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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello Desipapa fans. I am a 24 yr student of medicine doing my post graduation in Jaipur, Rajhastan, India. I am of average built, 5’5″ with dreamy eyes. This is the story of my first sexual experience. It occurred on the 4th of may 2002. This is how it went. The mobile phone services in my city is provided by the company called OASIS (hence the title of the story). It employs beautiful girls who look great in their deep blue sarees which is their uniform. I used to go every month to deposit my phone bill at one of their offices where I used to see this girl with fabulous figure. She is fair. Has long silky dark hair with a tinge of brown.

Brown eyes, a sharp nose and juicy lips. I did not have any experience with breasts but I loved the curve they gave to her when I admired her side profile. There was a fragrance of some faint perfume about her. Being shy by nature, I never got to talk to her. But occasionally I used to give a knowing smile to her, which she sometimes reciprocated. Gradually I got infatuated and started masturbating, with her as my central theme. My dreams got wilder as my passion grew and so did my desperation. And I started making frequent visits to enquire minor things from her. I had introduced myself and overheard that her name was Jasmine. On one such visit I found a dissatisfied mota lala throwing tantrums and showing his anger on Jasmine. Jasmine was keeping her cool but she was waiting to get rid of the man. Though other girls were there but I waited so that I could talk to Jasmine.

Suddenly she called in a sweet voice “hello doctor.” I was surprised that she had recognised me and that she had started a conversation with me. I said “hello Jasmine.” She asked what brought me there and I replied that I had a small thing to clarify. She walked over to where I was sitting excusing herself from the irritating customer. Rather than coming to my querry, I congratulated her on getting rid of a bad customer. She thanked me and commented on that person’s behaviour while I shook my head and smiled. All the while I was looking into her eyes. Something clicked in her and she asked how I got to know her name. And I replied that I could not have missed such a beautiful name. GOD only knows how this came on spontaneously. My heart started beating wildly and I was getting ready to get a nice slap when she smiled and asked me to sit down and went back to the mota lala. GOD I will never forget that smile and the sense of relif it gave me. I was left stranded contemplating “now what.” I decided to play it as cool as possible and see how it goes. Within the next two minutes she despatched a grumbling mota lala, and I moved on to her desk. She called up for two glasses of water. We started the conversation again. She talked about difficult customers and I said, yes we too had to deal with such patients sometimes. She asked what I did and my field of specialisation.I got to know that she was educated and brought up in Jaipur and that she lived about 5 km from my house. By now she ordered tea.

Well I was not the one to complain if I got to sit with her a little longer. After a pause she suddenly asked so you found my name beautiful. I was stunned again. And all that I could do was clear my throat and say yes and give a sheepish smile. She was looking at me and smiling. I was feeling very uncomfortable and I blurted even you are beautiful. It was then I realised what people mean when they say “apne paaon par kulhari marna.” She kept on smiling and looking at me. Then one of the other girls came with the tea and Jasmine introduced her. While taking tea she suddenly said that OASIS is organising an evening of ghazals by Jagjit Singh on coming saturday and she could arrange a couple of passes if I was interested. I jumped to the chance. She gave me her mobile No. and asked to call back the next day so that the passes could be collected. Then she asked what my querry was that brought me there and I replied with a knowing smile that I had forgotten and quickly got up to to move. She smiled and said bye. And I escaped with a THUMPING HEART. It took me half an hour to get back to normal and another couple of hours to understand that I had been able to talk to Jasmine, got her mobile No, was expected to call her up again and had some sort of a date for 4th may.

A night of anticipation passed and I called her up the next day the same time. She sounded happy and said that she would get the passes after 7 and I could collect them tomorrow. I had become smart overnight and I said that I would be going to delhi the next day for a week, so if it was convenient she could give the passes the same evening. She said fine and I suggested 8 pm at Utopia coffee shop which was close to her house. She agreed. This was too much for a simple soul like me. And I decided to spill everything that evening. At 7.30 I was at the coffee shop. She arrived sharp at 8. I ordered two coffee. This was the first time I was seeing her in a salwar suit and she looked even more beautiful and fresh. I took the passes and enquired if she had any trouble getting them. Soon the coffee was ready and we were sipping coffee when I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers and said, “Jasmine, I am not going to delhi tonight. I only wanted to meet you outside your office.” She said she knew as the jagjit singh night was three days away and smiled. Wow things got going then and That evening we sat till 10 and talked and talked and became good friends. I told her that I used to come to her office so that I could see her and she said that not only she but all her colleagues had noticed that. I went red. She deliberatly gave me her mobile no. and asked for the passes. I said I am alone and I would need her company for the evening. She smiled and said to be there early. On the evening of May 4, I reached there in my car and gave her a call on her mobile. She said that if I could walk over to the recepton gate I would see her there. I walked and found a BEAUTIFUL SWEET LOOKING GIRL in a peach top of net cloth and a long skirt. She had beautiful smooth fair arms and I held her hand and pulled her away from the gate for a stroll in the garden. In the relative darkness of the garden, I decided to squeeze her hand a bit and she came a bit closer. Now while walking our arms and hips were touching occasionally.

We came to a secluded spot and I asked to turn back. She said ok and smiled. But rather than walking back we just stood there looking at each other. I slowly felt her smooth arm by moving my hand upwards. She leaned back against the wall behind her. I was amazed by the smoothness of her skin and my other hand also felt her other arm. At the roundness of her shoulder I kissed her and lingered to inhale her fragrance. Some how one of my hands went around her waist from behind and the other around her neck from front. Then I looked at her face, she had closed her eyes and was smiling. I came in front of her pulled her closer from her waist and kissed her on her forehead, then her eyes then cheeks and her juicy lips and stayed there for sometime then moved down to her chin, tasted her neck with my tongue and tried to look into her top to have a glimpse of her boobs. BUT could not as she lifted my face and started kissing me hard on my lips. I started feeling her buttocks with my hands and pushing my hard penis into her skirt and rubbing it. Suddenly we stopped and looked at each other and I said lets go to my car. She said not now. So we went inside the hall, took some eatables and attended the function. As soon as it started she put her hand on my penis and said lets go. We went and got into the back seat of my car in the dark parking place. After a passionate period of necking and kissing she removed her skirt and top and I my jeans and shirt. My penis was hard and aching. I wanted to enjoy everything and go slow on my first experience but the throbbing in my penis and a beautiful naked girl of my dreams willing to be fucked within my reach, shattered my resolve. She removed her undergarments and me my underwear. We placed our clothes on the front seat. She lay down on the back seat and spread her arms and I closed my eyes and descended into her arms. She was smooth and my hands just slipped over her. I rubbed my penis over her love hole and she started moaning.

I grabbed her breasts and sucked them. They were huge and the nipple was hard. She put her legs around my waist and that gave us some space to maneuver. This also brought my hard penis very close to my target and she grabbed it with one hand and guided it to her hole and smiled and gave me a kiss. As I pushed a bit my penis started entering her and I felt slight pain but I continued pushing. She moaned and lifted both her legs onto my back and pulled me closer. I was pushing my penis gradually into her and she was moaning and elevating her buttocks and pulling me in. Soon I heard some squishy sound and felt that my rockhard could go in better and smoothly. And I was unable now to control myself. I kept on repeating Jasmine and pushing myself and she kept on moaning. Soon all that we were saying was ‘ah ah hoon hoon’ and our movements become rough and faster. I released my semen in spurts deep inside her and collapsed as if I had lost all strength. We were sweating.and kissing each other. Her breasts had gone soft and I felt nice licking them and fondling them with my fingers. We lay there giggling and touching each other and kissing a lot. Then we got dressed in the car itself and came out. It had been 2 hrs in the car. Then she sat on the green cool grass with my head in her lap and gazed at the stars and talked. I said that I loved her. She said that she liked me but she was getting married in october to a guy in banglore. I was stunned. I sat up. Looked at her. She looked at me and did not smile. I said I still loved her and held her hand and took her to my car. I hope you liked my experience. Meanwhile I have tasted sex and now this penis asks for more. So any female, schoolgirl to auntys, in Jaipur or visiting Jaipur, Indian or any nationality, looking for some healthy straight fun. Do get in touch with me. My mail ID is Lets enjoy this precious life.

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