to the school and she picks him up by 3pm, same time does shopping. Sometimes I picked him up too. once I gave her lift to school. I noticed so many people looked her, and jealousy look on me. Their neighbour Ramesh 30 and Chitra 26 is a housewife like Vanitha. Chitra is beautiful and sexy lady, she is a bit short than Vanitha but very bold than her. she use to talk with me very sexy. because her husband Ramesh is a pharmasutical manager, (they married 3 yrs back) so he always on tour. so Vanitha and Chitra became very good friends, and bored sexy housewives, I know if I try a bit I can fuck both, but Vavitha is my best friends wife. so what to do she is the one I want to fuck desperately. Days were moving smoothly. everyday after Ashok goes to his office by 9 o clock with his son, Chitra will go to Vanitha house because they got nothing to do. When I go to office I drop the news paper and magazines for them. everyday I talk to them in double meaning, Chitra always replies, but Vanitha smiles for it but wont answer. but both are hot wives. We talked about food I said how I do they both said its not like that. and Chitra asked why I didnt get married?.

I said if I get like anyone of you I will marry, specially like Vanitha. Chitra told, ” hey look he likes you go and marry him”, Vanitha said he is too late. I said for “some people they get top class women but what is the use? only one day”. they are lucky”look at me I go to office by 10 and come by 4 if I have Vanitha as wife, she wont be seen outside, because while I am at home she will be in bed and in kitchen, and I have 1 hour for lunch I will come in that time. Chitra said, “ha its nice to hear this that’s how you have o enjoy life, m for us?” I looked Vanitha she smiled and didnt say anything. I knew both are fancying me. because these type of talks wont go to their hubbies knowledge. so I got chance. One day when I went to Ashok’s house, there was some water on floor and I didnt see that I slipped over, hearing the sound they both came running and tried to lift I don’t know what happened I was faint Vanitha poured some water on my face I was half sensed, then they both lifted me on their shoulder Vanitha was on my left and Chitra on my right both ladies held my hip with their hands and my hands over their front, I felt Chitra`s right breast touched my hand few times it happened accidentally I felt a bit aroused and kept my hand on her breast itself, Vanitha saw this and said to Chitra, “hey Chitra look his hand”,. Chitra said, “I know but he is faint leave it no harm”, saying that she held my hand with hers and pressed. I came to full senses but I didnt show that because both ladies are great looking and experienced bored house wives so just enjoy the chance. my hand was fully cupped chitra`s breast she looked at my eyes and smiled and pressed on her tits she gave half smile and took me to their hall. While they tried twice I touched Vanitha’s boob too they tried to lay me on bed I held Chitra`s breast firmly she tried to take my hand I gave a press again and twisted my leg we all fell on the bed we rolled over Chitra went under me and I was on her Vanitha on my fell side her sari went up and her white mighty thighs were exposed, and the sari head was thrown on the side so her big two boobs were seen with the blouse. I slightly got tempted I placed my left on her hotspot between her thighs, my right hand was under Chitra`s back. but she didnt try to getup so I pressed my hip on her while my chest on her breast.

Chitra`s both hand was on my back slightly holding me in the same position, I saw Chitra`s eyes she was looking at me, I felt my hardness in my pants I pressed her again this time to show I do it purposely. her thighs opened I slipped into her legs already Chitra`s nightie came up to her knees and her one leg was on mine. Vanitha saw this and got up, but unfortunately my hand got in between her thighs she again fell this side. but my hands went into the thighs. now slowly she opened her legs I turned to her and saw her rose pussy, suddenly she pulled her sari. but I touched her pussy and cupped it and pressed it. Vanitha opened her legs again stood up on her knees and pulled hand out, I slightly massaged her pussy, she bent down. I saw her big boobs from the opening of her blouse she tried to cover her tits from my eyes and she was successfully did it. but in the same time I massaged again her pussy nicely. she knew I was not faint anymore at last she achieved pulling my hand from her pussy she went to the chair and sat down and rested her head on her both hands and breathing heavily. I know why, she was disturbed by my hand on her pussy, same time me and Chitra were in same position. my hardness was exactly on her hip so she felt my masculine organ. she tried to turn and she hugged me and we rolled both ways. now my right hand was released but I didnt remove it hugged her too we both rolled for sometime. I got few chances to press her boob and once I sucked her nipple through her nightie. Vanitha called Chitra, “you idiot come here” I gave a press by my hip and rotated on hers and took her head and got her lips and kissed and sucked it for a while then I let her go and still I was on bed. She went to Vanitha, I saw in half opened eyes that Chitra`s body was shivering and Vanitha still on chair. then Vanitha asked Chitra that is need to call the doctor for me or her husband.

Surprisingly Chitra said not necessary I will get him cured if you give a hand. Chitra went to kitchen and brought some warm water and unbuttoned my shirt. she saw my hairy wide chest she rubbed her hand on my chest. Vanitha came near and asked I am ok or not she said no but I knew what his problem is I will cure it. that time her fingers were fondling my tiny nipples. Vanitha saw this and shouted, Chitra quietly said please let me treat him leave this room for sometime and come when I call you. Vanitha said o but your treatment is not seems to be good. Chitra went to her and pushed her out the room and closed the door, came to me. she looked at me deeply and laid her head on my chest and played with my nipples. she pinched me hardly I said its paining, Chitra smiled and said it was the same when you bite my lips. I pulled her to me and kissed her fully on her mouth, our tongues were meeting and get sucked by other, our hands were rubbing the body and I undressed myself and pulled her nightie through her head. She didnt wear anything inside I fell over her and kissed and sucked her both nipples. She was rolling on me she was like a fire ball. I called her, she said, “please so many days I have been. so don’t waste time”, I went for her pussy to suck it but Chitra held my head and said, “I cant wait just do it straight” and pressed my cock on her pussy. I gave a good press. just my cock slipped into it before I start she began already pushing me back. we started fucking her pussy she was wildly responding me. My cock was going and coming out. she was very fast, then I pulled out my cock and pressed again fucked her. Chitra was arching me back. the door was opened it was Vanitha, she saw us fucking, she slammed the door and went. I fucked her violently and cum inside her pussy. she held my legs tightly with her thighs and pressed her hands on my both ass pressed me in.

I drained out fully. we both exhausted. we kissed and hugged and relaxed on bed. Chitra got up and pulled herself out from me and went to the toilet and cleaned herself. I was laying on the bed. she went to Vanitha they both argued, after some time Chitra came in and said to me, come lets go. I got up and dressed and came out. I saw Vanitha on the chair, she fired at me, I didn’t expect you like this she is married. but Chitra pulled my hand and we went to chitra`s house. she took me to the bedroom. she undressed herself and stood nude and hugged me and said, “I want to fuck more, come on fuck me” I took off my dress too and hugged her. all these Vanitha was watching from her room and shouted, “you don’t go too much you are married”, Chitra said, “shut up we want to fuck, yes I will do when ever and wherever I like, you just go,I know you wanted to fuck him but I fucked before you that’s why you are angry”, then she knelt before me and took my cock in mouth and sucked. Vanitha was watching this. I was enjoying Chitra`s mouth on my cock. Vanitha shouted at me,”look you are fucking a married lady, go and get some bitch or prostitute”. Chitra got up and said, “why should he go to prostitute, I am his bitch he will fuck my cunt whenever he wants,” Vanitha said “well you are fucking her. her hubby will come anytime tomorrow then what will you do”, Chitra said for me,”then you come and fuck”, Vanitha got angry, shut up you I know how to fuck and when to fuck him.

Chitra said ok keep quiet let me fuck him. we fucked for 2 hours and I went to my home took rest. after 3 Days Chitra hubby Ramesh came till then I went to her home in nights and we fucked. when I went to the office I opened Ashok’s gate and called for Vanitha she came I gave the paper she threw it and said, “who wants it? there should be some limit you insulted me in front of her,” I said, “Vanitha I didnt insult you since I am a single man she co-operated with me so I just did with her, but you know that I like you the most”. she said “if you liked me why you didnt come to me, I was on the chair I was ready for you”,`as I heard this words I felt very bad she was ready to fuck with this is the chance I was waiting for this long.I said, “VANI I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MY DREAM”she said,”CHITRA IS BEAUTIFUL AND YOUNGER THAN ME,I went closer to her and said, “VANI AGE DOESN’T MATTER IN SOME THINGS, BECAUSE EXPERIENCE AND PERFORMANCE NEEDED” THAT YOU HAVE IT”. I kissed Vanitha and now Vanitha’s lips were sucking mine fully my tongue went inside her mouth and drank her sliva. Her hands were rubbing my body and tried to pull my shirt. now my mouth was on her mounts sucking her tits along the bra. I cant wait I unhooked bra and took her big tits tightly on kissed her nipples. I sucked, and sucked fully, she guided my head to her other boob and gave the nipple into my mouth, I drank that too at the same time she undressed me I was nude. I forced her thighs move apart and covered pussy and rubbed with panties. I widely opened her thighs and pulled her panties I stood up and pulled her to the bed I laid and hugged her tightly. I kissed her pussy and licked it Vanitha pressed my head. I started eating wet pussy, she lifted her hip and rubbed wet pussy on my face.

I came up and kissed her fully on her mouth I can taste her wetness from our mouth. my body was shivering my mind was blacked out no one can control even myself because I was achieving my greatest goal having sex Vanitha for the fisrt time in my life, while all my friend were dreaming her. Vanitha’s hand came for to cock and pulled it, “Vimal I want to suck your cock” I lifted her head and placed on my lap she kissed the head of my cock. she opened her lips licked my cock and inserted my dick into her mouth and slowly pumped it. it was big not going in her mouth I tried hard and pressed in she took the full of my cock in to mouth. I fingered her cunt, I was going mad about her cock sucking, biting my cock I never thought this would happen because the one who was sucking my cock is my best friends religious wife his honest wife. Now I took Vanitha and laid her on bed and pressed my dick head on her wet cunt I slammed into her. Oh it went in fully,. At last I am fucking my dream lady Vanitha, I am fucking my best friend wife. I can’t believe this I achieved it I longed for her I am fucking her. she moaned again out of joy, pleasure, ,”HAAA…AAA…SSSS….YES…YES..DARLING.” our fuck went rhymatically. I was enjoying my cock in my friends wife’s pussy. her legs were circled my hips and pulling me. I fucked, harder..and told she said to me, “V imal thanks I want you be mine. please realise me,I LOVE YOU I said ,”VANI I LOVE TO FUCK MY FRIENDS WIFE I was cumming she held my hip tightly and pumped me back. she said “don’t cum inside because I am your friends wife we planned not to have kids for two yrs..please don’t cum inside..I will get pregnant”. I didnt bother because I never thought I will fuck her so easily so I want to seed mine, in her, “Vani I am cumming in your cunt..I am filling your cunt…just stay calm and receive my juice who you loved to fuck with”,.

I feel my cock got hardened and shooted its warm liquid inside her pussy, I felt her vagina contrasted on my cock and I like its dripping to fill in her cunt. she said..”O No.. your juice is filling my vagina I am going to get pregnant, I made a mistake by fucking with you. till his last drop I held her tightly and both exhausted and lay apart. We got up after an hour and cleaned ourselves. it continued for a week till Chitra`s hubby goes on tour then I got both ladies sometimes in turn and mostly three somes. any hot ladies wanna good fuck with me can contact me my eamai id OXY_RAJ@YAHOO.CO.IN

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