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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This is pankaj again from Surat, a dimond and silk city. This is a sexual fantasy I am going to present in front of you. Pl. go through it and send your comments on I think about her when I wake up, my cock stiff and ready, as it is every morning. I think about her face, her lips, the fresh smell of her shampooed hair. I think about her expressive eyes, the way they crinkle when she smiles and laughs. Her jaw line, her lips…oh those lips. How can they be so soft, so hard, so enticing?

How can the same lips that kiss me so softly and whisper in my ear…how can they wrap around my cock and suck it in with such a strong grip? Her tongue, the way it fences with my own, but then surrenders. The way it licks and sucks on my balls, flitters my asshole so lightly, causing explosions in my head like microwave popcorn coming to life. Her neck…it’s designed to hold her head up, but kissing and biting it only makes her head want to fall forward, or fall back when she…when she…And her voice. How can it be so coolly professional at times, and sound like smoky, perfumed sex at others. When she’s calling my name, when her voice wavers, breathless, close to cumming…oh God. Yes…It’s an obsession. I’m sure of it.I think about her on my drive to work, facing a day that does not include her.

I think about her arms and shoulders. Strong enough to hold herself up when I fuck her doggie style. I can see them tense and flex with each thrust, and she uses them to push back onto my cock, forcing me in deeper and deeper. And when my cock is buried in her ass, she lifts it up to help me sink in so slowly, so softly, and then…so hard and fast. But her shoulders are so soft and sensuous, too, like her back. God…the beauty of a woman’s back. When she’s sitting in front of you, your arms wrapped around her and holding her tits in the air, what better a place to plant those kisses? And when my cock is inside her pussy and she’s feeling it smash into her cervix…and her voice has become nothing but raspy moans, her back is such a perfect place to rest my cheeks.I know an obsession when I see one. This is real.

When I’m in the shower, I think about her tits; how can I not? So soft, so round, so consummately suckable. To face them, take them in my mouth one nipple at a time. To nibble and bite on her nipples, squeeze them until her body shakes from the sensation. To lift them up and kiss the neglected underside. To lick circles around her aureoles, faster and faster, wetter and wetter, until her eyelids flutter. To hold them in my hands while she’s impaled on my cock, heightening the sensation until she shivers and quivers…and cums. To soap them up in the shower and marvel at their gleaming beauty. The way she holds them together as my cock slides effortlessly between them.It’s a wonderful obsession.My lips trailing along her tummy. So soft and warm. Then rolling her over and marveling at the taught strength of her lower back, the fascinating line that rises from her lower lumbar region to the middle of her back, seemingly separating her body into two halves. I kiss my way down her ass cheeks. Oh that ass. It’s so tasty. I could lick it, bite it, kiss it for hours. That ass is mine. It’s reserved for me. I love how she gasps when I lick her asshole. I separate her ass cheeks with my strong hands and tongue fuck her asshole. It nearly brings tears to her eyes.

She can’t help but push back to bring my tongue in further. Her hips buck and I can smell the juices pooling up in her pussy. When it gets to be nearly too much for her, she reaches down and tugs at her clit, quickly bringing herself to orgasm.My obsession lasts all day.I could spend the whole day thinking about her legs. I don’t like skinny, fashion-model stick legs. Some guys do; great. They’re just not my preference. I like legs that are strong, with well-developed muscles, especially the calves. God, I love, just absolutely love, the look of her strong, muscular calves in high-heeled shoes. Love the thought of how they flex and bend when I bend her over and fuck her from behind. How they wrap around my head when I’m eating her pussy, or encircle my torso when I’m holding myself over her and pumping her full of hard cock. Even when we’re fucking doggie style, I love to hold and squeeze her calves. Another favorite, holding onto her ankles and lifting them up—like she’s a wheelbarrow—while I slide my wet, juice-soaked cock inside of her pussy…or her ass. Man, that gets me going.My obsession lasts all night.I dream about her pussy. I see it in my mind’s eye. Shaved smooth, puffy, inviting. When I lick my way up her soft inner thighs, it is this treasure I seek. There is nothing…nothing…nothing…more heaven sent than her beautiful soft pussy. I take each labium in my mouth, one at a time, to suck and nibble on it. Then I run my lips over them like I’m closing a zipper. Her moaning begins and it’s music to my ears. I tease her. I leave her clit out of the action for the time being. I run my tongue in and around her wetness, letting it dart into her hole now and then. I kiss her soft thighs. I spread her pussy lips with my thumbs and run my tongue in circles around the inside, just letting it touch her clit but not lingering on it just yet.By now, you see, her clit is peeping out if its hood like a juicy, red pea.

God, my cock gets so hard just thinking about the taste. I make little circles around it, sort of a delicate dance. To keep her clit from going numb on me from the same action, I think about making the letters of the alphabet with my tongue. First in block letters, then in script; first with capitals, then with lower-case letters; then I start over again. Now she’s getting vocal. And…I am obsessed with the way she talks dirty.Fuck…that feels so good, baby. You’re hitting it just right, now. Oooooh, so good, yeah, just like that. Just…just…fuck yeah, like that. Mmmmmm, you’re making…I’m so fucking hot right now. Uhhhh…keep going baby, keep going. My cock goes from hard to petrified.I run my tongue from the top of her pussy down to her asshole and rim her. Then back up to her clit to recite the alphabet again. If I knew the Greek alphabet, I’d use that, too. Back and forth, my tongue makes its journey. Her legs…those legs…are rubbing along the bed like she’s trying to climb it, so powerful is the tingling inside. I take it up a notch. With her entire crotch wet from my saliva, I run my finger around the rim of her asshole and then, my tongue planted on her clit, stick it in up to the first notch.OOOOHHH GOD, YEAH, she screams, reaching down and tugging on my head. She either wants to pull me up and kiss my juice-covered lips or push me into her pussy further. Either way, I’m on a mission. My nose is literally inside of her pussy. I can hardly breathe, and I couldn’t care less. I’m biting the bottom of her pussy, then sucking my way to the top of her clit. She forces herself down on my finger more, until it’s almost all the way in. She spins around on top of me with surprising finesse. I’m staring straight into that gorgeous pussy, my finger still in her ass, as she takes my cock all the way down her throat. I’m speechless. The feeling is just incredible as my cock hits the back of her throat.

She sucks all the way back up to the tip. I’m quite sure my sucking on her pussy has her…inspired as she licks and sucks with gusto. Taking a page from my book, she licks down from my balls and covers my asshole with her saliva. My cock has never been harder, but when she inserts her pinkie in my ass I nearly explode on the spot.Fuck, that feel good, I manage to groan. You’re just…this is intense.You can see why I’m so obsessed.I’m determined not to cum yet. I’m using kegles, I’m thinking of my dead grandmother, I’m paying bills in my head. All so I can hold out and cum inside of her.Within moments I’m rewarded, as if sucking the delicious juices from her pussy isn’t enough. I know what’s about to happen; I’m no amateur, you know. Her hips are grinding faster, her breathing is almost shallow, her legs…her whole body stiffens. She pulls her mouth off of my cock and…OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD. She yells. Yes, baby, that’s it…feels sooooo fucking good.

Gonna cum now… don’t stop…make me cum…I want you to feel me cum…taste me…OH GOD YES…Grrrrrrr…And cum she did. Bucking, shaking, screaming…just the way I like it. I don’t waste time. I can’t. I can’t wait. I move her forward and shove my cock into her pussy as she moves to get up on all fours. I know she loves it; loves my steel-hard cock in her pussy when she’s barely had time to come down from her climax. I know she wants me to cum in her ass, but I just can’t last that long…I think. I’m fucking you now, baby, aren’t I? I ask rhetorically. Who’s the boss? I kid her. Who’s fucking you now, honey? You like it don’t you…my hard cock in your pussy?Oh yeah, she whispers, her volume rising as I continue to use my cock as a battering ram. Oh fuck yeah…I want…I need you to fuck me…just like this…feel your hard cock inside of me…stretching me, filling me…feel you inside.With my last ounce (I guess you could say fluid ounce) of resolve, I pull out of her sopping pussy and without a moment’s hesitation, plunge my gleaming cock into her ripe and ready ass. Now she gives me the words I’ve been waiting for:’FUCK…ME…IN MY ASS…JUST LIKE THAT, BABY. I love it when she calls me that.Harder…yeah baby…fill my ass with that beautiful cock of yours…all…all the way…let me have it…let me feel it. GOD…OH GOD that feels so fucking good.Let’s…let’s cum together, I manage to moan. I don’t have long.She obliges by reaching down and rubbing her clit for me. Now she’s really cooking. My cock hasn’t felt this hard in…well I don’t know, but it seems like it will go down again next fall…maybe. I can feel her shiver, just as I can see the sheen of sweat across her lower back—she’s really into it. I’m obsessed with her cumming.Baby, I…I’m gonna cum…gonna cum again, she confesses. I believe her. You’re never more honest than when you’re about to cum (and, of course, never more dishonest than when you just have!) Don’t…don’t stop…don’t stop fucking me yet. I’m close. I’m soooo fucking close.Baby, the only thing that could stop me now would be an arrest warrant. But no matter, I can hardly hear her.

I can feel the cum rushing up through my body like a freight train. My ears are pounding. I feel hot. It’s an incredible yet oddly helpless feeling, isn’t it? It’s like falling off a shallow cliff into a pool of water. You know you’re not going to get hurt, the rush of air feels good, but once you jump, you’re not going back up again. I may not want to cum yet, I may want to hold out longer—I may as well want to grow wings and fly away—it’s not happening.But all those thoughts disappear as we cum together, moaning, dripping sweat, slamming into each other. Looking down and seeing my cock in her ass, just knowing that I’m shooting hot cum into her. So cool.It feels like minutes but I know it’s not. It’s really just a few long seconds of indescribable pleasure. Then we separate and fall into each other, holding close. I can feel her breathing, and it’s so tender. I love the feel of those big tits on my chest; always have. We’ll hold each other this way for a time, maybe even fall asleep for a little while or a few hours, then wake up and try again. As we drift off, she whispers in my ear…I think I’m obsessed with you…

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