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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi friends I am Aman (Aman) with an incident happened during Diwali. I am thankful to all the readers of my stories and appreciating me, the best thing is that so many women are now ready to share a lot of their fantasies and some are ready to explore this world and other guys who are ready to satisfy them in any way. Coming back to the story, during DIWALI vacations, I am a young man of 24, well educated and physically attractive. I hail from Jaipur. I got a very good job at JAIPUR and for that I settled here. I shifted to a new place in Jaipur as me old neighbor got transferred. The area is inhabited by many effluents. My flat is on the 4th floor. There were only two flats on each floor. My neighbors are a Muslim family. By and large we were known to one another. It is a childless family of a husband and a wife only. They are in their late twenties. Mr. Salim was working in a multinational. His wife Kiran was a house wife. With all my roomies being friendly with Mr. Salim, he used to come to my flat on weekends. Among my roomies I am the only drinker and as he was fond of hard drinks and knew that in my room he can have total privacy. His weakness was that he gets very high after couple of pegs. Then after, he would be talking all kind of nonsense. Many a times, I have to virtually lift him up and carry to his flat. Once during Diwali vacation my roomies left for their home towns and during a drink session his wife Kiran also joined him at my place. Though she was not drinking but she played the role of a host serving us biting etc. Kiran was a very beautiful lady. Her milky complexion makes you think as if she is a European lady. Her jet black hairs were very long, reaching almost to her buts.

Her red lips were natural and does not require any lipstick. She was around 5’.6” tall and had a very sexy figure of 36.30.36. Her dressing sense was superb. She generally puts on a sari and blouse. Tonight she was in light green semi transparent sari with a low cut sleeveless blouse. The part of her swollen boobs was visible from the cleavage easily when she bent to serve refreshment. I could see half of her huge globes. Salim all the while was busy drinking and never noticed my glances at his wife. Kiran too did not bother about the presence of her husband and was quite attentive to me. While the drinks were being consumed, Salim said, “Aman, you know, that I shall be off to USA for a couple of months. It is a sudden development. I have to leave tomorrow. I don’t have anybody here in Jaipur. I want you to take care of my home and my wife.” I responded, “Salim, don’t worry, I will always be there”. I turned to Kiran and told her, “Bhabhiji, please, don’t hesitate to tell for anything. I shall always be available.” Next day, salim’s flight was at 2.00 a.m. We all went to airport to see him off. I reassured him that he need not worry about his home and wife. Returning from air port, Kiran was sitting in front with me. I found her totally unmoved. I had thought that she would feel little down and sorry for the absence of her husband. When I said, “bhabhiji, you may now feel little lonely, but don’t worry. I shall always be there.” To this, she smiled and said, “Aman, in fact I feel liberated. Salim never took any interest in me. Only for others, he is my husband. Since last 8/9 months we don’t have a relationship of husband and wife.” I did not say anything. On reaching our place, before she eloped in her flat, she told me that she would wait for me for the morning tea. I accepted her invitation and bid good night to her. I normally leave for office around 8.30 in the morning. Today being Friday, the last day before the weekend, I felt

Happy for the ensuing two days off to follow. I stepped out of my flat As if she was waiting for the sound of opening of my door, Kiran too opened her door. I was stunned to see her in her almost transparent night. I was so mesmerized, I could not say anything. She noticed my stare at her and smiled. She said, “Good morning, Aman. I have been waiting for you to have tea together.” I smiled and reciprocated her good morning and proceeded to her door. She looked so beautiful and sexy; I started feeling hot for her. She set besides me at the table. She poured tea in my cup. Her every movement was gracious. I wondered why her husband does not take interest in her. I could see almost half of her boobs from the from top of her night. The sight was so captivating; I could not remove my eyes from there. She noticed it and smiled. She asked, “Hay, Aman, what is the matter? Haven’t you ever seen a lady?” I realized my fault and said, “Sorry”. “Why sorry? I feel elated to have an attention from a handsome man like you”, she said. I did not say anything. After tea, I got up and said bye to her. Before I could leave her flat, she said, “Aman, if you have no engagement in the evening, let us have dinner together at home.” I told her, “I am not sure. Tomorrow is Saturday; let us have lunch together, if you don’t mind.” I noticed that she was disappointed. So I told her, I promise, we shall surely have lunch and dinner also together. Are you happy now?” She smiled and said, “Breakfast too.” I said, you will have to wake me up in time in the morning.” She said, “Sure, I have got your keys.” She vanished in her flat I left for my office. On the way, all the while I was thinking of her. While Salim was here, she never had talked to me so freely. She would always be in her sari or sarwal-kameez. This was the first time I saw her in such revealing clothes and so eloquent in chatting with me.

Thinking of her, made me very hot and horny. I started day dreaming to have her in bed with me. I came back at home after having my dinner at a hotel, around 9.30 p.m. I had my bath. And then straightway went to bed. I am used to sleep nude. I find it more comfortable. I forgot that Kiran was to come in the morning to wake me up may find me nude and the situation may be embarrassing for both of us. Whole night I was dreaming about her. I was dreaming that she is in my arms. Her nude charm was so enchanting that I became almost mad and was pressing kneading and sucking her boobs. She on part was massaging my lund and brushing it against her chut. We were engrossed in the arms of one another. She bent and held my lund in her fingers. She was kissing its tip and sucking my lund. I really could feel the warmth of her mouth around my lund. I put my hand on her back. I was moving my hand on her naked back. Then I pulled her up. She was lying on top of me. She kept my face between her hands and kissing me passionately. My arms around her back and hold her tightly against me. My hands traveled down to her buts. I pressed her smooth butts. My lund was trapped between the lips of her chut.. Her boobs were flattened against my hairy chest. Ohhhhhh, what a bliss! Suddenly, I heard the opening of my bedroom door. I woke up. Before I could cover myself with a shawl, I saw Kiran in the door frame. I covered myself, but I was sure, she must have seen me naked. She was in her night gown. The gown was so flimsy and transparent, I could see her boobs and nipples clearly. She smiled at me and said, “Good morning, as promised, I have come to wake you up for morning tea and breakfast. Would you like to have your tea here or would join me at my place?” Though I was now covered, my hard on was not subsiding and a tent between my legs made it evident too. She noticed it. She stared there and

Looked elsewhere to conceal her embarrassment. She said, “you better get up and come at the earliest.” While leaving, she again glanced at the tent between my legs, smiled and left. I brushed my teeth, had a bath and slipped into white kurta pajama. It was now 9.30. I pressed the door bell of Saima’s flat. She opened the door smiled and welcomed me. Uff, she was clad in a black sari, and sleeveless, backless and low cut black blouse. She wore her sari so low that it was much below her naval and I could see the bones of her loins on both the sides. Her long hair were well made and loose, spread over her back. The cut at the top of her blouse was so low that it could conceal only her areolas and nipples. She wore a very intoxicating light perfume. The kind of reception I received and the way she presented herself and dressed at the moment, induced me to think as if she is out to seduce me. But I was afraid that this could be a wishful thinking. We sat at the dining table. She sat beside me. We were sipping our tea. She asked me, “Aman, you won’t mind if I ask a personal question”. I said, “Go head”. “Do you have any girl friend? I have not seen any girl coming here at your place” she asked. I said, I don’t have any at the moment. She laughed and asked, “Why?” I said I could not find any one interesting to enter into relationship. Then she said, “You are young, handsome and a successful at a very young age. Many girls would be dotting on you. Let me ask a very personal question. I hope you a normal guy.” I was taken aback by her such remark. I reacted, “I am quite normal and do feel attraction and have desire for pretty girls. In fact I was physical with one lady a couple of years ago before I moved in here. Though I am not married but neither I m virgin.”“O really! Tell me who that fortunate lady was?” She enquired. “She was my neighbor during my stay in pimpri. She was living with her hubby.” I said. She asked, “What happened to the relationship?

” I said, her hubby got transferred to another city and we got separated.” Kiran asked, “How was she? Was she very beautiful and passionately involved with you?” I said, “Yes, she was very beautiful. I was initiated by her in physical relationship and let me admit, for me she was a love goddess. We both got passionately involved with one another. She shown and taught me all sort of love tricks.”“Ok, but it was a couple of years before. How are you managing now?” She asked. I said, “Till I came here, I was dreaming of her.” She smiled and asked, “Only dreaming?” She is now more open and trading on a slippery wicket. I said, “Dreaming while playing with, you know what.” She stared at me and straightway asked, “How do you find me?” I replied, “As I told you, I was dreaming of her till I saw you. Since then it is you who I dream of.” She stared into my eyes and asked, “Really? Tell me what you like most about me?” I said, “You are an intelligent and beautiful sexy lady. You are different. Had you not been a married, I would have proposed to you.” I finished my tea. She teasingly asked, “What do you dream about me?” I have also become free and bold enough to tell her what I feel about her. I said, “I dream about making love to you in every manner I know. I also dream that you too are a willing partner and seduce me to have you in any manner I want.” She laughed and said, “You are a naughty man.”She finished her tea and murmured, “Yes, I am married, but Aman, we can still be close, as close as your old neighbor was. Ever since I saw you, I liked you. I used to compare you with my husband and wished it would have been better had you been in his place. Barring a few initial months after marriage, Salim suddenly became impotent. That is the reason I don’t have any child even after 4 years of marriage. Not

Only that, I feast very lonely at night. I was dreaming of a man like you making love to me. You are making me feel a complete woman. I want you to understand my plight and help me. While Salim is away, why can’t we have few happy days together at least”. She took my hands in are hands and kissed them lightly. I could not control myself and took her in my arms. I lifted her face and kissed her on her lips. “You know, Kiran, ever since I saw you, I developed a crush for you. But I was afraid that making an advance to you may annoy you and your husband would quarrel with me. So I could never muster up courage enough to express my feelings” I said. She now responded to my kisses and put her arms around my neck and said, “Oh, Aman, how sweet of you! You know, the way I have dressed up today. It was to entice you and seduce you to get you attracted to me. Did you like it?” I pressed her towards me, roaming my hand on her naked back, I said, “Yes, I like the way you are dressed now. I used to think of you in such provocative attire. You know, I when you came in my room in the morning, I was dreaming about you. We were making love to one another like lovers.” She asked, “Really? Tell me what were we doing?” I planted a wet kiss on the cleavage of her chest and said, “Yes, we both were naked. You were on top of me. We were glued to one another. Do you want me to tell you everything in open words?” She looked into my eyes and nodded. “You were sucking my lund. Then I pulled you on top of me. My hands were massaging your butts. Your nipples had grown stiff and were pinching me on my hairy chest, your boobs were flattened and pressed against my chest. My lund was trapped between the lips of your chut. Exactly at that time you came. Though I tried to cover myself,

I thought you saw my hard and throbbing lund. Tell me, did you see it?” She smiled and just said, “Naughty”. She got up but I prevented her to leave. I asked to answer my question. She said, “yes, I saw it and also the tent it created between your legs.” I asked, “how did you feel?” She said, “I felt like joining you at the very moment and feel your naked body against mine.” Saying this, she cleaned the table and took the plats to the kitchen…I followed her. She was arranging the kitchen platform. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I kissed her on the back of her neck. My hands now on her boobs, cupped them and pressed a little. She stood still and sighed a little. Her breathing became hard and fast. She turned towards me and asked me not to go back to my flat. Instead, I should stay at hers. She continued, “Don’t be so impatient. Let me finish this and I shall join you soon.” Reluctantly I left her and went to the drawing room. Soon heard her coming. I was relaxing on sofa watching TV. Suddenly, I saw her coming into the drawing room. She had changed into more provocative dress. She was clad in a very transparent see through pink color gown. She had nothing under it. Her beauty had its electric effect over me. I could not even wink my eyes. I got up and went to her. I stretched my arms, inviting her to step into my embracement. She threw herself into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her buts and pressed her hard towards me. Her half opened lips locked mine. Our tongues entwined with one another and we were virtually sucking one another’s mouths. Our breathing became hard. She kept her eyes closed and said, “Oh, Aman!!!!!!, I have been waiting for this moment since long. Press me hard in your arms. Make me your sweetheart. I am all yours.” Her words further excited me. I was now very hot. I could feel that she too has become hot. Her nipples have grown large and hard. I could feel its pinch against my hairy chest from her gown.

I lifted her in my arms and carried towards the bedroom. I laid her on her feet in the bedroom. Still we were locked in embracement. She started exploring my chest, moving her fingers through the hair on chest, kissing my nipples. I felt it was a time for me to undress. I removed my Kurta. She was almost waiting for this, she pulled the string of my pajama which fell down. I was without any underwear. She looked at my naked body. She noticed my full erection with wide eyes. With trembling hands she touched it. I grabbed her hand pressed it hard on it. I opened her fingers and placed my lund in her palm. She closed her eyes again and pulled me toward her with the other hand. She said, “Oh, Aman, it is very hard, very hot and so big. I kissed her again and said, “Dear, do you like it? Darling, now show me how beautiful you are without your gown.” She helped me removing her gown. Now we both are nude. I stepped back for a while to have a full view of our nude bodies. Hers was a milky white complexion. Her boobs were of 36dd, round and firm but spongy protruding out. Her nips were dark pink like a bud of rose. Her areolas were pink around her nipples. She had trimmed her pubic hairs and thin layer of hairs adored her pussy. I guided my fingers to her pussy, parting the lips and probed to find her clit. My middle finger found it and rubbed it a bit. She sighed and moaned, “…” Her pussy was warm and wet now. She continuously caressed my lund and was brushing it on her pussy. I kissed her lips and smooched all over her face. I smooched her forehead, chicks, back of neck and bit her earlobes. She moved her hand on my back and pressing me hard against her.

Her boobs are now flattened against my chest. I made a room and cupped her left boob. Pressed a little and suddenly started kneading it very hard. She moaned loudly and said, “Aman, slowly please”. I reduced the pressure and she said, , it feels very good, Aman, knead the other one too and suck my nipples.” I now employed my both hands to give justice to her boobs. I gently pressed them and kneaded them and squeezed both the nipples between my four fingers and thumbs. I started sucking them, first slowly and then rigorously. She again started moaning a loud. I asked her, “Did you want me to treat your boobs like this?” She put her hands over mine and said, “Yes yes, go on”. For a while I continued to suck her both the nipples alternatively. Then, I moved my hands on her back and to her smooth butts. Pressed them and kneaded them. I pulled her to me and asked, “Tell me about your fantasy. I shall try to live up to it.” She looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you sure?” “Try me once”, I said. She brought her lips to my ears and murmured, “I want to suck your lund. I want to quench my thirst with your juice.” Her words were music for me. I told her, “Granted baby, have it, it is all yours. But I too have my fantasy. I want you to ride me, squeezing my lund in your chut, while I knead your beautiful swinging boobs.” She kissed me and said “Granted, but let me suck your lund first.” She pushed me on bed. I was on my back. She mounted me and adjusted herself over me to be in line with my lund. Before she gulped it in her mouth, I stopped her and asked, “Before you start sucking, please trap my lund between your boobs and press it hard between them. This is how I dream of you.” She obliged and did exactly same. After some time, she freed my lund from her boobs and gulped it in her mouth. She started sucking it. I could feel every nook and corner of her warm mouth. She was giving me

A deep throat. My lund was brushing her tonsils and trying to go further into her throat tunnel. She gave a particular attention to the spot just below the head of my lund. I realized, she is an expert in sucking lund. I asked, “Hey, where did you learn this?” She looked at me, withdrew my lund for a while and replied, “I tried all these on my husband to help him. In the process I learnt the tactic but it never helped him.” She again greedily took my lund into her mouth. I was getting a kind of a blowjob I had only imagined. I told her,” Dear, this is the first time ever I am having such an intense blowjob. My other lady though used to suck my lund but not with such intensity. I can’t hold any more and may release my juice any time.” She looked at me and winked at me but continued her job. Suddenly, I erupted. My juice started spraying in her mouth, jet after jet and loads and loads of my juice was now filling her mouth. She immediately started swallowing greedily. Soon my lund became limp in her mouth. She felt very satisfied and said, “Thank you. I was longing to quench my thirst by the juice of your lund since long. Aman, feel of your lund in my mouth made me longing for it more and more. Promise me till Salim comes back, let my morning starts with the taste of your juice.” I smiled and pulled her to me. I told her, since I just released the juice, the second bout may take little longer to commence. Of course, you can hurry it by playing with it and sucking a fresh again. She got the message and immediately indulged into bringing it back into life. She said, “Aman, can I say something?” I nodded and she enquired, “suppose you take a week’s leave and we enjoy our togetherness all the while. I promise you, we shall have wonderful time together. Only you and me, enjoying one another without wasting any time here or there.” I found her proposal very tempting and pressing her hard against me, I said, “Ok”. This made her very happy and she kissed me again and again. She continued to play with my lund. She slid down to my lund and took it in her mouth. She started sucking it gently. Her tongue massaged my staff on its full length. It now started gaining some life.

I felt it is now growing in her mouth. She also could feel the growing size of it. However, she did not withdraw, but continued to give it a wonderful lick. After a while, my lund reached its usual glory. She brought it out of her mouth and looked at it. She smiled and said, “How wonderful is your lund. It came back to life so soon. O Aman, why did not you meet me earlier!” I pulled her up and said, ”Baby, later is still better than never. Now I am all yours. We shall have all our fantasies fulfilled as long as we are together. Now we shall do together everything for a week. Even we shall go to loo together”. She laughed. “Honey, now tell me how would you like me to take you? Should I mount you? Or you want me to take you from behind? Or do you want to ride me?” I asked. She said, “Can’t we have all these positions one by one?” I said, “Why not? It will take longer to discharge second time, so we can try to have all these position, till you get tired.” She shot back, “with your lund, I shall never get tired. I shall always be ready to have it as long as you want.”I pushed her on bed. She was now on her back. I positioned myself between her legs. I spread them and then rested each of them on my shoulders. This position made her chut lips parting and I put the tip of my lund over it. A gentle push and half of my lund went into her wet chut. It was very tight. She cried a little. I gave another thrust and now whole of my lund was in her chut. She cried a loud. I started pushing and pulling of my lund and fucking her slowly. She started responding by pushing herself from beneath. She cried, “oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me

Hard, Aman you are too good. Fuck me hard, ”. I continued fucking her and now increased the speed. My rhythm increased so was her joy. Suddenly, I felt her vaginal walls were contracting around my lund and I felt her pussy becoming very wet, a sure sign of her reaching her first orgasm. She cried out loud, ail, ail, ail, you are great, too great. I never had such beautiful experience. You made it possible for me to achieve my first ever climax. You are my master now. I am your slave. Fuck me whenever you want, I am your whore. I continued my rhythm of fucking. After a while, I withdrew my lund and asked her to turn on her belly. She obeyed. I asked her to raise her butts. I moved behind her and inserted my lund into her pussy. She was still wet there. This time the entry was easy. She sighed once she felt my entire length in her. I told her, darling, in this position you will feel my lund much deeper.” She said, “yes, I do feel so.” I started fucking her in this position feeling her smooth spongy butts against my loins. I increased my speed and the sound of fucking made her more and more enjoyable. I reached out to her boobs and started squeezing and pressing them from behind. She started pushing herself towards me every time when I push my lund into her. She was now on fire. She cried, “ail, fuck me hard, your lund is wonderful, you are mine only and I am always yours to fuck. Fuck hard, hard, harder, harder, I continued to fuck her hard. I was giving slaps on her butts. Her white butts became pink because of my slapping. She enjoyed my slaps too. Suddenly, her breathing became fast. I could feel the contraction of the walls of her chut around my lund. Suddenly she collapsed. I realized that she got her second orgasm. She was now panting. Her whole face and body was soaked in perspiration. My lund still in her chut. I asked, “Honey, how was it? If you want some rest, than have it. The next position will be more rigorous. Now you are to ride me. She asked me lie on her back and crush her under my weight for a while… I did as she wanted.

My face sunk into her black hairs. I felt the light fragrance of her hairs and body. I whispered in her ears, “darling, you are wonderful. Even if I want, I can’t leave you. I am all yours henceforth, honey. Now I am all yours. Just ask me whenever you need me.” I also rested over her. My lund was still in her chut but had lost little of its hardness. I withdrew it and slid on her side. I laid there closing my eyes. After a while, I felt her silky touch on my lund. She was pressing it in her palm. She got up and reached my lund and started sucking it. My lund got the proper encouragement and it sprang back to its usual glory – hard and throbbing. I pulled her to me and guided her over me. She understood and took my lund into her chut. She started moving to and fro over my lund. I saw the pleasure of having this experience writ all over her face. She jiggled her boobs to me suggesting that they need my attention. I grabbed them and started pressing and kneading them. I was deriving extreme pleasure for having her boobs in my palms and my lund in her chut. She was now driving hard. She was jumping over me, sliding in and out my lund of her chut. She was enjoying the ride. She was enjoying my kneading of her boobs. She was enjoying the hardness of my lund in her chut. She closed her eyes as if she was in trans. She increased her rhythm. She started yelling louder and louder, “, Aman you are wonderful. I shall never leave you. I shall never allow you to leave me. I never had such pleasure. I want you to fuck me day in and day out..” I responded, “honey, I am always there for you. In fact I too will never allow you to leave me. I want you to have my lund always in your possession, either in you chut or in your mouth or between your boobs.”

Suddenly the familiar sensation was building around my lund. Her walls of chut were vibrating. She became tense and gave a loud cry, “and she got her orgasm. I was also now on the brink of no return and started spraying jet after jet of my juice in her chut. She collapsed over me. Stretching herself over me. Her lips on my lips, her boobs flattened against my chest, her belly against my belly, my lund in her chut and our thighs glued with one another. My hands over her back and fingers in her silky hairs. She was no panting, tired of the whole exercise. Slowly she slid on my side, my lund just slid out of her chut. She kept her left hand over my chest. My left hand over her boobs through her left armpit. We relaxed and did not know when sleep took over us. It was 7.00 in the morning. I woke up with feel of velvety touch of Kiran’s boobs around my lund. She was lying on her belly over my lund. My lund was at its best, fully grown. She trapped it between her boobs in such a way that half of it was visible from the top. She was licking its tip. I got up and resting on my elbows, I asked, “hey, honey, do you want to start our love game right from the morning? We have full week for us. Be patient and let us enjoy the luxury of slow erotic way to start our day.” She reluctantly released my lund and moved on top of me. Kissing me and guiding my hands on her back, she said, “as you wish darling, I am all yours. Tell me how you would like to have me during whole this week.” I said, “honey, it is very convenient to have only two flats on each floor. On our floor barring us, no one is there. Hence, there will be complete privacy. You don’t have your people in Mumbai neither I have. So there is no chance for any one dropping in to meet us. How about staying nude all the while and make love whenever and wherever we feel like having it?” She smiled and replied, “Your wish is my command. So be it.” She slid down and got up. She tied her hairs in a bun and moved out of bed. She was about to move to the door, I stopped her and said, “hey, did you forget so fast about what we had decided? We shall move together, wherever we go, even to loo”. She laughed and pulled me out of bed and made me walk with her.

We both were nude. My hands were around her waist. We both were enjoying the touch of our bodies. She said, “Aman, up to loo it is fine, not in the loo. Ok?” I laughed and agreed. After an hour, we both were free from our morning rituals except bath. I was reading news paper when Kiran joined me with a pot of tea and toasts. For both of us it was a new experience to be stark naked in presence of one another at the dining table. We both were enjoying this new situation. I asked her to have her tea while sitting on my lap. She smiled and looked at my lund. It was standing pointed at the ceiling. She grabbed it and said, “If I sit on your lap, your lund is so hard that it will pinch my bottom.” I pulled her to my lap and said, “Feel it at your bottom, you will enjoy it too.” She sat keeping her both legs on one side. I held her by waist and cupped her boobs. We both silently had our toasts finished tea. She wrapped her right arm around my neck and kissed me. She said, “Let us finish our bath and then retire back to our bed room.”The flats in this building are equipped with a very luxurious bathroom. It has a huge bath tub. It was spacious enough to accommodate two persons comfortably. Kiran bent and open the hot and cold water taps to fill it. I was standing behind her. My lund was resting between her butts. She felt its warmth and wriggled her ass to have more intimate feeling of its touch. My lund was feeling the pink hole of her ass. I pressed it a little. She got startled and looked behind. “hey, what are you up to?” “Nothing, Just teasing you.” I replied and smiled. She asked, “Aman, have you ever fucked ass of your

Previous neighbor?” I said, “Yes at her insistence I did it some twice or thrice.” She turned to me and asked, “Seriously tell me, did you enjoy that? Did not she feel any pain?” I said, “Yes, I did enjoy but not as much as fucking her chut. She used to feel pain at the time of entry but later she enjoyed it much. She stopped asking me for it after some twice or thrice such encounters once she learnt that I enjoy more her pussy and mouth.” She said,, “I would like to have that experience too. Would you mind?” I said,” It is ok if you insist, but remember, only once. Ok?” She kissed me and said, “Thank you”. By now the tub was filled with hot and cold water. Kiran set at the edge of the tub. I remained motionless against her. I was very close to her. Her face at my belly. Her silky hairs were free, spread over her milky white complexioned shoulders. Her eyes fixed on mine. Her hand were on my butts. She pulled me to her. My lund touched her face. She moved her face pressing my lund all over it. She pressed it on her cheeks, eyelids, and forehead and ever tried to insert it in her ears. My hands were on her head. Slowly she grabbed my lund and started fondling it. She kissed its tip and licked its eye. She parted her lips and took the lund in her mouth. She started sucking it. Her one hand was now weighing and pampering my pebbles hanging below my lund.. I started movement as if I am fucking her pussy. She increased the rhythm. The pressure started building to release my juice. I stopped her. I did not want to reach my climax so soon. So I withdrew my lund from her mouth. She did not like my withdrawal. I told her that I want to fuck her in standing position first. Glow of anticipated pleasure was now writ on her face. Our heights were almost matching. I was 5’.7” and she was 5’.6”. She got up. Raised her left leg and placed it on the rim of the tub. She guided my lund to her chut. It was now dripping wet.

With only one push lund was in her chut. I started grinding my lund in her chut. I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her closure to me. She raised her leg and wrapped it behind me. She arched behind, offering her boobs to me. I started sucking her nipples and was kneading her boobs. We both started our movements. When I was pushing she too was pushing against me. She was enjoying this position. She kissed me on my lips and sucking my mouth. She was moaning, “”. After a while, she withdrew back and went for her favorite play. She bent and started sucking my lund. I am now sure, that like me hers is also sucking of lund is most favorite play. She was totally engrossed in sucking my lund. Her hands were moving over my shaft and moving her mouth over it licking every inch of it. The sound of her sucking making me very excited. I was moving my fingers in her hairs. She looked at me. I could see the lust in her eyes. I suggested, “Kiran, how about fucking in water? I promise, I will save my juice for you to drink later.” She agreed. We both entered the tub. I sat in the middle. She sat over my lund and slid it in her chut comfortably. She wrapped her legs behind me. She was swinging over me. She was drawing her legs to my back to create friction at the point where my lund and her chut met. She wrapped her arms around my neck and smooching me everywhere. I was playing with her boobs, pressing and kneading them. Their firmness was driving me nuts. I asked her, “Kiran, whose are these?” She replied, “They are yours.” Teasingly I asked, “What do you want me to do with them?” “Do whatever you want to do with them. You press them, knead them, suck them, and even press them on your lund. They are yours.” She replied. “Saiaa, I want you to gave massage on my body using your boobs.” She said, “You will have it today”.

I continued to knead her boobs hard. I squeezed her nipples and she cried a loud. Suddenly she pressed me hard against her, moaning, “oh Prince, ohh, I feel as if I am in heaven. The convulsion was passing through her body. I realized that she is having her orgasm. I pressed my lund deep into her. I was feeling the vibration of her chut on my lund. The pressure was now building in me. I suddenly remembered my promise to her. I promised her that she will be able to drink my juice. I have to save it now. So I withdraw my lund from her. She was annoyed of my sudden withdrawal. But I immediately pushed my two fingers in her chut. I told her, I have saved my juice for you to drink. Let us go to bed and relax and you enjoy your first drink. She immediately felt elated. We both got up and dried ourselves. I concentrated on her boobs and she on my lund. I lifted her to bedroom. I sat her on the bed. I was standing opposite her. My lund was touching her chin. She grabbed it and started smooching it all over its length. She slowly engulfed it into her warm mouth. She started sucking it slowly. The she increased the speed and gave rigorous sucking. The sound of her sucking was making me mad. I started pushing and pulling my lund in and out of her mouth. So far I had stopped at least thrice from ejaculating. I could not hold any further and started spraying loads and loads of my juice into her mouth. She started greedily gulping the juice in her throat. She was moving her fingers on the shaft, pressing as if to squeeze the last drop of juice from it. She looked calm and contended after swallowing the last drop of my juice. She looked at me. Still holding my lund in her hand, she got up and said, Prince, thank you. I shall always be indebted to you for the kind of pleasure you are giving me which was so far unknown to me.” I wrapped my arms around her and pressed to me and said, “You are most welcome honey. It was my pleasure.” I pushed her on bed and collapsed over her..After a while I slid down on her left side. My hand was on her left boob gently pressing and kneading. “

Honey, It seems we both are made for one another. I am mad for you. I can’t live without you anymore. I want to marry you.” I told her. “Oh Aman, I can’t think of life without you any more. Now I am yours and you are mine. No question of living separately.” She responded and kissed me.“Kiran, tell me how will be our life after saleem is back?” She looked into my eyes and said, “It will be exactly the way we are experiencing in last 12 hours. Daily I shall have the doze of my calcium through your lund. Promise me that you will see to it. In return, you have me whenever and wherever and in the manner of your choice. I know you are mad after my boobs. I shall see to it that they are always in your palms or around your lund.” Saying this she wrapped her fingers around the lund. After some couple of hours, I turned her on her right so that her back was against me. I raised her left leg and placed it on my thigh. The result was her chut was now opened for me. I inserted my lund in her chut and pulled her to me. She liked it. She grabbed my hand and put it on her boob and said, “Hold your assets firmly.” She pressed herself to me. I was feeling the smooth, silky and velvety touch of her butts at my thighs. My left hand was holding her left boob and gently pressing and kneading it. We slept in this position for couple of hours. My lund was little hard in her chut. It was just hard enough to remain in her chut. She steered and pressed herself further into me. I was now awake. I asked her if she feels hungry. She got up.

Looked at me and asked if I was feeling hungry. I told her to have lunch and then back to our bed. She kissed me and said, “ok”. She went to kitchen. After a while she yelled, “Prince, lunch is ready, come to dining table.” I went to the table. She was already there. We ate from one plat. After finishing our lunch, she went to kitchen with the plats. I followed her. She was washing the plats. I stood behind her. We were still nude. I clasped her in my arms from behind. My lund was pocking between her ass. My hands on her both the boobs. She laughed and said, “have patient, Aman. I m all yours. I shall join you bedroom.”After a while, she joined me in bedroom. I was relaxing, keeping right leg half bent and left stretched straight. She came. I pulled her made her to lay in such a way that her head was resting on my left thigh and rest of her bode beneath my right leg. She found this position more convenient as my lund was at her lips. My right leg was on her right boob and my left hand on her left boob. What a sensational feel! She asked, “Aman, how about fucking my ass?” I told her, “think twice before you indulge into it. You will feel pain. My previous neighbor was used to it, but you are not. You are virgin there. “She kissed my lund and said, I want it. I want your lund in every holes of mine. I shall sustain pain but let me have your lund in my ass.” I asked her to get some Vaseline. She got up and brought it.I asked her to be on her belly and on her fours. I went behind her. Took some Vaseline and applied it on her ass hole. I mounted her. Put the tip of my lund at her asshole and pushed my lund. Only tip of the lund went in. I gave another thrust. A quarter of my lund pushed in. She cried of pain. “Aman, o, it pains. Take your lund out.” I said, “I had told you so. Now be calm, and let me push the rest of the lund. Afterwards, you will not feel pain.” I gave a hard thrust and my whole lund got in her ass.

She cried a loud, , Aman, my ass seems torn. It is very painful.” I told her, just be calm. Pain will subside.” I was moving my hands on her smooth butts. I bent a little and reached her boobs and started massaging them. This had soothing effect over her. Now, I slowly started fucking her. She still was moaning with pain, but the intensity of pain had gone down. After few thrusts, I asked, “how do you feel, darling?” She looked behind and tried to smile but could not, because of pain. I continued for another few pushes. She was now feeling at ease. First time, I heard her moans filled with pleasure, , that feels nice. Continue”. I was puzzled, “really?” She smiled and nodded. I continued. After sometime I increased my speed. Somehow I was not feeling the kind of pleasure I am used to. Still I continued. She looked behind and so my ex-pressionless face. She immediately understood. She moved her hand behind and grabbed my lund and slowly pulled it out. I remain standstill. She turned and pushed me on bed and mounted me. She took my lund into her and started fucking. She told me, “I think you really could not enjoy my ass. Now enjoy, you have my chut for you and my boobs are needing your attention.” I was now very much excited and grabbed her boobs. She started rocking over me. In a short while, I ejaculated my juice in her. She now laid over me and said, “Aman, I shall never ask you again to fuck my ass. I want to enjoy when you too feel enjoyment.” She kissed me laid motionless over me.That night, she told me that she would give me boobs massage. She asked me to lie down on my belly. She took some massage oil and applied on my back, butts and legs. She also applied some oil on her boobs. She started with my soles first. She pressed her boobs there and started moving her boobs to my toe to heel. I was feeling very excited. Her firm boobs and erect nipples were pressed against my soles. It was a

Soothing feeling. Then she moved to my legs, thighs and now my butts. She was massaging my butts. Teasingly, she tried to push her nipple in my ass hole. She moved further up and now on my back. It was bliss. I was feeling very relaxed. She moved further and pressed her boobs around my neck. Now she was lying over me. I could feel the warmth of her pussy over my waist.After sometime, she got up and asked me to move over. She again started massaging my feet and climbing up she reached my thighs till she reached her favorite spot. My lund. She trapped my lund between her boobs and pressed them around it. She could not stop her temptation for sucking of my lund. While she was massaging my shaft she continued to suck the head of my lund. The she moved further and came to my belly and chest. I stopped her there and pressed her against me. I kissed her lips and said, “Kiran, you were wonderful. Promise me that you will give me such massage daily.” She kissed my cheeks and said, “Aman, I will do everything you want me to do.Just promise me that you will remain mine for ever.”Since diwali, day in and day out, we made love to one another in all possible manner. I had gotten more than even I could have possibly imagined. I am writing this with her permission. I am happy that women are responding to me with thier hidden fantasies and they had the right to do this. I am waiting for married women with burning desire who is looking for safe n secure.

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