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  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi guys today I am going to narrate my sex experience to you. I am from Mumbai and I am 30 fair 5 feet 7 in and always hot and aroused as ever craving for sexy females since my twenties. I am going to tell u how did I seduce the mother of my girl friend since my college days I used to fantasize about matured women because they seem to be very inviting and most of them seem to have an urge for sex as most of them are unsatisfied females.

Now it happened like this I was in college and had several friends of which I had a girl friend named Sonia. She was sweet and cute and was very soft and tender in nature. We were going just fine once day before summer vacation in college she asked me to drop her at her place. I readily agreed and I know that her father is in cruise liners and most of the time he is on voyage when we reached her and she asked me to come inside as she was eager to introduce me to her family.

I agreed and went inside as we went inside she called mom come here we have a visitor within few minutes her Mom came in and I was stunned. I had a sex goddess standing in front of me. She was 5 ft inches very fair, had a raw sex appeal all over her boobs were like 2 globes swinging with her movements at 39 she had a flat tummy a deep navel which she loved to exhibit with her belly button and lastly her damn sexy butts.

She had a perfect bottle shaped figure which was peeking from her red chiffon sari. The moment she came in she was staring hungrily on me and my skin as if she is been a tigress on a prowl. Sonia did not notice that much and she went inside to fetch some sweets and juice for me. Now I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as she was scrutinizing every bits n pieces of my body. She slowly started to ask me about studies and all those but not even for a moment she did take off her eyes from me.

I was a bit embarrassed but somehow managed and had those sweets which my girl friend brought from the kitchen and ran away after 5 days I received a call from Sonia who was asking me to accompany her for a movie as I was getting bored due to holidays I readily agreed. We decided to visit a mall which is a bit far away when I reached there I found that she is accompanied by her mother. She was wearing blue color chiffon with halter neck blouse with choli style strings at the back.

I had her navel in full show half of the people in the mall was staring at her boobs and perfectly shaped butts as I approached Sonia took my hand in her arms and we went inside and they had already purchased the tickets. It was DC balcony and her mom purchased tickets from the last row and it was tickets from the corner as we approached our seat Sonia’s mom took the last seat and made me seat in between her and Sonia. It was an English love story and the movie started and we came upon a scene on which there was a passionate sequence and suddenly.

I found something soft touching my elbow as I stared to my left towards her mom I found her to be leaning towards me in a way so that her right boobs are in direct contact with my left elbow. She kept on pressing it slowly but steadily. I was clueless and my heart started pounding like hell as Sonia was sitting just next to me. I was sweating in full AC as it was interval I went outside and some chips to which her mom was very happy and asked me to get cold drinks too.

We watched the rest part of the movie and then when it ended and we were about to come out we being at the last end had to wait till the others pass by as we stand I felt again something soft but this time at my back as I slowly turned my neck to look what’s happening I was amazed to see that Divya had her boobs stacked on my back and those soft melons were like hot as in hell and this time I had no option but immediately had an erection.

I could not move as Sonia was just in front of me and one wrong move would have sealed my fate. I controlled myself to a great extent and managed to come out of the theatre. Now Sonia said let’s go for dinner and I was a little bit shy but her mother insisted that we should go for it as we entered a big restaurant she chose a corner and asked the captain to get that corner seat. We went there and Divya sat opposite to us.

The waiter came and took the order and shortly the food arrived and we started our dinner. Suddenly I felt that something is happening to my leg so I slowly peeped down holy cow I found Divya’s leg touching me and trying to get me aroused by rubbing her feet against my leg. I was puzzled and did not know what to do. She slowly had her feet go up and down and was trying to touch my private parts.

I clearly understood that she is very hot today and wants me in bed with her but today it wasn’t possible as Sonia was with us. She continued to do that for long and I was getting aroused once we finished dinner she offered me a lift and dropped me home. I went home and immediately went to the bathroom and started masturbating thinking of Divya’s vital stats and hot juices started coming out of my penis shortly and was spilled all over the place.

I relaxed a bit and then took the shower and went for sleep after this a week past by and suddenly on Friday I got a call on my phone. It was an unknown number. I picked up the call and it was Divya on the other end. My heart pounded as she spoke in her husky voice. She asked what I am doing today to which I replied that nothing as such.

She asked me to come to her place right away and said she had some urgent work for me. I agreed as I reached Sonia’s place I called her by her name but no one answered. I rang the bell and in 2 minutes the door opened. Divya opened the door and asked me to come in. I went inside and I sensed Sonia is not there and to be continued in part 2 ladies and aunties email me at

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