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  • October 5, 2015

As I knocked on the door of Denise and John’s apartment, I wondered what it was like inside. I had been out with them both many times, but this was the first time I had been invited over. They were two of my closest friends, especially since my divorce a year ago. Denise was beautiful black woman that worked with me at work, and she had sensed that I needed to get out more.

So she invited me to happy hour with her and John, and it had become a regular thing with us. Her husband, John, was a great guy, and we shared a lot of the same interests outside of work, especially our love of basketball. Denise said I was doing her a favor when we started going to the games together, since she no longer had to! Over the course of a year, we had all become pretty tight, but I guess there had just been no occasion to invite me to their place until tonight, Denise’s birthday. When Denise answered the door, I forgot all about what the apartment looked like. I’m sure my mouth dropped open as I stammered out “Hi, Denise”. She smiled, as she said “Not what I usually wear to work, or out to the clubs, is it?” Usually Denise dressed somewhat conservatively, since that is what the people at work seemed to want. Her hair was usually pulled back, and she looked all business. But tonight! She was wearing a loosely woven linen dress of white which made her dark skin look even more beautiful than usual, and which let me see right through. It was obvious that she wore no bra, and I appreciatively ran my eyes over her breasts, and their small, dark brown nipples. As she watched me looking, they began to stiffen, which made me want to look even more.

Running my eyes lower, I saw she was wearing very skimpy panties in a sort of light peach color which drew my eye, but didn’t clash at all with the dress. “Uh, uh, happy birthday, Denise, before I forget.” I managed to get out, “Where’s John?” “He’ll be along later, he got held up at work. Would you like a drink?” she asked. I certainly could use something to calm myself down, I thought, so I said yes. When she turned to go the bar, I saw that the panties had a thong back, and I got a very good view of her ass, something I had been imagining at work, but never expected to see. I hurried to the couch to sit down, and I knew that I was going to be spending most of the night trying to think of baseball statistics and programming problems from work to keep from getting a hard-on for Denise while John was right there. Denise brought my drink and sat across from me. We talked about work for awhile, and what John was up to, the usual stuff. We had a second drink, and while we were drinking it, Denise asked me if I’d like to hear some music. She got up and put on a tape. I’m not sure who it was, Teddy Pendergass or Luther Vandross, but whoever it was, she sure liked them. She began to dance sinuously to the music while standing at the tape deck.

Then she turned to me and said “wanna dance?” I couldn’t refuse. I got up from the couch, and held onto her the way I danced with someone I just met – tight enough to dance, but loose enough so they don’t feel like I’m groping, you know? Denise had other ideas, however. She leaned close to my ear and said “No, no! This isn’t polite music, this is make out music! You gotta grab my ass and pull me close!”. Not knowing what else to do, I put one hand on her ass and pulled her as close as I dared. I was definitely getting as hard-on now, so I tried not to bump it into her where it would be obvious, keeping sort of one leg to the side. We danced that way for a few minutes, her head pressed into my shoulder. Her nipples felt as hard as marbles pressed against my chest, and every time I felt the fabric move over them, the would stiffen even more. I was beginning to sweat, not from the heat, but from wondering what my friend John would say when he walked in on his obviously aroused wife and me with a ragingly stiff cock. Denise whispered in my ear, “do you like the way I’m dressed?” I was about to reply when I felt her hand on my cock through my jeans. “I see that you do, ” she smiled, “quite a lot!”. “Denise, what about John?” I sputtered, “what if John comes home?” I sure wanted her in the worst way, but I needed their friendship just as much and I didn’t want to ruin it. “Relax, ” she purred, “this is a part of my birthday present from John. He knows about it. As a matter of fact, when I told John about it, he was happy that it was you I wanted to include. You’re one of his best friends, and he knows you won’t blab it all over town. So if you’re okay with it, everything will work out.” “In that case, I’m definitely okay with it” I said, “I’ve wanted to make love to a black woman for the longest time, but you were the only one I knew well enough, and you’re married. And I’ve got to tell you now, that your ass is better looking than the thousand times I’ve imagined it when you walk by at work.”.

As I said it, I ran both hands in a long slow caress over her ass cheeks through the dress. We moved back to the couch, this time Denise sitting next to me. As she kissed me, I ran my hand up to her breast and squeezed the nipple, causing a low moan in her throat. Then I ran my hand up her thigh, under the dress, and gently rubbed over her pubic mound through the panties. I wasn’t surprised to find the fabric wet with moisture, so I slid my finger along her slit, making sure the edge of my hand between my thumb and forefinger pressed up against her clit. She ground her pussy into my hand, and I knew she was very aroused. I was looking forward to slowly undressing her, kissing her here and there, when I got my next surprise. “Look, I can tell that your foreplay will be wonderful, but I’ve been thinking about tonight all day. And I’ve had to finger-fuck myself nearly every fifteen minutes! So to hell with foreplay for now!” and with that, she grabbed my waistband, and yanked my pants and underwear down. My now-freed cock sprang to attention. The next thing I knew, those peach colored panties hit me in the face. Denise straddled my waist, and with her dress still on, lowered herself onto me. I couldn’t see what was happening because of the dress, but I sure could feel it! Her pussy was tight, but dripping wet. As I felt her slide onto my thick member, her creamy juices were already running onto my balls and onto my leg. “Unnnnh ” she groaned, “that’s what I’ve been waiting for, a nice thick cock up my cunt!”. I had never heard her talk like this before, and it aroused the hell out of me. Denise was close to cumming already. She raised herself up until my cockhead was just held within the lips of her juicy tunnel, then slammed herself down until she ground those wet pussy lips into me. After just three of those trips up and down the length of my cock, I felt her inner walls tighten on my cock, as waves of contractions passed through her. She was having one hell of an orgasm for such a short time! She groaned out loud as she felt the release, and then leaned against my chest to rest for a minute. As I admired the beauty of her dark skin and hair, she whispered in my ear “now it’s your turn, baby”, and slowly slid her hot slot off my still rigid prong.

She slid down my legs, and reached out with the tip of her tongue to caress my nipples. She slid further down, and I felt her tongue invade my navel. I began to moan myself. She licked her way down from my navel to the base of my cock, then went around it and gently sucked on the inside of my thigh. When I felt her tongue tickle my left nut, I started to go crazy! She licked and sucked at my balls for awhile, and it was all I could do to keep from shooting straight into the air, but I just kept thinking about how I wanted to feel her lips slide over the head of my cock and down its shaft, and how I wanted to fill her mouth with a hot load of cum. Finally, I felt her tongue on the underside of my cock. She knew just where and how to lick, and she took her time. It seemed like it took ten minutes for her to slowly move up from the base to the tip of my cock. “Please, Denise!” I begged, “suck me. Put my cock in your mouth and let me shoot hot, creamy wads of sperm down your throat!”. She looked at me with a mischievous grin, and slowly, slowly let her top lip crawl over the tip of my cock. Then, when she had her lips around the tip, she grasped it at the base and just as slowly let her mouth sink over it. I’d never had a woman give me a blow job that was this slow before, but it was wonderful. She just slowly relaxed her mouth, and let a little bit more cock enter. All the time, her tongue was doing slow, lazy caresses of the underside of my shaft. I could feel enormous pressure building in my balls. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fill your mouth with cum!” I groaned. She let her mouth sink the last inch. When I felt her lips at the base of my cock, I could hold back no more. I pumped load after load of hot creamy cum into her mouth, and she licked and swallowed nearly every drop. After the last load, she climbed up on the couch to kiss me. As I let her suck my tongue into her mouth, I realized that she had a mouthful of cum still there. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted my own cum, so I let her pass some of it to me.

She gave me a quick smile. “Denise, what gives?” I said. “That was wonderful, but you were close to cumming when I got here. What are you so hot about?” She just smiled mysteriously, and said “You’ll find out later, after John gets home. I just can’t wait!” Whatever it was, I could get no more out of her. I helped her toss salads, and prepare dinner (Denise always made her own birthday dinner, I found out, because John was just a passable cook). I even fixed her another drink, but found out alcohol wasn’t going to help me figure out her secret either. I’d just have to wait. Well, John got home about an hour later. I could tell that he knew what was going on, for sure. He just smiled at her when he saw Denise in her white dress with no panties, and he gave me an even bigger smile. We sat down to dinner, and had a great time, like we usually did when we went out. Then we lit candles on Denise’s cake, sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and waited while she blew the candles out. The whole time Denise and John were looking at each other with this little secret smile, and I was dying to know what they were so hyped up about. “Denise, baby, ready for your present?” John asked. “Not yet,” she answered “he doesn’t know about it yet.” At which point I added that someone had better tell me something soon or I’d be totally nuts. “Dave, remember about a month ago when we all went out?” she asked, “and we got around to discussing fantasies?” I nodded, unsure of where this was headed. “What was mine?” she continued. Know I began to see. “To see a man suck another man’s cock!” I said. “That’s right, Dave, and John is going to suck yours tonight as my birthday present!”. I was instantly excited by the prospect. On the very evening she was talking about, I had told them both that I refused to rule out any bisexual action because I’d never tried it. That may have been another reason they wanted me to be the “other man” in their little scene. But instead of letting on how turned on I was, I said “Not unless you meet my one condition!” They both looked heartbroken, and didn’t know what to say. “Relax, ” I continued, “my condition is that I get to suck John off as well!” Denise’s eyes lit up like thousand watt bulbs. She couldn’t believe that I really meant what I said, but she was turned on by it. To prove I was sincere, I stood up, went over to John’s chair, leaned down, and kissed him full on the lips.

When I felt him slide his tongue tentatively out, I sucked it in as quickly as I could, and gave him some of my own. John stood up, and we began a torrid session of spit-swapping. When we came up for air a minute or two later, Denise was standing as close to us as was humanly possible, and she was stark naked. In a very husky voice, she said “I think we better go to the bedroom now.” Taking us each by the hand, she led us into their very large master bedroom. Theirs was a king-size, or maybe larger, bed that filled the center of their room. Off to one side was an easy chair, which I assumed was where one of them sat to read, or put their shoes on. On top of the dresser, there were several skimpy nightgowns. “I guess I won’t be needing these ‘convincers'” Denise said as she swept them into a drawer, “Dave agreed much faster than I expected.”. She sat down in the easy chair, and said “I’ll just sit over here, and watch you two for a while”. John and I just kind of grunted, since we were already back to tickling each other’s throats with our tongues. It was getting hot, so we removed our shirts and shoes. I nibbled his nipple, and reached around to squeeze his ass. He grabbed mine in return, and as our cocks rubbed together through the fabric of our slacks, I felt a spark that told me this was going to be one interesting night! Denise was getting impatient, though. She came up behind John and unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants down to his knees. Then she did the same to me. We were standing there in our underwear, looking at each other’s cock bulges, when Denise said “Come on, guys, let’s see my present already!”. She had a big smile on her face, and a hand in her crotch. Her finger slowly caressed her hard clit, and she sat on the corner of the bed to get a good view. We took off our underwear. I looked at John’s eight and a half or nine inch cock and wondered if I was going to be able to handle this after all. I laid down on the bed on my side, and began to stroke my cock as though I were jacking off, starting slow, and squeezing a little as I got toward the head. John seemed a little nervous, I guess he wasn’t as relaxed about it as I was.

Denise gave him a little encouragement by extracting her finger from her slit and letting him lick it. Then she got some more of her hot juices and rubbed them on my cock. “C’mon, baby, don’t be afraid” she whispered. So he laid down next to me with his lips at the head of my throbbing dick, and his big cock in my face. I tried to slowly let my mouth cover the head of it, just like Denise had done to me earlier. As I tasted the salty fluids which were beginning to seep from him, I felt him put his mouth over my cock, and his tongue tentatively lick the underside of it. It felt good! It made me want to please him, too, so I slid my mouth down just as far as I could on his cock. I heard Denise gasp a little, as she was getting a real eyeful for her present!. As I slid my mouth back up his cock, I felt him going down on mine. I figured out that he was trying to reciprocate for what I was doing, so I knew if I’d suck his cock the way I’d want mine sucked, we’d both do fine. I started to go up and down somewhat faster, sucking harder as I came up and being sure to pause as I got just behind his cock head to give it special attention. Sometimes I’d swirl my tongue there, sometimes I’d drag my teeth a little. Once in a while I’d pull my mouth completely off his cock to take a breath and give him a smile of encouragement. Denise meanwhile had changed positions. Now she was sitting with her legs spread obscenely, one behind John’s head, the other behind my legs. Her pussy was spread wide open, at about where my knees were, and as I slurped and sucked her husband’s cock, she was watching him intently as his lips went up and down, down and up. She was staring at my cock, and his lips, a look of pure lust on her face, her tongue licking her lips. With her right hand, she was jamming two fingers in and out of her cunt, and with her left she was squeezing and twirling her nipples, but never did she lose sight of his mouth on my cock. I heard her say “take it all, honey, suck down that cock! suck the cum out of him! you can do it, baby, come on!”. It was incredibly arousing to hear a woman urging her husband to do a good job at sucking cock, and it must have been arousing for John, too, because on his next trip down my cock, I felt his lips brush my balls. He began to stroke up and down faster. Denise rammed her fingers faster into her pussy, reaching down with her left hand to play with her clit. Finally Denise could wait no longer, I guess. Taking the dripping fingers of her right hand, she quickly reached up and slid her index finger up my ass! The surprise was enough to make me cum! John was taken by surprise, and a big gob of it dripped out of his mouth before Denise said “no, baby, keep it in your mouth”. He managed to get his mouth full, then she pulled him away. “Hey!” I said, “I don’t get any?”

Denise looked at me, her nipples hard as rocks, and her cunt almost literally steaming, and said “Maybe later. I need him a lot more right now.” First she gave him a deep, tongue driving kiss, sucking much of my cum into her mouth and swallowing it. Then she laid back on the bed and pulled her knees back as far as she could. I could see her inner labia, a dark rosy pink, and slick and wet with her cunt juices. Once I again I heard her say things I never thought to hear. “Now, John, I _want_ your big fuckpole right up my cunt! My pussy’s gonna suck that cock off of you. It’s burning, it’s juicy! I want your cock rammed in there!”. John put his shoulders into her legs to support them, and levered that big cock up over her hot slot. He put the thick head of it just on her clit, and began to rub it around. This made Denise moan and cry “come on give me that cock!”. Then he laid the underside of it in her slit, and began to slide back and forth in the hot wet juices there. Denise started thrashing her head from side to side, yelling “FUCK MY PUSSY, John! FUCK IT NOW!”. John gave me a big grin, and as he started to slide forward one more time, she let out an inarticulate cry. Then she grabbed his cock and shoved it into her hole, grabbed his ass with both hands, and pulled! Using her hands on his ass she actually slammed him into her. This was what he was waiting for, apparently. He began to pound his cock up and down into her upturned pussy, pulling it out as far as he could, then slamming it in to the hilt. Denise began to cum after ten strokes or so, and she was hollering “I’m cumming, fuck me, I’m cumming, slam that cock!” over and over. I figured John must be getting pretty close to shooting his wad, so I thought I’d help them along. Getting behind him, I stuck my head in and began to lick his balls. When he started to pull his cock back up, I let my tongue drag on the underside of it, then when he slammed back down, I licked his balls again. Some of the time, I licked Denise’s pussy lips as he was pulling out, or I’d gently tug on them and lick her asshole. After about five minutes of that, John hollered “I’m gonna fill your cunt with cum, now!” and slammed deep into Denise’s pussy and held there. I saw his balls and cock pulse as he squirted his hot load up into Denise. There was so much that her pussy couldn’t hold it all, and it dripped out onto her cuntlips and thighs, where I licked it up. Then John rolled off, spent for now, and Denise said “still want it?” “Hell, yes! I figure I’ve earned it!” I said. She had me lay down on my back on the bed, with my head on the pillow. Then she carefully turned around and slid up the bed, her pussy still turned up, but now even with my face. “Here it comes!” she said, and in one fast motion, flipped over, her pussy lips meeting my mouth almost perfectly. I opened my mouth, and a flood of John’s cum came pouring in. I swallowed every bit that made it into my mouth, then using my finger, wiped off the excess and offered it to Denise, who licked it up greedily. My cock was throbbingly hard again from watching John fuck her, and John was already half hard again from watching his best buddy lick his cum from his wife’s cunt. Denise said “Damn! I wish we could do one of those double penetration things like in the porn movies, but my asshole’s too small! Everytime John tries to put even a finger in there it hurts! But I hate to waste two stiff cocks!”.

“Denise, I know something from another porn movie we can try, but I want it to be a surprise. I need to talk to John for a minute in the bathroom, and then you’ll find out what it is. Do you trust me?” I asked. “I trusted you with my husband’s cock, didn’t I?” she smiled back. So John and I went into the bathroom so I could explain what I wanted. She knew it would be good when we got back, because both John and I were harder than before. I thought it might be a little “freaky” to him, but apparently once he had gotten over the hurdle of sucking another man’s cock, he wasn’t going to hold back on anything else. Like I said before, he’s a great guy! I got on the bed first. I inched my ass right down to the edge of it, with my feet on either side, sort of an “M” shape. A little awkward, but not too uncomfortable. Then I had Denise lower herself onto my cock. I’m lucky I didn’t shoot my wad right then as I found she was just as hot and wet and ready to roll as this afternoon when I fucked her the first time. She moved slowly up and down, as she waited for my next instruction. “He’s not going to put his cock in my ass, we already discussed that, so what’s in your dirty little mind?” she wondered. In a minute, she found out, as John came up behind her, and putting his arms around her, gently fondled her breasts, and squeezed her nipples. “Here, Dave, have a suck” he said, and gently tugging on one of her sweet dark brown nipples, put it into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on it, then he gave me the other one. Denise was getting really turned on, and she wanted to slide up and down my pole, but John’s position only gave her limited motion. After a couple of minutes, I winked at John to give him the signal to put our little surprise into action. I looked right into Denise’s eyes, because I wanted to see her reaction. As I stared into them, I calmly said “Now, John, fuck _my_ ass.” Denise licked her lips, jammed her pussy down onto my cock, and grabbed her clit. She’d wanted to see two men sucking, but she hadn’t even dared to ask about this! I felt her juices flowing down my cock, and I knew this really turned her on! John and I had applied liberal amounts of K-Y jelly to my ass and his cock while we were in the bathroom, so it didn’t hurt at all when he pushed into my tight ass. When his big cock head popped past my sphincter ring, he stopped and let me get adjusted to the feel of it. Then slowly and gently he pushed it in, an inch at a time, always taking the time to make sure I wasn’t hurting. Denise fucked my cock in long, langurous strokes, a glazed look in her eyes. When I felt his thighs press against my ass, I knew he was all the way in. It felt so good it was amazing. It was like when Denise shoved her finger up my ass, but ten times better. Then he started sliding slowly in and out. “See, baby, this is a good threesome, too. We’re both fucking him, and he likes it. Aren’t you glad we picked Dave for your present?” John asked. In answer, Denise bent way down and shoved her tongue in my mouth. After a searing kiss, she got back up and leaned into John’s chest, then said “Yes, definitely. Fuck him good, he’s earned it”.

John picked up the pace, and added a new twist. He held tightly onto Denise’s hips, so they moved in unison. Then whenever he would slide his long prick up into my ass, she would be sliding up my cock, and when he pulled back, he would pull her back down on it. The feeling was incredible, and I told him “Fuck me good. Fuck me as good as you fucked Denise!”. Denise was looking to the side, into their dresser mirror. The sight of us there made her even more excited, since she liked to watch so much. There she could see all the details as first my stiff rod came sliding out of her cunt, slick and wet with her pussy juices, while his greasy pole slid up into my ass, then my cock would disappear into her while his came sliding back out. Since her hands were free, she decided to grab her breasts, squeezing and pinching them, lifting one towards her mouth to lick it, and occasionally offering one for me to lick. Her breath was coming in short gasps, a sheen of sweat ran down her tight stomach to glisten in her dark curly patch of hair. John began to go harder and faster, pounding into my ass like he had pounded Denise’s cunt before. Meanwhile, Denise wasn’t waiting for him to slide her down my cock anymore. Just as soon as he started to move back, she would shove herself down my cock and grind her pussy lips into my balls. John just couldn’t take anymore. He yelled “Dave, I’m going to shoot my wad!” and started to pull back. I stopped him by squeezing his cock in my tight read channel, and said “No, I said fuck me as good as Denise! That means fill me with your hot cum!”. At that, he crammed his cock as far in me as it could go. I felt the head of it swell, then a hot, sticky sensation in my ass told me he was giving me his best. I started to cum as well, shooting huge gobs into Denise, and this set her off as well. She pushed herself down my cock and held herself there, as I felt wave after wave of orgasm flow along the tight pussy walls. We all collapsed on the bed, our breath coming in gasps. I slept over that night. The next morning, over a nice, leisurely breakfast (which John made, by the way), we arranged to go to bed together regularly. We’ve been doing it ever since, and no one else has ever caught on. But, I think I may have to tell Kathleen, my current lover. Recently, I’ve caught both John and Denise looking at her with lust in their eyes. And I can imagine how great they’d all look in bed together. I picture Kathleen, pale and freckled, with her mouth glued to Denise’s cunt and her flaming red hair spread out over Denise’s thighs. And I picture John with his long black cock shoved into her equally red pussy hair. As for me, I don’t know where I fit in yet, since I love fucking them all. But that will be another story when it happens

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