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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi I m a PS from Lucknow . i read many story. they all were nice. i would like to share my exp with all desipapa’s viewer . i am male single 23 yrs . i don’t have any girlfriends (if anyone want contact at . i spend my time mostly with my friends . I have a high sexual urge and i mostly releive it by masturbating. i use to go to beach and watch people engaging themselves in romanting act , then come home and mastubate thinking of it. I would like to get a girl to spend my time and fulfil my urge. my fantasy is to take a girl to the beach, caress her tits and finger her and make her give me a blow job. but it never happened.

Let me come to my experience. i had joined a computer course and there were mostly boys and i would move around with all students and faculty nicely. one day a new faculty joined and she was gorgeous. i came to know that she was married but she doesnt look like that. her name is anjali. once we were talking and the conversation went like this she : what do you think of premarital sex and extra marital sex. me: everything depends on their own ideas. she: what is your idea me: for my premarital sex , it depends on the person. she:what do you think if you get an offer from me. me: what she: i was just joking. dont take it seriously. one day it happened i went to her house to collect some notes. she was cooking and i got the notes went into the kitchen and stood near the store room entrance. she kissed my hand and asked me are u not interested. i kissed her hand and stood there. i was getting aroused. she told me lets not get into sex immed and lets do it slowly.

She came near me and hugged. i felt her tits on my chest and had my hands on her soft hands. she told, it seems you are erect and i can feel it. i went and sat in a chair in the kitchen and she came and sat on the floor. she opened her blouse and i caressed her tits. she felt my dick over my pant and i opened my zip. she took out my dick and caught it and kissed on the top for sometime and told me, in my 10yrs of married life i am kissing it for the first time. then i left her place as her kids came. she called me that night and asked how did u feel. i told her it was great and told her that i am gonna masturbate.she told dont do it, i will take care of that. i asked her is your tits 36 and she told how do you know. i told that it was big and i guessed it. the next morning i was in a lungi(south indian casual wear) with no shirt. i invited her in and went to the bed room. she wanted to use the bathroom. after she came from the bathroom she cam near me an opened her blouse. i kissed her tits played, bite her nipple. she was aroused. she gave a blow job for sometime. she told this her first blowjob. then i asked her to lift her saree and i licked her. she was too excited that she cum.

She also complained that her husband had not licked her. then she laid down and asked me to come over her. she guided me by holding my dick in the correct hole. she was shouting ooh aah, pls, fast like that. she was holding in my back. i told her that i am going to cum. she told dont worry i am safe. i laid on her for some time and she got up and went to clean.she was very happy. i wore her her panty and she left for the centre. she was smiling at me in the centre and thanked me a lot. it again happend the next day also. this time i was lying down and she climbed on me and had a good orgasm. the time i went to her place and we were just chatting. i just casually placed my hands on her tits and she asked do u need it . i played with her tits for some time. then she caught my dick and she was giving a blow job. i told her i wann fuck your tits. she too was interested as she has never experience it. i fucked her tits for some time. then she continued her blow job and went on till i cummed. she drank all and told that it tasted nice. after that i couldnt meet her as she has shifted her place. i wanted to tell about what i saw a few months back. i went to the beach and was sitting there. a good looking guy and a girl passed me and sat in a distance. after some time i slowly left my plce and sat behind them in a distance from where i could see them clearly. they were talking for sometime. the girl was wearing a churidar.

She took her hands in the side slit of the chudi and was doing something. i cam to know later that she has loosende the knot of the pant. then the guy inserted his hand inside the pant. the girl was excited and was literally jumping. he was continuously fingering her for 10 mins. She had a nice time and she was leaning on him to hide her expression. i was very excited seeing the expression give my the girl.this continued for sometime. the girl was very excited. the girl had become calm, i thought she might havce had her orgasm. the she got the guys dick and he made her lie on his lap. she was giving him a blow job. after that the girl put her hand inside her chudi to tie the knot of her pant. this action of hers excited me more. then they left. i came home and releived myself thinkinf me in such a situation with a girl. this are my experience. if you are also interested mail me.i will be so happy to help you and help myself.i am keen in touching and fingering than actual sex. if any girls or aunty in lucknow is really interested then mail me.

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