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Hot Neighbor Aunty

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi my friends of papa’ story pages. I am going to write one of my desi fantasies for you with this hope that you will appreciate it. The story begins like that. This happened before 6 years. I was just 17 years old. I was 5’. 9’’ tall A s I was a good player of football and swimming so I have a very good body shape. We were living in a congested aria. A businessman family was living just our neighbour. Five persons were living there. An aunty shahida her husband her tow sons and one daughter. Aunty shahida was in her late forties; she has a very good physique. Although she has not young but she has a sexiest woman I have ever seen.

She has a pair of big tight firm not less than 38d. But I always inspired of her lovely wide fleshy ass, which was swinging when she even moved. She was bulky and corpulent lady and her belly was a little fat. It is normal for that age of woman. I have a great desire of her fucking specially her soft ass hole. I have master bated a 100 times on her name. As they are nearest neighbors so shahida have a very good relation especially with me mother and me. My mother usually sends me to her as we had neighbors from long time, When she had some massage or work. I felt always happy t go there with this hope that I will get to chance to see her boobs and her ass, which made me, exited and on that day when I seen her my masturbation gave me more pleasure than other days. I have long summer holidays from school and I have nothing to do except go to around. One morning at 10 o clock my mother asked me to go to aunty shahida house that she has some thing buying from market but she couldn’t go herself due to burden of work. I became very happy and took bath, breakfast in hurry and with in 15 minute I was ready to go there. I went shahida home she was alone at home and was busy in kitchen. I called her and she asked me to come in kitchen. I went to kitchen she was cooking something. Due to a very hot weather she has been to be drenched in sweet. Her bra was clearly visible even her nipples were to be seen. I asked her that you have called me as mother says. She replied yes I have to bring some necessary thing from market and I can not go so I thought that you would do it for me. I gave her a naughty smile and told her in double meaning, “order me aunty” I am always ready to serve you even you think me as your slave. She also makes it joke and said it means that when I called you, you will be present. Yes, definitely test me.

Oh don’t be trying many smarts. I was glancing her tits and ass and she was busy to cooking while talking me. She went to a shelf to take some thing from there she rise and she didn’t control her balance and fallen on floor. I run towards her as she was on floor. I took her hand to help her to rise. But she started laughing. But after a few seconds she felt pain in her bum and legs. I asked her what are you feeling aunty? She was now in very pain. She told me that she thinks that she has got some injury. Anyhow I helped her to stand and asked her to walk. She tried a little but she feeling pain. So I asked her to be rest for a while and we should check the parts of her body. Where she feels pain. And we should also apply some iodex and a painkiller tablet. I helped her and took her in her bed where she laid on her bed. She asked me to leave the room for a while that she might check her wounds as she has got hurt on secret part. I didn’t want to leave, as I knew that she is going to see her buttocks where she feeling pains. But I lift the room. Now I was trying to peer. As she was in bed, as I have not closed the door completely, so I found creak in the door. I tried and succeed. As I was seeing in her room I saw that she opened her knot of shilwar and slid it down. Shahida tried to see her buttocks but couldn’t. Then she re knots her shilwar. Now she slid her legs of pair of her shilwar. She saw it. She called me and asked me to bring the idoex balm from the other room. I brought it. I asked her that I would apply it. She agreed with me. First she bared her leg and I started applying the balm and then I started massaging it.

She felt some relief. I have also brought a pain killer tablet from the kitchen which I gave her with water. After sometime she said that this was an easy but her bum are also need balm and massaging. I asked her let me do it aunty. Am I not good in massaging? She laughed and said that it is not the part of body to show you. I said what you say aunty I am not strange to you. And as you have not hear that nothing should hide from the doctor. At this time I am your doctor. No, No. Thank you. But I insist that I will do it for you as I was thinking that this the last chance to fuck this aunty “now or never”. She thanked for a while and then she asked me, that if you promised me that you will mention this before any one then I will allow it, other wise I will beer this pain. And I promised her that I am doing all this for you. I have no any interest. She opened her shilwar knot and laid on her belly on the bed. I up her qamiz, now I was seeing curves of her waist. I little slid down her shilwar off and my favorite buttocks were before my eyes. And my semi erected dick started getting hard by now, but I kept control my self. I applied some balm on it and rubbed it all over her buttocks and started massaging. As my cock was got hard and it was now touching with her. I was my hand all over her buttock and she asked not massage all over my hip but massage the part, which got hurt. But I couldn’t stop. Now I was massing her all buttocks and also try to pull down my hand towards inner thighs. As my cock touched so many time with her. Then she asked me what am I going? I didn’t reply but was busy on my job. And suddenly she took my cock and became very angry that she didn’t consider me like this and that I am very bad character boy. But I saw a shine in he eyes when she felt my full sized dick in her hand. I told her don’t be angry aunty what is the mistake of this poor. No one can be patient to see a beautiful bum like this. And with out saying any words I bent on her and kissed her buttock. I caught her waist and was kissing her buttock and moved my mouth down to her pussy hole and licked it.

She said me this is not good. You are too young then me ad you call me aunty. I told her age is no matter you will find me perfect. I told her that she is my fantasy from last few years. And I want intercourse with you. She became wonder to listen this from me. She was now becoming aroused. I felt that she is no objection but it looking that she had also wanted this and this was the part of her game. I laid on her on her back and slipped my hands under her armpits to take her boobs. I was laid for some time on her while I was rubbing and squeezing her boobs and kissing her neck. Then she asked me to leave her that she is not feeling better more like this. I came down of her and laid with her in her arms as she opened these for me. We put our mouth on each other. I was rubbing her cunt vigorously. She parted her lips give way to my tongue to enter her mouth. Her one hand holding my head pushes it more deeps in her mouth and the other is running on my cock on the top of my shilwar. We were lying on the bed in same position for 10 minutes kissing, squeezing breast and cunt rubbing. Now we were kissing each other in a passionate way. As I was rubbing her pussy so wet juice started soon flowing out .She was breathing heavy and moaning ohh ahhh, ufff.

She put out her qamiz and bra and there were a big firm boobs with a black nipples were waiting for my mouth. I put my mouth and licked them like a baby on and sucked them very hard. My dick was now in its full bloom and she was also burning and need my cock deep in her pussy. She asked me. Please give your cock me in my pussy now. She opened her legs arched up, twisting her hips, now by this time I moved close between her thighs, and pressed the swollen head of my cock into shahida aunty’s fiery cunt. I pushed my dick in her pussy hole and with one stroke it disappeared in her hole, as it was too loose of wet of her juice. I now after few strokes, was stroking hard and fast. And she was now become too horny and hot. She was moaning Ohh, yes, shahida wailed, and shot her hips up. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling my young face into her tits. I started licking and sucking them while I was fucking her fast. I asked her shahida aunty your cunt hole looks me too loose. She pulled me towards her and said this is not a virgin pussy it has been using before from your birth. Don’t think like that. This loses hole will give a lot of pleasure. Didn’t you hear practice makes perfect? These words were exiting me. Then shahida Aunty raised her hand and asked me to lick her armpits and there was abandon of hairs on her armpits. I lick her arms pit, which really gave a unique pleasure. There was an arousing smell that was giving hardness to my cock. I asked her.

Are you doesn’t shave your armpit hair? She said no it looks sexy and I like it .Are You not like it? Why not it gave me a surprising pleasure, its smell made me mad. Aunty I will tell you truth that I have no previous experience of woman fucking before this. Ohhh but you doing like an expert of fucking. From where you thaught all these? From blue films. Are you seeing these? She asked. Yes a lot I replied. Ok baby we will see it together I never seen it but I have heard about it. Talking like these hot both of us. Now I was pumping her more hard and fast. I increased my strokes and with this she lifted her legs little more wide and high, then closed them about my waist, arching her hungry cunt to my prick at last saying Fuck me, Fuck my cunt, baby! Ohh, fuck your aunty cunt now!” I cried out with pleasure, humping my cock into shahida aunty’s cunt with feverish strokes. Shahida aunty gasped with the force of my cock pounding into her accepting cunt. I gasped, driving my cock deep into her hot cunt. I told her your cunt is so fucking hot, I love it, I like the way your cunt squeezes my cock! I am fucking your cunt, shahida aunty. I can not believe still as I have inserted my cock in your hot fucking cunt and I am fucking you right in your pussy. I was dying for this cunt from years. I was telling my feelings to my shahida aunty. Oh I am really sorry this not my mistake you have never tried for it. I was pumping her fast and she was crying yes, yes she was screamed softly, clawing at his naked ass with her hands, trying to pull my cock deeper and deeper. You are fucking me, baby! You’re fucking.

This is not a dream you are fucking your shahida aunty. Oh, God! Oh, my God!” shahida sobbed, climbing her thighs up and down my pounding hips. She banged her heels on his bunching ass, yelping and squealing with delight Suddenly she asked me to lay on my back and let her ride on me. I want to give a new pleasure. So I put out my cock from her cunt hole and I lay on my back and she climbed and took my cock put it on right place of her pussy hole and she sat on my cock she took all my cock very expertly in her cunt. Now she was over me, moving up and down. Her big breasts were bouncing before my eyes, which was giving a very exiting sight, so I put both of them on my hands. Shahida aunty was had a lot of experience and I was enjoying it very much.

After some time shahida aunty told me, be ready your shahida aunty is going to give you a new surprise. She slid down on me and she bent just on her four lumbs like a doggy. She took my cock on cock and put it on her cunt hole then she said to me insert your cock into my pussy from behind. And I did as she said. My dick went in her cunt hole and now I was riding on her like ones rides on horse. She was much-experienced woman. When I pushed my cock froward in her hole then she pushed her ass to take my cock in her. I took her swinging boobs and started rubbing them. She was screaming like that yes, yes do it do it fast hard more had. Its gives me pleasure. Now we both were about to come and as I reached climax, I held her tight and pumping her very tight and deep as she was also screaming that she cant control more and she is near to surrender as she flown three time already. Now I pulled her close to me, inserted my cock as far as it would go deeply and squirted my cum inside her pussy hole. With that, shahida aunty also came at the same time with me. My juices flowed out from of her pussy.

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