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Hot Sex Ride With My Sweet Mami

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello guys n the lovely ladies out there, my name is Sameer this is my first story for I have been a regular reader of which gave me courage to have a relationship with my hot n sexy mami….

I live in Hyderabad with my parents i m 18 years old n this happened when only a few months ago

Coming back to the story my mami is a sweet lady n kids of two her name is neetu (name changed) her husband died in a accident she lives in a village with her kids due to feeling alone she shifted to Hyderabad as her neetu’s parents lived in Hyderabad. she has right amount of fat at right places. a beautifully curved body with good assets.i never thought of her with bad intention. one day i went to her home to drop some stuff my mum gave me and neetu where chatting suddenly she got a call saying that her kid met with an accident she got worried n went inside to change her dress but forgot to close the door properly when she was removing her nighty to change into a salwar from side i saw her wearing a white bra with made my blood hot n i could see a tent in my pant developing suddenly neetu saw me and closed the door i was worried she came out n told me to drop her to the hospital.

While driving i could feel her boobs touching my back n i couldn’t stop myself from pushing my back more to feel her properly. she felt that n moved back for which i understood its a full stop for this.

After few days my parents where going out of station n i couldn’t because i had exams coming up so i had to live in my mamis place my mind was racing fast to make plans to seduce her.

After my both cousins went to school i was studying in drawing room .

She came to me and asked about lunch that what do i wanna eat i told what ever she will feed me she gave me a naughty smile n felt i felt that this is the time where i have to work things out so that i can get her to my bed and have a passionate sex with her.

She was cooking in the kitchen i went to the kitchen n pretend to take water n suddenly i slipped n the water fell all over neetu’s body her nighty got wet n her big round boobs where clearly visible. due to which i made a tent in my pants as my dick got really hard n it started hurting ……

Suddenly she called my name which made me come back to my senses n saw what happened .i felt embarrassed n left but after i felt the kitchen i turned n saw neetu she was standing n looking me n had a naughty smile because my dick had made a big tent.

After some time i was in my room n she came to my room n asked me why did i feel embarrassed when i poured water over her for which i couldn’t reply she came close to me n gave me a hug n left i was in shock for a minute n was recollecting what hap happened.

I saw the clock n made out my mind because i had over 4 hours before my cousins where back home. i told her i m hungry she kept the food on the dining table n sat beside me to eat …we where eating quietly i thought of doing some thing naughty i slowly placed my leg over her leg under the table for which she responded by taking it away i did it again this time she didn’t remove her leg i understood she is getting turned on slowly i was rubbing her leg this continued for a while. when i was about to make my next move she got up as her lunch was over. i felt bad but didn’t loose hope. i thought of trying something once again after some time i told her i wanna take a shower so she said okay.

Before going for shower i kept a porn video on the system as the system is right beside my bathroom door. after some time i called her to pass my towel she came into my room n saw the porn video playing in which d gal was getting fucked in doggy style she got absorbed n asked me that what was been played on the system i told i m sorry she gave me the towel n left but before going she winked at me i understood tat it is the time to strike

I wore a a shorts without a underwear n came out she was cleaning i sat on the sofa n was watching TV n pretended to be lost in it after some time i horniness coming out i and couldn’t control more due to which there was a big tent in my pant my mami saw it n asked me what happened beta to which i replied i don’t know its hurting a lot when its getting big. she asked me what is getting big . i pointed at my dick which was ready to explode out of my pant. she asked tat it happens only when u get turned on for which i replied u look really hot…… there was extreme silence in the room which she broke n asked i m too old to look hot.

I understood my plan was working ……….i told her its bullshit she looks sexy than any of the other lady of that age she blushed ……

I screamed in pain she asked me what happened i told her tat the pain is unbearable she told me to go to washroom n relax off but i told i cant walk till there she came close to me after sensing so much pain n told me to jack off right in the sofa for which i ready agreed i have a 7in cock with good width i removed it out n slowly started stroking it she had a spark in her eyes n was looking at my dick with eager after 15 to 20 minutes of stroking i said i will cum any time mami she told pls don’t make my sofa dirty for which i asked what should i do ……..i was shocked to hear wat she told next she told me to cum inside her mouth ………..i said k

She came n sat between my legs n held my cock n told its been ages since i held a young hard dick like this it smells so hot n sweet …….she slowly started stroking me i could feel my cum building up with every stroke of her soft hands after some time i told mami i m about to cum ….she took my dick in her mouth n started giving slow n small strokes …… i used to love blowjobs but any of my gfs haven’t given me such pleasure ………. finally i told mami i m cumming she held my cock hard n squeezed it more into her mouth finally i threw up jets one after another of my cum into her mouth finally i stopped cumming she was still licking me real hard n took every drop into her mouth n swallowed it ……i relaxed on her sofa n told thanks mami tat was the best blowjob i ever had she was still holding my dick n stroking me n told u have a really big hard dick n when we are alone call me neetu

When she told this i got a big courage n held her right boob it was so soft n her nipples were hard n poking in her gown neetu asked me u not satisfied yet for which i told the game has just began n kissed her soft lips it was wonderful to kiss her lips she then told pls don’t tease me n fuck me with this fucking hard cock of your n held my cock real hard n started to walk towards bedroom i cam up n lifted her up on in my arms.. i threw her on the bed went up n kissed her n was playing with her boobs its was so soft …..i tore her gown apart she screamed what the fuck are u doing i didn’t reply i just kissed her on her lips as she was not wearing any bra her boob were visible to me they were jiggling with every breath she takes n started pressing her boobs she started to breath heavy n played with her nipple with my tongue she held her boob n trust it into my mouth n told stop teasing me i sucked her left boob n then her right sucked till her nipples got red n the milk inside it was over……..

I slowly moved over her navel n kissed it went down she was wearing a white n blue panty …..i played with her pussy over the panty then tore the panty out n saw ta she had trimmed herself but was not clean shave …..she pussy was a bit black from outside i kept my hand n spread the skin n saw a pink color flesh n her clit pointing out i rubbed it a little she let out a huge moan n told me to lick her n satisfy her after saying this she held my head n pushed it towards her pussy i stated licking her clit real good n she was so wet n her love juices were flowing like water as if it wasn’t used for a long time i kept licking for a while n inserted one finger into her she was damn tight she screamed wen i put my another into her and slowly started finger fucking she was rising her hip up n down to meet my finger thrust after 2 to 3 minutes her body started becoming stiff i knew she was about to cum i increased my finger movement she came with a big splash n let out a big moaaaaaannn i licked all the juices n ca,e up n kissed her she was so wild by was feeling tired we kissed for some time after we broke she told sammer darling that was the best organism i ever had i kissed her again n told her the best is yet to come n took her hand n wrapped on my dick which was rock hard by no she told me u naughty let me make ur dick a bit wet by sucking it she held my skin down n started sucking my tip slowly i was enjoying it …..

I held her hair back n was making her gag on my dick was deep throating her she kept on chocking n after some time i let her go n made her lie in d missionary held her leg high n told her to wrap it around my waist i placed my dicks tip over her pussy n was teasing her she told me u asshole stop doing it n fuck me by saying this she tighten her grip on my waist i went it but couldn’t go much deep as she wasn’t fucked for a long time i went in only half n she screamed out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i slowly removed n then with one big force i thrust my whole dick into her she screamed n told u mother fucker n had tears in her eyes i held my dick deep for a while wen her pain decreased i slowly started moving in n out she was meeting my every thrust by rising her hip n was taking every bit of my cock into her i kept on increasing my speed n was fucking her at my full speed she was moaning sameer fuck me hard yaaaaaaa fuck bitch fuck me hard i kept fucking her hard she told she was about to cum n her grip over my dick was getting tight with every thrust of mine she came all over my dick but i dint stop due to her cum on my dick with every thrust of mine our wer making thup thup thup noise soon the room was filled with tat noise

She told me to fuck her from behind so i said okay but clean my cock first which she readily agreed n i removed my cock n thrusted into her mouth she cleaned my cock n i turned her around i was fucking her pussy in a good rhythm ii was playing with her ass i spit on it n inserted one finger into her hole she screamed n bent forward with pain n told me nothing has ever went into it …..she bent over forward i went forward too so tat my dick still stays into her …..i kept fucking her in her pussy n was slowly playing with her ass hole she was screaming like hell in pain n pleasure i got an idea i removed out my cock suddenly from her she was puzzled i kept my cock on the tip of her ass hole n spit on my cock a bit more n gave a slow thrust into her ass hole she screamed with pain i again gave a thrust n was half into her she was screaming i m sure our neighbor would have heard tat i still didn’t remove i slowly started fucking her ass hole she started enjoying it n i was fucking her at my full speed in no time …………i learned forward n was squeezing her boobs she was telling fuck me hard n squeeze my boobs hard

Then i told her i want her to ride me …..we changed positions n she started riding me up n down i was seeing her bobs jiggle in air n was able to see me cock go in and out of her pussy after almost 45 minutes of our passionate fucking session i was about to cum i told her she dint listen i told her again she increased her speed n told me to fill her with my cum …..

I blasted my cum all into her jets after jets deep into her she slowed down a bit and was squeezing my cock into her pussy n creaming ever drop of my cum into her ………….after tat she came upon me n we lied there for some time n saw the clock it was only half an hour left for my cousins to come back home so she got up we cleaned our self together in shower ….we got dressed she started making dinner n i was watching tv the kids came n the evening went out just with sneaks and peeks as we cant do much things in front of kids…….

Again at night at dinner table she got naughty n was holding my cock under the table the kids were hungry so they dint bother slowly she removed my cock out n started stroking right under the table n guided my hand to her pussy n was rubbing n finger fucking her she told she was about to cum i went down pulled her gown up n sucked she came in my mouth after tat she started stroking me its was so good after about 5 minutes of hard non stop stroking i was about to cum i told her tat she threw the spoon down n pretend as if she was picking it up n came ner my cock n stated sucking me i was about to cum i held her head n was thrusting it slowly n ca,e into her mouth right deep she cleaned all my cum n gave one final kiss on the tip of my cock n came up

She told the kids nothing is better than a good protein diet n winked at me.

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