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  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

This is a true story which happened to me 2 years ago when i was in London. I was 22 years old that time and was exceptionally attractive. But after that incident my life has been completely changed. Without wasting any moment, I’m narrating this true shame to u:

:I looked around. The landscape was unfamiliar. Susan and Paul said that this street ran into Green Street, where the Vertigo Club was, but they also said that if I came to a McDonalds I had gone too far. I should have asked for directions at my hotel, because the McDonalds was ahead, with no sign of Green Street. I was dressed to kill, for a night out in the town with my old college roommate and her boyfriend, across the country from where I lived. I had on a little black dress that fit my small curvy frame, and black high heel shoes.

So you can get the picture into your head, I have dark blonde hair and green eyes. I’m 5’2 and weigh 116. I turned around, and began strolling in the opposite direction at a quick pace, anxious to get to the club. It was getting dark, and I didn’t like the looks of this neighborhood. Nobody was around. Suddenly, as I passed an alleyway, I felt a hand reach out and cup around my mouth. My heart was pounding. I screamed into the man’s hand, but he kept it tight over my mouth. He was strong and large, and I was frail and skinny. His other hand wrapped around my waist and he began to drag me back into the alley. I kicked at his legs to no avail. I noticed an open door at the back of the alley, and I grabbed his arm that was around my mouth with both of my hands, only I couldn’t budge it. He got me inside the door and slammed it shut. His arm that was wrapped around my body tight squeezed harder, pressing the air out of me, while his hand squeezed my breasts – 36C a nice hefty handful for him. The inside of the building was an old warehouse.

I was surprised to see fifteen or so guys standing around, some of them playing dice, others smoking or drinking 40 oz beers, but I got the impression that they were just waiting here. “I got one,” my assailant said. The men gathered around. They were all sizes and colors, city kids in their late teens or early twenties. They looked unwashed and dangerous. The man took his hand off my mouth. He was white, but I couldn’t turn around to see him. “Hi, I’m Rick. Tell my boys your name, sweetheart.” “It’s Marilyn. What are you planning to do to me? “Well, Marilyn, we’re going to fuck you silly and after that we’ll see.” “You’ll never make me,” I shouted, trying to get away and get to the door. One of the guys hauled over a dirty mattress and dropped it on the floor next to me. His friends made room. “Ok,” Rick said, pausing, “If you don’t want to fuck, you don’t have to.” He let me go. Surprised I turned and stared at him. He was a teenager, short, well under six feet, with bulky powerful muscles beneath a black T-shirt and black Raiders hat. His jeans were baggy, practically falling off. One of Rick’s front teeth was gold, I noticed as he smiled. The repulsive tooth gleamed at me.

Suddenly, a big husky guy with a long beard pushed me into Rick. Rick shoved me hard into another one of his friends. “I thought you said you’d let me go,” I cried to him. The guy pushed me to someone else and that kid shoved me back into Rick. They laughed at me as I tried to get away. “Lemme see your purse,” Rick said. Before I could react, he snatched it from me and handed it to a skinny guy next to him. I tried to follow what they were doing with it, but Rick slapped me across the face, hard. “What can you do for us if I let you go?” he asked. “Get on your knees and blow me and I’ll let you go home.” With that, he unzipped his fly and pulled his semi-rigid dick out. “Please, I’ll do whatever you say, except for that, though. Please! Just let me go, OK?” “Then blow me.” “Come on, you have my purse, please, you’re not going to get away with this. Let me go home,” I tried reasoning with them. “Fine you dumb bitch,” Rick punched me in the stomach and threw me down onto the mattress. He jumped on top of me. I was crying and they were all screaming and yelling things like “Fuck the whore, fuck her!” “No, no!” I pleaded. Rick’s hand flew up my skirt. His other hand began to squeeze my tits, hard, mauling them. He kissed me, a brutal kiss on the lips, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I bit it.

He yelled out and spit blood onto the cement floor of the warehouse. The he punched me in the face. And again. “Bitch!” I was too dazed to resist as he pried my legs open and fondled my crotch, grabbing between my legs. He yanked my black satin thong panties off with one hand. They looked tiny in his big meaty fists and it was then that I realized how helpless I was. He tossed them aside and pulled up my dress, one hand leaning on my shoulder to hold me down. I cried out, but didn’t struggle. Some other guys came to hold me down, so Rick could get his jeans and boxers down to his knees. He shoved two fingers inside of me. I was dry, and I jumped a little bit. Then Rick climbed between my legs and put his cock at my opening. He shoved it hard into my dry cunt. I yelled out. The crowd of men started going crazy, making vulgar sounds and yelling. Rick grabbed my skinny shoulders with his thick hands and started pumping himself in and out of my body. “Oh that hurts,” I whimpered, “Please stop.” He was grunting and humping fucking like crazy. One of his hands was squeezing my ample chest through my dress. The other had a handful of my hair, which he pulled while he was rutting like a pig. In fact, his face got flushed and his nostrils widened. I felt sick to my stomach.

Through my tears, I saw the other guys laughing and cheering him on. Rick let go of my hair and stuck his middle finger up my asshole, causing me to cry out again. I tried to squirm away. He was banging me like a maniac, his powerful legs spreading me apart. No-one had ever abused me this way before. “Please, please, stop, I’m begging you.” “Hold on,” he growled, firing his load into my struggling body, squirting cum up into my belly, so much that a little leaked out onto my thighs. I fell it up in me, wet, with a warmth that wasn’t mine, and smeared all over the inside of my thighs. He reached down and stopped a drop trickling out of me before it hit the mattress and rubbed it on my lips. “Come on, try it, it tastes great,” he laughed. I kept my mouth sealed, and he pulled out of me with a slurping sound. Maybe it was over, I thought. Maybe he’ll let me go. The tall, tall skinny kid who had my purse before took Rick’s place. His hair was reddish brown, and there was a permanent sneer attached to his face, it seemed. His pants were already off and he slid his dick into my now wet tunnel. The kid started fucking me, almost as hard as Rick did. I couldn’t believe this.

I couldn’t possibly take this again. I struggled against the hands holding me. A fair haired man, also thin and wiry, probably in his mid-twenties gripped my blonde hair and pulled my head to the side so that I was staring at his bobbing cock. I tried to bring a leg up to the red-headed kid’s groin. He just smirked and punched me in the stomach. “All right, Ray!” Rick yelled. “Open up bitch,” the blonde-haired guy instructed me. “Suck Greg’s dick, come on now,” he coaxed, like I was a misbehaving horse or something “No, I’ll bite it off,” I gasped, while Ray was banging me silly. Greg put a knife to my throat. “Do it.” Oh my god, a knife! I remembered thinking. I ceased struggling.

He nicked my neck with the knife. It burned. “Open!” he ordered, and I opened up my mouth. He put his long thin penis inside. I stared into his light colored pubic hair. “If you bite, I’ll cut you till you ain’t gonna win no beauty contests.” “SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!” the crowd chanted. Quietly thankful that his cock wasn’t too big, I began to suck him off. I felt Ray’s jets of sperm gush inside of me. Thank God he was done. “Ha-keem, Ha-keem, Ha-keem” the men started to repeat. I was confused, until I saw the big black man walking over out of the corner of my eye, his 11 inch cock fully erect in front of him. “Yeah, Dominican power,” someone yelled, like this was a sporting event. I popped Greg’s dick out of my mouth, “No, I can’t, I won’t!!” He popped it back in and I continued sucking, fearfully trying to see what Hakeem was doing to me. One man held each of my quivering legs, while Hakeem eased down to mattress level. I had to get out of here. This guy was going to rip me to shreds. He put his long thick tool right at my slit. I felt a trickle of white goo run out and down my ass crack. I hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t get pregnant. Hakeem shoved in as hard as he could.

He slammed against my cervix, dazing me with the pain, as Greg shot his cum down my mouth. I gagged and tried to spit it out as I wiggled under the 11″ cock. Greg held my mouth closed, “Swallow, it’s good for you.” Hakeem smiledat me while I was impaled on his long rod. He ripped my dress open. Shocked by the searing pain of that thing inside me, I swallowed down the load of cum. Another dick, long and thick was shoved down my throat immediately. I felt Hakeems balls slap against my asshole. He suddenly blew his load all over my insides, until it was leaking onto the mattress, and pulled out. Rick took his place. The men pulled my legs way back. Not a second time, I thought. “Guess what I’m going to do?” He put his cock at the rim of my pink asshole lips. “No, no, please, just take my money, not that!” The man in my mouth pulled his cock out and sprayed sticky cum all over my face, hair and breasts.No-one’d ever fucked me in the ass before. Rick drove into me, showing no mercy to my bottom. My sphincter protested and spasmed as he went deep. “Oh yeah,” he crowed. I screamed as he stretched my ass with his big cock. My open mouth was filled with a third cock. Rick pulled out and drove back in, raping my ass. It hurt so bad. When I came to, he was filling my bowels with a load of semen. “I’m done for a little while,” he told his men. I felt cum in every orifice of my body.

They ripped off the shreds of my dress and unsnapped my bra. Hands turned me over. Someone entered my doggy-style. I cried out again as he entered me. He rode me like one would ride a horse, making my hips buck against his. He wasn’t quite as painful as Rick in my ass though. Another man was at the front, his dick in my face. The man behind me came in me and was replaced by another man, then another. A guy laid down on the mattress. “Straddle me,” he commanded. At this point I obeyed his orders. When I was on top of him, with him in my cunt, another guy entered my asshole. Then a dick was stuffed in my mouth, so I hadthree in me at once. I knew there was nothing I could do but submit. The hours dragged by. I gave blowjobs until my mouth was sore and wouldn’t stay open anymore. I took cock after cock in my pussy. They fucked me in every degrading position they could think of, spraying cum inside of me and all over me until my hair and face were slick with it and my pubic hair was matted with white globs. I wasn’t struggling at all anymore, I was just letting them fuck me however they like. They banged my ass until I was screaming in pain with every thrust. I had never seen so much cum or felt so much agony in my life. It seemed like they all had at least two turns at me.

When they were done, I got up. My panties were nowhere to be found. I buckled my bra back on and put my torn dress on, trying to make it cover me decently, but finding it impossible. The men were not paying much attention to me, lying around tired or drinking. I was an old toy that was broken now. I got up. Then I felt a stinging lash on the back of my bare legs. It was Rick, swinging his leather belt and laughing. The men all seemed to come to life. I was crouched in the fetal position on the mattress. Blows and boot kicks came raining down on me. They wrenched my head away so that a punch split my lips. Someone kicked me in the face and it all blacked out for a second.

They beat me up until they were bored with that too, and then they dumped me onto the cold rough floor of the warehouse, throwing the mattress aside. I saw, through tears and swollen eyes, all the men pull out their penises. They pissed on me, the stinging liquid soaking into my bruised and cut skin. They joked and laughed. Fifteen guys drinking forties makes a lot of piss. I was drenched. I lay in the puddle until they went away, then got up, trying not to slip and fall back down into the yellow urine. Rick opened up the door for me. I was crying harder then before, because I thought that I was going to get to leave. Instead I got beat up and pissed on. “Club Vertigo.

Take your second left. It’s your first right off of Montgomery. Green Street it’s called. You can’t miss it.” I didn’t ask how he knew where I was going. “I’m free to go?” My face was bruised and I was dripping with piss. I felt cum leaking down my leg. He nodded and I turned around and left. It was almost midnight now. I walked into the McDonalds and the clerk called the police. They went back to the warehouse, but of course there was no-one there. The officer said that he had complaints about the place before, said that it was used as a crack house and a hangout for gangs. They never caught them. The rest of my vacation was spent in the hospital with Susan and Paul visiting. Hope to get your sympathy. You can mail me SANAM BABU

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