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Hot Sex With My Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi all readers

After reading many of the stories I feel that even I should share my experience with you all.

About me. I am Syam from Hyderabad. 5ft 8inches tall, well built body and 8inches long dick.

I had a cousin sister who was just one year elder to me. Her name is Lavanya. She was very fair and very good looking. Her boobs were really huge and sexy. Same with her buttocks. Whenever we go outside together I used to watch the other boys and men look at her boobs. We both were really good friends and her parents also liked me. In fact we were so close that, I was the only one who could enter her room without her permission. I used to regularly go to her house which was near to mine.

This incident happened when I was 19. Once as usual I went to her house. Her mother opened the door. I asked if Lavanya was there. Her mother said she was in her room sleeping. I went in walked toward her room and her mother went back to the kitchen. I went to her room and she was sleeping inside a thick blanket. To wake her up I slowly moved the blanket and was about to call her name but suddenly I was surprised. She was sleeping with only her bra and panties on. I kept on looking at her huge melons for some time.

Slowly she opened her eyes, that’s when I took my eyes off her breasts and got up and looked around. She sat up an slowly and covered her melons with the blanket. I got little embarrassed but acted cooly. I picked a towel that was on the chair and gave it to her and told her to get up. She tied the towel just above her breasts and walked to the bathroom. That’s when I saw her neatly shaved sexy legs. My dick began to slowly rise thinking of her sexy body. First time in 19 years I was having a different feeling for her.

Just then her mother came and told me she has to urgently go somewhere and if she(Lavanya) wants she can come to my home to stay for the day and she left. I felt very happy and called my parents and told I am at my friends house and will come tomorrow. I just couldn’t miss this opportunity.

She got ready and came and we made some dinner and ate and were watching tv. She said she will go take bath and come and went. A few minutes late she came. Oh my god! She was looking like a goddess. A white sleeveless top and a white trouser that was just a little below her ass. She came and sat beside me and we were watching tv. Her sweet smell was really intoxicating and I couldn’t resist myself.

I slowly moved my hand on to her thigh. It was soft as feather. She dint say anything. I became a little more confident and started massaging. She was starting to get aroused. I kissed on her cheek and looked in to my eye. That look was inviting and I gave a kiss on her lips. She started liking it. I gave a long smooch inside her lips. Then she started moving her hand all over my head and pulling me closer.

Soon we started exchanging our saliva. Her saliva was really sweet. Our kissing continued for around 10 mins. Then I slowly began taking her boobs in my hand and fondling them. They were as soft as cotton. I slowly run my hand down and touched her pussy over her trouser. She was in mood and was whispering fuck me. I took her to the bedroom.

I caught her from behind and started kissing her neck. Same time I was also pressing her boobs. Then I turned her around and started kissing her. I removed her top and saw her melons were waiting to be freed from her bra. I gave them a good squeeze and started licking them. She had already started to moan. I removed her bra and saw one of the most sexiest boobs ever. Her areola was light brown and her nipples were light pink in colour. I started kissing and sucking her nipples hardly and her moaning grew louder. I sucked them until it became red and asked her to sit on the bed. The I removed her trouser and she was lying in front of me with just her pink panties on.

I removed my clothes and started to rub my face over her pussy. The smell was just awesome and it made me aroused making my dick erect as a pole. I removed her panties as I could no longer wait. Her pussy was the best. It was clean and neatly shaved. I started licking and sucking her pussy tightly she started moaning loudly ooohh aaahh hmm fuck me ohww aaaaahhhh and so on.

A few minutes later a fluid began running down from her pussy, I realised that she had came, and I licked the whole liquid an drank it. It had a sweet taste. I got up and asked to suck my dick. At first she refused. But then I caught hold of her mouth and thrust my dick into it.

At first she found it difficult but in no time she was enjoying it and started sucking it like a lollipop. Soon my liquid overflowed in her mouth and some spilled on her boobs. She drank the whole thing in her mouth and started licking her boobs. I asked if she liked it, she said yes very much.

I pulled her up and gave her a few more kisses and made her lie on her stomach. I licked her ass and pushed my dick in. She started moaning loudly. I increased my speed and when I was was about to cum she said give in my mouth. I did as she said and lay on the bed exhausted. Two minutes later she got up and started kissing me and pushing her boobs into my mouth and gave a blowjob. This made me more energized and I made her lie on the bed an spread her legs really wide. her pussy was smiling at me.

I slowly rubbed my dick kept to her small opening. She was excited. I slowly inserted but was too tight. I lubricated it with my saliva and gave thrust. This time it went in but she was crying with pain. She said enough as started pushing me. I caught her hands together and increased my speed. Her pain was turning into pleasure and she was giving in. I squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipple which made her more happy. And then after sometime I cummed inside her. I dint remove my dick from inside her pussy. Then we just lie there kissing and hugging each other till morning.

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