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Hot Sex In Ludhiana With Punjabi Girl

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

This is Sameer, from Ludhiana, one of the very great fans of Desi Papa like u people. I am a regular visitor of this very site similarly as I am to my mailbox. First I would like to describe a little about myself. Simply I would say this only that in the present world where there are many males around who knows how to present them handsomely, in that world girls always give a second look. I would like to share my first sexual encounter with u people as I don’t think so that any body can ever forget his/her first experience. I am sure you would love to read it again and again. GET, SET, GO & ENJOY. I had a girl named mona living in my locality.

Whenever she used to pass besides me on her KINECTIC HONDA, I used to get real admired by her natural, warm, cozy, out of world beauty. Her eyes were really attractive like a magnet. But at the same time she had anger at her face all the time like if she had been out of her house after a great fight. Her angry face used to set my heart on fire. Imagine the scene and you will also get fired up as one would always like to bath in that fiery stuff. Her spoilt mood attracted me like anything as it would always make me hungry about her. But she never had the idea about the same as I was not known to her though we belonged to the same locality. This was leading to my frustration as even after repeated rounds of her she was unconcerned. Her angry looks were making me more and more horny. But at last God had a shower of His blessings on His man. My brother was his classmate. They were quite good friends. One day I described my brother about my feelings and to my surprise he said why had I not told him earlier? He will do the needful at the earliest. He called her for a lunch at a Restaurant. Along with that he also called me. The next thing which I will tell you will take the hell out of you. My brother introduced us. During the introduction she told me that she knew everything about me. I (like u people) was shocked as a girl who had never stared at me even for a second could tell me this.

Then she told me that this is my 80th time that I had tried to make her notice about myself. I was impressed. These things made me more and more mad about her. I didn’t felt any further need to propose her. Our meetings thereafter extended like anything. We used to meet regularly and came very close to each other. We were such close that SMOOCH/FRENCH KISS was a common go. When I asked her about the anger on her face she said it was her style to impress the opposite sex. I really admire her style as that had made me madder about her. We were very adamant for sex but due to lack of proper time and place we were suffering. At last the eventful day came. Mona called me at her home. Within 5 minutes I was there. when I saw her I was at at the maximum level of horniness b’coz she was wearing the same dress as Ms. Urmila Matondkar wore in Film ‘MAST’ in the title song ‘main mast’ with a white short sleeveless blouse type t-shirt with strips at the lower side little covering her small but arousing tummy and blue jeans with little handy cuts around it. Without wasting any sort of time I caught hold of her tummy and picked her towards her bedroom. She said she had worn this dress especially for me and her house was not hunt able for next 6 hours at least. I thanked GOD for such a nice timing that he gave us.

I told her that we will make best use of the 6 hours that God has given us. I told her to bring scissors and hot coconut oil in a bowl. Within a minute she was with the same. I made her lay down on floor which was fully carpeted. She was looking mind-blowing. DO imagine the scene. You people might be very well ready to masturbate. First I took hold of her feet. I licked continuously her feet especially the thumb for about 5 minutes or so. Then I applied the coconut oil on her feet and started massaging it. She was aroused. She begins to kiss me passionately but I told her to wait for the right moment. Then I went to her tummy. I kissed her tummy like anything from everywhere including the backside. I licked her tummy hole also. After that I massaged with the oil for some time. Massaging tummy hole is a great experience, you people keep in mind. Meanwile I took hold of the scissor and cut loose the thread strips covering her tummy. After that I moved to her blouse and fingered the blouse from top side to find the nipples. They were very easy to locate even from outside as they were fully erect like my penis. I cut her blouse and her white Bra with perfection so that I could see her dusty brown nipples only. Then I started to suck her nipples. The sucking continued for about 15 minutes.

Then I started massaging her nipples with the oil. Imagine massaging the nipples and the breast area and you will surely cum. After long massaging I moved my focus area towards her neck, shoulder, arms, armpits and face. Hard massaging, kissing, caressing and soft biting her shoulder, cheeks made us both cum inside our clothes. I made her lay upside down i.e. her tummy facing the floor and she back pointed towards me. Her back made me to fuck her instantly as her blouse just had a few strings and nothing else and also only her blouse strips were visible. I kissed her madly for very very long time. Then I tried to tear the strings of her blouse with my teeth. It was really heavenly experience. I was successful in that. Same thing I did with her Bra Straps. Both were torn. I again started kissing her back. I nearly watered her back with my tongue. Then I massaged her back for a short time. By this time I had not seen her 35″ BOOBS. For seeing that lovely pair of milkmelons I turned her back and she was facing me. Slowly and steadily I removed the blouse and the Bra. The removal act took me around 15 minutes as I was simultaneously caressing her boobs also and also kissing them hardly. The removal was also done my over excited teeth and lips. Mine life had become successful. Now I went towards her jeans. Slowly, smoothly I removed her jeans and immediately turned her back towards me as I think so that the ass of a girl can arouse a man to his ultimate seduction point. I kissed, licked her ass for quite some time and then same treatment I gave to her legs and thighs both from front and back. Her silky body was oozing.

Even in Air Conditioned room we were sweating like there is 45 degree temperature and we are walking in that temperature. I fingered her asshole and her shaven pussy with a lot of care and easiness and fun and excitement that we cummed again. This time I didn’t let her cum go haywire i.e. I drank it like it was an orange juice. She could not feel the same as I was still with the clothes on. Then I sucked her pussy which tasted unimaginably wonderful. She was continuously making love remarks like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH NO NO NO NO …………….. .. Then she said me to make her a woman but fucking her. But I was not too eager as I wanted to enjoy my loss of virginity in a full seductive manner. I asked her to repeat the task with my body. She was excited and readily agreed as she had got her life’s best moments recently by getting the same treatment. Try building the image in front of your eyes. What a guy and a gal want more than this from his/her life. I was not expecting her to be such a good massage maker, licker, sucker, kisser and sex perfectionist. She was even better than me. She made my body longing for her endlessly. She acted on my body for more than an hour. MERI TO JINDAGI SAFAL HO GAYI THI. Her every body part was helping me in my life’s becoming successful, may be tits, pussy, softest pair of hands, long hairs, catchy eyes, silky n smooth body. She was fully exhausted by then. But after she removed my JOCKEY she was again filled a lot of energy.

She was far energetic than before. She sucked my cock hard like if she wanted to eat it. It was paining but it was far more fulfilling experience. Then she sat on my chest with her pussy facing towards me and asking for a best suck of her lifetime. How could any guy deny such a lovely offer? So I also didn’t deny the same. I was sucking like a kid sucks its lollipop. Nearly half an hour I sucked the heaven majestically. Majestically I would say because she was moaning heavily and was treating me like a king and herself as her slave. In between she cummed for 2 times. Her pussy litchi juices were exciting as earlier. After that I was fully exhausted but I was not to leave her before the best ending I could give to her for her lifetime. She was dying for this time. I knew that as like you people. But as a sensible guy I acted there and asked her that I will not fuck her pussy as she should be a virgin and her marriage life should not be spoilt. She was beating me like bitches as if I had killed her some lovingly buddy. But I made her understood the fact to which she only agreed if I would her asshole. I had no problem in it as a wife could easily convince her husband for not fucking her asshole.

I applied whole of the balancing coconut oil at my penis and her asshole to make us both comfortable. I inserted slowly my rod into its aim. It was very hard for both of us as her hole was really small. But I applied the theory of keep trying till the success kisses my feet. She was moaning with pain OOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH AAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE MARGAYEEEEEEEEEEEE MAAAAARDAAAAAALLAAAAAA. Stop Stop Stop Stop but I was not at all ready to stop. At last I inserted my entire dick in her hole. My inward and outward movements were very slow to give the best pleasure we could ever get. I was holding her pussy with one of my hands. Then again she cummed. But I continued with my act of fucking her hole. At last I also cummed in. But she said that I wanted to drink that juice. To fulfill her desire I fucked her again and then cummed in her mouth. She accepted the cum generously. The time is running out to complete the story but I will definitely complete it later. Bye for now. Only 2 requests from you people. One any female between 15-35 Years which is interested in having such a heavenly experience can contact me at ‘’.

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