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House owners wife of Kerala

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

I am vinupk This happened when I shifted to the Ernakulam town of Kerala on a Job for a few months I joined a house as paying guest, away from the main town which consists of owner baby, his wife jolly and a gal of 10 yrs. It was 1/2 hours from the M.G. Road. Fortunately the house had no electricity or water problems. The house owner, Mr. baby assured me that he would arrange for food .However there was only one bathroom. Don’t worry about food my wife will cook everything. About 4clock in the evening I saw a strikingly good looking woman coming towards the house with a gal of 10 yrs, looking innocently at me and Mr. Baby introduced them to me and me to them She was wearing a pink cotton sari and a black blouse. Though I could not see any naked flesh but my experience told me that the sari was housing a great body. My guess was that she was not a day over 32 years.

My decision was made instantaneously. ” Okay, okay, you can start from today” I said condescendingly. “Thank you, thank you so much vinu, you will not be disappointed with our food.” said the wife Mrs Jolly.” We shall keep you happy and take care of all your needs”. I smiled and said to myself “You better.” I had decided then itself that I shall definitely fuck her. Well things started to get into a routine soon after that Baby would go out for work at six thirty in the morning, his wife by 8.30 prepare my morning tea and breakfast. At about 2.00 in the afternoon after my lunch I used to nap for a few hours. This was the time jolly, Baby’s wife would come for her bath. When jolly came out of the bathroom she used to be only in her blouse and petticoat but since her daughter was around I never dared to really come out of my room and look. The couple would also come in the evening to serve my dinner but would always leave together. So I never had a chance to make my move. Just looking at her move through the house gave me a hard on. I tried to be as discreet as possible especially when baby was also in the same room. What really excited me was the shape of her butt through the thin sari material when she used to wash the utensils over the washbasin. I would make frequent visits to the kitchen when she was working. At times I even stroked my dick a few times, when her back was to me.

She of course was oblivious to my attraction. On my trips to the market I got half bottle of brandy. That night after Baby and Jolly went to their room I opened the bottle and take 3 pegs and begin to imagine about jolly’s body. I masturbated on that and went off to sleep. The next day I baby asked me that whether I would take drinks may be his wife has seen the bottle I said yes and he said next time he will give company. He borrowed 10,000 Rs. from me to purchase a scooter and told me that he will give it next day as he will get the money from someone. I thought of a plan to make Baby fit and enjoy his wife. Next day I bring a whole full bottle as it was Sunday and we both has leave. I took the bottle and Baby come to my room and we started to drink I have taken my usual 3 pegs and baby finished the rest of the bottle and begin to sleep. My plan had worked, I had guessed correctly. Baby was an alcoholic like many other Government officials in the town. And it did dawn upon me that now I was coming closer to fulfill my fantasy. jolly went to the kitchen to pick up the broom. When she returned she had tucked the Munthaanai of her sari in her petticoat exposing a bit of her beautiful belly. Though I couldn’t see her navel. I was sure that she had actually tied her petticoat much below the navel. I tried my best not to gawk at her bare belly but it was amazingly curvaceous and smooth. My next aim was to see her navel and caress that belly with my hands. But before that I had to ensure that Baby was actually asleep.

So I went up to my room and peeked in. baby was lying on the bed. His mouth open, snoring away to glory. I could see the empty brandy bottle by his side. Satisfied I came to the kitchen. Jolly was still sweeping the floor. Her waist was glistening with sweat making it sexier. In fact looking at her made me so horny that I could fuck her there and then but I knew that I had to be patient. After a few hours had passed I decided to make a move? I said “Just, just help me get a few books from the box in the top of alamarah which is placed in dining table. ”Sure vinu” she replied. She came into the dining room. I told her to climb on the stool. She climbed but expectantly was not able to balance herself. On the pretext of balancing her I quickly grabbed her waist with both my hands and said “now its okay, I have you balanced just take out the books from the box”. My face was just at the same height as her waist. While she was opening the trunk my hands caressed her belly. I was really enjoying the sensation. I tried to peek at her navel but could not. I almost kissed her belly, when she said “Are these the books?”I was flabbergasted and replied “Yes”. “Is that all?” she asked. “Yes” I replied and let her down. After that I asked her about the money he taken from me she said that he will arrange within days she left for the Kitchen, leaving me behind with a major hard on. That evening baby told me that he was short of money and I have to give him some more time. I agreed and I told Baby that he could take as much liquor he wanted from the bar and consider it as my treat for his new scooter. Jolly was in the other room but I knew she could hear us.

The statement on his face was that of extreme gratitude and then hesitantly I picked him to the near by bar and he almost take a full bottle and it is 11.30 night and we returned to house he was out of control and vomited in the auto. I smiled to myself -“this will keep him asleep for some more hours . I payed the auto and took him to his bed room.“That guy is a drunkard and a wastrel. Tell him if he cannot pay my money then I will file case against both of you.” I shouted at her. She kept her head down and said “I’ll make him to pay as early as possible and do everything as you says, please do not file case, please!” “Okay”, I said. I let her finish her work and then she came I knew this was my chance. So I told her I have to go early and have to finish some urgent papers for office so I will take rest for some time and please call me after your work. I pretended to be asleep I heard the sound of her cleaning the kitchen and she going for bath. She finished her bath and come to my bedroom door and calling me to awake but I could see her standing near the door in just her red blouse and red petticoat. Her hair were still wet, her red blouse was really low cut and can see her black bra through it. Not only could I see a deep cleavage but also the taut nipples inside it. As expected her petticoat was tied below her navel generously displaying her entire belly. As I still didn’t respond she came closer and shook my shoulder. As she was leaning to do so her breast jiggled and my dick became harder.I opened my eyes acting as though I had just got up from sleep and said in a matter of fact tone, ”Oh you are done with your bath, now you can give me some Massage”.

She recoiled back in shock and could manage only a, “ But!” Now I literally shouted at her and said “Didn’t you promise me that you we’ll do all the things. Well Baby promised to give me Massage today since he is not there it is you duty isn’t it” Reluctantly She nodded back. Then said “Okay but let me wear my sari and come”. ”No! You have to give a massage right now. Otherwise the both of you can pack up to jail”. She nodded again this time she was almost trembling in fear. That did the trick. I handed her the oil bottle and took off my shirt and pant. I was only in my underwear now. I placed a towel on the bed and lied down on my stomach. She said “vinu please do not tell Baby that I did this otherwise he’ll be very angry”. Do not worry Jolly, just give me a nice massage and this will remain between the two of us.”, I said smoothingly. Next I felt jolly’s soft hands on my bare back. The feeling was exquisite. She squeezed my neck, shoulders and thighs. Now I turned around and told her to massage my chest and stomach too. Now I could see her while feeling her hands all over me. Her low cut blouse revealed her ample cleavage and through the thin material of red blouse and black bra I could make out the taut nipples. I felt like ripping the blouse and bra off and taking those nipples in my mouth. Even though I had tight underwear on my dick was standing out vertically underneath them. Jolly glanced at my crotch, her eyes widened in surprise but she ignored it and continued with the massage. I could tell that she was very nervous.

Her hands were cold and shaky. She continued moving her hands over my torso. When she reached my lower belly I grabbed her hand and guided it to my crotch. Her hand was on top of my erect member. ”Jolly, just finish the massage ”, I said .“vinu, please let me go. Baby would have woken up by now. ”she pleaded, while she tried to free her hand. I pulled her wrist and placed her hand in my underwear .Her hand was now touching my bare dick. I begin to feel her boobs above her blouse she was in fear she said “ no … vinu please don’t harm me and spoil me. Im married , pleaseeeeeeeeeeee….noooooo….I pressed myself against her. With one hand I caressed her belly and the other cupped her breast, while my crotch pressed against her buttocks. She almost screamed. She tried to wriggle herself out of my grip and managed to turn around.“I have to go now, please let me go”, she said in a shaky voice. “But you have to finish massaging me, you left it midway”, I said with a grin. ”If you finish the massage I’ll let you go” “Aiyoo vinuuuu please.. ok I will do ”, she replied stammeringly. I lied back on my bed. Jolly poured some oil in her palms and sat next to me..and again she tried t o get up and leave. But I grabbed her hand and pulled her down guiding her hand on my bulging crotch. “You have to finish the massage first”, I said. “Just rub it a bit and then you can go”, I said as though it was a small job and she should just finish it up. “yes vinu I will do”she replied meekly. I guided her hand into my underwear and made her hold my dick. Jolly was breathing hard as she started to move her hand up and down my cock. It was heavenly.

“Good, very good, just a bit faster”, I said. Then I got greedy and tried to kiss her on her hips. Before I could even do so, she sprang up and tried to bolt. This time I wasn’t going to let her go. I shot up and caught her by the shoulders. I grabbed both her wrist and pushed them to her sides. Then I drove her to my bed throwing her on it. Her heaving bosom with the generous cleavage showing made her look as sexy as ever. ”I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I am going to fuck you so hard that you’ll cry. So stop fighting it. And now Baby is not in a stage to save your chastity”, I said as I removed my underwear.My dick sprang out, She looked at it with shock. “Please. Phleeease vinuuuu…nooo…please don’t spoil me…enai nashipikkalae… njan pavamannuuuu ayioooo…. let me go, I’ll do anything you say, just let me go. ”she pleaded but I was insatiable. I pounced on her grabbed her red blouse along with her black bra and ripped it off. Her breast toppled out and I grabbed them in my mouth like a starving man. I took each nipple and bit it hard. Jolly screamed “what are you doing? This is wrong, let me go, for godsake stop, please,pleeeeasse vinuuuu..I am a married woman, I shall not be able to show my face to my husband. Don’t do this vinuuuui” No, noooh, oh god! Noooooooh” she moaned as I licked her nipples to hardness. Her protests were making me hornier. I hungrily kissed her face, lips, neck down to her cleavage while she was fruitlessly trying to push me off. She had flawlessly smooth dark skin.

Her stomach was fleshy yet taut and very curvaceous. I started kissing and licking her belly and when I reached her deep navel , I darted my tongue in and out of it. Jolly gasped”Aaah,vendaaaa, …ennai viduuuu…aaaayiooooo,uuuuaaaaaanh ventaaaaaaa ”, when I did this and I realized that her resistance became meek. I continued my tongue treks into her navel but then proceeded further down. I opened her petticoat knot , pulled it down and kissed her on her lower belly just above her light blue panty which cover her pubic hair. “Please let me go vinuuuu…pleaseee.. no no .aaahhh…uuummmmhhhh. let me go” she sobbed as her emotions and body conflicted. Then I proceeded further down and pull her light blue panty down from her pussy. She had given up resistance and her hands gripped the bed sheet. Then I dug my tongue into her pussy and twirled it around her clitoris. She gasped”Aaaaaaaaaah,aaaaaaah,Aiyooooooo…uuuummmmhhh…aaaaaaah…vendaaaaaaa…aaahhhh….. please no.. no please .. I don’t want !!!!!”. Her whole body shook in a huge spasm and then was still. I repeated this and she orgasmed again. Her body was now slick with sweat. I knew her weakness know, I literally dug my face into her pussy licking all her cum. Jolly’s hands were tightening the hold on the bed sheet as I buried my face into her pussy. She was breathing hard “pleeease uuuuhuuuuhhhhyiooooo.. don’t, pleeease don’t , I beg you vinuuuu”. I once again twirled her clit with my tongue but stopped abruptly.

Lifting my head up, “Do you want me to let you go, Jolly?”, I asked tauntingly. “Yes, pleeeeeease . I’m poor.

Have mercy on me. My husband will leave me” she said in a desperate tone as she was agonizingly close to her third orgasm. “don’t worry, you are pretty … my keep…..Baby is an useless drunkard….You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you?”, I taunted further. “NO NOOOO! NOOOO!,PLEASE SPARE ME, PLEEEASE, DON’T ..AAAAHH…OOOOOH”, Prema screamed, while trying to catch her breath. “So, I should not rape you, SHOULD I ?”,I pestered further. “No! NO !!! PLEASE SPARE ME”, she screamed again, there was an impending urgency in her voice. I licked and sucked her pussy. While tonguing her clit, I almost chewed it. Cum was dripping from her pussy like a faucet. I finally lifted my face from her pussy and looked up at her.. Now I was going to fuck this HOUSEWIFE straight and hard. I held my penis and shoved it into her cum soaked pussy. Her pussy was really tight, at first only half of my dick went in, then I shoved the rest of it. She squealed ”Oh No! AMACHIIIII…AYIOOOO…AAAAHHH…UUUMMMHHH…AAA..OOOO”. While I was doing that, she tried to keep her legs together desperately in a bid to safeguard her chastity, but I caught hold of her silk smooth thighs and parted them with my muscular legs. And then I started shoving my dick in and out of her pussy. Slamming and banging her in a frenzy. The feel of her tight pussy engulfing my erect cock was simply delightful. I was pounding her hard with my organ. I picked up speed and rhythm. I bent down to her breasts and caught one of her brown nipples between my teeth and bit it hard. She screamed in pain and pleasure.

Then I gave the same treatment to her other nipple. Her face was red and her eyes were watering. Her huge breasts were jiggling up and down She was in a state of delirium by now.“Please don’t…. My husband will kill me. ”, was all she could manage before she was rocked by an orgasm. Jolly’s cum soaked the entire bed sheet of my bed. I put some oil in my dick and “Now I am going to Fuck your ass”, I said as I pulled her by her hair and kissed her neck rapaciously. She looked at me with apprehension and screamed : “Please vinuuuu.. NO … NOOOOOO …don’t harm me…please…!!!,.” I did not waste time and pushed my dick in her ass with a heavy thrust, she screamed as her ass accommodated my organ. Then I moved my dick head in and out and increased my rhythm. She soon lay exhausted. I was in seventh heaven. I took my dick out and plunged it again deep into her moist depths. I could not hold it any further. Jets of my semen spurted deep into her ass.. Finally when I was spent. Exhausted I lay on top of her and dozed off. When I woke up it was late in the morning. I noticed Jolly sitting at the edge of the room sobbing. She was wearing the torn remains of her blouse and the sari was tucked below her navel. She had tied back her hair in a bun. She looked so sexy that I was erect again As she glanced at me I could see guilt written all over her face.

She was now thinking of Baby who was sleeping in other room.. This made me smile. Jolly looked at me, sobbing, and said ,“ I beg you not to mention about it to Baby.”“Oh. Jolly dear, why do you worry the secret is safe between us”, I said as I got up and gently caressed her shoulders. My hands moved down to her breasts and just as I had started to fondle them, when she flinched back. “No, please don’t do it again baby will wake up soon” Jolly retorted. This really pissed me off this housewife bitch was acting pricey now. “Oh Reeeaaallly”, I said sarcastically. ”Then I suppose I should just rape you again. Isn’t it so ??”, I started moving towards her, as she was backing away from me. she looked scared. She turned around and run to the dining room. But I caught her by her waist and pinned her down in the dining table. I pushed her till she was lying flat on her back. I lifted her Sari, petticoat and tear off the blue panty and shoved my dick in her pussy. She screamed out loud. Without any lubrication it would have hurt her. It was really tight and I had to slowly push the rest of it all the way in. Once in I started moving it back and forth and by the tenth-fifteenth stroke I had picked up speed and was pumping her. Jolly was crying in low voice as her husband is sleeping in the room. All her resistance and sense of guilt had disappeared. I was making her a bitch. She had raised herself and was now on all fours. I kneaded her belly with my palms and occasionally pinched her nipples as I fucked her doggy-style. I orgasmed and shot remaining loads of cum deep into her pussy. It had the desired effect she was totally compliant after that. I fucked Jolly in almost all positions in each nook and corner of the house – the bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen. I continued fucking Jolly.

I would go to kitchen on the pretext of some chore and fuck her silly. I kept Baby intoxicated and senseless all this while. I presented him with a case of brandy and he went on a binge. He was totally unaware of what was going on. Sometimes she would give me a blow job while Baby was bathing in the adjacent bathroom. I kept Jolly happy not only with the multiple orgasms but also by giving her some extra cosmetics, dress, undergarments etc. I told her to purchase some chiffon saris. I loved to fuck her when she was wearing one This continued for a month, till my assignment was finished.When it was time for me to leave, I called Mr Baby and said to take the money , Jolly was anxious. While she served me hot tea that morning, wearing nothing under, I put my arms on her hips and asked her she’s happy. Her answer stunned me: “vinu, you are like a husband to me. I want to serve you, not Baby anymore”. I told her that my job is over and that she must return to her husband as a dutiful wife. That night I fucked her wildly to the satisfaction of all my lusts. The force of our lovemaking was so much that the bed sheet tore. The very next day, I packed up my luggage and Baby helped to put it inside my Car. I then settled some balanced with him and gave a RS 5,000 extra. He was jubilient at the sight of the note and I asked him to give it to his wife. “That’s for the food services of your wife,. Take it”. He looked happily at Jolly, while she looked down shyly. I guessed she knew what I meant. As I started the engine, Baby and Jolly slowly walked away, with his hands around her waist – the waist I knew too well. What a lovely break it had been! I didn’t keep in touch with that town for a long time after that. About a year later, I happened to pass by the town en route to trichur. It occurred to me to ask the neighbour by how was Baby and Jolly. His response shocked me. baby had been gone to America and his wife is with Baby’s parents. Any housewifes from south India can mail me in

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