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Hot Neighbor Ashima Sharma Lust Settled

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  • October 31, 2015

Hi I am Abhay Mittal and after various response to my previous interaction I am here with new story. I am 22 and from Delhi. I am 6 feet tall and have a 6 inch dick. Body structure is average and I love sucking and eating girls pussy. I also like to fuck the sexy bubble butts. Any women interested to have a steamy sexual affair mail me or Kik Me at mittalabby ….

This story is real and occurred just few days ago. Ashima Sharma is one of my neighbor and is a horny girl, I saw her many times looking at my crotch whenever crossing. She looked sexy so I also started getting close to her. One day while she was with her friend I heard her name and luckily next day we both were at same time waiting for ricksaw outside society to go to metro.

I asked her to share the ride and she obliged and we had a normal chat and numbers were exchanged. She is 20 and pursuing BTech, and already had a boyfriend. I didn’t care as I knew these girl can be explored. Soon we started chatting and within two days we were out of general topics that’s when we started First Time game. In this game we had to tell first time you had a crush, and bla bla….

As any sane guy would do, I asked all sort of questions I couldn’t ask her before, like when was her first kiss, which was with a friend when she was 15, first sex, which was on her 18th BDay with Boyfriend. So next question was first time she cheated on her boyfriend and got an amazing response, at her friends sister marriage.

I knew now I am bound to have her so I invited her to my Apartment and as our apartment was in same society but different building she came dressed in Black tight tank top and Pink Shorts. I was growing desperate looking at sexy body structure 34-28-32 coupled with cute face. I locked the door and offered her snacks and sat right beside her. After seeing her deep cleavage my dick started to make a tent in trouser and she giggled, and I took her hand and placed it on it. Slowly she started rubbing and I started undressing her. I wanted to tear her top but as she had to go back home, she stopped me. After undressing her top I started smooching her sexy lips and they were so juicy, I loved it. After smooching she threw my trouser and stated blowing my dick. She really had good experience as her teeth were not hurting me and she was able to deep throat.

I came inside her mouth in 5 minutes. Now she asked me to lick her pussy to which I gladly obliged, it was already a little wet and I started exploring her pussy with my tongue and smooching her clits. She was pressing my head against it and moaning while raising her buttocks so my tongue can get more deeper. Certainly she was moaning like no tomorrow, and after 5 minutes asked me to fuck her. I said you have to wait for a few minutes and then I started teasing her by kissing her body and touching her body gently, sucking her 34 sized melons and spanking her 32 sized booty. After about 10 minutes she said please fuck me…. and then I entered inside her vagina, which was not so difficult to penetrate yet was tight enough for pleasure.

I started humping her and after about 5-minutes of missionary, I asked her to come and ride my dick and seeing her sexy assets wiggling while she jumped up and down, moaned like a slut aaaah aaaahh uhhhhh and yelled in Hindi ” aur jor se chodo mujhe…… Main Raandi hu tumhari… Fuck me harder…. Faad do meri fudi…..” I just loved her dirty talking and suddenly feeling a wave of hot water which was her discharge, I showed a wave of hot cum simultaneously in excitement. Then I asked have you ever had anal exploration to which she said no as it would be painful and then I said, yes its painful but even more exciting. So I just fingered her asshole and she felt amazing but she denied backdoor saying sometime later as it is paining.

I complied with her demand like a gentleman and then we had another session in doggy style followed by a sexy body to body massage and she was really good at it. Then she gave a reverse cowgirl ride to my dick while I had a finger in her anal. Her sexy smooth ass mesmerizing. The finger in her ass and dick in pussy made her so excited that it made her squirt like a shower. Her juices flew out all over my dick and then we went to take a shower together.After today we became Friends with benefits and have fun quiet a lot.

And once I saw her cousin sister with her one day playing badminton as she had came during her holidays to stay in their house for few days. I asked her about her she was even sexier than Ashima. Her name was Lavya and she was studying B. Economics. Her face was just like Deepika Padukone and her tall legs just told me to fuck her then and there itself. Her melons were not quiet big but her shapely big ass was enough to compensate for it.

I shamelessly asked Ashima to bring her to our flat as I want her also, she seemed jealous at first yelling and shouting but after some persuasion she agreed to convince her for a meeting. Whether she was convinced or not will be another story. So stay tuned….

For your feedback mail me at , but boys kindly don’t ask me to share contact details, for girls and bhabhis you are most welcome if you want discreet sexual pleasures.

Hot Neighbor Ashima Sharma Lust Settled

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