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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi this is Saheb again. It had been a year since I had last fucked Bobita, my maid. She had got married at 18 and had gone to her in-laws’ place, and I was left with only my wife to fuck. Incidentally, I am 40 now. One evening after returning from office, I was surprised to find Bobita, our old maid, working in our kitchen. My wife told me that Bobita was not having a happy married life and had come back to her own house and had started working with us again. As I glanced an eye at her, she smiled a wicked smile. She looked so hot in her red nightie.Days went on and we keep eyeing each other, waiting for a chance to share the bed again. Then as my son’s exams were over, my wife decided to take him to her mother’s place and informed me that Bobita will be here to look after me. Just the chance I was waiting for!It was a Saturday evening and I had just returned from office. I had just about taken my shirt off when the door bell rang and when I opened it Bobita was there. She smiled and walked past me and entered the room. I shut the door. I knew the 19-year-old bitch was a willing prey for me.I ran after her and grabbed her from behind. I started kissing her madly on her neck and cheeks and started pressing her boobs from beneath her arms. She giggled. “What’s the hurry, we have the whole bloody night to do all this.” “Oh Bobita, I can’t wait any longer, it has been almost a year since I last fucked you”, I said. “I want a fuck too, and now I want a child from you.” I was shocked. But she said her husband had a small thin penis and was not satisfying her sexually and she was not at all happy with her sex life. She also said that her husband would ejaculate in a short time, often even before penetrating her, and the dick would go limp, and this way she believed she would never become pregnant by him. But she desperately wanted to become a mother and hence wanted a child from me. She reassured me that she will not let anybody know the child is mine and I must make her pregnant.All through the evening we drank some whiskey with soda. After dinner, we again had a couple of glasses. I made her sit on my lap. As I was only in a towel, my dick was pointing up and pricking at her ass.

By that time she had taken off her nightie and was only in her red bra and red petticoat. I lifted her petticoat and rubbed against her vagina, which was real wet by this time. This bitch was oozing like anything. I kept kissing her and she kept kissing me, moaning in pleasure, and in anticipation of more pleasure through the night. The alcohol was also having its effect on the two of us.I bit on her nipples from above the bra and she hugged me tightly. She smiled and kissed me on my lips. Her lips were real wet with saliva. She put her tongue into my mouth and our tongues were playing with each other. I kept pressing on her 34 sized boobs and she was elated. “U bastard, take my bra off u son of a bitch, press and bite hard on those nipples of mine”, she screamed. I took no time in unhooking her red bra and threw it on the bed. We were still seated on the sofa and enjoying each other’s body, as she still sat on my lap, or rather my erect dick, and said all sorts of dirty things as an alcoholic effect, which were getting me hotter and hotter.”Sala bokachoda…bohut maaza ayega re aaj raat ko, aaj tum mujhe chod chod ke ma bana dena, please.””Sure I will, u bitch”, I said as I kept feeding on her boobs. The nipples were erect and I had great pleasure in giving her pain by biting on them. She never minded a bit as she kept enjoying the foreplay knowing well that the hotter she would get me, the more are her chances of getting pregnant with my sperms. We kept fondling each other, kissing and hugging each other and moaning all the way. Then I slid one finger into her cunt, and then the second one, and started finger-fucking her as our lips were locked in a deep kiss. Now she began jumping up and down on my fingers, Enjoying the finger fuck greatly. She flung her head backwards and started giving out loud moans…”Uhh.. Ahh.. Ouch…ahhhhh..oh shit!” Her open hair flung from one side to the other and this very sight got me even hornier. Then suddenly she sprang up from my lap and stood in front of me. She pulled my towel off and now I was naked, still sitting on the sofa. She knelt down, sat between my legs, and started stroking my cock. As it is it was standing erect at 8 inches and now with her strokes up and down with her hands it was getting even larger. She even started stroking my balls at times and started shouting filthy language. “Saala…kya lund hai tumhara saheb….yaisa lund se chudwane ka maaza hi kuch aur hai…lund ho to aisa…” saying this she flicked her tongue on the hole on top of the penis, then she took the head of the penis into her mouth and rolled and flicked her tongue on it, and finally she put the whole god damned dick into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. Oh god! What a blowjob, something only this bitch could give me! I was in heaven. I just closed my eyes and put my head behind to rest it on the sofa head and enjoyed her act. She kept squeezing my balls as she sucked and sucked, and licked and licked my dick. She spat on my dick to get it wet and well lubricated and again sucked, pinching at my balls, teasing me all the time. Her filthy language would not end as she was on fire…”Saala kya dum hai tumhare lund me…uska laora pehli bar muh me liya suhaag raat me aur saala bokachoda maal gira diya meri muh me…that bastard…lekin tum to pakka harami ho….bohut maaza a raha hai na…saala bokachoda…aaj tumse pet banaungi main haan…” She kept stroking the dick up and down and her to and fro motion of taking the dick into her mouth and letting it out and then again in continued for about 15 minutes. I was on fire now, with the alcohol and then this bitch, a daughter of a bitch.

I picked her up in my arms and took her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed. I pulled her petticoat down and now she was lying totally nude and naked before me, on my bed, waiting to be ravaged. I literally sprang on her, our two nude bodies lying one atop the other, and we kept playing with each other, hugging and embracing each other, kissing away madly. We locked ourselves into a lip kiss, then kissed each other on the cheeks, forehead, ear, nose, neck. Then I slowly came down and started sucking her boobs, pressing one with one hand while sucking the other. She was tossing on the bed, one way to the other, as she enjoyed every moment of this. She knew she was nearing the long awaited hour of again a fuck from me, now not just for the sake of a fuck but for the sake of having a baby from me. I moved from one breast to the other, sucking now the second one as I kept pressing hard on the first one and pinching the nipples. She was scratching my back with her nails in all the excitement that she was having. I gradually went down to her belly and then down to her love valley. She had very little hair on it and she knew I like girls with hair in their pubic parts. I kissed on her vagina and then slid my tongue into her cunt. She pushed her pelvis up and pressed my head with both hands so that I could get an even greater and easier entry into her love hole. I kept sucking and licking her cunt, sliding my tongue in and out of her cunt which was already flowing with juices all over. Her love juices were all so damned sexy to taste and I drank all of it. She could bear it no more. “Please saheb…chodo na…chod do mujhe…baana lo mujhe aapni raandi….daal do apna bacchha mere gode me…please fuck me and get me pregnant” …. She pleaded.

I was all set to enter her. I came up on top of her and placed my dick on the entrance of her love hole. I pushed on her cunt, and it was so well lubricated with her juices and my saliva that my dick went in smoothly into her ever-awaiting cunt in one stroke. I started pumping her and she matched me stroke by stroke from beneath, pushing her hip up to accommodate my dick more and more. I kept fucking her. “Saali raandi…bohut maaza a raha hai na…chod saali, raandi, kutti…chod kitna chodna hai chod…” “Chal saala harami, kutta kahika…chod mujhe…baana de apna bachcha ka maa mujhe…chod aur jor se…main to teri raandi hoon hi.” She screamed. I kept biting on her nipples and sucking her boobs as I fucked her mercilessly and she embraced me tightly in her arms, putting her two legs like a scissor on my waist and pulling me down on her to force a greater penetration. I was literally striking the end of her love tunnel, I could feel.Then we changed positions. I made her sit on my lap and she took my dick into her cunt and started fucking me in a sitting position. We were engaged in a deep and passionate kiss as she kept fucking me, pushing herself and her cunt hard and fast on my dick, and she was shivering in the sheer ecstacy of sex. “Saala bokachoda…bohut maaza a raha hai re…bohut dino baad aisa lund mila hai mereko…chod mujhe bokachoda….” her filthy language was getting me hotter. In no time she had an orgasm. She pushed me on the bed and forced me to lie down. She was like a tigress on fire, desperate to get her prey at her mercy. She started riding me, sitting on my cock and forcing it into her vagina, then she started fucking me from the top as I lied underneath and enjoyed her fucking me. I kept squeezing those melons of hers as her boobs kept jumping as she kept jumping and pumping me and my dick. She kissed me all over, on my face, lips, cheeks.

She bit me on my nipples and rolled her tongue over my ears. Then she again had an orgasm and fell atop me. “I will give u a baby”, I whispered in her ears, “but on one condition.” “Bol na saala kutta….tell me bastard.” “I want to fuck ur asshole…u bitch”, I said. “Maaro meri gaand janam…lekin maal gaand me phekna nahin…meri cunt me phekna…ma jo baanna hai mujhe bokachoda”, she whispered to my ears. She came down from atop me and went on her all four as I positioned myself for the rear-entry thing.I pushed my dick in but her asshole was small as she never got a fuck in the asshole from her husband and it was almost a year since I last fucked her in the asshole. She turned around and spat on my dick and starting licking it, lubricating it well with her saliva so that I can enter. Then she turned around and waited for me to enter from behind. I put my tongue out and started licking her asshole and she shivered. I pulled her strongly and spat on her asshole, licked her asshole to get it wet and slid first one finger and then the second and found both fingers entering now. I knew she was ready for a fuck of the asshole. I again pushed my dick in, and though it was not really a smooth entry (like that in her cunt) it slowly and with a bit of a struggle went in. “Saala haarami…maar diya na meri gaand…saala bokachoda”. “Chup saaali kutti…raandi …..gaand maarwane ka maaza le saali.” I kept humping her from behind as she was now enjoying it and stroking her ass as if she to try and accommodate my long fat dick appropriately in her asshole. I slid my arms below her arms and got hold of her breasts and squeezed them hard as she kissed her back and neck and kept fucking her ass in the rear-entry position. Believe me, this bitch soon had another orgasm.She looked tired, but she knew she had to be a mother. I also knew I was nearing an end and I had to fuck her cunt to get her pregnant. So I forced her on her back and laid her on the bed and came atop her. In the missionary position, she parted her legs wide Apart to let me enter from the top, and I did exactly that. She put her legs up and crossed them over my waist to pull me down deeper into her. I started fucking her and she was rolling her head from one side to the other as I kissed her face, her lips, all over, then I went on to her swinging boobs and started licking and sucking them, pressing and squeezing them as I kept fucking this bitch who wanted a baby from me. “Kyu saali…kaisa laag raha hai?” “Bokachoda….saala harami….is halat main kaisa laagna chahiye…meri ma ko chodna woh saali aur ek raandi hai….woh tumhe baata degi…ab chodo mujhe..aur jor so…oh saheb.. Please fuck me hard…oh god fuck me…fuck me harder…please..shit.” I took her legs up on my shoulders to get an even deeper penetration and fucked this bitch mercilessly for 10 more minutes. Then I knew I would not be able to hold any longer as we had already fucked for more than 30 minutes…and I offloaded my semen into her thirsty cunt. She had an orgasm as well right at that moment, and we both came simultaneously, she bathing my tirind dick with her love juices, and I loading her sexy juicy creamy cunt with my semen. I loaded and spurted out loads after loads of semen into her cunt as she hugged me tightly and kept kissing me on my face. I kissed her too. We were too tired to say anything, we just lay in each other’s arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled, and kissed. We fucked each other again later in the night. A few months later I got the good news, Bobita was pregnant!!

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