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  • September 11, 2015

Friends, I just want to know that any one had this type of experience. I am 22n 6ft wid white skin I was traveling to my home town. I didn’t have reservation and asked the TTE for a seat and he told me to sit in one sleeper coach. I found a place and sat there. A family also sharing those seats. I was so tired and I had a knap. The train was stopped in the next station. One lady in 30’s came sat in front of me. She looks like a family woman. The train started, I just started closing my sleepy eyes. After some time I opened my eyes. The lady in front me asked what time the train reaches to the destination. I am not aware of the timing and I told approximate time. It is about night 11:30 pm. She said “Oh! it is late and difficult to catch the bus or autos to reach my home.” I said “Yes. It is little bit late but you can get autos at the station.”. She asked me where I am traveling. I told that I am getting down in between before her. In between TTE came and she gave some money to TTE. I asked her how much she tipped. I told her that I tipped more and he didn’t give me the change. The TTE came and told her to sit in the next coach. She smiled and left the place and I totally forgot her. She is a normal petite woman with good dressing. As soon as the woman left, I just closed my sleepy eyes. I just reminded the lady but didn’t remember the lady face. I got question in mind, why the lady expressed that it is going to be late at her destination. I questioned my self that is she giving a hint about her. I didn’t think so. As I am traveling alone to my place, I can continue to her destination and stay any hotel and have good time with her. This thought raised my blood pressure but I immediately cooled down as it is not that much easy like in sexy stories.

The train stopped in between and I went out side to buy a water bottle and I started searching the TTE to get my change back. I went into the next sleeper coach for him. I went to the end of the coach and returning. I saw the lady with a smile and I waved my hand and left. I came back to my place but I thought of her again. I thought of going to her and talk as nobody knows me and her. After few minutes, I went to her compartment and I observed that TTE is coming towards me. I stopped at her place and told her that I came to get change from TTE. TTE came near to me and I asked him gently about my change and he immediately gave it to me and left that place. The lady told me that I gave more money to TTE than her. I said that I didn’t have experience negotiating with TTEs. She laughed at me. I asked her how she planning to go to her house in the night. She told that, some body is coming with car to the station and takes to her house. I thought my plan was completely gone. I whispered with her that I want to come with her to her place. She said “You are getting down in middle. Isn’t that true?”. I said “Yes. But I want to come with you to help you in the night. Let us stay in any good hotel. In the morning, you can go to your place and I will go and visit my friends.” I really don’t know, how I said those words. She said that is not possible as her husband is waiting at house and car also coming to station to pick her up.

I observed some change in her voice and I think she turned on to my daring proposal. I took advantage of that. I told her that I am coming next day to her city and asked her is there any possibility to meet her. She said it is not possible because it is Sunday and all of her family members will be there. I asked her to spare one hour so that we’ll have good time. She said that she lost all happy moments long time back. I said to her that I will ensure that she really have good time with me and will have enjoyable moments. I asked her phone number and she gave the number. As my luggage is in other compartment, I told her that I am going to leave. I left that place and came to my compartment. After few minutes, I got a call from her cell phone. She invited me and told that there is place to sit. I quickly moved to her compartment and sat by side. I really didn’t remember what I talked with her. She has 2 elder sons and she is doing some home based business. She is on the way to home after collecting bills from the clients. She is agreed to meet in her City. The train stopped at my destination and said farewell to her and I asked her to meet me in her city the next day. This is really a great adventure for me. I went to home and I called her not to forget to meet me tomorrow. She said that may not possible.

The next day morning I left to her city which is about 200 km from my place. While traveling I called her and told that I am coming and going to stay at hotel and asked her to meet me. She said that it is not possible to come to hotel and asked what I am going to do in the hotel. I told her that we’ll have good time. I reached to her city and visited my relatives and friend in 2 hours. I called her in between for meeting her. She said that her family members are in the house and it is not possible to meet me. I requested her to meet at any other place like park. Finally, she agreed to meet me. I took a rental car and traveled near to her place. She asked to pick up her at railway station. I have waited about half an hour for her. She told that she is caught up in the traffic. Finally, she came by an auto and she sat beside me in the car. That is really an awesome moment for me. I thanked her for coming with a great risk. I took her hand into mine and told her that we’ll go to hotel. She said that she has only one hour and not ready to come hotel. I asked her to come to a park and chit chat for some time. She told that it will take more than an hour. She advised me to go to her relative’s home which is near to that place.

We both went to her relatives place. There is only one old woman in that house and she introduced me as her client. She talked with her sometime and then she took me to the balcony saying that she want to talk about the business. We both went up to the balcony and sat on chairs. It was evening and little bit dark and no people around there. I asked her to sit in my lap. She sat in my lap and put hand on my shoulder. I kissed her cheek, neck and ears. I licked her belly button and kissed her back. The time ran off for few minutes. She was totally turned on and said that she has really happy after long time. I asked when should we meet in a private place have sex and told that I will bring condoms. I pressed her boobs and booty. I bit her ear and cheeks. She told that next week she is having a trip to his client and will inform me about that. I don’t want to leave that place with her but with great difficult, we left the place and in the car also we kissed each other. She got at her place and I went to railway station to start to my place. This really unbelievable to me. After that experience at her relative’s balcony, I am waiting to meet her again. I have called her in between every day 2, 3 times and asking her when I should meet her again. After one week she told that she is coming to the place where she met me first time in the train for some work. She told that she is coming at 12 pm alone.

That day morning I left my home and reached that place and went to a hotel asking for a room. They asked whether I am single and I told that my wife is coming after some time. The guy said sorry and he can give the room if I come with the family. That really upset me. I have reached to the station and waited for her. She got down at the station and I met her 3rd time. I asked her how the journey is and took her bag into my hand and went outside the station. We called auto and asked him to take a good hotel. He took to a hotel and there are no rooms available. He took us to another hotel and we got a AC room. We went into the room and asked the boy to bring the lunch for us. She went to bathroom to take bath and I asked whether we can both take bath. She laughed and said no. She took bath and came with nigh tie. I hugged her and lifted her up. I placed her on the bed and started kissing her every where. She is laughing and asked me to take bath. I took bath and she gave a Lunch to wear. I layer back on the bed and took her in my lap and started caressing her. I kissed her cheeks, nose, eyes and lips. I want to put my tongue into her but she is not ready for that. The boy came and gave the lunch to us and left.

Now, no body disturbs us. I lifted her nigh tie and she said no. I laughed and kissed her and told that we will have good time. I lifted her nigh tie up. Her pussy is very clean and I kissed on the top and further lifted the nigh tie. I saw her boobs and erected nipples. I grabbed the one of the nipple with my mouth and started chewing it and pressing the both boobs. In between I kissed her neck and cheeks. I put my tongue in to her belly button and started rubbing her clit with on of my finger. She become crazy and started kissing me every where and started gently biting me. I really afraid, if she bite me really hard. She was totally turned on and started moaning holding my dick and she kissed my dick. I wide opened her legs and put mine and started moving. She is lifting hers up and down. I reached to my peak point and stopped. I took it out and turned her back pressing her booty and kissing on it. I started kissing her waist to her neck and turned side and she came on top of me. She said how wonderful I am and how we met in the train. She said that really she is enjoying after long time. I told her that in future also we can have this type of meetings. She is agreed for that. She sits on top of me and started moving up and down for a minute. I stopped her as I am reaching to peak and hugged her started kissing.

I asked her to lay down and I used my squeeze technique to control. After some foreplay I put into her mine and started moving slowly. She is reached to her peak and asking me to bang really hard. I just started banging her with high strokes. I was out but didn’t stop and continued stroking her. After 5, 6 strokes she got orgasm. I could feel the movement of her muscles around me. I gave a gap for one minute and again started moving and in a minute she got a second one. She closed her eyes and kissed me. She was there for a minute and asked me to take out. She went to bathroom and next I went to bathroom and cleaned mine. We hugged each other and relaxed about 15 minutes and started telling each other how miracle this was. We finished our lunch. She told that she want to catch the train to reach her home. We dressed up and left the hotel. I bought a ticket for her. We talked till the train started. I told her that I will call her for next meet. This is really amazing experience for me. I am calling her from Mumbai in between and keeping her in contact. For more satisfaction sex u can email me at specially for ages (22 to 40).

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