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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

This is My first time writing a story to DesiPapa but i am a big fan of DesiPapa as i think reading these erotic stories help me know what pleases women better. Well I am 22 years old , i live in Dallas, TX. A college student. I live alone with my brother. I love older woman but never got lucky but i just did….. It looked like a regular day… i woke up and got ready for college and was off to college and i was driving and jamming and to my surprise I saw a desi lady standing on the side of the road with a flat tire. It was on the highway so i had to take an exit and come back. So i pull over and come out and i asked her, ” do you need some help?” she said smiling at me ” hello, yes it would be kind of you.” i said no problem….. and got the spare tire and started to change the tire. We started talking.. ..

She asked about me, how old i was? was in school? and where i lived? and i asked her the same thing….asking her if would mind telling me……She said ” oh no, I am 29, lived in N. Dallas and was a house wife” and we chatted a bit and she was kinda fun. She looked hot with nice boobs and a nice ass. Her husband just started his own business and spent most of his time there running it, no suprise ! So i changed her tire , I thought that was it, i didnt have the balls to ask her for her number or anything but since that was my lucky day she offered me some money, but i refused it, i said ” its okay no big deal ” she smiled and said then” i have to return this favor some how, how about you come over for lunch sometime” I was shocked and didnt know what to say, i guess she figured i was a bit shy, so she said ” here call me when you want to come over and i will fix you something nice” I smiled and said Okay ! The whole day i just couldnt stop thinking about her.

I thought maybe she did want me in a sexual way but then again i was too scared to even think like that and thought she just said it like a SON type thing you know, thinking of me as her son. So 3 days later I called her and said i might stop by today as i have no class. So she gave me directions and off i was to her house thinking that either i would get lucky or either i would get a slap for trying something i shouldnt have. Well i rang the bell and to my surprise her husband opened the door, ” Come in beta….. my wife was telling me how you helped her, i really thank you”, i was like ” no no its okay ” So she fixed lunch which was great, the whole time i was thinking that nothing is gonna happen here and soon her husband was like ” well i better run to the shop and see if things are okay since I hired a new employee, and beta you can stay for a while and get the dessert”, I was like in my head i was that walking dessert with that ass. She was looking and smiling at me. I kind of started to think something was up. S her husband leaves and we start talking about stuff and she asked me about girls and i said ” i just broke up with this girl i was dating since she wasnt my type” and she said ” why wasnt she romantic or sexy enough?” i was like with my mouth little open, ” excuse me?” she started to laugh…. and said nothing silly….. and said ” well stay here and i will get ready since i have to leave and you can leave when i leave, you can come to the bedroom and sit there” i was like No no its okay and she smiles and said ” its okay come Shurmao nahi” So i get up and am off to her bedroom. It was such a nice bedroom with nice daylight and a huge bed i would love to fuck her.

So she gets in shower and i am sitting on the bed wondering what to do or what not. And she is talking to me from he shower, she said ” dont be shy, you are a grown man…. right?” i was like… yea yea i am a MAN” she goes are you sure, i didnt know what to say and i said yes why do you want me to prove it to you? she laughed and said yea if you want to… and i said ” how?”…….. no response came and i got totally scared that i may have said something i shouldnt have and she came out with a towel wrapped around smiling and i started to get nervous. She sat next to me drying her hair. She said” you are cute…….. ” she started looking down at my lund….. which was getting hard and i was starting to get red from embarresment.

She said its okay… and started to touch my lund, i was sooo shocked and said, ” what are you doing?” she said something you wanted to do… dont you want me ?” and i without replying went close to her and started to kiss her lips… we kiss sucking each others tongue for 5 minutes and touching each other all over and she pushed me away and said, ” come on take your pants off fucker”, i was like damn…. she started to take off my pants as if we had 2 mins to fuck…. and took my underwear off and there was my lund in the air hard and standing she smiles and slowly took it in her mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. And started moaning…….ahhhhhhhh kiya lund hai……….. and started sucking my balls…….and she said cum in my mouth …. and after 5 minutes i released my hot cum in her mouth and on her face…….. she said its not over come here and suck my pussy, she opened her legs and a clean shaved pussy was front of me which smelled sooooooo good and i started to lick it and suck it … soon she was screaming… ahhhhhhhhhhhh aur chaaat is ko…….. zor ze chaat aur zooor zee….. to shut that bitch up i put my 3 fingers in but that only made her scream more……. aram seee… bohot maza aa ra ha hai….. soon she released all her liquids on my fingers……and said yes yessss this felt good……..then she said are ready to fuck me…… i said ” oh yea i will fuck you like a randi……” she laughed and said i like that dirty talk……. since it was my first time it felt weird…. so i said come here sit on this lund randi….. she listened like a little innocent girl and sat on my lund and soon my lund was deep inside that hot pussy…….. she was enjoying my lund and was screaming with joy and i was sucking her tits like a liitle kid………. soon i threw her down and opned her legs and was on to p of her snce i like taking control……….and started to pump her hard and deep…. she said” ahhhhhhhhhh aram sey….. stop……fuck me hard …. harder harder” i was about to cum so i took it out and left it out for a while and asked her to get up and bend over…… she said ” you want me to be your little bitch while you fuck me from he back….?” i said YES YES BEND OVER…. and started to hit her from the back , i loved the view of her round sexy ass…… i started to spank her ass HARD…. she was screaming from pain and pleasure………….she said i wish you were my husband…. i would love to be your sex slave forever………

I fucked her hard as i could but couldnt control myself anymore and i just took my lund out and released all that cum on her ass and rubbed it all over her back. We laid there for like 30 mins and she rubbed my lund and i played with her tits……and then i thought i should start getting ready to leave so we got dressed and she said i can come over again if i want…… and i did . Please e mail me for all the input and if there are any hot girls or older ladies from Texas who want to experience hot sex… e mail me at . I would love to please all the Texas Females. Everything is kept very confedential, no names will ever be released to anyone. Just you and me 🙂

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