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Hot Night With Friend’s Wife

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

It was a Friday evening and I was walking aimlessly in forum Mall of Bangalore and Suddenly I heard a voice and Turned back , It was a my friend who worked in my previous company , Quickly introduce me to his wife and Invited me home to spend the Weekend ,Reluctantly I agreed since there was nothing I planned for the weekend

We went to his house after a brief shopping , His house was a posh one bedroom apartments with lots of baggage , My friend said that he had returned from the gulf in the morning and His wife had come from Kerala to meet him there and he will be here in Bangalore for a 2 month vacation

He had got some good stuff from gulf and Started a few rounds talking about old office stories ,asking about friends and their where about , His wife who was cooking joined us with some meat dishes and She also had a few rounds .My friend who had just flown from the Gulf just in the morning , he was gulping away since he was not allowed to drink where she was staying . His travel exertion made him Groggy very groggy we decided to finish off and retired to sleep.

The bed room was big and A pretty large bed enough for 4 people to sleep comfortably , they took one bed and I took the side closest to the AC , In a few mins I could hear my friend snoring and since it was a nice place and The I was working night shift I could not get sleep.I was tossing and turning in the bed . MY friend fully drunk was also rolling on the bed from next to his wife he had rolled out to my end so I moved a little inside of him .

The room was lit by the light that came through the street light the Light was good enough to see the shape and Size but not bright enough to see the face . Tossing on to one side , I saw his wife , I could not believe that I missed to see the beauty of her curvy figure ,The Drink in me and Separation from my Wife stirred the devil in me , I said to myself What the hell and I would try my luck I moved closer to her and Put my hand on her , she was also tired and Was asleep so did not react ,

I thanked my stars and Slowly was moving my hand all over her feeling her voluptuous Hips Up and Down my hand went ,dug her petty court and Found her navel ,Placed my fingers into it found it Soft and smooth ,going south count not move my hand any further , slowly went north and Up to her blouse , She was murmuring something in Malayalam and I stopped , seeing no reaction or resistance , Moved close to her hugging her body form the behind .Due to my activities She was now awake and thinking that I am her husband was asking me to stop , Since I was there in the room , I Just said sushhhhh Put my leg on her and Continued exploring with my hand , having got the green signal ,Slowly moved my hand one her Boobs , Slowly feeling it She had really nice big one , One By one by one I pressed and Enjoyed . With absolutely no resistance from her I Slowly pushed the saree aside and Then Unhooked the Blouse, while doing that She move toward me so that I have better
access , Slowly I removed the hooks and Te front was open , !

Mover and Little on top of her and Started to Kiss and Enjoy her Boobs , It was very soft and Nice , She hunched a Little and removed the hook so that the Bra would come off , For next 20 mins I was in Heaven playing with hers boobs , Kissing it sucking it pressing it and Playing with it .Slowly moved down kissing all the way to her navel and Spent some time there she really loved it and Was enjoying with sounds of hmmm uffs slowly ahhh etc , while I was kissing and Enjoying her navel she started to moved her Hips ,Sensing that she was ready I removed my dress and Asked her to remove her dress when she did with some coaxing I Went down to kiss her legs , I enjoyed kissing her soft and smooth legs she enjoyed my Kissing , Her public was neatly trimmed and her cunt was wet , Moved my finger around it , slowly and gently this was too much for her , she tried to stop me but I kissed her hand and moved them away , slowing.

I moved my fingers inside and Found it was wet , very wet and Hot . She said Later that she had not had sex for two years after her marriage and that she really enjoyed the Sex with me .

Moving my finger inside the Cunt found it very wet , Hot but also very tight , Could hardly move a Finger freely Spent some time and with the IN out OUT in managed to move it freely .But this was too much for her and Had her first orgasm of the Night . Her cunt literally clamped on my finger tightly , IT was different feel. Slowly she relaxed and I could move my Finger out .. I Started to kiss my way up first to her navel , then to her boobs , Lovely boobs I should say enjoyed it a lot .and finally to her face , I kissed her all over and Finally on her lips , I enjoyed her lips very much we spent in a Lips lock that looked like for ever , My Marvelo was ready by now and Was poking her literally moving her hand down and Felt it , She said that it was lovely and Was waiting of it

I slowly moved my into position and gently kept it at the entrance of her wet cunt and applied a little pressure and The Knob slowly Went it but rest of the tunnel was hard to penetrate , I applied a little more force and It went a Little , But still tight , So I removed it and Pushed a little more harder only half went in followed by a Load UUUUggggggghhhhh , It was very tight so I kissed to subside her pain and genteelly was stoking her with half my tool ,

Slowly she relaxed and wet hole also , after about 3 mins of stroking , I gave another hard push and My marvelo went in completely another moan left her mouth and She hugged me more tightly ,I waited for her pain to subside again and She did release her hands slowly and Started to kiss me , me taking the clue to start again started to stroke her again , genteelly and One I knew she was comfortable ,started to increase the speed , Her love tunnel was very soft but had a very firm velvet like grip and As she neared her second orgasm , He love tunnel started to clam down on my Tool , it was getting harder but I was pushing it through and she let out a wild scream and had a wonderful orgasm , wave after after was of convulsion I did feel in her cunt and she when she was done , she held me closer and started to shower kisses on my face and the Lip lock she gave still linger in my mind as I write that night

After her kisses finished , I asked her tel me also climax and she giggled and released my hold and Little and Allowed me to move ,I went down and Kissed her beautiful boob gave them an gentile bit and Started to pump her cunt , I started slowly but Increased my speed slowly but steadily and after about 5 mins of Pumping , I was ramming her cunt as if there was no tomorrow , She was in pain but a sweet pleasurable pain and after 10 mins of merciless pounding I finally reached my orgasm and Cummed deep in her cunt , with wave after wave of Heavy while liquid after I finished the warmth of my cum and the Hot splash she received , She had her third orgasm of the Session , She but her legs around me and hugged me and locked her lips and We were in the state for about 10 mins before she let go , I gently got down from her and Kissed her while folding her big breasts

With this We come to end of the first part , Depending upon the feed back I will take time to right what happened little while after we finished

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