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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

My name is Salman from TORONTO, CANADA I am 20 years My height is 5-11 and I have got fair complexion, body structure, but I m Pakistani. This story happened a month ago. This is a story of women who has rented the upper apartment in our building and her name was SANA . Her husband is doing job and he’s usually out during overtimes she is 32 years old. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She Brownish in color and her boobs are really sexy. and her figure is dam attractive. She had a voluptuous figure of 36b-27-36 and looked like a sex bomb ready to burst any minute Slowly with the passage of time my parents and I use to visit them and they use to visit us and now I use to visit them frequently. She was my fantasy aunt and I couldn’t resist my instincts. To tell you the truth I was dying to have sex with her . I was just waiting for the right time and opportunity to have sex with her,

aik din sunday ko woh hamaray ghar aaye aur meri ammi say kaha kay arsalan ghar par hai , mein us waqt ghar par hi tha mein nay poocha kya kaam hai, to us nay kaha kay computer kaam nahi kar raha. Plz check karna kay kia problem hay. And I saw that there was nothing wrong with the computer .and I was surprised with the that .and was thinking that why she called me then. From that day I use to ask aunty again and again that if theres any problem again she can call me and she used to give me a naughty smile.

So once her husband was out of station & it was weekend and she called my home and told my mother that her husband was out of station and she was alone at night and was afraid of staying alone at night. And told my mother to allow me to stay for a night at her palce .my mother agreed and told me to go there. I was very happy and thought that it could be my night to fulfill my desires. I went there and we were watching TV and talking. She said that staying alone is not so easy. during the chat it was very hard for me to keep my eyes of from her sexy Boobs.and I was afraid to make any move.

After some time she went to change her clothes in her bedroom. I went to see if there was any way I could see her changing.

Her bedroom door was a little open. My curiosity rose in anticipation and I quietly moved towards her room. From the opening what I saw stunned me completely. She had taken off her clothes and was only in her white bra and panties. I was horny as hell and wanted to grab her & fuck her to my pleasure, but was afraid that she would resist & I would land in trouble. I quickly moved out to the living room to avoid any suspicion. She came out and sat next to me. We started talking and I tried to behave normally. Suddenly, she put her hand on my thighs and started massaging it. I was a little shocked & asked her what are you doing. She said Tell me did u like what u just saw?? I was caught and tried to move away. I said sorry it just happened to which she smiled & said that I know what u want. She further said, I also want u badly as my husband cannot satisfy me at all because of his job. when I heard this. I immediately caught hold of her and hugged her. I could feel her warm & soft breasts getting pressed against my chest. It was heavenly feeling. We both stood up & hugged each other in standing position. My cock was erect by now. I placed my lips on hers . We were locked in a french kiss now & exploring each other’s mouths. My hands now reached her breasts and I was caressing them from the topThen I opened the top buttons of her KAMIZ & slid my hand inside. I caught hold of her breasts & started to squeeze them she took of my clothes and I took of hers .now we were both naked and playing with each other . she was stunned to see my cook . she quickly grabbed it and started playing with it . She gave me a very good blow job . SHE was very eager to be fucked. But I teased her a lot by playing with her booms First.

She took my dick in her hand and directed it towards her pussy. I jammmad my whole in her in a single push. She screamed a lot but I didn’t care . Slowly we started moving up & down and my cock was rubbing hard against her pussy now She held my hair in pleasure & started saying all sorts of loose talks to me in punjabiuuuuuuuummmmmmm… AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHhhhhhhhh..haaaaan chodooooo mujhay choooooooot phar dooo. I guess she enjoyed She was breathing heavily was about to come when I felt something new. She was coming and coming like a tap and I too cum at the same time and filled her with my cum. And we slept like this for the whole night with my dick inside her .

after getting up in the morning we took a bath together and had another session there we had our breakfast together and then I had to leave coz my uncle called form cell phone that he was just 15 minutes away from apartment and I quickly dressed my self and went home .but before going home I kissed her lips and breasts .



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