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  • August 16, 2015

Hi, this is Rob Ray once again. I was 22 then, went to our native place in a small town located in the hills of UP (Uttaranchal). During the summer vacation of my MBA studies I went there for a few days. We had a big haveli like old house there, surrounded by lush green fields. My distantly related elder brother, bhabhi and two of our old mausees used to stay there. My elder brother was having business in that town itself, but was planning to migrate to Bombay for business matters. So, I thought of visiting the place before that. I went to that town first time when I was only 13 years old, to attend my elder bother’s marriage. I remember Bhabhi was only 16 then and was very unimpressive looking. However, she had big boobs and tight round ass. That’s all I remembered of Bhabhi. I could not interact much with her because immediately after the function, we had to return for my school. Now after 9 years I’m again going there.

Immediately on reaching there I came to know that my brother was out of town. I was told that my brother has already settled in Bombay for the past 3 months and Bhabhi is also going to go there soon. I was very surprised and disappointed to know that and decided to go back immediately because it would have been really odd to stay in the same house with Bhabhi in my elder brother’s absence. But the matter was settled immediately by those elders. They were very happy to see me after such a long time and seemed not to mind all those and requested me to stay for a few days. So I decided to stay there. However, it was not their request which was the main reason of staying, it was Bhabhi for whom I decided to stay back. I was equally stunned and surprised to see Bhabhi after so long. She was a walking sex bomb. She was looking stunning and sexy. Her boobs and ass was big. She had a come heather look. Whenever our eyes met, I saw a hint of raw suppressed sex in her and an invitation. I knew sooner or later i will fuck her.

As I was very tired due to the long journey, I decided to have early dinner and then went to bed. The other members of the house also had dinner with me and went to bed. It was natural practice there to go to bed early. I then went to the room allotted to me. The room was in the first floor. It was adjacent to a long balcony passage. It was a large room with big windows, typically reminiscent of an majestic era long gone. I was carrying a small VCD player and some blue film CDs. After entering the room, I picked up a magazine and started reading it. When I became sure that everyone had settled in their rooms and lights were switched off, I went to the bed, leaned on the pillows, placed the small player on my belly and started watching a blue film.

After some time, I had the urge to pee. But this old house had one big problem; there was not a single toilet in the first floor. All the toilets were located in the ground floor, in an isolated place in the backyard of the house. All the toilets were of Indian style. So, I decided to hold on for some more time and thought I’ll finish watching the movie and then go to the loo. I crossed my legs and put a hand between my legs. As the movie was really good, plus I had the urge to pee, I had a mild erection. When I inserted my hand, my fingers touched my erect dick. I was immediately turned on by it and had a nice erotic feeling. I removed my shorts and T-shirt and went completely naked. Now I was resting on the bed, spreading my legs with my erect dick and watching the film. The movie was quite hot. As I continued watching the film, pre-cum juices started gather on the tip of my dick. As I touched the tip, the sticky juice started oozing out from the dick. It was a fantastic, sensuous feeling. I started smearing the sticky juice slowly allover the dick and my big balls. I was watching the film, while rubbing the tip of my dick with the tips of two fingers gently, collecting the juice on the fingers and running the fingers gently across the length of the dick, circling my balls slowly and proceeding further down to my asshole. I was tickling my ass, smearing the sticky juice on the asshole, inserting the finger a little inside the ass and then slowly coming back to the tip of the dick. My dick had by that time become hard like a rock and pulsating. The blue film as well as my controlling the urge to pee was making it more erotic. The sensation was fantastic. After about five minutes, when I knew I won’t be able to hold on any longer, I collected my T shirt, covered my dick, stroked it for few times over the t shirt and let out my thick white spunk. It was a fantastic orgasm I had and thick spunk was flowing out of my dick in rivulet. After that, I realized that I can’t hold on my pee anymore. But I was feeling too lazy to go downstairs all the way. So I took out my towel, covered it on the T shirt a started pissing. The feeling was fantastic. The dick was well covered with the t shirt and the towel. I was peeing slowly, allowing the towel and the t shirt to soak it. It was a long pee. In the middle of it I lifted the towel slightly to look at my pissing dick. I saw my black thick dick releasing my yellowing pee and it was getting soaked in the t shirt and the towel. It was a fantastic erotic sensation. After the pee was over I threw the t shirt and the towel on the floor, put of my shorts and went to sleep keeping the table lamp on.

Barely a minute had passed when I sensed that someone had entered my room. I pretended to remain asleep but opened my eyes a little and saw Bhabhi was approaching my bed. She was wearing a thin white sleeveless nighty. She came near my bed, shook me and said,” Rob will you please get up, I have a problem.” I responded groggily “what is the matter?” as if I was in deep sleep. Bhabhi said, “Rob mujhe kahene me sharm a raha hai. I need to pee very badly, but the whole house is so dark now. I am feeling very scared. Will you please take me down to the loo, so that I can pee, Pleeasse ?” I said,” I’m very tired I can ‘t go with you now”. Saying so I pretended to be asleep and wanted to see her reaction. She reluctantly said, “ok” and left the room. I remained awake because I knew bhabhi will come back again. After about half an hour Bhabhi again entered the room and said, “Rob, please take me to the loo, I can’t hold on anymore. Ehin par pisab kar dungi. I will pee in my panty. I beg of you, pleeassee take me.” Saying so Bhabhi started rubbing her cunt over the nighty and started moaning “Uuhhh…” “Ooofff”. I knew that Bhabhi’s actual intention was to turn me on and get fucked by me. But she can’t approach me directly, so she is doing these. I was totally turned on but played a game. I said,” I can take you to the loo, but on one condition. You will have to allow me to see you pee”. Bhabhi was utterly shocked to hear it. She said, “How can that happen? How can I pee in front of you?” I said ,”I don’t know. If you want to go, you will have to accept my condition, otherwise I am going to sleep. Bhabhi was very desperate, she said,” Ok i will obey. But please take me”. Bhabhi was not wearing any bra below the nighty, she was only wearing a panty which could be seen through. Her big boobs and pointed black nipples were jutting out of the nighty. In fact the nighty was so lose, that other than the nipples, the two melon sized breasts were completely visible, nakedly. I touched those boobs and slowly glided my finger tips to her nipple. It was erect and hard like stone. I took one nipple in my fingers and started rubbing them gently. Bhabhi’s face became very soft and relaxed. She started moaning and closed her eyes. I was gently massaging her boobs. Bhabhi slowly hugged me and leaned against me, resting her head on my chest and enjoyed the massage closing her eyes. I lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. Bhabhi opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me with a smile. I continued massaging her boobs and slowly lowered my face and took her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking. Her lips were hot, those were burning. Her lips were trembling in the anticipation of the pleasure that i was going to give her. After sucking her lower lip, i inserted my tongue in bhabhi’s mouth. Our tongues met. Bhabhi could not control anymore. She hugged me with all her might and started kissing me madly. I could have continued kissing her for some more time, but bhabhi removed her lips from mine and begged me,” please mujhe su su karne le chalo.” Saying so she rubbed her cunt. I asked, ‘Bhabhi is your chut hairy or shaved?” Bhabhi blushed and said “Hairy. Whom will I shave it for. Your bhaiya is out of station for such a long time?’ I said, “then let me trim your pubic hairs, otherwise I will not be able to see you pee properly”. Bhabhi said “but I can hardly wait. My tank is completely full and it is oozing little by little”. I immediately lifted her nighty, and saw that her thin white panty was soaked in the front. I touched it and found it hot. I questioningly looked at her. Bhabhi coyly said, “after you refused me, I wanted to hold on, but little piss has come out and soaked the panty.Tum aur der karoge to aur susu nikaal ayega.” I immediately took out my scissors, told bhabhi to lift her nighty above her waist and slowly pulled the panty down. Then I took the panty in my hand and brought it near my nose and smelled it. Ooohh! What a strong, sexy smell it was. I then carefully looked inside the panty and ran my fingers through the inside. The inside of the panty was not only wet with drops of hot piss it was quite sticky too. I asked,”bhabhi, what is this?” Bhabhi felt ashamed and blushed and said that,”actually main tumhe yaad kar raha tha aur chut me ungli dal ke raas nikal rahatha. Phir mujh se raha na gaya. I came to your room and saw you watching the film. So I hid behind the window and saw everything you did. Aur merei chut raas se pura bhig gaya, pani ki tarha juice baha chut se”. Now bhabhi was standing in front of my with her hairy chut exposed. I quickly started trimming her pubic hair. Time to time I was touching her chut, taking the juice from her dripping wet cunt and smelling it.. When i was almost finished Bhabhi could not hold on any more; her beautiful pussy spurted a small jet of yellow piss. It trickled down through her thigh. But she controlled it immediately and together we ran downstairs. No sooner bhabhi reached the toilet, than she switched on the light, removed her nighty, sat on the Indian style toilet completely naked, squatting on the floor facing me spreading her legs and let out a jet of yellow piss from her beautiful cunt. She simultaneously covered her face in shame. I spread her two knees further apart to have a better view of her sexy chut peeing. Then I slowly removed her palms which were covering her face and saw she was blushing and smiling from this un-usual experience. She pissed for what seemed to be eternity. I was feeling pity for her; she had really stored a lot of piss in her bladder. After completing the same, bhabhi got up, put on her nighty and suddenly said, “Rob what is this, your dick has made a tent in your shorts. You have seen me naked, can i see you now?” I looked at my pant and saw that My dick is completely erect-rock solid and trying to tear off from my shorts. Before I could realize anything, Bhabhi removed my shorts, put it on her shoulder. Then she grabbed my erect dick as if she was holding a baton and gestured me to come upstairs.

We climbed to the first floor and went to my room in that position, with my erect dick being clasped in bhabhi’s palm.. It had already started oozing again and slipped out of bhabhi’s hand couple of times. But bhabhi again grabbed it back. After we reached my room, Bhabhi removed her nighty and tied her long hairs in a bun, her heavy boobs jiggled during the process making her look very sexy. Then she knelt down in front of me, took my erect dick in her mouth and started sucking it hungrily. She was surprised to see my big, oversized balls and started caressing the same. She asked, “Itni bara size balls maine kabhi nehin dekhi, tum ismey bahut raas jama kartey ho kaya?” I replied,”tum pi ke to dekho, to jano.” She was running her tongue from the base of the dick to the tip. She was biting, sucking and caressing the balls as well. She got mad seeing my six inches long, thick black dick. Her nipples were erect. I bent down a little and caressed her two boobs, she moaned in pleasure, “uummm,uummnn, aahhhh.” I was, in a gentle motion pushing my dick in and and out of her mouth. I was pushing in all in up to the maximum what her mouth can accommodate and then slowly pulling it out keeping only the tip inside. She was sucking it like an hungry animal-licking, sucking, biting-doing everything with my erect pole. When I was pushing it all in, she was getting chocked and was trying to move her head backward. But grabbed her hair to keep her head steady, not allowing her to move. Slowly I increased the speed of the to and fro motion. I was thrusting my hip forward vigorously putting the mast in her mouth. I was grabbing her hair more tightly and unable to move her head back she was chocking and making muffled sounds “uk,uk”. She was gesturing to let her go but i did not give her any breather. Tears were trickling down her eyes both in pain and pleasure. My thrusts increased and she could not take it. She farted with a big bang. That made me feel more erotic and I came in her mouth. Loads of thick spunk started gushing out. Bhabhi lapped it all up like a thirsty animal. She was panting, trying to catch her breath.

After that I grabbed her hair and pulled her up from the floor. Bhabhi stood up. She clearly had a look of satisfaction as well as embarrassment for farting in front of me. I jerked her head towards me by grabbing her hair and rested her face on my hairy chest. Bhabhi cried out in pain, “uuyee maaahhh.” Then I hugged her gently and gave a passionate smooch. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and felt and smelled my cum juice inside her mouth. I continued kissing her. Bhabhi’s eyes closed in pleasure, she started moaning ..Uummm, uummm… Her melon like big boos with erect nipples were touching my bare, masculine, hairy chest. I was caressing those melons in my hand. It was a heavenly feeling. Then I sat on the bed making her stand in front of me. Then i took one of her erect nipples in my mouth and started sucking. Bhabhi was getting ecstatic in pleasure. She was shaking her head, making sound like ooffff, oooffffff, aaahhhh. She was caressing her other breast with her hand. I was caressing her back, her beautiful gand while kissing her. Then slowly i traced my hand to bhabhi’s asshole. I removed my tongue from her breast, put my middle finger in my mouth, sucked it and made it wet. Then i slowly inserted my middle finger in her asshole while sucking her breasts one after the other. Bhabhi hugged me tight with pleasure and made her buttocks loose. Then she lifted one leg and kept her foot on the bed, the other foot was on the ground, so that i could insert the finger easily. She was moaning in pleasure. The asshole was tight and hot as if it will burn my finger. Slowly my whole finger got inside. I then started finger fucking her gand. Once i took out the finger and brought it close to my nose to smell. It was a strong odor of a sexy woman’s ass hole. Seeing this bhabhi felt embarassed again and started hitting my chest in mock anger saying, “you naughty boy”. I found it very erotic to make bhabhi embarass, because whenever she blushes she looks extremely sexy. Then bhabhi said, ” kayi dino se meri gand me khujli ho rahi hai. Tum kuch karo na, please”. I said tum thoda tel garam kar ke lao. Main ungli me tel leke tumhari gand me ungli dal ke araam kar dunga.” Bhabhi smiled sexily and quickly ran out. Then within no time she came back with a bowl of hot oil. She put the bowl on the table, then bent down on the floor in all four like a dog, swung her huge buttocks sexily and said,”aab tum meri gand me tel malo. I saw her cute asshole with a brownish border. Her big boobs were hanging loose.” I put my middle finger in the bowl, soaked it in the oil and put it straight in her asshole. She was again moaning in pleasure as i began finger fucking her gand. When her gand became very slippery and loose, i put some oil on my dick which got erect in this exercise and put it in bhabhi’s gand. It happened very suddenly and she cried in pain. I said,”chillao maat. ahista ahista thik ho jayega.” Saying so i started fucking her gand. First i did it very slowly and gently. Slowly i inserted my whole thick six inch dick in her ass and kept it there for a few moments. Then i slowly pulled it backward. Bhabhi was moaning like a bitch in heat. I touched her chut, it was dripping wet and slippery. Then i increased my speed. After sometime i started pumping her gand like a rail engine in full steam. My lower belly was colliding with her buttocks thap,thap,tahp,thap. Bhabhi said, “aur jore maat karo, nehin to meri gand faat jayega.” but i was mad in lust and continued. bhbhi kept on saying i beg you, please don’t hart me so much. to ease her pain bhabhi spreaded her ass chicks with one of her hand. Slwly she started enjoying it. After some time i ejaculated in her ass. bhabhi also reached orgasm simultaneously. i was jerking my loads in her. After emptying my load, i took out my dick and collapsed on her. Bhabhi also collapsed on the floor.

After sometime we got up. I looked at her face. Bhabhi was looking very sexy. She had the smile of satisfaction which was long cherished. After that bhabhi said,”aab tum meri chut chato aur dekho tum meri keya hal banaya”. Saying so bhabhi pushed me on the bed. I lied down on the bed, resting my head on the pillow. Bhabhi climbed up like a tigress going on her prowl, attacking her pray. She then gently placed her two knees on my two biceps so that I can’t move my hands. Then she started rubbing her dripping wet cunt on my nose and my lips. She was smearing her cum juice allover my face. I was desperate to catch my breath, but bhabhi was mad with lust. She pressed her wet chut hard on my nose and mouth. After doing it for some time, when bhabhi realised that i can not take it anymore, she climbed down. She then leaned on the pillow spread her legs and gestured me to suck her chut. I obeyed her like a obedient student and placed my mouth between her legs and started sucking her wet chut. I was tickling her asshole with me tongue and running my tongue from her ass to the tip of the cunt. I was lapping up her juice and running my tongue along the length of the cunt. Bhabhi was getting intense pleasure. She grabbed my hair with all her might with both her hands and was thrusting her cunt on my lips, pressing it hard. I was pressing my hard tongue inside her cunt and tickling it. After sometime bhabhi had a tremendous orgasm. The juice started flowing out of her cunt endlessly. She was trembling in pleasure. When i lifted my face i saw tears in her eyes. I asked bhabhi why are you crying? Bhabhi could not reply. She sat up on the bed. Then slowly pulled my head, took my head in her hand cradling it and placed my lips on her right boob, as if she was breast feeding me. I asked her once again why are you crying. Bhabhi said, you suck my breast and i will tell you. I started sucking her breast. Bhabhi took some oil from the bowl in her middle finger and told me to spread my legs. Then bhabhi slowly entered her finger in my asshole. It was an intensely erotic feeling. While i was sucking her melons, bhabhi was slowly tickling my asshole and gently finger fucking my asshole. Then bhabhi said the story of her married life.

She said, “i was crying because I was getting this pleasure after a long long time. Since my marriage with your brother i was treated like an object of pleasure, nothing else. I was married when i was quite young. Your brother was quite older than me. He was very powerful also. I thought your brother will treat me gently considering my age. But the story which unfolded in my life were completely different. Your brother used to come back drunk every night. Then he used to take of my clothes and beat me up. He used to come home late at night. His instruction was that i should wear only bra and panty below the saree; no blouse, no petticoat-so that he can remove the dress fast. On entering the house he would take me to the room and close the door. Then he will made me parade in front of him that see through cotton saree. Then he will take off the saree in one go and made me parade for some more time. All of a sudden he would start beating me. He used to beat me mercilessly. He would not stop unless I peed in my panty. On some occasions i even shat in my panty. After that he would remove all my clothes and press my boobs and gand with all his might. After doing it for sometime, he would insert her dick straight in my dry cunt. His dick used be almost nine inches long and thick. I used to cry out in pain and he used to get pleasure out of it. The more i cried, the fasted he used to pump me. After sometimes he used to ejaculate, satisfying his animal urge and then go to sleep. In fact at a later stage i used to store pee in my bladder before his coming. I used to suppress my urge to pee the whole evening and drink lots of water so that i could pee after two-three hits. That way i avoided serious bashings and injuries many times. But he never took care of my sexual urge. He was an animal. I used to tremble in fear every night as the time of his coming home approached. Now he had stopped beating me, but he still fucks me whenever he likes and never fulfills my urge. I am crying today because today i could do all those which i always dreamt of doing. Today somebody was really treating me properly, with all gentleness and giving me so much of sexual pleasure.”

I removed my mouth from bhabhi’s breasts and sat up. Bhabhi looked in my eyes and lifted her middle finger, with which she was fucking my ass, and smelled it. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes in pleasure. Then she opened her eyes slowly and said,”aahhh, what a beautiful smell.” I touched her chut, it was dripping wet. I knew that time has come to give her a real fuck. My dick was erect hard like stone; the pleasure of sucking her beautiful big breasts and her moaning and ass fucking made my dick more hard. I gently laid her on the bed. Then i placed a pillow below her hip. Then i spread her legs. She lifted her both legs up, only her hips were touching the pillow. I placed my erect dick on her chut. I slowly pushed my dick inside. Bhabhi moaned in pleasure,”aahhh,uufffff, ooymaaaa.” I slowly inserted my full dick in her chut. Then i stopped, kept it motionless and kissed her. Bhabhi was in ecstacy. She was shaking her head in pleasure vigorously. She was massaging her nipples. After lying there motionless for sometime i slowly started making the to and fro motion. First slowly and then fast. Bhabhi was saying,”tum meri chut aaj faar do. mujhe jore jore se chodo. Jitni ji chahe mujhe chodo.” I started pumping her like a engine in full steam. I was sometime taking my dick out from her chut, keeping it out for a few seconds and again inserting it in her chut and start pumping. Everytime i was taking it out, bhabhi was begging me to put it back. Everytime i was inserting my dick, bhabhi was crying out in pleasure. She was really enjoying this style of fucking. It was adding more lust and pleasure in the act. After fucking her for eternity, bhabhi reached orgasm. She started shaking her hips vigorously and then pulled me down by grabbing the hair on my chest. She then hugged me tight and started trembling; i knew that she was having orgasm. I also unloaded my left over spunk (whatever little was left) in her chut. Then i collapsed on her. After lying there like that for a long time, we looked at each other. Bhabhi was smiling. Deep satisfaction was written allover her face. Then she started kissing me madly. I complemented bhabhi for giving me such a great satisfaction. Bhabhi replied, “tum mujhe aaj jo diya, woh main zindegi bhar nehi bhulungi. Tum jitna din ho sake maximum, yahan rahe jao. Main tumhara dasi ki tarha rahungi or jo bhi tum mujhse karna chahogey, main karungi. Lekin tum abhi maat jao,aur main chahta hun tum jitne din ho sake aise hi chodo.”

So dear readers, i stayed on during my entire vacation there. Each night, after the lights off, bhabhi used to come to my room with a “request” to take her down to pee and i used to do that and then repeat the sex game as mentioned above. Bhabhi took real fancy in seeing me pee and i used to pee in front of her. Infact, during the daytime also we used to see each other pee. Whenever bhabhi used to have the urge to pee and if nobody was around, she used to call me. I used to take her to the loo and see her pee. I used to reciprocate also. After the summer vacation i came back and bhabhi shifted to Bombay. But, even today i am in touch with her. Whenever i get time, i go to Bombay and fuck her in my brother’s absence.

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