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Hot Sex Punishment

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi guys I am Meghna 18 years old 5’5” good figure 38 26 39. I am going to narrate to you about my punishment given by my family members that is my dad mom and brother. I have been mastuburating since the age of 13. at that age I didn’t came but just had a a little pain in my pussy.

When I was 15 I had one of ny friends as my sex partner. And all this started at the age of 16. We had summer holidays and they had just started so all of my friends had planned to have a get together party before we leave outstations. Normally party for us meant to be afternoon full of sex but only girls. This time one of my friend planned something new. When I reached there where few girls who where playing with each others body and I joined them soon one more friend came but with a guy we all got embarced and left each other. Then the friend {rita} who had the guy with him told it was o as the guy new abuot it. Behind hthem came four more guys. So now we weree four girls and four boys I thought more will join us but my friend told today no more are coming. One guy came to and started playing with my naked boobs. They were bigger than all off the girls might be bcoz my mother have very big breast 39D. soon he started kissing me and other guys went to other girls. But one of the girl shouted and stated going away. We asked her to stop but she said I don’t want to be a slut and went away. The guy who had nogirl went to my friend nehabut she said that she like one at a time and asked him to come to me as I like group sex. Both girls except me were not virgin.

I also had sex before but only lesbo so my pussy was very tight. Then one guy lifted me and took me to the sofa and started getting my jeans off. He took my panty off together then I saw other guy getting undressed. Then he came to me and put his 5” inside my mouth and started pushing it hard. I was in such a shock that I could not react to it and got alert when he came inside my mouth. It tasted good but it was hard to take it iside and I spitted it out. But he didn’t wanted it to go waste so he picked it up and put it over my breast and and pressed them very hard. I shouted very loud. Suddenly I felt some thing thick trying to go inside my pussy and it was the other guy who was licking me all the time. Suddenly I saw the other guys where fucking the ritu and neha and neha was having some pain but ritu was enjoying it fully. The guy who was trying to insert inside me was unable to do so and brought some cream and massaged my pussy with it the other guy took more cream and massaged my asshole. They were putting there fingers in my holes. It erosed me much more but I was afraid and I tried to run away. But guy one got caught me and pulled me back.

Then I saw neha and the guy who was fucking her leave but neha said to the guy don’t leave her fuck her hard and left. Soon ritu finished her fuck and came to me and said why you want to leave you always enjoyed sex so why not a hardcore. Then the guy holding me told the other two guys to pick me up and take to the bed. Once I was on the bed ritu and two guys followed. I again tried to run but of no use. One of the guys told ritu that I need a punishment for that, ritu smiled and went away I minute she was back with a rope. I thought they will beet me with it I was wrong as the guys started tying me to the ends of the bed.and ritu climbed over me and said to take it easy. Then he put his pussy over my mouh and I started lickin her soon I felt a cock on my pussy trying to enter inside but it was not going then two hands took my pussy lips apart and the cock entered inside I had lot of pain but I could not shout as ritu was above my mouth. With one more force he went futher inside me. Then I left a whisper uuuuuummmmmmmm………..and bite ritu cunt.

She suddenly got up and slaapped me. I shouted aaahhhhhhhhhh…………. Nnaaahhhhiiiii. Then ritu ordered one guy to fuck me. I said sorrry ritu I will not do it again please let me go. But she said u need a hard fuck then the guy fucking me took his dick out and put it in my ass. It went easily but I was feeling lot of pain then he started moving too and fro I was shouting more so ritu came to me u can go but u will have to lick me. I said ok but the guy kept on fucking my ass now I was making sounds likeuuuuuummmmmm………uuuuuuummmmmmmmm. Then I saw ritu sucking one guy’s dick. And she was enjoying it. Then I felt the thrid guy pressing my breast soon he started lickin my pussy. I also enjoyed as ther was less pain now but the unexpected happened he put his dick on my pussy and pressed hard he had longest of all. Then all of us remain inside me for half hour the first to to move was ritu as the guy who’s dick she was sucking filled her mouth with cum. Then the guy fucking my pussy came inside me and last was to cum the guy fucking my ass.

I was very terrified of getting pregnant. As no one was wearing any condom. Then ritu said that nothing will happen and if something goes wrong she will help me. Then after about half hour one guy got a hard dick again and he statred fucking my pussy this time it was less painful. Soon the other guys were mastuburating over me and and ritu was over my face I know what I had to do to her. In this I didn’t came to know that it was too late and suddenly my father entered and seeing me in such position he got near us slapped the guys pushed ritu and took me naked and threw me in the car and later what happened was even worse as the guy who were fucking me were only 14 or 15 but my dad and brother are too older than this and I had another punishment waiting for me. That all later but plz reply at Reply guranteed to guys anting short term relationship

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