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Hot Indian Sex Story Of Abhimanyu

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hai , I am abhimanyu . I am 22 yrs , 6 feet , 63kgs weight , Wheetish complexion , structured , straight forward Guy from CHENNAI . I am maintaining my 38″chest , 29″Hips , 36″ Butts . I am a B.E. Graduate . She is Shruti . I know that she is not a structured gal .

She is plumpy . In my locality there are many structured gal and i am friendly to every one . Even in my imaginations too I never called this gal for sex . She used to talk to me a lot , and I was slowly attracted towards her gestures , activeness , above all her interest in all things . She is a versatile performer . Singing , Dancing , Music , dressing , Studies and so on . She is 20 yrs , Fair , 5 feet 5′ , and her vital stats are 39,30,37 and is doin her B.E . She has a lengggthy , curly , Black hair , extending to her hips . I did my schooling upto +2 in a Boys school . So , I was kept away from gals . I did know nothing about gals and was a ‘child’ then . After +2 I joined in an Engineering college under Computer Science thru Counselling and was first introduced to gals and this popular ‘Dating’ culture . I was Impressed at it at the beginning itself , since I got a good response from gals in my college coz of my physique and height . I am very good at Dance , Singing and my studies and hence I find hardly no problem in attracting gals . So i do have a lot of gal friends but didn’t had enough courage to try my instincts and spoil my good name among them .

The situation I am goin to narrate happened a year back . This is 100% True to the best of my memory and we still have a very good sexual relationship . We usually didn’t get lonely place , So were hardly in need of such a situation . But one fine day we got one that too in my house . Everyone at home , decided to go for an outing , since they have to engage our guest . I stayed back at home reasoned them that I was sick . They all left in the morning by about 8:15 AM . I ringed her home , her brother took it and handed it over to shruti . I told her that I was alone and asked her to come to my home . She readily accepted and by about 9:00AM she came to my home . She was in her Deep-Blue jeans and green T-shirt and I was in my Black Jeans Pant and and Sky blue T-shirt . We had some snacks and 2 glasses of beer . we started talking this that for some time . She was sitting on the bed and I , next to her . Then I stood calm and was looking into her eyes . She looked into mine . I don’t remember how long we were looking at each other . I slowly leaned forward and french kissed her . My tongue was xploring her mouth and hers , mine . It was very soft and tasted beer-like since we had it before . while kissing , i placed my right palm in her left boob . she held my head with her left hand and lie down on the bed . I began to shower kisses all over her face , cheeks , bit her ears , neck .

I took her T-shirt and she assisted me in getting it away . She wore a black bra . I started kissing her neck , passsionately while caressing her boobs thru the bra . I reached her back , found the bra-clasp . I couldn’t undo it . she smiled and took her both hands to her back , while doin this , her boobs where little raised . Those two melons were really marvellous , stunning , about 38′ , pointed , fleshy , swollen , milky i couldn’t find words to describe it . I was moved by my heart , I felt like i was about to shoot my precum , i cummed in my jeans . By this time , she has removed her bra , I grabbed her boobs and sucked her right nipple while twisting and pulling her left nipple , fondling it . I dug by face in between her boobs , rubbed my face there . I held her boobs in either hands , crooked it to each other , rapidly swirled my tongue on her boobs . I don’t remember , how long i played with her boobs . In all my these efforts , she was fondling my hairs and massaging my thighs and butts from outside the pant , enjoyed the curves in my chest , occasionally fingered my chest nipples . I guessed , she is very crazy about the deep curves in my chest . By then , i have already moved to her belly . It was so fleshy , but still very smooth , soft . I start biting her belly , took in as much flesh I can . I took off my pant and was only in my panty . Then I removed her Belt , i her Pant , and unzipped her pant . I could see a black panty with holes , giving way to her private area . I could see her public hairs from above her panty . Her Jeans was almost stuck in her thunder thighs ( she does Body Exercise regularly ) . I pulled her pant holding her bell bottom downwards . Now she was lieing on the bed only in her panty . I began kissing her thighs , licked and sucked her there , bit there . Then I pulled her panty downwards . I was stunned to see her full nude . I stood up and took two steps back . She raised her head and said “What ?”. I said “I want to see u full nude “. She didn’t say anything but smiled at me biting her lower lip .

Out of bashfullness , she covered her pussy with her right hand and closed her eyes . I went near her , made her right hand uncover her pussy . She held my hand and kept her eyes closed , turning her face to her left . I grabbed her by pulling her thighs and took my face near her pussy . A kind of urinary sensation I could smell . I blew air , on her pussy , she giggled and was sounding like “sss hhaaaaaaa mmmm ” and was moving her legs , out of not withstanding the ecstacy . I started sucking her pussy , swirled her there with my tongue , wet her there . I drove my tongue deep in her pussy , moved my tongue to-and-fro in her pussy , rubbing it all the way there , clasping it between my lips and teeths . She held my head in her hands and was caressing my head-hairs , fondling them , closed her eyes , and was enjoying the shear ecstacy from my play . I did it to her for quite a long time , and she came twice and ejected her cum on my face and lips . Suddenly she got up , pulled me on the bed . She then removed my panty . I said “hey , go slow “. she turned to me and smiled , didn’t say anything , took my penis in her nouth and started giving blowjob . I guessed she might have seen xxx movie otherwise she could not have done do it so . Anyway i was getting pleasure in my balls , as my penis is being sucked by my gal-friend . Her tongue was moving around my penis head while her fingers were fondling my balls softly . Slowly she fatened her grip in her thighs , started doing it fastly . She did it quite sometime . I grabbed her by her waist , pushed her on the bed and massaged her boobs for sometime . I , took my 4.5 inches penis in my hands and pointed it near her pussy hole . I needed some lubrication , so took the vaseline and the baby oil from my bag , mixed them and applied in my penis and in her pussy . Her body was shivering when I applied that mix in her pussy area . I placed my penis in her vagina hole and slowly swirled it there . She said “plz stop teasing . I can’t tolerate anymore . do something .

Thrust in me . kill me . suck my pussy … tearrrr it come on , do it do it , don’t stop “. She was speaking something roughly , tightened her jaws , I saw her spitting saliva out . her mouth was deliberatively , moving her head to-and-fro , while her face became reddish . I thrusted my penis in , but it didn’t go even a half-centimeter . I was stunned , how i would make it up ? Since we both are virgin , that was my first xperience with a gal so close to my physique . I , again pointed my penis head , at her vaginal hole , slowly thrusted in . She moved her hips , giving way to accept my rod fully . My dick was , by then rock hard and was in full tension . I , took a deep breathe and with my strength clung to her body , grabbed her thighs tightly , heavily , I thrusted in my dick . This time it gone half inside , i pulled my dick out , but not fully ,its head was stil in her hole , I gave her a final thrust upon which it gone deep in her hole . The sides of my penis , rubbing her vaginal walls , giving her immense pleasure , which i could read from her eyes , which was closed by then , her lips were wet , her lower lip half-dug under her upper lip and her head was moving side to side , unable to bear the ecstacy . I fell on her in that position , I took long breathe and relaxed myself on her . She was breathing heavily , her chest was alternatively raisin-and-fallin , and I felt like sleeping on a water bed . I stoop up , started moving my hips to-and-fro , thrusting my penis deep in her vaginal hole . each time , I thrust in she souted like “im im yes come on come on im im im im ……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh “. I continuosly did it , her vaginal skin tored and she started bleeding .

She took sfraid it seems , she was saying “stop , stop , plz .. im im im stop , leave me , stop ” but she didn’t stop moving her hips with my penis in rhythm . I continuously fucked her like this for quite a long time , I felt I was about ot cum . I said “I am cumming “and I was about to take my penis out when She said “No . Don’t take it . go on , go on , do it ” and was moving her head as to say that pour inside her . My body started shivering vigourously and I shouted my cum inside her pusssy . I felt very tired , with my body full of sweat , I fell on her boobs . We both were breathing heavily and we lied there on eachother’s arms for quite sometime calmly . After sometime I shook my head and saw her , she looked into my eyes . We felt that we have come close , closer than anyone else in this world . I saw a kind of satisfaction , in her eyes . I started caressing her breast , fondling them and we were talking something very funny . I felt really tired while she stood up and went to the bathroom with her dresses . After Half-an-hour or so she came out fully dressed . I was astonished , amazed , seeing her face in a very peculiar manner , she was very happy though suffered a body ache . I stood up naked , went to bathroom with my clothes cleaned myself and wore my dresess . We took the bedsheet which had stains on it , washed it together . While washing , we saw each other and we laughed . We had our dinner there , Non-veg , fish , meat , etc., We spent there until evening , talking and playing with each other, restored the bedsheet on the bed , took our materials in our bags . I found her very much active , happy , felicitous , I have never seen her in that way . I was very happy to make her so by this. This is my first TRUE xperience and I am enjoying her every minute with her .

We used to talk a lot about many things . We both are STRAIGHT FORWARD and both of us not interested in marriages . She is very much interested in sex and wants to have sex in so many different ways . We are doing it regularly , sometimes at her home or at my friend’s room . She only forced me to develop my physique . She likes the deep curves in my chest and my thighs .Her most favourite fantasy is Whenever we are alone she would ask me to do exercise and when i am doing it she would sit and watch . sometimes she even comes to me and touches my body curves , tease me sometimes in my chest , sometimes in my thighs , sometime in my abdomen and so on . When i sweat fully , she would pinch me , beat me softly , massage my muscles even fingers my penis from over my shorts and tease me like anything . Whenever we are alone my favourite fantasy is to ask her to walk a certain distance and watch her ass cheeeks giggle up-and-down . For all these things , she would smile and cooperate with me .

She always used to wear tight Jeans and T-shirts , tight Chudidhars and wears Half-sarees on my birthday . She stood a very studious person from the beginning and No one knows about our affair . It’s been 3 or 4 months since we entered into a Commitment . we do Dating once in every Month . My mail id is

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