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Hot Sameena ko choda

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  • September 14, 2015

Hi, My name is Taabeer Khan and I am 32 years of age and married from five years. I have sent a story which was one of my closest friend but he does not want to give his name so I sent it with my name. That story was named as “A Pleasant Surprise” but today I am telling my own real true story. The incident I am going to narrate happened on the 28th of December 1995 when my age was 25 years. It was around midnight when me and my cousin (my mamu’s daughter who came over for winter vacation to stay with us) started talking about romance. My cousin Sameena, 18, was really very sexy with large boobs always very tight. The very fact that they don’t move when she walks/runs etc. turns me on. She wore dresses that never revealed any part of her body…which made me more curious…u guys know it how it feels when you want to touch them and cant even see them. She had a huge round ass.

Overall she was a beauty and was the attraction of her college. That night, she wore a salwar Kurta with a loose neck. So as the conversation continued, I got a bit horny and I put my head on her shoulder and just turned to my right. My lips were almost touching her neck, with all the courage…I kissed her on the neck. First time…I think, she did not notice. The second time I heard a small agh..I knew she wanted it. But as I kissed her further up almost near her cheeks….she felt uncomfortable and said oh..nehi…plz. don’t..then I just got up and sat next to her and explained her to just enjoy. Then we further spoke for a while and this time I had my hand round her shoulder and the other hand in her hand. I then slid my hand into her Kurta and now I could feel her strap of the bra. Her other hand held me tightly…she was saying no..plz, without trying to really stop me. but I was not to listen.

My hand went into the strap of her Bra and she moaned in pain…she looked at me with her eyes half closed. Then I removed my hands and placed them on her cheeks and the very fact that I was not about to kiss a girl for the first time on her rosy lips but even then it made me nervous. I kissed her on the lips with a lot of tongue in it. She loved it and asked for more…then along with kissing her, I moved my hands on her breasts from outside…it was out of this world experience. Then I started to unzip her Kurta…once I was done I was near the reality…her SEXY boobs. MAN…they were great in a BRA…imagine without them….she was enjoying like hell and me too. I just bit her breasts on the bra, I slowly moved my hand over and then got to her tits…they were erect.. then I slowly moved my hands over her perfect 24 waist and held her tightly close to me. The girl who was so sexy….was all mine today…

I pressed my hands on her waist and kissed her on her lips for a long while. Then I slowly moved my hand to her shalwar and unfastened them. I got them out and threw it away. Now she was in front of me in just a Black bra and Black panty. I went to her and hugged her quite tightly and unhooked her bra. When I slowly started removing the Bra away…I was near to heaven…the most perfect breasts are there in front of me…I then removed my shirt and shorts to get into an underwear. I then took off her panty and then my underwear…we were both naked. I then lifted her up in my arms and there she was in the air. I then kissed her again…once on her lips and then on her breasts and carried her to the bed. I then asked her to suck my dick which she readily accepted to {I just hate to lick the pussy of a girl, I can’t do it even if she is a fairy of heaven, but if a beautiful girl sucks me, I like it too much.

If any body thinks its not fair, then ok, it’s not. It is, as it is. Some one likes or dislikes and I can not tell a lie just to attract the females. I am what I am, not less and not at all more.} As her mouth got closer to me….I was very excited…. She first only kissed mine. I asked her to get it into her…she hesitated, then I forced my dick into her mouth..she started licking it. It almost came out..when I took out my dick from her mouth….she wanted to do it more so she held my dick in her hand pulled me towards her and started licking it. I pulled it out and with her lying down…

I spread her legs apart and saw hers…man it was closed. She was a virgin….a virgin with a lot of sex appeal. As I touched it with my rod she started uttering…ugh…ugh…I slowly put my dick into hers and started moving myself …a virgin was about to get her pussy torn up….the shouts of ugh ugh increased and I wanted to get it in as sexily as possible. I then came out half way….she was getting mad and asked for more….I refused…she then started wooing me…first she started touching me all over with her breasts and then she started kissing me all over….then sucking my dick slowly….she then put her round ass in front of my penis. I could hardly resist that and continued from where I left off. I dug my dick into her pussy and then I moved graciously enough and got it all into her pussy….

then I almost fell at her. It was an experience, which everybody should go through. A girl who never even revealed any part of her body was today mine……all mine….. Now she is married (Me also) and gone to Lahore and we can’t have any chance again. I have no close friend, and I know to keep the secrets in the depth of my heart. Any girl from Bahawalpur (Pakistan) can contact me, but only she will get answer who will not hide herself and will tell her real name, and telephone number (for friend ship and ………………….) I will also not hide myself and will give my contact No. and will show myself.

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