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Hot Sex With My Junior

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

My junior by Zunair raja being a regular reader of Desipapa, i have read most of the stories on the site. some were terrific and very effectively expressed and i will try my best to be included among those. i am Zunair, a 4th year medical student in the only medical college of faisalabad, Pakistan. being an athletic guy I have very muscular body and remains favorite in the opposite sex.

The story I am telling you started two years back when I was in 2nd year and new first year class entered the college containing both girls and boys with same proportion. within few days, it spread in the boys hostel that among the others a girl named Sana is the best. one day, while I was coming out of the class, my friend showed me the girl. i literally went dumb to see the beauty of the girl. she was more than 5.5’ tall, milky white terrific features and a body that could bring any boy on his knees. when I went back home, i could not forget her beautiful body and the way her boobs jiggled when she passed by me. feeling myself out of control I went to my room, took out my thick, 8″ lund and jacked off in between her memories. now I wanted to communicate with her but had no chance but then suddenly I got a golden opportunity. i was the editor of the college magazine and when new editorial board was announced, i jumped with joy to see sana’s name in the board. immediately i called the meeting of the new board and asked everyone to distribute the work and start working. very intelligently, i kept sana with me for the survey time asking various questions to the teachers and taking their answers. that gave me ample chance to take sana at various places. we planned to take our first visit by the evening of Sunday.

After roaming about for 3 hours, during which time we had become very friendly and frank, i asked sana to drop her to the hostel which she agreed without hesitation. sitting behind me on the motorcycle, whenever I applied my brakes I could feel sana pressing pressing her beautiful boobs against my back and after sometime I started feeling her erect nipples also. that made my lund iron hard and it was becoming hard for me to drive. sana was holding me by my waist. once she was setting her hair with her hands when suddenly a speed breaker approached. bike jumped and she desperately put her arm round my waist. in that effort, her hand went straight to my very hard cock and for sometime, she remained holding that hot iron bar. i went out of my mind and stopped bike by the roadside and turned towards sana. she was blushing and breathing fast. that was my moment.

I pulled her towards me and she responded without any shame. on the next moment, my lips met her trembling lips and my tongue explored deep down her mouth. she moaned and her hand went straight for my dick which needed to be released that was impossible on the road. we left each other after sometime but the fire started in us now could not be put off until we meet completely. we could not say a word till we reach the hostel. on reaching the place, she held my hand and promised that she will be mine whole heartedly………. she started towards the hostel when suddenly I saw the college bus standing in the dark near the gates of the hostel. i held sana’s hand and pulled her towards the bus. first she didn’t understand what happened to me but as i got near the bus she got the idea and climbed in the bus with me. the fire in us started getting out furiously. we hugged each other and started kissing. her lips tasted so sweet and her tongue intermingled with mine. my hands started roaming over her body. i touched her face and then her neck and then my hands travelled down her breasts. mi word, they were soft like velvet but firm full of youth and life. i could not control myself and put my hands up under her shirt straight to her breasts………. lacy bra was in the way but beautiful breasts were spilling over the bra. sana’s breasts were at least 36 in size and i could not get my hands around them. as soon as I touched her nipples, she moaned loudly and her body jerked and pushed her hips forcefully against my strained lund. and then I felt her hand getting between us holding my cock over my jeans………. ”

O thats a beauty, Zunair I need that…..” all she could manage to say. i made her half lie on a seat and pulled her shirt towards her neck and exposed her breasts completely. she unbuckled me and pulled my zipper down. my underwear was still in the way but she managed to pull it down. my fully erect dick jumped out going red hot and jerking. she pulled my lund towards her thighs and tried to ride it between her thighs. i was licking her nipples, kissing, biting all at the same time. her breasts fully exposed were a marvellous scene. unfortunately we couldn’t do much in the bus but kissing her belly down, i pulled her elastic shalwar down and saw the most marvellous choot in the half darkness…. opening her thighs wide, I saw her light brown choot with clinging lips, trembling with ecstasy getting wetter by every moment. Losing my controls completely, i placed my tongue on that dripping gem sucking as much juices as i can. going wild with joy, sana was flying in the skies, pulling my cock towards her lips. I got up and let her do the rest. she kissed and sucked my precum over the cap of my lund and tried to take maximum of my lund in her mouth. the sensation was great, I thought it was her choot, hot and wet gripping my lund between her vaginal lips. feeling building fast, I could not hold longer and then filled her mouth with fountains of my semen. all my semen fell on her neck, shirt and I don’t know how she managed afterwards. coming back to senses, we kissed for a long time, promising to fulfill the rest in the very next opportunity. after that, we became best friends and my days and nights were filled with the imaginations of her dripping, trembling cunt, firm jiggling breasts with beautiful pink colored nipples on the top. we recalled the proceedings of the night many times leaving sana breathless and me jacking off in my room at night. and then we got the opportunity. my family left for lahore for a day to attend a relative’s wedding.

With great persuasion i was left behind due to my approaching professional exams. i told this great news to sana and she was overjoyed too. on the scheduled, i didn’t know how to pass the day. i picked her up at 8p.m. from the hostel and smuggled her to my house collecting burgers and cold drinks from the kfc restaurant. sana was looking great, very innocent and smart. i was feeling strange feelings for her in my heart. once in my room, we had the burgers and cold drinks and she showed great interest looking our house and my room. as the night passed, she made coffee for both of us. while drinking coffee, she asked for a movie and i played that on my vcd. looking her innocent face, i pulled her towards me, took her in my arms and kissed her on her rosy lips. Her tongue entered my mouth immediately and we left each other, she was getting breathless and radiant with heat. seeing her hazy eyes and quick breath i hugged her more forcefully and we kissed for almost 15 minutes, my hands strolling over her body all the time and sana moaning in between her breaths. i made her lie down on my bed and started removing her clothes. over went her kameez and down her shalwar leaving her in black frilled bra and panties. black colour against sana’s pink complexion was a rare treat. her ample breasts, narrow waistline and sexy hips were making me mad. I requested her to catwalk for me and she obliged. my hard lund was getting out of my controls thumping against my abdomen. suddenly sana turned back towards me and said, ” darling, it was your birthday last month, i am your birthday gift tonight “. she said that and hugged me with all her force stamping my body with warmth and all her beautiful body contours. (i will remember that birthday gift always). and then i didn’t let her go.

She lied down in my lap and my hands and lips measured her body all over. i had never seen such a mixture of warmness, softness and firmness. my mind was flying in the air. I removed her underclothes. her choot was overflowing with her juices, making sounds as i messaged her choot alongwith her clitoris and lips. nipples of her breast were standing tall inviting my lips and I obliged. my lips travelled and then going down around her umbilicus touching her choot and then my tongue probing her depths. oooooohhhhhhhhhoooooooo sana was moaning with joy holding my lun, messaging it, rubbing it up and down till i can’t take nomore. but she didn’t stop. soon I felt her lips over the top of my cock while she started trying to take maximum of it in her mouth…… it was as my lun was imprisoned between two gems……….. she rolled her tomgue and lips all over till my lun glew with intense desire. i knew sana was virgin but she wanted to lose her virginity to me. i put a cushion under her gand lifting her choot in the air and making it more prominent. she herself put the arrow of my lun on the opening of her choot bathing my lun with her juices making it glow with juices and then I pushed my lun a bit. about 1/4th of it went in and was blocked by her hymen. putting my hand below her gand, i lifted sana, rubbed her clitoris and made a forceful stroke. with a thrust I rested all my lun inside. sana gave a big cry, jumped up and put her arms around me with all her force. sana was sweating hard but responded when I kissed her lips. her choot was sucking my lun with muscular spasms. after few minutes, i started with small strokes but then increased my intensity.

She was nowhere in this world…….. with closed eyes, pushing her choot up against my lun……. calling me names…….. o jani, I love you…. yes fuck me hard……. your lun is marvellous……. after about 15 minutes, pressure started building in my testis…… by that time, sana’s choot was well adjusted with my lun, accommodating all of it…. and she had come 3 times. i increased my thrusts and room filled with beautiful music arising from her juicy choot stroked hard by my hot, hard, thick 8” lun. with a big cry i jammed her breasts pulled her tightly in my arms and let all semen filled her choot……. sana could not take that flow of semen and came fourth time with a cry. we remained breathless for a long time and kept kissing and soothing each other. we fucked twice again during the night and were all drained till the morning. sana was a perfect fuck as she knew how to give and receive pleasure. she went to America 6 months back after leaving medicine and joining the computers field. since then i have lost touch with her and i miss her a lot. i hope readers like this true story. if any unmarried/married girl from faisalabad (pakistan) wants to have a friendship with me, she can write to me on i guarantee a very sincere and secured friendship to her. i can guarantee a safety to her reputation. waiting for some loving friend………

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